Fun at the Casino

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The holiday party season was upon us. It would be the first time in over twenty years that I would be attending festivities as a single man. My wife left me just before Thanksgiving and now that a few weeks have past I think I might be ready to face the world again.

A corporate client was having their holiday party at a nearby casino and I had some degree of obligation to at least make an appearance. I decided that I’d make the most of it by getting a room and enjoying a little getaway. Some “me” time.

I checked in early and once I was settled in I headed on down to the casino floor to play some slots before the party started.

The casino floor was already filling up even though it was still early. I wasn’t able to play my favorite machine and so I wandered about looking for something that might be fun…

A beautiful young lady caught my eye and motioned me over to a bank of brand new game machines.

“Welcome to Bingo-Bango” she said “my name is Irina and I’m here to introduce players to our new game. Would you like to play? I’ll help you get started!”

“I’m Bobby” I said “and I’d love that.” I took a seat at the machine.

Now I’m a somewhat overweight balding middle-aged man and by contrast, Irina was maybe thirty, slim with a breathtakingly beautiful body and a face that could surely launch a thousand ships. She wore a tight-fitting black dress that hugged her curves perfectly. Her eyes were dark but sparkled like diamonds. Her lips were thin but irresistibly sexy with crimson lipgloss to accentuate their appeal. Her dark hair hung straight but not heavy as it flowed past her shoulders and laid across the tops of her partially exposed breasts. As I drew nearer to her I caught an intoxicating aroma that reminded me of wildflowers and fresh ocean breeze with just a hint of musk. I couldn’t resist inhaling deeply. I couldn’t get enough of her enticing aroma. I know I’ll never forget the way she smelled at that moment.

Yes folks, just like that- I was in love.

I spent the next two hours with her. I honestly had the time of my life. She was smart and funny and charming and flirty… the whole package!

Then her boyfriend showed up and it was time for me to attend the Holiday party…


The party started off with a short cocktail hour and I made sure to approach all of my important contacts and thank them for another good year. Then I sat with a group of clients that I had cultivated a long-standing relationship with. I pushed quickly through the explanation of why my wife wasn’t with me and after a short pause and the usual sympathetic “awwhhh”s, we continued conversing about lighter issues.

As the food and alcohol began to take effect I was pulled around the room and introduced to every unattached woman in the room. It seems everybody wants to hook you up and solve your “problem” for you. This was fine, and honestly there were some interesting and attractive single women there. But I wasn’t ready for a relationship yet…and besides- I couldn’t get the vision and scent of Irina out of my head.

Once the dancing started I figured I’d make my escape and head out to the casino floor or maybe up to my room for a soak in the luxury tub.

As I made my way through the crowded casino floor someone grabbed me by the elbow. I turned quickly only to see Irina. I could not have been happier! I caught her intoxicating scent again, the scent that was haunting me all through the party. I looked at her sparkling eyes and smiling face.

I was in love. I’ve never experienced such a feeling. It made no sense but it was undeniable.

“I’m off work now and I’d love to have you party with us!” she said with a big smile and her eyes twinkling.

I felt awkward. She’s obviously out of my league and she has a boyfriend.

“Hell yes! I’d love bursa escort to party with you!” I responded, throwing out all rational thought.

“Great then! This is my boyfriend Woody. Woody, this is my new friend Bobby.” Irina said.

We all headed over to the craps table and spent hours rolling the dice and getting to know each other. Turns out Woody and I hit it off very well even though I was insanely jealous of him. He was a handsome intelligent man with a charming sense of humor. As men go, he wasn’t hard to look at either.

As the night wore on and more alcohol began to erase any inhibitions I became very flirty with Irina. She returned my advances and that only encouraged me further.

At one point Irina excused herself and I was left alone with Woody. I wasn’t sure if he was paying attention to my advances on his girl or not but I figured I’d know soon…

“Irina is quite smitten with you” he said.

I wanted to respond but his statement caught me completely off guard. I was confused by so many aspects of this moment.

When I was finally able to speak I told him that he was a very lucky man. Irina is beautiful, smart and irresistible. I started to apologize for my bad manners but our conversation was cut short by Irina’s return.

“Let’s go up to your room!” she suggested, in more the style of an announcement.

We all looked at each other for approval. All smiles we headed for the elevator.

Once inside, the elevator began a slow rise. My room was on a higher floor and it seemed like time was standing still as we slowly rose.

Suddenly Irina put her hands around my waist and pulled herself to me. Looking me in the eyes she brought her lips to mine. Our lips met even as my eyes we’re opening wide to see Woody`s reaction. He was calmly smiling and then he reached over and petted the back of my head and caressed my neck and shoulders. My eyes closed and I was in heaven enjoying this wonderful kiss. Expressing my deep love for this heavenly being that I just met. This was a moment I will always cherish. It felt so good and so natural. Like it was simply meant to be.

Our passion continued. Irina’s tongue wrestled with mine as Woody began to massage and caress my shoulders and back. His hands explored my body and I felt him begin to grope my bottom. So many thoughts were running through my mind…

I feel like I’m head over heels in love, or certainly at least lust, with Irina. At the same time I’m thoroughly enjoying the feelings of pleasure and excitement that Woody is giving me. I’ve never considered myself gay or bisexual but I have certainly wondered what it would be like to experience the love of another man. So I guess I’m bi-curious and it appears that I’m headed towards the possibility resolving some of my curiosity.

Irina’s gorgeous body was now melting in my hands. I caressed her torso and brought my hands up under her breasts. I pushed gently upwards feeling the weight and firmness of her perfect globes.

The elevator bell chimed and we quickly separated and regained our composure as the doors opened to my floor.

Once inside my room I pulled some wine out of the mini-fridge and offered a toast to my new friends.

Woody excused himself and stepped into the bathroom. Irina and I proceeded to have a sip of our wine and quickly resume our passionate expression.

After a minute she pulls back. Breaking our kiss but maintaining eye contact Irina begins to undress me. Starting with my tie and removing my shirt before unbuckling my belt. She kneels at my feet as she unbuttons my pants and pulls the zipper down. Looking up at me she slowly brings my pants down to my ankles. I’m wearing a thong, which is just the first little surprise she’ll find down there… She lets out a little squeal of delight as she stares at the silhouette bursa escort bayan of my engorged cock through the thin fabric.

A light from the bathroom pans across the room as Woody, whom I’d pretty much forgotten about for the moment, opens the door saunters slowly back into the room to join us. Both Irina and I turn towards him as he stops and a grin comes across his face. That grin was all he was wearing and his nude form was breathtaking. He was tall and lean standing there with a full erection. I could now easily see where he got his nickname! His chest was strong and broad, his abs defined. His cock was nothing short of majestically gorgeous. My own cock pushed hard against the fabric of my thong as I admired his beauty. My bi-curiosity has been piqued.

Irina returned her attention to my now throbbing member. She wraps her fingers around the waistband of my thong and begins to slowly remove the last bit of fabric between her pretty face and my throbbing pillar of man-meat.

My cock springs towards her face as it breaks free.

Irina stays right there close and watches intently as she focuses on the current object of her desire. My cock is hard and thick with a 7″ shaft and large purple helmet. The tip of my cock glistens with pre-cum. Behind the rim of my cockhead is the second surprise for Irina.

She gasps as her eyes focus on the stainless ball and glans ring.

“That is so cool!” she exclaims. “What the hell is it?!”

She begins feeling it with her fingers and yields to the temptation to engulf the head and ring in her mouth and rolls her tongue around the ball situated just below my pee hole.

Gawd that feels good, I think to myself as our eyes meet again.

She releases my cock from her mouth and turns to Woody “do you see this? I’ve got to get you one of these! It makes his cockhead sooo firm!!” She squealed.

“Wait ’till you feel it bumping against your G spot” I told her as a grin came across my face.

Irina leaned in again and licked the head of my cock. I watched her tongue and lips wash over and under and all around my cockhead and down my shaft to my low hanging ball sack. She took my balls into her mouth one at a time and sucked each one hard before releasing them. As she moved her attention back to the now dripping cockhead I felt the cold air hit the back of my wetted ballsack. What a beautiful sight I enjoyed as I watched Irina worship my manhood sucking it deep into her mouth.

Woody moved closer and Irina took his cock in one hand as she continued to work her magic on my cock. She looked back up at me and caught me looking at her hand on Woody’s cock. She released my cock from her mouth with a pop and turned to take Woody’s cock into her mouth, wetting it and releasing it. She then took my hand and guided it to her boyfriends saliva-slickened penis.

His cock was so hard and hot. It was heavy and alive! I never touched another man before and this was much more exciting and stimulating than anything I’d imagined. He was cut, like me, and his pubes were neatly trimmed. I began stroking gently.

Irina was watching me touch him and watching my reaction to the experience.

I stroked his shaft and caressed his balls. When I settled into a rhythmic stroking pattern she turned her attention back to sucking in my cock.

I looked at Woody and he looked at me. There we were, both of us enjoying the thrill of having our cocks attended to by another. We both looked down at Irina, still in her dress, sucking my cock. Our eyes met again and we both shared the same thought.

I reached down and lifted her off of my cock and onto her feet. Woody and I took ahold of her dress and pulled it over her head. I began to remove her bra as Woody removed her tiny panties.

I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her escort bursa head back to my cock as Woody stepped up behind her and pushed his beautiful hardness deep into the sopping crevasse between her legs causing her to moan as an expression of her pleasure.

Irina sucked and took my entire cock into her throat. The whole time her dark eyes focused on mine and I watched them sparkle as my cock rode slowly in and out of her beautiful mouth. I felt her tongue toying with the ball of my glans ring. I felt the wonderful warmth and suction that her mouth was providing. I watched a gorgeous man plow his big cock deep into her pussy. The room echoed with sucking sounds coming from both ends of this beautiful woman. Her scent filled the room.

After just a few minutes of this Irina was moaning loudly, muffled only by the fact that my cock was filling her mouth and throat, and Woody was pounding her hard.

My pre-cum was flowing freely now and I watched as Woody made his cumming face. He screamed out as he blew his load deep inside of Irina’s pussy.

“Oh gawd…I’m cumming!” He bellowed.

Irina continued working my meat and Woody pumped her pussy until he softened and slipped out of her.

I was close to filling her mouth with my seed when she let my cock slip out of her mouth. She looked up at me and started kissing up my stomach to my nipples. She took one into her mouth while squeezing and twisting the other. The feeling nearly put me over. Then she moved up and kissed me deeply. I could taste my own cock and pre-cum in her mouth. She continued to kiss me and I was expecting to put my cock into her gooey fuck hole but as we broke our kiss she surprised me by sliding her body up over mine and planting her cum-filled pussy directly over my mouth.

I was shocked and my thoughts were confused. I’d never tasted cum other than a very little taste of my own, but now it seems I’ll be getting a full helping if I yield to my intense desire to please Irina. Her smooth pussy glistened above my face.

I looked up to see her looking back down at me. She was again studying my reaction. I couldn’t let her down so I opened my mouth and began licking with earnest! I wanted desperately to make her cum right here and now.

I licked her sopping pussy and parted her lips with my fingers. Woody’s cum flowed out as she ground herself on my face and mouth. I licked her furiously, tasting Woody’s seed and now loving every bit of it.

Irina was beginning to cry and whimper in ecstasy as I felt a familiar warmth engulfing my cock! Woody was now sucking my cock like a pro and within minutes, I too, was moaning and moving quickly towards an orgasm.

Irina came hard on my face. She wiggled and squirmed and screamed out in ecstasy. She flooded my mouth with a mixture of her pussy fluids and the remainder of Woody’s cum. The taste was lovely and my sense of accomplishment was incredible.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and I released my generous load into Woody’s warm mouth. He moaned, squeezed my balls and swallowed my load in total acceptance.

I continued to feast on Irina’s pussy and lick the juices from between her thighs. I couldn’t believe that I’d just eaten another man’s seed and received a blowjob from a man at the same time! As long as this beautiful woman was on my face I didn’t care what taboos or moral lines I’d crossed. I was in heaven and I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

Irina slowly rolled off of me and Woody joined us on the bed. We all kissed each other passionately and shared the taste of one another’s cum. I hugged and cuddled them both as we caught our breath and rested.

It was late and I’d become middle aged again. I kissed them both goodbye and I gave Woody my glans ring as a thank you for giving me such a gracious introduction into bisexuality. I told him that Irina still needed to feel it running back and forth across her G spot.

I’ll never forget the way Irina smelled and I’m sure I’ll have dreams of sucking Woody’s cock.

It will have to be another time.

I’m tired now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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