Friends of My Daughter

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This is a story that I submitted years ago to another site. It has been edited slightly since then, only to correct some grammar.

There are currently three parts to this story. At the time that I wrote it I intended to continue it, but many things came up in my life and I never got the chance.

Part 1

The sight of Aimie was unbelievable. Her mother was Japanese, her father was Caucasian. It was a great combination. She had the straight black hair of an oriental, but the face was a sweet mix of the two. I don’t know where the body came from, I was just glad that it was here, now.

Aimie was also only eighteen, and one of my daughter’s best friends. She was also asking me out on a date. My God, how did I get out of this? Or did I want to? I knew the risks, but couldn’t help myself.

I was at my daughter’s apartment, where she was living with her boyfriend while attending college. Aimie was attending another school not far away, and the two girls and their other friends were constantly getting together to talk and laugh, just as they had been doing since they started hanging out in junior high. I knew all the girls, of course, but had always had a feeling that Aimie was just a bit different than the other girls from the start. It would appear I was right.

I had just agreed to help Aimie find a car this Saturday; she needed a new car and had hoped that her father could come and help her find one. She didn’t have a lot of money to spend. However, he had to work and she wanted a man to go along and make sure that she didn’t get screwed by some used car salesman. I couldn’t blame one if he tried. All of the girls were attractive, especially because of their smooth young skin and tight little bodies, but Aimie was the only one who was out and out SEXY. She didn’t even appear to try, but it was there. Nice round pointy tits, flat waist, flaring hips, sweet tight little ass and long legs. All of that and very pretty besides. I was lost. I was already thinking that at least I could ogle her all day while we were looking for her a different car.

“You know, the least I could do is buy you dinner since you’re going to waste all day with me. That sound good to you?” My daughter was in the kitchen, getting some cold drinks and ice, and was unable to hear our conversation.

“Uhh, OK. I don’t think it’ll be a waste, Aimie, if we can find you something to drive.” God, I even sounded like a father. Only the fact that she was sitting across from me in her tight shorts with her legs sticking out so invitingly, with a small smile on her face saying that she knew what I was thinking kept me from feeling like a fool. I was in pretty good shape for a forty-year-old, but I was FORTY. What was I thinking? More importantly, what was she thinking? Did she think she had to flirt with me to get me to help her out? What the Hell was going on here?

I drove down to the university and picked her up that Saturday. I was dressed casually in jeans and a golf shirt. I had called her when I was a few miles away to make sure she was ready, and she sounded eager, almost excited. It was almost as if she saw it as a date. She was also wearing pants this time, but they were some kind of slacks that hugged her hips and ass, showing off her unbelievable young body. The shirt wasn’t as tight as it could have been, but was tight enough to show off her lovely hard tits and was also open enough to show more than a little cleavage. She saw me looking, and giggled. “You never know, it might get me just a little better deal. A girls got to use what she’s got, right?”

“I guess so. You look good enough to get a deal on whatever the guys got.” Damn, I sounded like a fool, but she just looked at me and giggled again.

“Thanks, Ed, I never thought you noticed.”

“I’ve noticed” was about all I could manage. I was already getting hard.

We spent the day looking at cars. She had been driving a Toyota, and was mainly interested in a small Japanese car. I teased her about that, and she took it well. She even had a come back, saying she was more of a Japanese girl than most people thought. This got us into a conversation about what that meant, and she went into detail about how pleasing a man was very important. My dick started to get hard again, probably for the twentieth time that day.

Watching Aimie bend over and look into car windows was particularly hard on me, or should I say got me particularly hard. Her shirt would hang open slightly, letting me be sure that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Her young tits were perfectly formed, and just slightly bouncy. If I was behind her, I could tell that she had on very small panties, and my mind would wander as I imagined what color they were, or how sheer they were. Knowing Aimie, they would be very pretty, even if she didn’t have them on.

We weren’t able to find anything that she wanted for the price she could afford. “Maybe I’ll have to find someone who can help me out. Dad says he can’t Ankara travesti afford to help out any more; he’s already paying a lot of my school costs. I’m going to have to find someone willing to give me a hand.” I was now beginning to feel like I knew what she was doing, but you know, I could afford to help out one of my daughter’s friends. I was doing very well, and had more money than I could spend right now. Maybe we could come to some kind of arrangement.

“Why don’t we find somewhere to eat. We really should have worn something else today, I kind of wanted to go to a nice place.”

“Well, if you want, I can take you back to your apartment.”

“Nah, my roommates are there. Besides, it’s too far to drive. I did want to eat somewhere nice, but that’s OK.”

Well, I ended up taking her to an upscale mall and buying her something to wear. I felt like a cliché, walking into an expensive woman’s clothing store with a teen-age girl. The young female sales people gave me looks that told me they knew what was going on and couldn’t care less, but the looks I got from women outside the stores were really nasty. You could tell they wanted to walk over and hit me, but knew they couldn’t away with it. The men were another story; they hardly noticed I was there. Aimie was now holding on to my arm as we walked through the mall; it hadn’t taken much effort on my part to talk her into accepting some expensive clothes from me.

She picked out a nice black dress, low cut to show of her lovely shoulders and cleavage. It was also short enough to show those long legs (I thought oriental women were supposed to be short?) and tight enough to display her nice waist and ass. Even so, it wasn’t blatant about it. It’s amazing how well women’s designers are able to do that, but I guess for enough money. They’ve had plenty of practice.

I went down the mall to a men’s store and bought myself a nice suit. I needed to get one anyway, and Aimie was quick to tell me what she expected. Hell, she always seemed to have good taste in clothes, so I followed her suggestions. By the time I got back to the store where she was, she had the dress on and a small package besides. I didn’t ask, but the amount I paid for was higher than I remembered the dress being. I looked at the package she was carrying, but she just gave me a soft smile and told me how nice I looked in my new suit.

Dinner was as interesting as you would expect. It was now obvious what Aimie was hoping to do, and I suggested a really nice restaurant. She agreed, but still insisted that she buy me dinner for helping her out. I knew what the dinner was going to cost, and tried to get her to let me buy, but she wanted to buy so that I would be in her debt, I guess. It was very nice, and once again the women glared and the men didn’t even know that I was there. She sat beside me, rather than across from me, which made it that much more intimate. I would occasionally feel her leg brush mine, and she was in no hurry to remove it. Before long, she just left her leg touching mine. I could feel the heat. Hell, I was hot myself. Her sexy body in that dress that was designed to show it off, her naturally bright and charming personality, and the attention of an intelligent young woman would have been enough to make any man hot.

By the time we got into my car, she naturally just sort of slid across the seat to sit next to me. Her head ended up on my shoulder by the time I was a block away from the restaurant, and I didn’t even ask her before heading to my house. Her hand was on my leg, but didn’t go much beyond just sitting there, burning a hole in it.

I live in a very nice house, just outside of town in the woods. It sits on a hill, overlooking a small valley. It’s not huge, but it is very nice. I hadn’t realized that Aimie had never been there, but I had bought it not long ago after my ex and I divorced a few months ago. I had not had a woman there since I bought it. I am a fairly attractive guy, but had not been in a hurry to get attached to another woman.

“Wow, Anne said you had a nice place, but this is even better than I thought. How beautiful it is!” as we walked onto the back deck and stood looking at the trees and saw a deer bound away into the woods. I could tell that this was all starting to get to her; the expensive dinner (even if she had paid for it, I had offered), the fifteen mile drive to my house with her head on my shoulder, the expensive dress that she knew showed her off to perfection and the obviously expensive house and location.

People say that money isn’t sexy; it’s not, but what it can buy sure is. I knew that she was there only because of my money, but it didn’t make the situation any less inviting. I had been hustled by women twice her age with less than half her appeal. I was going to enjoy fucking her, taking what I wanted and what she wanted to give. I would help her out, of course. But I would have helped her buy a car without her sleeping Konya travesti with me. If this was the way she wanted to do it, thinking that she was manipulating me, fine. I had no problem with that. We would both get what we wanted.

While we were driving to my house, we had talked about many things. I knew from talking with my daughter that Aimie was used to older men being very attracted to her, to the point that the other girls would laugh and tell stories about it. When she had worked at a bank before starting school, the men would line up at her window instead of going to one that had no line. During the drive, she had told me several stories of this type, and I wondered if she was just trying to make sure I knew it was OK that I was interested. I was, to the point of hardly being able to drive. Her legs had been folded up, and although the dress didn’t ride up too far, she made an adorable figure. My conscious had almost convinced me to take her to her apartment and write her a check, but a stiff dick is a “hard” taskmaster. Besides, I was hoping that she was going to enjoy this as much as I was.

As we leaned on the railing, shoulder to shoulder, looking out at the valley, I turned my head towards her. She had her head turned also, looking at me, so it was natural that I leaned over slightly and kissed her. She moaned softly when I licked her teeth before pushing my tongue into her small mouth. This went on for a minute, then I pulled away.

“Aimie, are you sure you want to do this?” She didn’t even bother to answer, but reached over with her left hand and pulled my face to hers. I guess she was.

We went into through the glass door into the living room, which had glass walls on the side facing the valley. We made it over to the couch before I had my arms around her. I tasted her mouth as I held her, then let my hands slide down her back to squeeze that wonderful tight ass. She moaned again, and pulled her hips even closer. I lifted the back of the dress, and felt the warmth of her cheeks and squeezed and played with them. My God, teenage girls have the most wonderful bodies! We older men should be ashamed, but how can you possibly resist them!

Her lips were now butter soft, between the heat she was feeling and the constant sucking of each others lips we were doing. Her breathing was very ragged, (as was mine!), and her hips were rotating in small circular movements. I could feel the movements with my hands as well as my cock, which was being pressed by her firm stomach as she moved. Mmmm, heaven!

Aimie looked so good in the dress she was wearing, I almost hated to get her out of it. But as I ran my lips down her neck and left small kisses across those glorious smooth shoulders, she surprised me. “Where’s your bathroom?” I showed her, and she took the small package she had brought with her and smiled as she went into the room. It had broken the spell slightly, and I sat down on the couch and continued to look outside as I waited.

“Do you want a drink or anything? I don’t know what girls your age drink, but…”, I asked.

“Do you have any vodka and cranberry juice?”

“Sure, good choice.” I went behind the small maple bar, and got the cranberry juice out of the refrigerator and the Priviet off the shelf. I fixed her a drink, then poured myself a Chivas with one ice cube. I swirled the glasses as I went back to the couch. I had set them down on the table before I noticed her standing by the stairs watching me.

She had changed into some black, sheer wispy something, which was so thin that it was see through. Her long black hair was flowing over her shoulders, and her small nipples were standing out at attention. They weren’t really large, about the size of a really large orange or a grapefruit, and the nipples were a beautiful pink and stood out over half an inch. The outfit covered her stomach, but didn’t hide much of her. Aimie’s stomach was tight which made the flare of her hips even more dramatic. She was young, but still had a woman’s figure.

The thin top ended, leaving a small expanse of that wonderful smooth skin before her small see-through black panties. They were just as thin as the top, showing her small black bush of cunt hair. They were a little loose, and had just small strings hanging onto her hips. There was a gap between her thighs, and I could imagine sliding my hand into that space. She had on short high heels, also black. It seemed to be the perfect “Fuck me, I’m a slut” outfit that almost every man loves. My cock, which had been hard before she left the room, once again sprang to attention. I don’t know what that outfit had cost me, but it was worth every penny!

“Say something, I feel a little silly standing here while you’re still dressed”, she said, in a young girls voice. I looked at her face, and realized that she was either nervous or scared. It must have taken a lot of nerve to come into a room with a sexy outfit on like that, even when she knew İzmir travesti how sexy I thought she was. I know women older and more experienced than her who would have had a real problem doing that.

“Aimie, you are without a doubt the loveliest thing I have ever seen. You are truly beautiful. Come here, please.” She walked across the room, her face relaxing slightly. “Turn around let me look at you.” Her face turned slightly redder, but she did stop and turn around, very gracefully I might add. I can’t imagine doing so, if I was in her position, but then again I don’t look a tenth as good as she does. Men’s approval of their bodies makes attractive women even more confident.

As she slowly turned, I admired her small tight ass that I had been squeezing only a few minutes ago. Damn, it looked as good as it had felt. Her shoulders and back were perfect, smooth and supple. She wasn’t heavily tanned, but she was tanned enough that you could see the lines and small whiter areas where she wore her bikini.

I walked over to her when she was facing me. Her head was down slightly, and she was blushing again. I took her chin in my hand and lifter her face to my kiss. Her lips were still soft, and I think that was the most erotic kiss I have ever had. An eighteen-year-old friend of my daughter was in my living room, dressed in see through nothings, in high heels, deep-throating my tongue in front of a glass wall of windows. And she looked absolutely stunning doing it. She started moaning again, and her breath was puffing erratically from her nose across my cheek as we kissed.

“Hold me, please”. I pulled her closer, crushing her to me as I kissed her cheek, neck and shoulder. My hands ran up and down her back, loving the feeling of the thin material against her smooth skin. As we continued to kiss, I would almost swear she was purring.

“Aimie, I want you more than I have wanted anyone in my life. But you know you don’t have to do this. I’ll help you out with your car whether you go home now or not.” She kissed me again.

“There’s nowhere else I’d rather be, as long as you want me here. I’ve wanted this for a long time. I can’t get attracted to guys my age, they seem so immature.” Well, compared to my bank account, they would, wouldn’t they! But I didn’t say that, and wondered if maybe there was more to the situation than I had thought. But with a beautiful young women who is willing to do what she must to get what she wants, and a man’s dick and his pride, there wasn’t a lot of room for thinking.

I continued to kiss her as I ran my hands up and down her back. She had her arms around my neck, and was now pushing her tongue into my mouth. I ran my hands down her back and cupped her ass, pulling the cheeks apart and squeezing them.

“You know, I feel like such a slut standing here wearing this outfit and letting you feel me up. Who would have guessed that it could feel so good? You should have seen the women in the store when I picked these out” she whispered in my ear. “Do you like it?”

“Mmmmhhhhhmmm” I emphatically endorsed her choice, kissing her face and neck. She giggled again, but it turned into a moan as I leaned over and lightly licked her right nipple. “You look good enough to eat, and I think I will! Do you mind if I get a video camera out? I want to record this, I don’t think I’ll believe it later! ”

She giggled again, then slightly pulled away from me. “Let’s sit down and let me have a drink of that vodka. I feel awful warm even wearing this!” Giggle again. “Maybe that’s why it’s so warm!” She took my hand and led me over to the couch, where she proceeded to push on my chest until I sat, then sat down on my lap. She reached over and handed my drink to me, then picked up her own.

“I don’t know about you, but I don’t think this is going to cool me off at all.” She giggled again, and twisted her pert little ass against my stiff cock.

“Ed, I know that you love Anne, and I love Anne. I don’t want to do anything to cause problems for her. As far as I’m concerned, you aren’t her father tonight. You’re just a nice guy that I met, had dinner with, and decided to come to his house. Can we do that?”

“I’m willing to try, if you are” I answered. I was looking into her pretty little face, with that silky thin top emphasizing her pert little nipples, as I answered. What else could I say? What would you have said with her rubbing her ass across your dick?

“I want to tell you this. I know you like the way that I look, especially wearing this.” Another giggle. (How can a girl giggling be so sexy? Women try it, and it seems foolish. Of course, if they looked like her, I guess I wouldn’t care.) She had stopped rubbing her ass on me, and actually looked almost serious. At least, as serious as she could under the circumstances. I became aware that she WAS serious, and tried to pay more attention to what she was saying instead of her body.

She took a big gulp of her drink, and I realized that she was giggling because she was nervous. I thought for a second; her age, with her friends father in his house wearing a “fuck me” outfit. I guess she had every right to be nervous. My cock lost control of my mind, and I really started to pay attention to what she was saying.

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