Friendly Neighbor Pt. 02

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Friendly Neighbor Part 2

Joe E Hartley

July 2021

The next morning, like clockwork, Mike stood at Jess’s door, having just rung the bell. Jess answered the door as if she’d been waiting, and threw her arms around her neighbor.

“Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you,” she blurted out.

A surprised Mike responded, “You’re welcome, but what did I do?”

“You introduced me to your friend Steve and allowed me to join in. My late husband always just ignored me while he did his sales pitch.” Jess said leading him back into her kitchen.

“Steve really liked you too. He said I was to invite you over whenever he comes over. He loved the hugs you gave him. He said you made him feel young again.” Mike responded.

“I loved his hugs too and I’m so glad I wore the casual clothes you suggested. He seemed to really like the shorts I wore,” she added blushing.

“He did like your Daisy Dukes and especially liked it when you allowed him to stroke your ass.” Mike said with a sly grin.

Jess lowered her head and mumbled, “I liked that too.”

“I’d love to come over when you and your so-called gang get together for the game night. I can only imagine the other guys you and Steve talked about. They sound like a fun group,” she offered.

“The guys would love for you to join us, but are you sure you’d want to hang out with a bunch of old farts like us?” Mike teased, knowing that Jess had a thing for older men.

Jess wasn’t sure, but she thought he might be teasing her. They had talked often about her attraction to older men and her frustration that her late husband would never allow her to interact with any of the older men he knew. She was just there to wear revealing clothing to entice the men then he would step in and take over. She liked wearing the tight-fitting top and shorts for Steve yesterday and hoped Mike would encourage her to do it again, for all of his gang of old farts.

“I had fun yesterday,” she countered.

“I know you did, and I can tell you are enjoying the memory of it now,” he offered staring at her now slightly opened silk robe.

Jess looked down, but did not hurry to close her robe like she had the previous week. She had become more open and flirtatious since she’d met Mike. Her nipples were not exposed and the belt was still loosely tied. She was not certain exactly how to flirt, but she did enjoy Mike staring at the expanse of bare flesh between her breasts.

Suddenly she imagined Steve seeing the same expanse of naked flesh she was now displaying to Mike and her nipples hardened. She enjoyed her fantasy long enough for Mike to ask what she was thinking about. She looked over at his smiling face. She recognized that she’d been caught mid fantasy and turned red.

“I’ll make your coffee now,” she said pulling her robe together, but leaving the belt loose. Her fantasy shifted to the first time she’d exposed herself to this sexy man. She turned to prepare the morning brew that had started this journey that was proving to be the best thing that had ever happened to her.

Jess retrieved the beans from the refrigerator and spun around allowing her robe to spin a half second behind her and flashing a bit of skin towards the man seated at her table. She again closed the robe and continued with her task as if nothing had happened, but wondering if she was being too subtle. She was just learning how to flirt and the videos she watched looked just like what she was attempting to do. She wasn’t sure what she expected Mike to do, but knew she would enjoy it.

She set the coffee in front of him and went to retrieve the scone. She remembered his comment the other day when she bent over and tried to duplicate that move.

Mike watched Jess with interest and a grin. She had learned a lot from the porn sites she researched. She was learning how to flirt without seeming too obvious. She flashed skin as if it were an accidental exposure without drawing attention to it, but he was certain she knew exactly what she was doing. He watched as she bent over and enjoyed the view. She wore no panties this morning.

Jess sat back down and eyed Mike, looking for his reaction.

“You are a very sexy woman,” he stated without prelude.

“Thank you,” she answered as a blush started to form. She knew he noticed her subtle display.

“I see you have learned a lot about flirting since I met you.” Mike commented.

“You think so?” She quired.

“You’ve turned me on just by making coffee.”

Jess blushed, then got up, walked around the table and wrapped her arms around the older man.

Mike dropped his hands lower and cradled the fleshy globes of her ass. She felt his arousal and snuggled in closer. “I like this,” she cooed.

“Me too,” Mike replied.

Mike caressed her ass, squeezing and fondling each cheek as he listened to her vocalize her approval.

Jess raised her hands to caress his chest. He still wore his clothes and Jess was uncertain if she was allowed to remove them. She’d learned a long time ago Şişli escort to be submissive, but the videos she’d seen recently indicated that sometimes the woman is allowed to take the lead.

She tentatively unbuttoned his shirt and glanced up to his face. Seeing approval in his eyes, she slowly slipped her hands onto his naked chest and again checked his reaction; this time his eyes were closed, but the expression on his face indicated relaxed pleasure. She pressed her luck and found his stiff nipples and caressed them with a feather-lite touch. He rewarded her with the sounds she’d heard in the videos she watched to learn about sex.

It wasn’t long before he matched her petting of him with his own petting of her. The simultaneous stimulation of each other’s nipples soon had them both breathing hard.

Mike had slipped Jess’s robe off her shoulders and it now rested on the floor. He lowered his head to lick and suck her nipples. His hand again found her ass and she started to squirm.

They found themselves in her bedroom leaving Mike’s clothes in the kitchen. He positioned her on the bed with his face between her legs. He licked her from deep between her legs up to the hardened nub that caused her to arch her back and then back down exploring all of the folds along the way. He took his time sucking and nibbled his way back down, then licked his way back up as if he were licking an ice cream cone. She started to squirm so he did it again and again until the last time he reached her top and her bud, she ground her pelvis into his mouth and grabbed the back of his head holding him in place as she spasmed her orgasm into his mouth.

He released her, but continued a series of slow light licks up her crease allowing her to calm down.

Jess pushed him off of her and onto his back. She positioned her face over his hardened member holding it gently with her hand and just staring at the smooth head of his manhood. Mike had not allowed her to explore his cock as much as she wanted the other day, but she was going to make certain that he was not going to stop her today. She straddled his torso, pinning him to the bed while she touched the tip of his cock with the tip of her tongue. Like the other day she enjoyed the taste. She licked the erect member all over and then explored his balls. She remembered a video where the woman took the man’s balls into her mouth, one at a time. She followed that training video and loved Mike’s reaction. She then went back to licking his cock top and bottom. She enjoyed tonguing his very tip mostly and then taking him inside her mouth as deeply as she could.

Mike did not allow her to taste his excretions, but rolled her over and mounted her. He filled her completed and noticed the eagerness in which she accepted him. He withdrew until just his tip was still inside her then slowing filled her again. He withdrew almost all the way and she grabbed him thrusting her pelvis up to greet him. He hesitated just a second then slammed back into her. He humped her fast and hard for several long seconds; she thrashed about violently for an equal amount of time. They both collapsed as if they were rag dolls once their collective orgasm completed its cycle.

A half hour later they again sat at Jess’s kitchen table drinking the now cold coffee.

“Even cold, it’s still the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had,” Mike commented.

“Thank you,” Jess said. “If this is what I have to look forward to, I’m make sure you have coffee every morning, afternoon too, if you want.”

They were both still naked and sat drinking coffee and chatting about how much both of their lives had improved since they met.

“My late husband never made me feel so alive as you do. Even showing me off to his friends which I really loved was never as good as when you introduced me to your friend, Steve,” she commented.

“You do know that you really made his day yesterday and he made me promise to invite you over again whenever he’s around,” Mike shared.

“I’d like that,” she responded.

“You did like showing off your body for your late husband’s clients, didn’t you?”

“I loved that part. I loved seeing the desire in their eyes as they approached me. I hated the part where they were not allowed to touch me. I often fantasied about them holding me and maybe even touch me when no one was watching,” she admitted. “That’s why I enjoyed hugging Steve. He pushed the limits of what is normally acceptable.”

“I know a couple other older guys. We have known each other for years and normally got together for game night every week or two, before I moved. They each contacted me about when I’d be ready to have them all over to check out my new place. Would you like to join us when I set it up?” Mike asked.

“I’d love to. So, there are four of you?” She asked.

“Yeah, the four of us have been getting together for the last 30 years and play board games, or card games and talk about whatever is going on. The guys will love you and remember you Sultangazi escort bayan will be in total control of what you want. I will not restrict you in any way. The guys are respectful of women and will not force you to do anything. We all believe that no means no,” Mike shared.

“What should I wear?” She wanted to know. Her old training kicked in. Her late husband had always dictated what she was to wear to entice his potential clients.

“Whatever you want, but try to stay casual. The guys won’t want to wrinkle your formal clothes,” Mike answered. “Let me call the guys and invite them over tomorrow afternoon.”

“That sounds great,” she accepted.

Mike got dressed, went home and Jess got ready to head out to the Mall. She needed an entire new wardrobe since she was no longer wearing sexy formal wear. She needed to find sexy casual wear.

Jess again walked past her favorite store in favor of the stores designed to cater to the younger women. Again, she was thankful that her late husband had insisted she stay slim and trim. She found several sun dresses with low cut fronts, some exposing her navel but all with necklines that plunged deeply between her breasts. Most were backless and the ones she chose had a short, flared shirt. She chose to ignore the tight-fitting skirts, since she wanted to have the skirt rise when she spun around. She remembered Mike’s hand on her bare derriere earlier this morning.

She picked out several that claimed to be short mini-dresses, that exposed a lot of thigh and were sleeveless. She walked out of the store with six new dresses, all were short, some looked as if they were night wear, and some were thin enough to made a person do a doubletake to see if she was topless.

She returned home to resume her studies of all things sexual.

Mike returned home and started to call his friends. He first called Steve to let him know how much Jess had enjoyed his attentions while at the same time warning him about her lack of experiences. After Mike had explained Jess’s history to him, Steve understood and actually felt sorry for the poor woman and promised to allow her to let him know how far he could go. Mike thanked his friend and went on to call his other fiends and explain the situation to each of them as well. All agreed to take it easy with the young naïve woman.

They each wanted to punch out her late husband as well as the man she had for a father. They each had raised children and felt that a father’s job was to train and guide, not isolate from the world and basically sell them to a person who would treat her the same. They knew not to talk bad about either her father, nor her late husband, but they all considered what these two men did to this woman to be abuse. They all knew she wanted to learn about sex and looked forward to being involved with her education.

The date was set, the three men would be at Mike’s place at 1:00 PM the following day.

Jess knew she could set her clock by the sound of her doorbell at 6:45 each morning. Mike stood as always waiting for the sexy young woman in her silk robe to open the door. Today he was surprised. She did open the door, but instead of her loosely tied silk robe that would on occasion open and give him a glance of her naked flesh, she wore something different.

The woman who answered the door this morning wore a sheer short baby-doll lingerie that has only one tie just below her breasts. It only fell to her waist allowing the sheer G-string panties to show.

Mike noted that there would be no accidental slippage with these closes, but then it really didn’t matter.

“Good morning,” he greeted, “Is this new?”

“I’ve had it for a while. I just thought that I’d show off a bit more for you. I never got a change to wear it before,” she commented spinning around. “Do you like it?”

“I love it,” he responded.

Mike followed Jess into the kitchen enjoying the view of her thong covered behind swaying with each step she took.

She prepared the coffee and if she spoke at all, Mike didn’t hear. She did turn once to look at him, then turned back around smiling. Thanks to the porn she’d been watching for the past week and Mike’s encouragement, she was learning the power of her body, and her ass, over men.

She placed the cup of freshly brewed coffee and a homemade scone in front of him, then took her seat opposite of him. It took Mike a minute before he could focus on her smiling face and engage in conversation.

“I talked with my friends yesterday and it seems that Steve had already talked to them about you. They are all dying to meet you. I invited them all over this afternoon to see the new place. I’d love it if you would come over to meet them,” Mike said.

“I want to meet your friends and I want to thank Steve for speaking so highly of me,” she announced, “What should I wear?”

“You should wear whatever you want, but, as I’ve mentioned before, we are all very casual. Be comfortable,” Mike answered.

“My Escort Taksim late husband always told me what to wear based on who I was to meet. I don’t know what your friends want to see me wear,” she professed.

“They are just guys, older, retired, and poorly dressed guys. They want to meet you, not your clothes. Steve told them you were bubbly, open, friendly and very cute, if that helps you to decide.” Mike affirmed.

Mike and Jess continued chatting about how long Mike had know these guys. Mike had gotten to know his friends from his time in college Frank, Ron, and Steve had been part of his study group when they pursued their degrees that would gain them employment. They became friends and saw each other every so often to celebrate life events, wedding, children, divorces, etc. They also tried to get together a couple times a year for a weekend getaway.

Once they were all single, they got together more often to chase away the boredom.

Jess had never been told anything about the men her late husband wanted to have a look at her. She often felt like a trinket to be shown off then put away. Mike was different. She had a feel for these men, she still didn’t know what to wear, but she now had a collection of casual wear. She had the sun dresses she bought yesterday as well as the shorts and tops she bought a few days ago and don’t forget the schoolgirl outfit, but that might be for a special occasion.

Mike didn’t want to wear Jess out prior to meeting his friends and with a herculean effort left her house to prepare his house for his guests.

She laid out all of the new clothing Item’s she’d bought since she met Mike. She tried each on and checked out her reflection in her bedroom mirror.

She rejected the idea of wearing shorts since Steve had already seen her in the ones he called Daisy Dukes, she still wasn’t certain of that reference and promised herself to look it up online. She liked the idea of a short skirt. After Mike had told her that a lot of guys liked looking at women’s behinds, she checked it out online and found lots of porn sites featuring women’s butts. Steve had definitely shown an interest in her butt and groped her more than once–she did enjoy the feel on his hand caressing her.

Her late husband had only wanted her to show off her breasts, but today she would wear a short skirt as well as a low-cut top. She wondered if Mike’s friends would be too intimidated to caress her thong covered butt. She hoped to feel a hand under her flared skirt on one or both of her bare cheeks.

She decided on the dress with the plunging neckline to just below her breasts with spaghetti straps that wasn’t quite see-through, but close and the short, flared skirt that showed off a lot of her sensual thighs.

She put on a pair of sandals and walked over to Mike’s house a little after 1:30 PM. Mike had asked her to allow him time to give his friends the tour of his house first.

She rang the doorbell and had little time to wait; she was expected.

Mike ushered her inside and in front of three men very eager to meet her. “Jess, this is Frank,” Mike said as frank stepped forward to shake her hand, “Hello, I’ve heard a lot of good things about you.”

Jess started to reach for his hand then stopped, “I would prefer a hug,” she said opening her arms. Frank’s eyes were glued to her cleavage as he stepped into her arms.

“I’d love to give you a hug,” he said wrapping his arms around her and holding her close.

She enjoyed the feeling of her breasts smashed against his chest and allowed the hug to last a bit longer than a normal one. She pressed her groin into his, hoping to feel his erection, but he pulled away too soon.

Mike smiled as Frank moved back, well aware of the effect Jess had on his friend. He shifted his attention to the only other man Jess didn’t know, “this is Ron,” Mike introduced the more athletic man.

Ron stepped up smiling, “I also like to hug,” he said opening his arms.

Jess again accepted the hug and felt the heat rise. Jess thought this hug was warmer than normal body heat; it felt more, she wasn’t certain, but…passionate.

This hug lasted longer than her hug with Frank and Ron massaged her back as he hugged her. The sundress she chose was backless and feeling his hot hands on her bare flesh was exciting.

She reluctantly ended this hug, knowing that she would be with these men for at least the next few hours.

Mike then directed her attention to the man she’s met before, “and, of course, how could you ever forget, Steve?”

Jess greeted Steve as an old friend in a close and barely appropriate hug. Steve almost instantly had his hands on her waist and was slowly moving them lower. Jess pushed her groin into his and felt both his erection and hand on the upper rise of her butt at the same time. He moved back red-faced.

Jess smiled, “It’s so good to meet all of you, Mike has been telling me all about his gang of old farts.”

That brought a round of laughter from all of the men and each tried to outdo each other raining compliments onto her. They wanted to know all about her and shared their assorted histories with her.

“I understand that you guys get together and play games every week. What sort of games do you play? Can I join I on game night? Jess asked.

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