Friendly Contest Ch. 02

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About ten minutes later, the furniture had been moved around, so that an open area was located in front of the TV. Kathy had gotten some bedspreads out of the closet, and laid them out for the contest. Her and Janice sat together on the couch, getting a front row view of this unbelievable event. Sheri and Lauren stood on opposite sides of the blankets. Kathy had a stop watch in her hand, plus a notepad to keep score on her lap. “OK, so how are you two gonna start?” she asked.

Lauren ran her hand through her luscious red hair. “I don’t know. Should we get naked and just go at it?”

Sheri still had that entranced look to her face. “No. I say we increase the time limit to twenty-five minutes, and undress one another. Kinda like you would the first time with someone.”

“Works for me,” Kathy nodded. Janice sat stock still next to her, still uneasy about the entire thing. “You sure you want to be here?” Kathy asked her again.

Janice just nodded. “Yes. But let’s get started before I DO change my mind.”

Lauren giggled. “Fine by me. Come over here…”

Before she knew what had hit her, Sheri had closed the distance between them and grabbed Lauren, putting a hand to the back of her head. She pulled the taller woman’s lips to hers with animal hunger, eagerly opening her mouth. Lauren was momentarily rocked back on her heels, clearly not counting on her younger friends lust to get the jump on her. Before she could get her hands into motion, Sheri had already reached around and unzipped the green sundress, dragging it off of Lauren’s frame, exposing the tan silk bra and panties she’d been wearing underneath. Lauren’s head was swimming as Sheri traced a hot set of kisses down her neck, igniting the fire in her loins to an even higher heat. She began to melt as Sheri ran her tongue along the upper slope of her breast. Lauren’s chest had always been a spot of extreme arousal, and was proving to be her undoing in this case.

Sheri continued her relentless assault, seeing the look of rapture on Lauren’s face, grinning as her hands found the front hook to the bra, freeing those tanned globes to the world. Lauren gasped as Sheri struck like lightning, her lips wrapping around one of the exposed nipples. Lauren could feel herself sliding further out of control, as Sheri sent shockwaves throughout her body with every touch, every lick, and every kiss. With all the women she’d been with, she’d never had anyone so thoroughly dominate her. Sheri then switched her amazingly hot mouth to her other nipple, and Lauren swore that she was going to cum simply from that stimulation. “Good thing we’re NOT going for just the first orgasm,” she thought to herself as Sheri’s hand started to caress the skin over her stomach. “Because, if that were the case, I’d lose BIG TIME.” Deciding to take the long view, she settled back and enjoyed what her blonde friend was doing to her senses. “As if I have a choice,” she thought silently as that wandering hand slipped down to her bronzed thighs.

On the couch, Kathy was amazed at how completely Sheri was dominating her best friend. Lauren was an aggressive person by nature, and she had honestly expected Sheri to be overwhelmed by the older woman’s experience. But from the first kiss, at which she’d started the clock, she knew Lauren was in trouble.

Just as surprising was how much this contest was turning her on. She already felt the wetness between her thighs, a wonton desire to seek relief however possible, even if it WAS at the hands of one of her friends. That thought made her look over at Janice. The twenty seven-year-old was spellbound. Her eyes were locked on the duel, and her lips were slightly parted. Her hands were rubbing back and forth along her bare thighs, causing her mini skirt to edge up her lap. Further up, her perky 34b breasts were straining against the white silk blouse. Her breathing was beginning to become labored, and Kathy was sure she could see the tips of her nipples straining against the fabric of her shirt. For a reason Kathy couldn’t understand, these sights were bringing to mind some of the fantasies she’d had on occasion about other women, only with Janice as her partner this time.

Meanwhile, back on the floor, Sheri now had Lauren flat on her back, her lips still torturing her breasts. Lauren’s hands were alternating between grasping at the blankets and running her hands through Sheri’s hair. She was completely at the mercy of her younger friend. Sheri seemed to sense this, and began kissing down her stomach, causing Lauren to giggle as she teased her belly button with her tongue. The giggling ceased as Sheri reached down and ran her fingers lightly over the silk material of the panties. Lauren’s hips surged upwards, almost begging Sheri to make her come. However, Sheri was smart enough to know that she had time on her side, and was determined to take matters slowly.

She inched the panties down over Lauren’s supple hips, dragging her fingernails along the sides of her legs in the process. Tiny little goosebumps appeared on altyazılı seks Lauren’s legs, making the skin even more sensitive than before. Once Sheri had the panties off, she started kissing and licking her way down towards Lauren’s pelvis, her hot breath branding her skin. Just as Lauren was certain Sheri was going to proceed to her vagina, the blonde grinned and passed on by, kissing her way down her thighs, all the way down to the redhead’s feet. Lauren groaned in protest, but Sheri was in full control. She moved over to the other leg, and began her travels back up her thighs. Lauren’s hips raised up, trying to urge Sheri on. But, once again, Sheri took her sweet time, letting Lauren’s passion build to a huge crescendo.

Kathy envied Lauren, as Sheri teased Lauren to no end with her fingers and tongue, which were now just beginning to make an assault on her lower lips. “If this gets much hotter,” she thought silently to herself, “then I might just let Sheri eat ME out like that!” Dragging herself away from her thoughts, she remembered to check the clock, and was shocked to find that almost thirteen minutes had passed by since Sheri had begun her seduction of Lauren. Not wanting her friend to lose out so easily, Kathy called out, “Thirteen minutes gone Lauren!”

Lauren heard Kathy’s warning just as Sheri touched her lips to her pussy. She sensed that Sheri was about to pull back and stall, so she took matters into her own hands. She wrapped her legs around her friend’s head, and gently pulled her face to her with both hands. “I’ve gotta cum NOW!” she thought desperately.

Sheri felt Lauren’s determination in forcing her on, and despite the knowledge that she should back off, she couldn’t keep from slipping her tongue into Lauren’s sweet pussylips. Almost magically, Lauren’s clitoris peeked out at her, and she flicked her tongue over the tip. Well, that did it for Lauren, who had been on the edge for minutes now. Her hips lunged upwards, and she moaned loudly. “God… I’m… cumming…” she stammered as her muscles spasmed all along her body, her inner muscles clamping down in sweet release. Sheri smiled in silent glee.

Lauren wanted to do nothing more at that second then bask in the glow of her orgasm. But, if she waited too long, then she knew Sheri would taken advantage and start her down the path to her second orgasm, which would basically spell certain doom in this contest. Concentrating instead on the erotic sensations still coursing through her body, Lauren abruptly sat up and kissed Sheri, gratified to see the look of shock on the younger woman’s face.

“What the fuck?” Sheri wondered blankly. Whenever she had blown Kevin, it’d taken him a minute or two before he was capable of pleasing her back. But here was Lauren, seemingly completely recovered from her orgasm, kissing her like a woman possessed. “What have I started?” she wondered as Lauren kissed her way down her neck.

Kathy nearly wanted to cheer as she saw Lauren strike back, showing that aggressive side of her that they all knew too well. Sheri seemed like a deer caught in the glow of a truck’s high beams, frozen and unable of what to do next. Lauren wasted no time, she noticed, pushing Sheri’s top up to expose her firm breasts. Lauren’s tongue began lashing the blonde’s nipples, causing her eyes to roll back, and a low moan to escape her lips. Kathy’s nipples had always been the most sensitive area of her body, and she could just imagine how she’d have felt under that type of assault. Unconsciously, her hands began to rub her exposed belly, ever so slowly traveling to slide under her knotted shirt. “You lucky bitch,” she thought at Sheri.

Lauren was taking no prisoners here, knowing that Sheri had used up over half the allotted time of their match. While her lips were wrapped around one of Sheri’s engorged nipples, she deftly pulled the other’s shorts AND underwear right off of her body, her fingers quickly plunging into the blonde’s hot, steaming, wet slit.

Sheri’s breath caught in her chest when Lauren entered her. “Oh my God…” was all she could think as Lauren quickly found her clit. As if a million lightning bolts were lancing through her body, as she surged towards an orgasm. NO ONE had ever done this to her! Normally, she was extremely slow to reach her peak, but between the stories they’d read, her eagerness to try her hand at lesbian loving, and the physical contact she’d had already with Lauren, she was like a stick of dynamite with an extremely short fuse.

Lauren could feel Sheri’s body begin the quake that so many other women had experienced at the moment of release. She wanted to smile in triumph, but instead lowered her mouth to Sheri’s cunt, blowing gently over her engorged clit. That did it for her. With force of an earthquake, Sheri came around Lauren’s fingers, her muscles grasping at her digits. Her love juices flowed easily, soon coating Lauren’s palm. Her whole body shook with the release of her pent-up passion. She was waiting for her body to relax anal porno enough so she could retaliate against her friend, but Lauren wasn’t about to give her the time she needed. Being the experienced lesbian lover that she was, she had a decided advantage over the blonde women squirming at her touch. So, before the wave of pleasure had completely dissipated, Lauren wrapped her lips around the waiting trigger that was Sheri’s clitoris.

Sheri’s head snapped forward to look down at Lauren’s face when she felt the lips on her. If was as if Lauren was a woman possessed, feeding off of her sexual energy. The warmth of her oral attack pressed against her pussy lips, rekindling the fire that was just lowering inside of her body and mind. She couldn’t remember EVER being this excited, but she couldn’t deny the lust coursing through her veins. For a split second, she realized that Lauren could easily bring her to another quick orgasm, therefore taking a lead in their competition. She was about to sit up and break Lauren’s liplock when she nearly screamed out loud as Lauren’s tongue flicked over her button.

Sheri’s body arched and her mouth opened in a silent yelp, her arms locking behind her. Her hands gripped at the rug beneath her, and her eyes closed despite her resolve. Her nipples were diamond hard, jutting proudly towards the ceiling. Her chest heaved as her breathing tore in ragged pants from her mouth, and sweat glistened off of her toned body. Over and over, as if chanting a manta, Sheri kept moaning, “Oh my God, oh my God, Lauren, I’m gonna cum, oh my God!”

This just seemed to spur Lauren on, as her head bobbed up and down over her friend’s pussy, her tongue picking up speed, her touch becoming lighter with each movement. Her fingers plunged inside of her, feeling the muscles begin to contract in preparation of another orgasm. She turned her head to look over at Kathy, about to ask her best friend how much time was left. She was shocked to see Kathy’s hand up under her shirt, caressing and teasing her breast. After a second, Kathy realized that Lauren was watching her grope herself, and smile broke out over Lauren’s cum-coated chin. Lauren called out, “If you’re not too busy, sweetie, how much time is left?”

Kathy quickly removed her hand from her breast, blushing a deep crimson at being caught. She fumbled in her lap and found her watch, taking a second to read the display. “Ten minutes,” she stammered.

Lauren nodded. “Thank you, SEXY.” She winked and turned her attention back to Sheri, missing the look of smoldering lust that the word “sexy” had caused in Kathy’s eyes.

Meanwhile, beneath Lauren, Sheri was in an erotic heaven/hell. With every touch, every lick, Lauren set another part of her body ablaze. She didn’t realize a woman could do this to another, that the feelings could be magnified so intensely. For a moment, she felt Lauren’s mouth leave her pussy, and she wondered what was going on. Through her sensual mental haze, she vaguely heard Kathy say, “Ten minutes.” In her mind, her voice screamed, “She’s done this to me in less than THREE minutes?? My God, how could she have turned me on THIS much so FAST?” Before she could think further on this, Lauren’s tongue returned to her clitoris, sucking and flicking like a demon, causing a surge of hot lava to spread through her lower body. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum again!” she managed to think just as she felt the explosion radiate out from between her legs. Her sense fled as she rode the wave, her body reacting to this unknown pleasure. She expected it to recede, but it built quickly again, and her inner muscles clenched once again in orgasmic bliss. “This isn’t possible!” she thought as her body betrayed her, plunging full force into a third quick, yet powerful orgasm.

Kathy was stunned! Lauren, seemingly at will, had just subjected Sheri to two very fast, very powerful orgasms. Sheri slumped to the carpet, her body exhausted from the older woman’s oral exercises. In her mind, there was no way Sheri was even going to move, never mind try and catch up from a three to one deficit. She turned her head to ask Janice about what had just happened, but her voice caught in her throat at the site she was treated to. There was shy, quiet Janice, busily masturbating to the scene in front of her. Without even thinking, Kathy looked over at her and snapped, “Janice!”

As if smacked in the face, Janice’s attention was torn from her building orgasm by Kathy’s voice. She hadn’t even realized what she’d been doing! At first, when Lauren and Sheri had started, she’d been uneasy, doubting that she could sit through twenty-five minutes of this. But, as she began to appreciate her two friend’s obvious sexual talents, her hands had absently began rubbing her inner thighs. She stopped when she realized what she was doing, and almost got up to leave, ashamed at her actions. But, when Sheri had cried out with her first orgasm, she was once again riveted on the two women. After a moment or two, her hands had once again anime porno wandered, this time slipping under her skirt to rub against her soaked panties. The fingers of one hand had slipped beneath the satiny material, finding the nub of her clitoris swollen and ready to be loved. Almost as if with a mind of their own, her fingers had begun stroking her to the brink of release. If it hadn’t been for Kathy’s reaction, Janice was sure she’d have cum right then and there.

Blushing furiously, she straightened out her skirt. “I’m sorry, Kath. God, I don’t know what the HELL I was thinking!” she stammered. Crossing her legs, she could still feel the heat emanating from her excited pussy.

Kathy moved over and hugged Janice. “Don’t be sorry, Jan! It’s a perfectly normal reaction to sexual stimulation. And I’m sorry I yelled at you.” She chuckled into her shoulder. “Truth be told, you weren’t the only one turned on by these two.”

Janice pulled her head back and looked over at the two naked women. Lauren was idly fingering Sheri, easing her down from the onslaught she’d rendered on her young friend. Sheri, on the other hand, was lying flat out on the floor, gasping for breath as if she’d just run a marathon. Lauren wasn’t looking at the two on the couch just that second, but she’d also seen Janice masturbating when Kathy had cried out. The thought that she’d inadvertently turned Janice on in the process of their competition made her wetter than she already was.

Kathy followed Janice’s gaze and released her hug, picking the watch up once again. There was now just a little over five minutes left of the original twenty-five they’d started off with. The score stood at 3-1, Lauren in front. “Well, are you guys gonna give up? There’s still about five minutes left, after all…”

Lauren looked down at Sheri and chuckled. “I don’t think Sheri is in any condition to continue.” She withdrew her hand from her friend’s pussy and kneeled on the carpet. “But I’m not so sure about YOU, Kath. I saw you playing with yourself over there. Wish you were in Sheri’s place right now?”

Kathy crossed her arms over her breasts, feeling her hardened nipples poking through the material. “You couldn’t have done that to me, Lauren. You only got her because she was young and inexperienced. You’d have had more of a fight on your hands with me.”

Lauren got an evil glint in her eyes. “Care to put your money where your mouth is, sweetie?” She sat down on her rear, her legs spread out suggestively to both Kathy and Janice. “I don’t think…” Her words died in her mouth as she felt two hands wrap around her, cupping her breasts. She gasped as the fingers pinched her nipples, causing a hot spark to shoot down between her legs.

Sheri was behind her, having used Kathy’s distraction to gather her wits and mount a counter attack. She could nearly feel the heat rising from Lauren’s body as she nibbled at her neck with her lips. Her right hand slipped between Lauren’s legs, feeling her dripping lower lips parted, ready for more action. She pressed her body against her back, wrapping her legs over Lauren’s thighs, basically trapping her in a sitting position. Over her shoulder, she said, “I’m not done with you, yet!”

Lauren tried to resist the fingers that slipped inside of her, but one touch on her clit blanked her mind to anything but her own pleasure, and her sudden overwhelming need to cum. “I’ve gotta hold out…” her mind screamed to her. She tried to think of anything else, her dog, her job, but nothing helped to distract her from the steadily building orgasm. Her eyes closed and her legs began to shake as Sheri brought her over the edge, her cries of ecstasy and release echoing throughout the room. Her chest heaved and she struggled to catch her breath, sweat gleaming on her skin.

Sheri relentlessly continued to circle her clitoris with the pad of her index finger. Her free hand had slipped beneath the other and two fingers were quickly inserted deep inside of her, giving Lauren’s already red-hot pussy something to clamp down on, increasing the pleasure invading her brain. “You’re mine now, bitch,” Sheri whispered in her ear. Through her mental haze, Lauren could swear she heard Sheri chuckle in triumph.

Sheri knew she could bring Lauren over the edge again, but time was not on her side. “If only I hadn’t been so carried away with my own pleasure before,” she thought silently, “then she’d be done for.” She looked up at the attentive faces of Kathy and Janice, both seemingly with a lustful gaze implanted deep within. “How much longer?” she asked Kathy.

Looking down at her watch, Kathy shook her head. “Only thirty seconds left, Sher. Better do something quick.”

Setting her jaw, Sheri redoubled her efforts, furiously grinding away at Lauren’s pussy with a reckless abandon. Between her legs, she could feel the older woman shaking with the effort of holding off her impending orgasm. Sheri licked the edge of Lauren’s ear, trying to think of anything that would put her friend over the edge. But before she could think of anything extra, Kathy called out, “Time’s up!” “Dammit!” Sheri shouted, knowing how close she had been to tying the score up. She put her hands behind her and felt Lauren’s body sag back on top of her. Both women were soaked and exhausted from their sexual battle.

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