Fruit Ch. 02

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After we have completely satisfied each other, we gain enough strength to shower off the remains of our sumptuous desert feast. Showering with you is always enjoyable. We laugh, toss water at each other, soap suds are everywhere! You towel off, then towel off the one spot on me that I can’t quite reach when you are around.

Back into the bedroom, looking at the platter and mess we have made, we laugh with delight. We are an inventive couple. Keeping it fresh and new, bodies always aching for each others touch, learning so much more as we go along. I know every sweet spot on your body, how my touch, my tongue, my warm, wet sex makes you feel.

We quickly change the sheets, and flop down into bed, not from exhaustion, but from the pure consumption of sexual energy we have used. We kiss a soft, yet passionate kiss, and off to sleep for that light nap that will return our vigor. It is not terribly late, and neither of us has to work with it being the start of the weekend. Our bodies snuggle close, you behind me, spooned against my naked body. You can smell the sweet scent of my hair as you drift off to sleep.

I Anadolu Yakası Escort glance at the clock and see it is just after 6 p.m. Thoughts of you spill into my head as I too begin to float into dream land. Your eyes, as you looked at me when you came in me last, your gentle sighs of pleasure as you made me cum, so many visions and sounds to keep me company as I go to sleep….

I awaken from a beautiful state of dreaming, not quite sure if I am still dreaming or if I am truly awake. My body is tingling with the touches I have felt in my dreams, yet they seem very real and intense. Not fully conscious to all that is happening, my body begins to respond on its own. I feel your hand between my legs, slowly massaging my clit, fingers dancing in and out of me. My head swimming in this envelopment of sensations. I begin to wake more with each stroke from your fingers. My hips joining you in rhythm as you heighten my arousal.

I can feel you behind me, your hard shaft pressed to my skin, massaging it against me in your own hips rhythm. Fully aware of all that is going on, I open my legs to Avrupa Yakası Escort you. Your hand now stroking me fully, feeling how wet I have become by your play. I reach behind to get to your silken shaft. Caressing you from balls to head, your pre-cum lubricating each sensual stroke, I hear your breathing deepen. A purr escapes my lips.

You use one finger, then two, dipping into my wetness. Massaging my g-spot as you dart your fingers in and out, using the palm of your hand against my clit, you are driving me mad with the desire to feel you in me. You know you have set off the excitement you have wanted. You pull your hand away, putting your fingers to your mouth to suck off my juices that you so love to taste.

You stay behind me, gently lifting my right leg over yours. You take your shaft in your hand and begin to massage my entrance, soaking it thoroughly. Slowly you press inside of me, my body arching to enfold you deeper. You feel my muscles wrap around you like a warm, wet, caressing hand. Each movement in and out of me is stroking you completely. I change my focus on which muscles İstanbul Escort I want to use, tightening deep within to savor and caress the head. You love how I can work them to create just the right amount of pressure and friction. I alternate movements, almost like contractions, feeling every inch of you within me. Tipping my hips back a bit, my muscles now keeping you centered to work my g-spot. Each thrust in and out caressing that heavenly spot. Your pace begins to quicken, driving into me with such excitement.

Your hand reaches around to stroke my engorged clit. I cannot hold back the orgasm much longer, and I begin to thrust with you, riding your shaft, riding your fingers as they work over me. You feel the spasms inside of me deepen. You try to hold back the wave of impending orgasm coming over you, but you too, can’t stop it now. Each thrust bringing wave after wave of divine pleasure. Moans of passionate cry’s fill the room. Exploding together into sweet climax, I feel your cum flooding me, mixing with my own release. Your body twitching as each spurt of cum is milked out by my silken muscles.

Our bodies still wrapped together, your softening shaft still inside me, not wanting to be released from my warmth. We lay there in the afterglow of our union, enjoying every feeling of our closeness.

I look at the clock and let out a giggle…it’s 7:15. How fast you recover when you are near me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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