Fried, Stewed, and Nude

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Hurricane Sally was bearing down on Pensacola and it was starting to strengthen and I was worried as I had lived in Panama City two years ago when Hurricane Michael came through and was concerned about my home making it through the storm and I knew my friend Alyssa had a very solid house that had been built after the Hurricane Andrew building code had been passed and I knew she had a solar power system with batteries and so knew we would not lose power and I knew she had shutters that open and close, a rarity in Pensacola, and so nothing would break the windows.

So I called Alyssa to see if I could take shelter with her from the storm.

“Alyssa,” I began, “this is Ivan and I am scared that Hurricane Sally will become another Michael and I know you have that solar power system and I want to stay at your house during the storm. Can I please take shelter with you?”

“I don’t know,” replied Alyssa, “I mean don’t you have a place to stay.”

“Yes but yours is better built and you have that solar power system and that kegerator and this storm could get bad and I don’t want to be alone during it.”

“Well, I will tell you what. I will let you ride out the hurricane with me if you let me get you fried, stewed, and nude.”

“What do you mean by fried, stewed, and nude?”

“You’ll find out but I won’t let you stay with me unless you agree to it. You know your place is one of those ranch houses built in the early 1960’s, the primary kind of house that got ripped apart by Hurricane Andrew down in south Dade all those years ago.”

“And that’s why I want to stay with you.”

“So you will let me get you fried, stewed, and nude?”

“What do you even mean by that?”

“Well, you will either find out when you stay with me or you can find someone else to stay with and if you can’t well, maybe you’ll be fine but it could be like Hurricane Michael was for you and I remember you saying the roof tore off of your house.”

“It did.”

“Well you don’t want the roof to tear off and the walls to come in and the wind to pick you up and drop you off in the Gulf where then a wave washes over your head and then you get held down by debris and drown do you?”


“So you will let me get you fried, stewed, and nude?”

“Yes, Alyssa.”

“You can come over. We are going to have so much fun. And you will forget a hurricane is coming through destroying everything around us.”

“Ok, see you soon, Alyssa.”

I hung up the phone and got my things ready and began heading to Alyssa’s house. I had no idea what she had when she said she would get me “fried, stewed, and nude” but it was surely better than risking being in my house when the storm came in and she was right, that was the kind of structure Andrew had decimated in Dade County back in 1992 and similar houses didn’t do all that much better in eastern Bay County during Hurricane Michael in 2018.

So I drove through a Pensacola that I thought wasn’t taking the storm seriously enough given how these things can blow up in the Gulf and I got to Alyssa’s house.

I walked up to the door and rang the bell.

Alyssa answered the door.

“Come in, Ivan…” Alyssa bidded me, “you will be safe from Hurricane Sally here” she said as she hugged me in a platonic way.

I went into her living room and sat down and watched TV.

I did not want to turn on The Weather Channel because wherever Jim Cantore goes destruction is sure to follow and I didn’t want to see him on TV doing a live shot in front of my house as that would have added to my storm anxiety.

She came into the living room with a bottle of Dom Perignon and two champagne glasses and she poured us each and glass and we began drinking.

“I am glad you came here, Ivan” proclaimed Alyssa, “I’d hate to see you get all blown away in the hurricane. Well you might get a little ‘blown away’ here but I meant I wouldn’t want the wind to take you away from us or anything.”

What did she mean when she said I’d “get a little blown away” given that I was inside at that point?

And I wondered if what she just said had anything with her telling me I’d have to let her get me “fried, stewed, and nude” to ride out the storm with her.

We finished two bottles of champagne and then she sat beside me and crossed her legs and began to talk.

“Ivan, you remember when I told you to stay with me you had to let me get you, fried, stewed, and nude?”

“Yes, Alyssa, I do.”

“It is time Ivan but understand part of getting you fried, stewed, and nude is you are going to have to let me tie you up. You got here just as the rain has started to get bad. The wind is blowing fierce now. The storm is going slow and it will last all day. So as the weather has picked up since you got here I want you to think about this again knowing now that letting me get you fried, stewed, and nude will involve tying up that little cute body of yours.”

She called my body “cute” and that was interesting. I was uneasy about letting her tie me up but the storm was starting to get bad and if it blew levent escort up like Michael did, well, it’s not like she’d hurt me or anything as a storm comes in and I did agree to it. She continued speaking.

“So you will let me tie you up, Ivan?”

“Yes, Alyssa.”

Alyssa beamed with a smile of happiness at this news.

“Great. Alright Ivan, it is time to get you fried, stewed, and nude. I am going to go into my bedroom to get some things. Don’t go anywhere or I’ll kick you out and you can fend for yourself against Hurricane Sally.”

Alyssa went into her bedroom and I wondered what she went back to get but I saw her come back in with several pairs of what looked like stockings and you can tell when a woman’s stockings have just out of the washer versus when she has already worn them and they are lying around waiting to be washed and these were clearly worn stockings.

“Okay, Ivan. Part of getting you fried, stewed, and nude is getting your properly set for it so I want you to put your hands behind your back.”

I complied and Alyssa walked behind me, and helped press my wrists together properly, and then I felt the soft but strong fabric of her stockings being tied around my wrist.

“I want you to know Ivan that the pair of stockings I am tying your hands with I wore for two days straight and both times in good leather shoes. I like keeping a fresh supply of worn stockings available. I want you to know that when you tie someone’s hands with stockings it is a soft material but it gets tight and knots easy and you won’t be getting out of it unless you try. So struggling is useless but I like it when I a tie up a guy and he struggles so tug at your hands and see if you can get out.”

I wonder what Alyssa meant by “liking seeing guys she ties up struggle.”

But I did as she ordered and began tugging my wrists against her stocking that had them tied, they didn’t budge an inch but the stockings didn’t feel all that rough, they felt good against my skin in fact.

“See Ivan, you can’t get out and you are mine now. Now I am going to go get some of my medical marijuana because you know there is no THC content on marijuana in this state and I have some wonderful high grade flower I bought from Surterra there on Bayou Boulevard by Cordova Mall and if you have ever seen the movie Kid Cannabis where they go up into Canada to get a supplier and the people in Canada have a vaporizer device that heats the marijuana to where you breathe in the vapor rather than burning it like a cigarette does tobacco I have one of those devices and the Canadian guy in the movie is right and it is an excellent THC delivery device.”

“So you are going to get me high on weed, Alyssa?”

“Yes, Ivan, that is part of getting ‘fried.”

“Ok. You know back in the 2000’s they had these cigarettes that were real expensive and they would heat up the tobacco rather than burn the cigarette and so the entire cartridge would be intact and it would just heat up the tobacco and then you’d smoke it that way.”

“I assure you Ivan, this is far better than that. See when Lady Alyssa gets you fried you can’t get enough of it.”

“Lady Alyssa?”

“Yes, kind of like Lady Gaga. It is a title that has some regalness and respect.”

“Do I have to call you Lady Alyssa?”

“I would prefer it actually, at least right now.”

“And if I don’t.”

“That hurricane is only getting worse out there Ivan. Do you want a wind gust to blow you off the road and before you get out storm surge to inundate you and drown you?

“I guess not”

“And so…”

“I will call you ‘Lady Alyssa’ as you want.”

“Good boy.”

“So when are you going to get me fried, Alyssa, I’m sorry Lady Alyssa.”

“I am going to get the stuff now.”

Alyssa left the room and was gone for like 10 minutes and you could tell the howling of the wind outside was starting to ramp up and when she came back she had a sack of the sticky icky and what looked exactly like how the vaporizer in the Kid Cannabis movie looked.

Alyssa took one of the canisters of marijuana and showed it to me so I could see that it had a THC content of 60%.

She took the flower out and put it into the vaporizer and brought it up to my lips.

“Inhale, Ivan. But be careful, it has 60% THC like a showed you and this is one of the most pure THC delivery systems there is and so you are about to get really fucked up. I want you to thank your Lady Alyssa for doing this for you. Can you say ‘Thank you, Lady Alyssa.'”

“Thank you, Lady Alyssa.”

“Good boy.”

Alyssa brought the tube to my mouth and then she turned it on and I began inhaling the cannabis vapors and at that time song “Vapors” by Snoop Doggy Dogg came to mind but it wasn’t much before I was feeling really really high and Alyssa could tell because she pulled the tube out of my mouth.

“Ok, Ivan, I want am going to fix you a drink and between that and the marijuana high that will last for a good while you will be sufficiently fried and we can get beyoğlu escort to work towards getting you stewed.”

“Ok, Lady Alyssa.”

“You are calling me Lady Alyssa without me telling to. You are learning fast. That makes me so happy. It means I can be soft and gentle on you like I want rather than having to be rough and mean.

I wondered what she meant by that last part of “rough and mean”

As I pondered that and other questions of life I saw Alyssa walk back in with a fifth of DiSaronno and this being one of the bottles that was all decorated with art for their partnership with Etro and I saw her pour some into her champagne glass and she began drinking it and did indeed drink it down but I noticed she had done nothing with the champagne glass I drank from.

And so I decided I would ask her why she hadn’t.

“Lady Alyssa, you said you were going to fix me something to drink.”

“I am, you will in fact be drinking the rest of this bottle.”

“Shouldn’t you be pouring me some in a glass?”

“That’s not how you are going to drink it Ivan.”

“So you are going to make me chug the bottle?

“No Ivan.”

“Then how will I drink it.”

“I think it is time for you to find out. Ivan, I want you to look at my shoes and as you do remember from here on out you are to address me as Lady Alyssa until I say otherwise and I know you don’t want to go out into Hurricane Sally so you will be a good boy and do as I ask, right?”

“Yes, Lady Alyssa.”

“As you see those are pumps I am wearing and as you notice I have no stockings or socks on and perhaps you didn’t notice these are different from the shoes I had on when you first came but you probably weren’t paying attention, were you Ivan?”

“No I wasn’t, Lady Alyssa.”

“Well Ivan, this is one pair of pumps I consistently wear for this purpose more than any else. I never wear stockings or any kind of leggings with these. It is simply my bare feet in these leather pumps. They get awful sweaty but it is for a purpose. Do you want to know what that purpose is?”

“Yes I do, Lady Alyssa.”

“Well Ivan, part of getting fried is getting your senses heightened and that is why I treated you to that premium cannabis with the necessary amount of spiritually healing THC content and the puttanas in Tallahassee who want to limit the THC content in our medical marijuana should consider leaving Florida and going to places that hate freedom like they do like Venezuela, Castro’s Cuba, Alabama, and North Korea. But I want to test one of those senses now and also I should say bondage is supposed to heighten your senses because you can’t move though I did neglect to tie your ankles together and they will be later as I will want you fully immobilized when I am getting you stewed and there are other surprises you are in for the ‘stewing’ portion of our fun but you know you have the senses of taste, sight, hearing, smelling, and feeling so if you understand that we have these senses I want you to let your Lady Alyssa know you understand the 5 senses.”

“I understand the 5 senses, Lady Alyssa.”

“Good boy” replied Alyssa while she began stroking her fingers through my hair.

“Well Ivan, the sense we are going to try is the sense of smell. And it is directly related to getting you fried so you can have the proper mindset when I get you stewed.”

“So how are we going to test it Lady Alyssa?”

“Let me show you, Ivan.”

Alyssa directed me to look down at her feet where she took off both of her pumps. She walked over to where the TV was and put one of them there and then came back with the other. I saw her walk towards me and then she placed the pump over my nose and my nose was filled with the scent of foot sweat mixed with the leather of the shoe.

“I want you to inhale that for your Lady Alyssa, Ivan. Take deep sniffs. I wear these with bare skin pressing against the leather of the shoe to perfect the aroma for when I have a guy tied up like you are now. I want you to inhale that aroma. I want you to love it and if you don’t learn to love it. I want you to crave it. I keep that shoe constantly ready for this. Breathe in and breathe out and be grateful that your Lady Alyssa wants to stimulate your senses.”

This went on for several minutes, Alyssa guiding me with her soft and sensuous words as I inhaled the innards of her worn pump.

She then removed it from my nose.

“You were a good boy, Ivan. But I want you to thank your Lady Alyssa for letting you savor the aroma of her worn pump.”

“Thank you Lady Alyssa for letting me savor the aroma of your worn pump.”

“You are welcome Ivan, but I did it for a reason. Remember that I told you I would fix you a drink, Ivan?”

“You did, Lady Alyssa.”

“It is time for that drink, darling.”

Alyssa took the pump she just had me inhale and I saw her put it on the table. She then poured as much DiSaronno as she could into it and brought it up to my mouth.

“I had you smell that pump so you can have a proper appreciation kağıthane escort and gratitude for the chalice I will get you drunk from. Drink up.”

Tied up as I was I couldn’t resist and so began drinking as Alyssa began pouring the DiSaronno into my mouth from her pump and she paced herself so I didn’t go too fast but drank it just right and we did this until I had finished what was left of the fifth of DiSaronno.

“Did you enjoy that, Ivan?”

“Yes, Lady Alyssa, I love DiSaronno.

“Well Ivan, I still have to wear these shoes because you never know what other guy I have to get them ready for and that DiSaronno has a lot of sugar in and I can’t have it being all sticky inside.”

“What does that mean Lady Alyssa?”

“It means you are going to lick the inside of the chalice you just drank from clean as the saliva will dissolve the stickiness but also allow you to get in any residual sweat that you drink in mixed with your drink so you can learn to appreciate that taste.”

“And that means”

“Lick the inside of the shoe till I tell you to stop, Ivan.”

I complied with Alyssa’s instructions and licked the inside of her pump furiously and at first the taste of DiSaronno was still present so there was indeed residue in there but over time it dissipated though she had me do this for 10 minutes until she was absolutely sure I had cleaned it all up with my tongue and while doing so the THC continued taking effect and the liquor was really kicking in too.

“You did a good job cleaning that up Ivan. But now it is time for me to get you stewed. Are you ready?”

“I think I am, Lady Alyssa.”

“Well, to get you stewed I will need to gag you honestly because it heightens my pleasure to see a man I have tied up all gagged but also because while I think the wind picking up outside can block out the sounds, we don’t want my neighborhoods thinking anything is up and because you agreed to get fried, stewed, and nude to stay here don’t want you calling out ‘help’ or anything if it gets too intense for you. So you understand I am going to gag you Ivan?”

“Yes, Lady Alyssa.”

“Good. Now usually if I am going to tie a guys ankles together I do all that before I gag him but with your mouth all still sweet on that DiSaronno I think it is time for you to go ahead and get some stockings in your mouth. Do you understand, Ivan?”

“Yes, Lady Alyssa.”

“Good boy.”

Alyssa went to where she had the pile of what were obviously worn stockings and got several and walked back to me and took two and balled one into the other and then stuffed them into my mouth, and then took two more pairs and tied them around my mouth to where the stockings inside my mouth were not going to get past them and they themselves were in my mouth as well.”

“Ivan, I want you to know all these stockings were worn at least 3 days in a row and I keep a special supply of these just to gag willing guys with. I want you to enjoy that taste as you will come to love it better than the sweetest pomegranate wine. I would normally use duct tape over the mouth to make sure he can’t spit them out but I want you to have an appreciation of my stockings so I tied those extras in there to give you a nice cleave gag. Ivan, I want you to do your Lady Alyssa a favor and scream as hard as you can through that gag I just put on you.”

I did as Alyssa instructed and began screaming through the stocking cleave gag.




It was very effective and Alyssa thought so too.

“I can’t hear you Ivan. No one can hear you. You are mine till I let you go if I let you go. Now let’s finish getting you all nicely tied tight so I can get you properly stewed.”

Alyssa went back to the stocking pile and used several to tie my ankles together and amazingly several went around my legs and you thought they wouldn’t have been long enough but they did and so are elastic but it was a very tight fit and I was completely immobilized just as she said she’d do before getting me “stewed” but I still had no idea what getting “stewed” consisted of.

But I was about to find out.

Alyssa went back into her bedroom and came back with and odd device which she set on the table.

“Ok Ivan, your Lady Alyssa is now going to get you in a good hogtie and then I can get to stewing you.”

Alyssa took even more stockings and tied my wrists to my ankles so now I was completed tied and gagged with her stockings and only them, had drank DiSaronno out of her sweaty pump and then licked the pump clean and was high and drunk and it seemed odd but sensations of pure bliss were coming upon me at this point.

Alyssa picked up the device and walked up towards me.

“Ivan, dear, the device you see is meant to massage and vibrate your prostate and your prostate has the most nerve endings of any part of your body. It is the male g-spot. I will hold you right on the edge for a while as I make the best use of your face…as a footrest where you can enjoy the aroma of my bare feet and how they feel on your gagged face.”

Alyssa took some lube and I felt a cold sensation in my ass and I was a tad nervous and then I felt her ease the vibrator in. I saw her hold a remote control and press the button and all the sudden felt the sensations to my prostate and knew what she had been talking about.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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