Fucked By the Boss and the Boys

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Gina knocked on the door of Jason’s apartment and waited. She hoped he’d be home on a Saturday afternoon as she didn’t want to waste the trip. But she’d finished the papers for the meeting on Monday and there was no way that slut Tracey was going to get the credit.

It was hot, but Gina was comfortable in the tiny top and cut off shorts she had chosen. She’d turned to and fro to check her reflection in the mirror in the foyer. Great, she thought. Hair mussed up just right. Boobs pressing against the top. Plenty of cleavage.

Her boss Jason answered the door. She’d never had such a young boss before and Jason was hot as well. How she lusted after this guy. And how she wanted to make sure she fucked him before Tracey. Unless, heaven forbid, he’d already fucked Tracey.

“Hi Gina,” Jason said. “I didn’t expect to see you on a Saturday.”

Gina leaned towards him and hoped Jason was getting an eyeful of her boobs. She ran her eyes down his body from his shaggy blonde hair and his stubbled chin, the shirt with the metal press studs he was wearing unbuttoned to mid chest – rape shirts her girlfriends called them – to the tight jeans he wore low on his hips, and his bare feet.

“I finished the papers for you,” she cooed. And I thought you might like to see them before Monday.”

She could see Jason looking down the wide gap in her top and leaned in even more. He spoke without lifting his eyes from her chest.

Well that’s great,” he said. “You’d better come in. It’s hot. Can I get you something to drink?”

She nodded, handed him the papers and stepped inside. The house was cool. Jason held out a hand which she took and held onto. She didn’t care if he thought she was forward.

Jason led her through to the kitchen.

“Take a chair,” he said. “I’ll fix you a drink. Coke? Or something stronger?”

“Stronger. Please,” Gina said.

He walked to the refrigerator. She watched his ass move inside his tight jeans, and his back flex inside his shirt.


She nodded.

“Nice apartment,” she said.

“It’s great,” Jason said, opening the beer. He handed the can to her and then stood up close. She could see his smooth chest inside his shirt. How she wanted to tear his shirt open and put her lips against his fresh skin.

“We’ve been here five years now.”

We, she thought. His wife? Girlfriend? Funny how she was his secretary but she’d never spoken to his partner.

“Bring your drink into the living room,” he said, and led her through the door to the sofa where he sat. Gina sat too, drawing her legs up beneath her so she could sit and face him.

Jason still had the papers and opened them, reading for a moment.

“These look great,” he said.

“I’m glad you like them,” Gina said. “I know what you were looking for and I was worried Tracey wasn’t on the right track.”

“Tracey?” Jason said absentmindedly.

“Yes. Tracey the slut,” Gina spat.

Jason looked surprised.


And then he laughed.

“Yes, she is a slut. Remember what happened at the Christmas party? Oh no, you weren’t there.”

But Gina had heard about Tracey. She’d serviced every guy in the place. Blow jobs all round. No wonder she was popular.

“Tracey’s a party girl,” he said. “Are you?”

He had a strange look.

“I might be,” Gina said, moving a little and pulling her top down to give Jason an even better look. She was feeling hot just sitting on the sofa with Jason, thinking about how close they were and hoping he’d give in to whatever fantasy might be running around his head.

Her words worked. He moved a little closer and placed his hand on hers, where she was holding her top down.

“I guess if you want to get ahead of Tracey, there’s some things you can do.”

“Sure,” she said. “I could start by sucking your cock.”

Jason smiled.

“How about I start by sucking your tits?”

Gina lifted her top over her head. Jason placed a hand on each tit and squeezed, softly at first.

“You have beautiful tits,” he said.

“Thank you.”

He squeezed harder. Then kissed them. Then squeezed even harder, making her squeal.

“Was that too hard for you?” he asked.

“Maybe just a little,” Gina said.

“Well,” said Jason, with an evil grin. “If you want to be my favourite girl, it’s going to get even harder than that.”

She stopped smiling. He held her fast on the sofa now and her squirming just brought them closer.

“Honey, surely you didn’t come here just to flirt.”

“Well, no,” she said. “I came to…”

“To what,” said Jason pushing his face into hers.

Gina swallowed hard.

“Let’s cut the crap,” he said. “You came here to seduce me. That’s a nice old fashioned word. And hey, that’s great. You’ve seduced me now so I’m going to enjoy myself.”

He leaned in and kissed her, hard, biting at her lips, forcing his tongue deep into her mouth. She struggled for air until she was gasping when he pulled back.

“So that’s the kissing out of the way,” he Eskort Bayan said. “Well, mouth kissing anyway.”

Jason stood and removed his shirt.

“Unzip my jeans and suck my cock,” he said.

Gina smiled. He was a little rough but cocksucking was her specialty. She reached out, pulled down the zip and extracted his cock. All ten inches of rock hard cock sprang into her face. He was cut neatly and she locked her mouth around him. Immediately he put is hands behind her head and pulled her head onto his cock until she could feel him at the back of her throat. Jason was relentless, dragging her onto him and holding her there, his massive swollen cock filling her mouth. She was gagging.

He let her go.

“Fuck it, Gina. It’s just a cock,” Jason said. “You’ve sucked cock before. I know you have. The other guys at work say you’ve sucked cock. Let’s try again and this time suck it properly. Suck it like Tracey.”

So Tracey had sucked Jason’s cock. She tried to speak but already he was pulling her onto his cock again, hard. There was no escape. His cock, as big as any she’d deepthroated, was fully extended into her mouth, beyond the top of her throat. She was gagging again. She tried to lean down so he had a straight path into her throat, but it was no good. He was thrusting into her, fucking her face, and she used all her strength to push him away, then turned and coughed uncontrollably, spitting his precum and her drool onto the carpet.

“Honey. You’re the sweetest little cocksucker in the office, but I don’t want sweet,”Jason said. “I want full-on filthy fucking whore. Do you understand?”

He was shouting at her. She looked up. His handsome face was snarling in a way that made her scared and horny at the same time.

She nodded.

“Then tell me what you are,” he said.

“A whore.”

“A cocksucking whore,” Jason said. “Say it.”

“I’m a cocksucking whore,” Gina said.

“A cocksucking Asian whore.”

“A cocksucking Asian whore,” she said.

“That’s more like it,” Jason said, and began fucking her mouth again just as hard as before.

This time she built up a rhythm and found his cock easier to take. She’d admired his package through his tight pants many times, but she’d never realised just how big he was. Still, she was more comfortable and was able to suck him strongly, his balls under her chin, his torso slapping against her nose, while looking up at him as much as possible.

“You are a filthy fucking whore,” he said. “You know, when I was fucking Tracey in the office last week she asked me if I’d fucked you. I said no, but that I planned to. Maybe you heard us. Maybe you watched me fucking her across the photocopier. Did you watch me fuck her ass and then slam my cock straight into her mouth? Maybe that’s why you came today. To get some cock from ass to mouth. Yeah?”

Gina tried to reply and nod, but Jason’s cock prevented her making any sound besides the sucking and slurping noises which escaped around the sides of the fleshy plug which filled her mouth.

“Tracey is a great cocksucker,” he said. “And she’s got a neat cunt and a tight ass. And there’s no violation she won’t take to get ahead. Do you understand, my lovely Asian cocksucking whore?”

He stopped ramming his cock into her mouth, but just held it there, his hands holding her tight against his balls, and looked down. With his free hand, he lifted her head up by the chin until she was straining around his cock to meet his eyes. Then he ran his fingers around her lips where his cock was slashing her face, caressing both her lips and his cock. She wanted to gag, to get his cock moving again, but he just held her tight and still.

“So,” he said slowly and deliberately. “When we’ve finished cocksucking, we’re going to work our way through all the other options.”

And then he made a circle with his fingers and fucked her mouth through the circle while his other hand held her head tight onto his cock.

And then with her least expecting it, his cock exploded in her mouth. His warm cum gushed into her throat as he withdrew from her mouth, slowly, so that ropes of cum looped back from her lips to his knob which bobbed inches from her face. Then he knelt down beside her and kissed her roughly again, his mouth dwelling on her cum-soaked lips and cheeks.

“I was wrong,” Jason said. “We haven’t done with kissing.”

He held her up to his face and thrust his tongue into her mouth.

“Do you like the taste of my cum?”

“Mmm,” she said.

“Tracey likes the taste of my cum,” he said. “And she likes it even more when it’s gushing out of some other slut’s ass. Have you tasted cum straight from an ass?”

“Um, no,” Gina said. This was getting uglier than she’d expected. Jason was a pretty guy, but he was sure turning out rough. And if Tracey had tasted his cum from some other girl’s ass, who was the other girl he’d fucked? His partner? It was just the two girls at the office. Did he invite Tracey home for threesomes?

“Let’s get more comfortable,” Jason said, throwing her onto the couch. He pulled her hips up and removed her shorts and then her panties. She could feel him roughly fingering her butt cheeks and then her butthole.

“You have a gorgeous fuckable asshole. You know that? What do you think I’m going to do now?”

“Fuck my ass?”

“You betcha, honey. I am going to fuck your ass, long and hard. First with my cock and then with whatever I can find,” Jason said.

Gina felt him spit on her ass and then work his fingers inside her tightest hole. It felt great, but she worried about how rough he meant to get with her. It was too late to back out and she feared this was going to hurt, however much she could use the experience to get ahead at work. At least she would now be on a par with Tracey. No wonder Jason paid Tracey so much if she was letting him fuck her any way he wanted.

Jason had three fingers in her ass now and was working his way past the second knuckle. He leaned down, his grip tightening at her rear, and with his knee in her back, pulled her head round with his other hand and looked her in the eye.

“Honey,” he said. “This is gonna be one helluva’n ass fuck.”

He leaned down and kissed her hard again, fingers still in her ass, then pushed her head down, and withdrew his fingers. Then she felt him behind her, mouth against her ass, spit then tongue, then fingers and tongue, stretching and kneading her. It hurt and pleasured her at the same time. She pushed her head into the cushions and arched her back to meet him.

“Mmm,” he said. “That is one tight sweet fuckable ass. I don’t know why we haven’t done this before. But hey, I want you to make more noise. Tell me what you want, you ass-fucked whore.”

“I want you to fuck my ass,” she said. “As hard as you can.”

“Shit, Gina,” he said. “Put some feeling into it. I am going to split you in two and then some, and you just want it harder?”

He slapped her hard. It stung.

“Now ask me,” he said.

“I want you to hurt me,” she said. “I want you to make me squeal. I want you to do whatever you want with me. I am your fucktoy.”

“Hmm,” he said. “See how you can do better if you try?”

And then he put his mouth to her ass again and she felt his tongue probing her ring and then inside. She closed her eyes waiting for him to finish tonguing her and thinking about how his cock would feel inside her ass.

And then she heard the front door open, then voices. She even thought she recognized some of them.

“Hey, man. We interrupting something?”

Gina bent around. It was Jimmy from the office, his leering face just inches from her. She’d let Jimmy fuck her once in the store room. He was an ass man too.

“Jimmy,” Jason said, sitting up. “I’ll fix you a drink. Why don’t you take over and finish off my little Asian slut.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Jimmy said, lifting his Tshirt over his head, unzipping his jeans and sitting behind Gina.

And as Jimmy pushed his fingers into her ass and with the other hand grabbed her mouth and pulled her head back, Gina heard more voices. And with her head back, over Jimmy’s shoulder she saw other guys from the office, and then Tracey walk in. Jason was standing by the bar, naked, mixing drinks. Tracey walked over and they kissed, long and hard. She was wearing a bikini top and short shorts, and looked every inch the tanned whore that Gina knew she was.

“Hey guys,” she said, spying Gina on the couch with Jimmy mauling her. “What do we fucking have here?”

Tracey walked over, patted Jimmy on his naked back, then sat in front of Gina. Jimmy let go of her mouth and Gina turned back to see Tracey’s snarling face.

“Gina,” she said. “You didn’t tell me you wanted my job, you treacherous little cocksucker.”

“No,” Gina said. “I was just doing some overtime and things got out of hand.”

Tracey laughed.

“Out of hand as in you and Jason are naked and Jimmy’s hand is up your ass and you’ve got cum all over your face.”

Tracey leaned down and licked Gina’s face.

“Mmm,” she said. “Jason’s cum. Hey guys,” she said. “We were planning a gangfuck anyway. Why don’t we teach Gina a lesson about the consequences of being a treacherous little slut?”

Gina closed her eyes for a moment, listening to their words of approval, and when she opened them, Tracey and all four guys in the room were naked and gathered round. She’d never been gangfucked before and there seemed nothing she could do now but lie back and enjoy it. And why not? The guys were good looking, they were all workmates, Jason had already fucked her, and she was going nowhere in a hurry.

But when Tracey kissed her hard she wasn’t so sure. And when Tracey made way for the guys to stand around while she went behind and started fingering Gina’s ass, she was convinced this was going to be the fucking of her life.

“Guys,” said Tracey. “I want to see it all. Face fucking. Deep throating. Spit roast. Just do what cums naturally. You OK with that, slut?”

Gina nodded and was about to speak, but Jimmy pushed his hard cock into her mouth and someone pushed her head onto him, hard and relentlessly. And the whole time someone else, Tracey she guessed, worked their fingers into her asshole and her cunt.

“Don’t answer,” Tracey said. “You’re our cumslut for the afternoon and you might as well get used to it.”

Gina worked her tongue around Jimmy’s swollen cock which was unavoidably plugging her throat. He was much the same length as Jason, maybe a little fatter, and was soon banging against the back of her throat, his precum swishing round her mouth. But just as they settled into a rhythm, he withdrew and was replaced by the guy from accounts – Kevin? He pinched her cheeks and then pushed them together to tighten her mouth up on his cock. Kevin was not only bigger than Jason and Jimmy, but he was rough. She gagged as Kevin shoved his fat cock between her lips and into her throat, her spit coming up around his cock each time he partially withdrew.

“Cough it up, slut,” Tracey said, roughly turning Gina’s head round so she could spit on the floor. But once she was leaned over onto her side a little, Tracey and the guys kept turning her onto her front. Her face was up against Jason’s flatscreen TV and she realised a DVD was playing. Someone turned the sound up, and she heard a woman scream. She focused and saw a woman being fucked by more cocks than she could count. At the same time, a cock split her own pussy and a finger slipped into her ass.

“Do you like this porno?” Tracey asked. “We thought we might play it and take some cues while we fuck you.”

Gina went to speak but a hand grabbed at her mouth, pulling her head back. Tracey leaned down into her face.

“The silly slut on the film lets eight guys gangfuck her in every way you can imagine and even more ways you can’t. There’s only four guys and me here, so you’re going to cum off easy.”

The cock in her pussy was joined by several fingers.

“Do you know what double penetration is, slut?” Tracey asked.

Gina grunted.

“Triple penetration?”

Gina grunted again. Jimmy was lying on the couch beside her and pulled her onto him. She felt someone insert Jimmy’s cock into her pussy. Then someone grabbed at her ass, pulled her apart and a cock slid in. She could feel the guy on her back but had no idea who it was. And then as he leaned down close until she could feel his breath on her neck, something else was inserted into her pussy. She hurt and screamed with pain.

“Shut the fuck up,” Tracey yelled and slapped her face. “You’ve got a cock up the ass and two cocks in your cunt, and when Jason joins us you’ll have his sweet cock in your mouth as well. Four cocks, you sad little cumslut. Have you ever fucked four guys at once?”

Gina could only moan.

And then things got worse. She was sure she heard a camera click. And then as Tracey held a hand against her head and Jason slid his cock into her mouth, she saw the digital camera out of the corner of her eye, in Tracey’s other hand.

“These photos are going to look great on the web,” Tracey said. “Gina our dirty triple penetrated cock whore.”

Jason filled her mouth as completely as she remembered from earlier. But he was pounding away hard, pushing his knob into her throat, then holding, then pulling back and plunging in again. Plunge and hold. And then she was gagging and could feel her spit and his precum, and the remains of his cum from before. And she wanted to disengage, to cough, to rinse and spit it out, but she couldn’t. His cock was fully inside her, his torso filling her gaze, his balls slapping her chin. And the other guys were in her pussy and her ass. The guy in her ass was slamming into her, hard and rapid, banging her into Jason. And she could feel a cock in her pussy and someone else’s fingers stretching her hole as well. And all the while the woman in the porno playing on the TV was yelling ‘fuck me harder you pussies’ and the guys were responding ‘suck my fat cock you whore’, and Tracey’s laugh and the clicking of the camera kept going round in her head.

And then they disengaged and she breathed, then spat, mucus and cum and whatever ran down her chin and onto her tits. Hands grabbed her and she was rolled over again. She opened her eyes and the TV screen was in view. The woman on the screen was bent over a bed. There was a guy underneath with his cock in her pussy. A second guy was kneeling at her head with his cock in her mouth. A third guy was crouched over her back with his cock in her ass which was bent high, the asshole stretched alarmingly. And a beautiful naked blonde woman was helping a fourth guy, a young muscled guy with a huge cock, feed this massive tool in between the two guys at the rear so this woman took a second cock into her pussy.

“Now that is fucking hot. Let’s try that,” she heard Jason say. Then Kevin was beside and under her on the couch.

“I never knew you were such a great fuck,” he said to her, pulling her face down to him and kissing her roughly.

Then someone, Tracey probably as the person had soft hands, fed Kevin’s cock into her pussy, then thrust a cushion under them both, pulling her ass up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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