Fuckdolls Ch. 01

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Big Tits


We first met Svetlana, the talent scout for Fuckdolls, when I won my college gymnastic completion. She came straight over after I received the medal and introduced herself to me and my parents. I could see she was checking me out the whole time my long athletic legs, tight muscular ass, rock hard stomach muscles, and firm tits sticking out from my tight athletic top.

“Hi, I’m Svetlana,” she said. “I work for Fuckdolls, have you heard of them?”

“No,” we replied.

“Fuckdolls was established 4 years ago when the laws permitting contractual sexual slavery were introduced. We recruit teenagers on 3 year contracts as sex slaves for our wealthy clients.”

We looked at her horrified, “What the hell do you mean sex slave!!” screamed my father.

“Just that.” she replied calmly. “Everyone wins in our deal, come with me and I’ll explain.”

Shocked, but curious we followed her to her hotel room. In the room she took charge immediately.

“You’ll be comfortable on the sofa over there,” she said to my parents with an authority impossible to ignore. I could imagine her in thigh length leather boots and leather bikini cracking her whip!

“Leticia, you sit there on the stool!”

I obeyed as if I had no choice.

“Do you plan to go to university?”

“Yes” I replied, “I want to. My grades are good enough but we can’t afford it. My parents and I have talked about it and we think it’s better if I get a job, save some money and then look at university in 5 or 6 years time.”

“That’s where Fuckdolls can help. If your daughter signs a 3 year contract with Fuckdolls,” she said to my father, “then you will be özbek escort paid $10,000 a year and Leticia will get $100,000 a year.”

“Leticia, we will pay the $100,000 into an account in your name. As well, you will be educated by some of the world’s best teachers. At the end of your contract we guarantee you will be admitted to one of the world’s most prestigious universities of your choice. Of course we will pay all fees.”

“Are you interested?”

My parents and I looked at each other; all thinking the same thing … this is too good to be true. At least let’s try it. “Yes, we’re interested.” we said.

“How old are you?”

“I turned eighteen, six months ago.” I replied.

“Stand up!” Svetlana said suddenly. I stood up and she started taking measurements. “Five foot eight, tits 35C, good.”

“Strip!” she said like a whip cracking.

“What!?” I yelled,

“I said strip! Do it now or forget any contract!”

I was wearing my athletics gear, tight fitting top and shorts. I took off the top.

“Everything!” she said calmly “Now!”

“But my father’s here”, I said.

“Now, or leave!” was the only reply.

I could see the bulge in my father’s jeans as he stared at my tits. I took off my runners and socks.

“And the rest!” said Svetlana.

Slowly I took off my shorts, trying to hide my pussy with my hands. Finally I was naked, my hands covering my pussy as I looked down at the floor, ashamed and embarrassed.

“Put your arms behind your head and spread your legs.” Svetlana purred.

I did it. My father saw me naked again for the first time in 10 years; azeri escort the curly black hair around my pussy, the pink pussy lips against my jet black skin, and the tight muscles in my body from years of training and pushing weights. Even though he is my father I could see the lust in his eyes and the huge lump in his jeans.

“You’re perfect”, said Svetlana, “Even your father wants to fuck you!!”

She pulls out a contract. “You all sign here. This is a provisional contract for which you will receive $1000. In about 2 weeks you will be invited to our offices for the next interview and your final decision.”

We all sign.

The ride home my father keeps staring at me. I don’t need to try very hard to imagine what he’s thinking! He keeps rubbing his cock through his jeans, looking at my tits, rubbing his cock, looking between my legs, rubbing his cock, looking at my mother, then me, rubbing his cock.

At home we’re barely through the door and my parents are tearing each other’s clothes off. Mom rips off dad’s shirt and he tears off her top.

Mum and dad are in great shape, both do lots of sport and it really shows in their bodies. Mum’s tits are fantastic! You can see she’s really turned on, tits hard, nipples sticking out and the look on her face …. if that’s not saying “FUCK ME NOW!” I don’t know what is!

She gets down on her knees and opens dad’s jeans. Pulls out his cock as if there’s no tomorrow and starts giving head like you can’t believe. It’s all so fast! I’m in the entry hall, the door has hardly closed and mom is sucking dad’s cock!

Wow! What a cock! It looks huge! I never knew my kazank escort mom was a cocksucker but she’s good! You can see the bulge in her throat as she takes all 10 inches!

I just stand and stare. Dumbstruck! But it’s really turning me on. I start squeezing my tits through my top and shove one hand down my shorts. My pussy is hot, horny and wet!

The sight of mom’s head bobbing up and down on dad’s cock and the sounds of her slurping and gasping for air as she takes him in her throat drives me wild.

Dad suddenly grabs her and turns her over. Her legs over his shoulder, her mouth still glued to his cock. They’re completely naked! Dad starts eating her pussy, oh god that makes me horny!

Mom suddenly screams, “Fuck me! Fuck me good, right now!”

Dad drags her into the kitchen and throws her over the table. She grabs the sides, spreads her legs and sticks her ass in the air. Dad is right there behind her, his cock sticking out like a long hard jackhammer. He grabs mom’s waist and thrusts his cock fast and hard into her cunt.

They fuck like animals right before my eyes! I can’t believe what’s happening, dad takes his cock out of her cunt and starts working her ass hole! Dad’s fucking mum’s ass! Are these my parents?! They cum at the same time! Dad pumps his load into her ass and mum’s thighs run wet with pussy juices.

I just stand there, silent, surprised but horny.

They both look my way, I know that look! Dad’s cock starts to get hard again, and mom starts playing with her tits and rubbing her cunt. Half of me wants to be fucked, but by my parents! No!

I run to my room and lock the door.

I hear them try the door. Suddenly, crash!, dad breaks it down and they burst into my room. This is no longer their eighteen year old daughter they’re looking at! Their eyes full of lust, dad’s cock is rock hard and mum’s cunt dripping with cum…. they want their Fuckdoll.

The Interview (part 2 — to follow)

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