Freezing Ch. 02

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I had gone into the bus station to get out of the freezing cold to try and get some warmth in me. I had met Roger who bought me the first meal I had in two days. We returned to the bus station, and in the rest room, I sucked my first cock ever. Something, until now, I had never contemplated. An experience that was not all that unpleasant.

Roger gave a Fifty Dollar bill and asked me if I would like to be his regular cocksucker. At first I was a bit taken back, but being warm and having a full stomach, and knowing I would have a warm place to sleep that night, had me thinking, this is not at all bad. I answered enthusiastically, “Yes.”

Roger said, “I have to go, but I will meet you at the bus station tomorrow at 1:00 PM, and don’t be late.”

I returned to the YMCA and paid for a room for the night. Entering the room my mind was whirling around with thoughts of sucking Roger’s cock. I began to wonder if this meant I was gay. I had to admit I did not find sucking Roger unpleasant, and although his cum was salty and a bit bitter, I actually did like the taste.

Later I fell in to a fitful sleep. In my dreams, I saw cocks. A lot of cocks, and they were big and hard. Some were dripping precum. I wanted to suck them, but for some reason they are all out of my reach, it was total frustration.

I woke up in a sweat and found myself holding my hard cock. I had been jacking off while dreaming without realizing it. I began furiously jacking off, and as I got close to cumming, I subconsciously reached down with my other had to catch my cum. Moments later, for the very first time in my life, I was eating my own cum.

After eating and tasting my own cum, I fell back into a fitful sleep dreaming of cocks that remained out of reach.

Finally, morning arrived, and I woke up feeling the need to shower. In the YMCA there were community showers on each floor.

When I entered the shower, there were three men already there. Two were older, perhaps 40s or 50s and another younger guy in his 20s. I was shocked to see the 20s guy on his knees sucking one of the older guys.

“Come in and join us,” one of the older guys said, as he motioned me over.

I was stunned at what I was seeing, but yet mesmerized by it, Halkalı travesti at the same time.

I slowly moved toward them and the older guy motioned for me to get on my knees as he pointed his fisted cock in my direction. I sank to my knees. I was facing the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was huge with a very large head. He placed his hand on my head pulling me toward that monster. I opened my mouth and he started slowly inserting his cock.

Yesterday, I had never ever had thoughts of sucking cock, and today I was willingly sucking my second cock.

He held my head and began thrusting in and out going deeper and deeper until his cock entered my throat. He was fucking my mouth, and damn, I loved it.

Deep throating a cock came naturally to me, and I later found out that men loved guys who were able to deep throat.

I heard him moaning, and he began to shake, as his cock swelled in my mouth and throat. I knew his cum would be spewing forth soon. He held my head as he thrust deep and let loose his load. I felt a warm feeling in my throat and then down to my belly. I knew he had cum.

As be withdrew his cock, I could taste cum residue, and I loved it.

“Damn boy, it is rare that anyone can take my cock down his throat. You are amazing,” he said.

He continued, “If you can take my cock in your throat, I wonder if you can take it up your ass.”

I jumped to my feet and ran for the door. I was in a state of shock and confusion as I quickly returned to my room.

Back in my room I tried to make sense of what had just happened, and what had taken place yesterday. In less than two days, I had sucked two cocks, and had a guy with a huge cock say he wanted to fuck me. And I had an appointment with Roger at 1:00 PM.

I must be gay kept running through my mind, but how could that be, I wondered.

I decided that I needed some breakfast and time to think. I got dressed and returned to the diner where Roger had bought me a meal the day before.

A waitress with bit tits spilling out of her blouse approached and asked, “May I take your order?”

My eyes fixated on her tits, and she asked again, “May I take your order?”

I responded, “Yes I will take special Levent travesti number one.”

As she walked away, I could feel a sudden surge in my cock as it harden. It was obvious to me that seeing her tits spilling out of her blouse had aroused me, and if this woman, with the big tits, was turning me on, how could I possibly be gay, I wondered.

I started rubbing my cock through my pants leg, and in no time I came coating my legs and underwear with cum.

Later as I ate my breakfast, I started having second thoughts about meeting Roger. After all, I was not gay, as the waitress with the big tits had proven.

Returning to my room I had decisions to make. Check out time was 12:00 PM and my appointment with Roger was at 1:00 PM. I had enough money left for another night at the YMCA and a little bit left over for food. I decided to pay for another night and go meet Roger.

I arrived at the bus station a few minutes early, took a seat, and watched the door nervously. Promptly at 1:00 PM, Roger came through the door and walked pass me heading straight for the restroom. I got up and following him in and proceeded to the last stall. Without a word Roger opened his fly and out popped his already harden cock. I wanted to say something, but the words would not come. I sank to my knees and took Roger’s cock in my mouth.

As I bobbed up and down on his hard cock, Roger began thrusting forcing his cock into my throat.

“You are truly a talented cocksucker,” he said.

I was sucking his cock with such vigor, that it kept going deeper and deeper into my throat until he was balls to the wall.

Roger stopped thrusting and held my head, with his cock fully inserted and let loose a mighty load directly down my throat into my belly.

Withdrawing his cock, he said, “That was awesome, if only my wife could suck cock like you.”

“I want to see you here tomorrow at the same time,” he said as he removed a Fifty Dollar bill from his wallet and handing it to me.

Before I could respond, he turned and left. He was gone without me ever saying a word to him.

I went back to the YMCA and was trying to sort out things in my mind when there was a knock at the door. Wondering, who it could Şirinevler travesti possibly be, I rose and answered the door and was dumbfounded to see the older guy I had sucked off in the shower earlier this morning. Before I could say anything he pushed past me into my room.

“I came to see if your ass could take my cock as good as your throat,” he said.

I stammered and said, “Look I have never done anything like that before, please go.”

“You don’t understand, I intend to fuck you,” he said.

“And fuck you, I will.”

Before I could say another word he grabbed me and pulled me to him and began kissing me. He forced my mouth open and pushed his tongue in. I tried struggling, but he was much stronger than me. I stopped struggling and he must have thought I was submitting and he pushed me back on the bed and started to remove my clothes.

“Please stop and I will suck your cock again,” I said.

“You don’t understand, I mean to fuck you boy,” he said.

By now he had pulled my pants and underwear down exposing my ass. I felt a finger being forced into my ass and felt a little pain. Before I knew it, he had his hard cock pressed against my anus. Then I felt him push forward. Pushing harder his cock being penetrating me. He began a slow in and out thrusting with his cock going deeper with each thrust. The pain I anticipated began to subside and my ass opened up and accepted his cock.

“I knew the way my cock went into your throat, that your ass was made for fucking,” he said.

“Some guys are naturals and you’re a natural,” he said.

My ass was warming to the fucking, and I felt, what I later learned was my prostate being massaged, and damn did it feel good. I hoped he would never stop. I was, simply loving being fucked. But all good things come to and end, and after pounding me hard for a good ten minutes, he stiffened and let loose with copious amount of cum deep in my ass.

“You’re a terrific cocksucker and fuck,” he said.

“I will see you in the shower tomorrow morning,” he said, and rose, leaving without another word.

As I lay on the bed, my thoughts about all that had happened in the last two days kept running through my mind. I wondered what was going to happen in the shower tomorrow, and I was supposed to meet Roger.

Damn I must be bisexual, I thought. I enjoy sucking cock and getting fucked, yet a woman with big tits caused me to cum in my pants.

As Scarlett O’Hara said in Gone with the Wind, “Tomorrow is another day.”

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