Fun and Games for John Pt. 02

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This is part two of a three-part story. Please read part one first.


“You want to do what?” her sister Barbara exclaimed.

“Go to your next party.”

“Jill, this isn’t spin-the-bottle fun games. Maybe you didn’t understand: everyone fucks everyone. Only one time that I can remember someone came and didn’t join in. And the next time she did. You prepared to do that? I thought you were still a virgin.”

“I am. But if I did I with anyone, it would be with John. I’m thinking about it more and more. But he’s had so much experience and I have none. I think it would be exciting to watch and then, maybe, have John fuck me.”

“Does he know that?”

“Nope. I’m just coming around to the idea.”

“You know everyone gets nude at some time. You also prepared to do that?”

Jill nodded her head.

“OK, I’ll check with Mary, she’s hosting the next party. Just remember what I said. Don’t embarrass me.”


We were in the car on the way to the party.

“John, what did you do when you went to the parties? I assume you fucked someone?”

I knew her sister told her what kinds of things went on but I was still hesitant to go into details.

“Ah, well, you know, shortly after I got there this woman pulled me into a bedroom. I ate her pussy and then we fucked.”

“I know more than just that went on. Come on, I really want to hear all about it. Give me the details.”

“OK, well I was too nervous to cum with her but it didn’t matter since I then fucked three more women. I climaxed with each one. The last one wanted me to eat her pussy but I hesitated since she had already fucked a guy or two.”

“You mean her pussy was full of cum? And did you?”

“Yeah. Several times I have eaten your sister after we fucked but that was my cum. Anyway, I did it. It was ok.”

Jill gave me a thoughtful look. “Did that woman like it?”

“Oh, yeah, she went wild. I think she must have told others and at the second party two women ask me to do it. One of them I fucked twice, the second time after I ate her creampie. I suppose someone might ask me tonight. Since I’m with you, that won’t happen.”

“John, I know this is a silly question but are all cocks really pretty much alike? I mean, I’ve looked at porn and they all look good, much like yours.”

“I was reading about that: They use photo techniques to make guys’ cocks look bigger. Also most porn actors are fairly small so a medium-sized cock looks proportionally bigger. And besides, a guy with a little cock won’t be on camera.”

“That makes sense,” she said with a laugh. “I kind of thought so. When you went to the parties, what did they look like? The other guys’ cocks?”

“Well, I sure didn’t make a point of staring. Not good form. But most that I saw were flaccid, limp, either before or after they had sex. I watched two couples actually fucking. One guy’s cock was fairly long but skinny. The other was shorter than mine but about as fat. All of the women that I have fucked at the parties say mine is really big. So does your sister.”

“I am so excited. But just to watch, right? You be sure and stay by my side. Don’t go wandering off or getting enticed by some women into bed to eat pussy.”

Even though I had been to two previous parties I was as nervous as Jill. We stood around and made introductions. After an hour or so of social visiting one couple paired up and went to a bedroom. Another couple began making out on a sofa, then shed their clothes and fucked. Jill stared at her first live sex exhibition. Her sister’ husband and some woman stripped, fondled each other, and moved to another bedroom. Her sister was making out with some guy on a chair.

Our hostess suggested that we take our clothes off. “Otherwise it makes others uncomfortable.”

Jill and I looked at each other. “God, John, I don’t know if I can do it with all these people around!”

“I know. But your sister warned us. I’ll do it if you will, otherwise we should go.”

We moved to a hallway out of direct view of others. We stripped down, Jill to her bra and panties, me to my shorts. I was about to see her nude body!

“I am so embarrassed, John. Are you sure?”

My cock was straining in my shorts. “How about if I go first?”

I pulled my shorts down, my cock springing up. Jill stared at it. “Oh, my, that’s really big. She said you were big but I had no idea. Did you really put that into my sister? Can I touch?”

She grasped my cock with one hand. “So big, so hard,” she murmured as she felt its length. I didn’t want her to stop but was anxious to see her body.

“Take off your bra, Jill.”

Two perfect young breasts. I cupped a hand on each as my cock rubbed against her stomach. I knelt before her and gently pulled down her panties. I stared at a beautiful, shaved pussy.

“Damn, Jill, you have the sexiest pussy. I like that you shaved, just like your sister.”

“Most of my friends are going bare and I decided to try it. Do you like?”

“God, yes! You have such a sexy body.”

We picked up our clothes and tuzla escort held them in front of us, returned to the living room. Feeling bolder by the minute we set them in a corner and moved to a sofa. We watched as Barbara pulled some guy’s cock out of his pants and stuffed it in her mouth.

“Look, my sister’s sucking his cock!” Barbara turned and smiled at Jill, then resumed sucking.

“I expect they will soon be heading to a bedroom. Your sister likes cock.”

“I can see that. It sure is different seeing real people do things. At the other two parties did any of the women suck your cock?”

“No, none offered. And I really wanted to put my cock in their pussies so I didn’t mind.”

“Oh, there goes my sister and that guy. Look at that, she leading him by his cock!”

One of the first couples to the bedrooms re-appeared. Both were nude. “Hi, John. Good to see you again. Girlfriend?”

“Oh yes, my girlfriend. She wanted to see what all went on at these parties.”

“Well, honey, you are a real looker. Great body. If John doesn’t take care of you I’m sure my husband or one of the other guys will volunteer. All the guys like young pussy.”

“Thanks but not tonight. I just want to watch this time.”

“Anytime, honey. That would give me a chance to use John’s big cock again,” as she walked away. Her temporary partner gave Jill a big smile and looked her up and down. She blushed wildly as she eyed his long, dangling cock.

“He sure looked you over. He probably just fucked otherwise I think you would have seen another hard cock. Something to consider: Some guys when flaccid are big but don’t grow much. Others start out small but get big. So you can’t always tell by looking, unless it’s hard.”

Another couple returned to the living room, the guy going over to the first woman. “I think that’s his wife. They must have just swapped,” I explained.

“Is that pretty much it, couples going off to bedrooms?”

“The first party I went to, that’s all that happened. The second was more wild. Everyone re-grouped here and engaged in group sex. I think that might still happen tonight. Sit back and enjoy or we can go.”

“I want to stay. This is so exciting.”

This was a familiar scene to me but frustrating since I knew I could not join in. Two more couples came over to check out Jill. Their guys ogled her, causing her to blush wildly as she stared at their half-hard cocks just a couple of feet away. In reaction she fondled my cock, causing it to reach its maximum size.

“You are big,” as she held the shaft. “A lot bigger than that guy with my sister. No wonder women want to fuck you.”

“I expect so. The guys are really interested in you. You could have lots of cock tonight.”

“If anyone’s going to take my virginity, it’s going to be you.”

I looked sharply at her.

“Yeah, I’ve made a decision. I want you. Take me to one of the bedrooms before I change my mind.”

“Oops, sorry.” The first bedroom was occupied, two guys and a woman. The next room was empty.

“Tonight I am all yours, John, my first. Make me your woman. I want your cock.”

In spite of her protests, I scooted down between her spread legs and licked her pussy for a few minutes. As her juices flowed I positioned my cock head at her lips and rubbed up and down. I continued for a while until I stopped at her pussy hole and pushed in my cock head.

“Are you ready, Jill? This might hurt.”

“Do it. Quickly.”

I pushed in about two inches, then back out, and then pushed my cock deep. She grimaced as her hymen broke. “I’m in, honey. You doing ok?”

“Yes, fine. That wasn’t bad at all. I was anticipating much worse. Hold still for a moment.”

I set up a steady, gentle thrusting, trying to delay as long as possible my climax. She started whimpering and thrusting her hips as her excitement increased. I knew she was getting fairly close so I increased my thrusts.

She grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me towards her as she suddenly exploded. I was unprepared for her climax and wasn’t very close on mine. No matter, this time was for her.

“Baby, baby, that was awesome. You are so good. I had no idea it could feel so good. My pussy felt so full with your big cock. I don’t know how you got it all into me. You are a wonderful lover.”

We lay side by side, cuddling. “Do you think you could do it again?” she asked as she reached down for my half-hard cock. “Oh, it has some blood on it. Well, now you know I really was a virgin.”

“I hope it didn’t hurt too much. I haven’t come yet so we could do more, provided you’re not too sore.”

“Honey, I want you so bad. I like how quickly it’s getting so hard as I stroke it. Can we do it with me laying on my stomach?”

“Sure, I like to try that position.”

This time I didn’t hold back. Her pussy was so warm and snug and I lasted only a few minutes before filling her with cum.

Feeling very mellow, we gathered up our clothes and walked to the living room, nude. Her sister and Larry were talking with another couple who were also pendik escort nude. Unlike earlier, the guys’ cocks were limp. I belatedly realized that they could easily tell we had also just fucked. My cock was a little red and still quite engorged. Cum glistened on her pussy.

“Well, you guys look like you had a good time,” the other woman said as she ogled my half-hard cock. Her man stared at Jill’s pussy. Jill looked down and realized she was dripping. She placed her hand between her legs.

“Oops, lots of cum,” she played to her audience. “Best sex I’ve ever had,” looking at her sister and smiling. “John really knows how to satisfy a woman. No one has ever eating my pussy as well.”

“I agree,” the other woman replied. “He did me at the last party. And his big cock was fantastic. I hope you both are staying for a while. We would like to swap with you,” she said, looking at her husband who nodded strong agreement.

“Sorry, but my pussy is pretty worn out. But John, how about cleaning it up before we go? I’m pretty messy down there.”

I looked at her with surprise but recovered quickly.

“You’re right. There’s an awful amount of cum in there. Some is even dripping out. Let’s do it.”

Jill led me to a sofa and lay down, one leg on the sofa back, the other on the floor. Her glistening pussy lips parted slightly.

“Clean me up, John. You know what to do.”

“You fox, you just want to put on a show,” I whispered.

“You bet,” she replied in my ear.

I quickly positioned my tongue at her slit and licked the leaking cum.

“God, you are so good. My pussy is overflowing with cum from your big cock. Make sure you get it all.”

Naturally I followed her directions. I was amazed at her public wantonness and knew she was purposely putting us on display. I brought her to a rousing climax to the applause of several on-lookers including her sister.


“You guys were the talk of the party,” Barbara told her sister. “No more virginity, huh? Maybe you didn’t realize it but cum was dripping out of your pussy and running down your leg. Larry and the guy I fucked couldn’t keep their eyeballs in their head.”

“At first I didn’t know it would run out but when it did I figured, what the hell, John and I were putting on a show anyway.”

“I wanted to pounce on John right there. His cock was a little red and still half-hard, very obvious you guys had just fucked. Pure man-sex on display. And then you asked him to eat your creampie. God, that was awesome and sure attracted an audience. Had he ever eaten you before?”

“Just for a few minutes in the bedroom before we fucked. Everything was spur of the moment. I was turned on by all the cocks and sex and once I saw John’s big cock I wanted to show it off. You told me he had eaten your pussy several times after you fucked. I hoped he would do me and it felt fantastic.”

“Let me tell you, that was the most erotic sex I have ever watched. It really turned Larry on. He took me back to a bedroom and fucked me again. His third time, which was a record. You know, Jill, I think you orchestrated the entire thing.”

“What do you mean?”

“You told me you would probably fuck John at the party. Then you surprise the hell out of him by ‘dragging’ him into a bedroom. Then, back in the living room you put on quite a display of control. ‘Let all those women lust after my man,’ you said.”

“He was yours and doing your bidding, eating your creampie no less. And you loved having the men drool over your young, sexy body. I’m impressed.”

Jill looked at her sister with a strange expression, then broke into a grin. “Fortunately others don’t know me as well as you do. I had a delightful time. But, then again, so did John. No harm done.”

“So what’s next with John?”

“I plan to continue dating him and give him lots of pussy.”

“Good girl. He’s a keeper. Don’t screw it up.”

My parents leased an apartment for me near both school campuses and Jill agreed to move in with me. Now we could have sex virtually anytime we wanted, which was often. Summer came and my dad arranged for me to intern at his law firm. He also managed to get an intern position for Jill at a local TV station.

We were madly in love with each other. The months went by so quickly. Most early romances fizzle out during college but ours blossomed.

“Honey, we should get married,” Jill announced one day early in our senior year. “I mean, we have been living together for over two years and we love each other. I can’t ever see myself with someone else.”

“Is that a proposal? I was thinking the same way. Ordinarily I would suggest we wait until graduation but two years of law school is still ahead for me. How about we do it at Christmas break?”

“Super,” she hugged me. “I am so lucky to have you.”

“Yeah, I’m pretty lucky too,” I smirked. She punched me in the shoulder, then led me into the bedroom.

“Make love to your fiancé.”

It was a big wedding, lots of our friends plus those of our parents. We honeymooned at “The Club aydınlı escort Barbados”, a treat from my folks. Very classy, adult-only. I guess because of the cost most everyone else was in their thirties or forties.

Jill looked great in her newly purchased bikini, the type she would be embarrassed to wear around people we knew. But this was a great place to show off. When not in bed we were usually found out by the pool. I enjoyed the older guys blatantly staring at my wife.

We did meet two other couples our age in the bar. Both were also newly married. We found much in common and spent much of our remaining four days together. I thought the girls were really cute; Jill said their two guys were hunks.

The resort had a special area for nude sunbathing and hot tub. After several rounds of drinks, we were persuaded to join them later in the hot tub. It had been almost three years since Jill and I had been nude in front of others. That was the party where we made love the first time.

“You want to do it, John?”

“I guess, if you do. We won’t ever see them again. You can show off your sexy body.”

“I just hope you won’t get too excited. Don’t embarrass me with a boner.”

“I’ll try not, honey. But you know it sometimes has a mind of its own and both of those girls are really cute.”

“I know how to fix that. Come on,” she pulled me to the bed and fucked me royally.

“There, honey, now you can show off your limp noodle.”

The other couples were already in the tub when we arrived.

“Damn, I was hoping to get in first. Oh, well,” Jill sighed as she dropped her towel and stepped into the tub. All eyes were on her. I followed a moment later. At first the girls stayed submerged enough to hide their breasts but soon were sitting up.

“Jim was worried he would get an erection,” his wife blurted out. “So I took care of it before we left the room.”

“Thanks a lot, honey. That’s too much detail.”

“I did the same,” Jill laughed and agreed.

We looked at the third couple. “I sure didn’t think about that.” She reached under the water and apparently felt his cock. “Yep, it’s still ok.” Her hand stayed there, however. “Oops, I spoke too soon.”

God, she was a tease. We all knew what was happening and the poor guy was mortified.

“Damn it, Joan, quit that,” he implored, trying to push her hand away.

“Too late, honey. I got it hard. I just love his big cock. That’s one of the reasons I married him,” she explained to us. “Isn’t that right, honey?”

Her guy seemed resigned to his predicament. The rest of us grinned at his obvious discomfort.

“Baby doll, you’ve had way too much to drink.”

“Maybe you’re right. OK, let’s go back to our room so I can fix this problem,” she said with a grin.

“You know I can’t get up right now.”

“Sure you can.” She stood up, showing us her sexy body for the first time.

“Come on, let’s go,” she tugged at his arm.

“Ok, ok, you want to embarrass me, what the hell.” He stood up, his cock proudly at attention.

“Oh, nice cock,” the other woman exclaimed. “Yeah, really big,” Jill added. We two guys just looked, mentally comparing.

Just us and the other couple were still in the tub. We chatted for a few more minutes before going back to our rooms.

“That poor guy. He was mortified. I felt sorry for him. On the other hand, I’ll bet she gave him a really good fuck. Maybe if I played with your cock you might have shown her what a big cock really looks like. I am so lucky.”

“Yes, you are. Now how about sucking on it so we can fuck?”


Back home, we settled into our school routine.

“You know, honey, I liked seeing that guy’s cock.”

“What cock?”

“You know, the guy in the hot tub. There’s something about a stiff cock that is so sexy. Even smaller ones. And I remember the time you took me to that party. I got to see several, both hard and limp, even my sister’s husband’s. Do you like looking at girls’ pussies? Like that guy’s wife in the tub.”

“Sure, sexy young bodies, nice boobs, nice pussy. It’s a turn-on for any guy.”

“Do you ever fantasize about sticking your cock in some strange pussy?”

“Why are you asking me this?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I was just remembering those times. I liked looking at the variety of cocks. You know, I wonder how a smaller cock would feel, would it make me cum? Would the guy do it differently? Could I fit a small one in my ass? Just fantasies, John. Don’t you ever daydream about fucking another girl?”

“If I see a particularly sexy girl, yeah, I do. I wouldn’t be a normal guy if I didn’t.”

“Same with me. A good looking guy that has a nice bulge in his pants gets my juices going.”

“I think you are leading up to something.”

“You are going to think really bad of me, but …”

“Come on, Jill, out with it.”

“You had my sister and all those women at the parties. Probably eight or ten in all, right? Plus me. How did my pussy compare with them?”

“The best, honey. You have a beautiful pussy, nice smooth lips. And you are so tight, much tighter than any of the women at the party. Even tighter than your sister. And you do two things none of them did. For one thing, you squirt when you cum, a really big burst of juice. I feel good that I can make you cum that hard.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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