From Paddock to Plate Pt. 01

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She was a simple country girl even though she had long left her girlishness behind many years ago. Her life was a whirl of domesticity as her love of cooking and craft could attest to. But something was missing from this rural bliss. She hungered for something that at first she couldn’t describe. Her day to day work and home life lacked flavour. It was like a bland slice of stale supermarket bread. No seasoning or spice. Her mother had always told her that the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach but she had other ideas. She felt like there was something special simmering away below the surface. Something that was innately her, something that she couldn’t quite understand but knew, as sure as eggs are eggs, she needed desperately.

Through her inquisitive mind, she had stumbled across the world of Dominance and submission and something just clicked in her head. It was as if she had finally discovered which ingredients were missing from the perfect recipe. The secret herbs and spices that make the ultimate dish. Submission was that elusive flavour that would free her from her drudgery.

He was a high flying sophisticate from the city, with a champagne and truffle appetite, accustomed to the good things in life. He depended on having control of every aspect of his life; work, leisure and relationships, both business and personal. He didn’t mind taking a risk but it was always a calculated one. His Dominant personality had made him the man he was.

They had met online and despite their differences in social standing they found they had common interests. Something gelled between them. Her sense of submission to him blossomed and they arranged to meet.

She agonised over whether she was worthy of him. She was by no means what she envisioned he would be used to in a woman. Not the coiffed, confident and worldly cosmopolitan lady that she supposed he was accustomed otele gelen escort to.

When asked what he expected her to wear for their first encounter, his response was “Something that makes you feel sexy.” For a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl, that left her in a quandary. Sure she owned a few things that she had bought and which languished in her bottom drawer in the hope that one day she would be able to wear them but now that the opportunity arose she had no idea what he would find sexy. The blue babydoll and thong or would he be more turned on by the corset she had tucked away. “Something that gives me easy access to your breasts.” he had instructed her.

The day had arrived for their rendezvous. She meticulously prepared herself. A shaved pussy, her fingernails painted the colour of ripe strawberries and her rarely used makeup carefully applied with her lipstick matching her nails as he had determined. Her hair pulled up as he had requested. Accomodation had been a task given to her by Him and she had secured a comfortable apartment for their use. As she headed down the highway towards the city, her anticipation grew. Would she be to His taste? Could she fulfill His expectations? What in hell was she doing?

She arrived and prepared the room and herself to His specifications. She had made sure that there was food to serve Him should He desire it and an ice bucket for the champagne He would provide. She had also left the door unlocked so that He could let Himself in.

At the appointed time, she knelt in anticipation of His presence. Kneeling helped her get into her submissive mindset. She shivered with nerves then heard footsteps approaching. The door opened and, with her head respectfully bowed, she could only see the bottom of His trouser legs and highly shined shoes. Those shoes stopped directly in front türkmen escort of her. The gentle touch of His hand on the top of her head tamed the butterflies that had invaded her stomach. His hand reached down and lifted her chin to allow her to gaze into His smiling eyes for the first time. “Hello angel.” His husky baritone steadied her even more. “Hello Sir.” she replied with a sigh. He offered His hands and helped her to stand. His strong arms enclosed her in His embrace as He welcomed her. He dipped His head and gently kissed her raspberry lips. Softly but commandingly He claimed her as His prize.

He lead her to the couch. As He sat down, she poured two glasses of champagne as she had been instructed and brought them to where He was sitting. Taking her natural position, she presented Him with the glass. The plate of snacks she had prepared sat on the table within reach. “May i offer you something to eat?” Perhaps her mother had been right but she couldn’t have imagined her daughter serving a man she called Master in this particular way. As a slave would feed her Emperor, she picked up a chocolate covered strawberry and fed it to Him. He reached for her and holding her head, kissed her. She could taste the freshness of the fruit as His tongue pushed through her lips more insistently.

Slowly a hand trailed down her neck to cup her breast that was barely contained in the skimpy babydoll that she had eventually chosen to wear. Still holding her lips captive, the other hand joined the first to stroke both orbs. Thumbs flicked the nipples that had become erect as His hands explored them for the first time. She moaned blissfully into his mouth and arched her back to present them to Him. Their eyes locked as He sought her consent and she sighed with one word, “yes”. She was now His to do with as He pleased. He knew that He had to possess evi olan escort her. He took the rock hard bullets between His fingers and twisting them watched as the pain in her face turned to pleasure. Her gasp as He pulled them more forcefully fed into His need for Dominance. He released her only to pull her lingerie off over her head to expose her entire body before returning one hand to fondle the ample bosom and the other made its way to her throat and squeezed. “You’re mine now.” He growled.

Her hands had been placed on His thighs for balance and gradually rode up until her thumbs made contact with the bulge that had risen in his trousers. She could only wonder what He had in mind for her. ‘Sir?” She questioned timidly. “Sir, may i please worship Your cock?”

With a nod, He consented. Unbuckling the belt that she hoped would make its mark on her ass later, she unzipped the fly to release her prize from it’s prison. It sprang forth fully erect awaiting her ministrations. Hands softly caressed the velvet skin and her flattened tongue tentatively made its way from base to tip. Her tongue swirled around the glans revelling in it’s taste.

As she took it into her mouth. Cupping His balls she began to suck and lick as if it were her favourite ice cream as He rose to meet her. He grabbed her ponytail and orchestrated the depth of his thrust as she took Him deeper and deeper. As she bottomed out, He whispered those words that fed her submissive heart. “Good girl.” He held her head steady as he fucked her face, causing tears to flow down her cheeks as she gagged. He could smell the fragrance of her arousal in the air.

It was time for the main course. Holding her by the hair, he pulled her off His cock to her feet. He removed His tie and ordered her to put out her hands. Wrapping it tightly around them, He bound her and lead her to the bedroom. “Bend over the bed. Hands above your head. Feet apart.” He tied the other end of the tie to the bed head. “Now, angel you know I have to hurt you don’t you.”

“Yes Sir. Hurt me, take me.” She begged. “My body is yours to do with as you please.”

“Do you remember your safe word?’

“Yes Sir. Red Sir.”

“Good girl.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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