Fun with Friends

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Thank you Muddy for editing


I have always wanted to be with a female, I have talked about it, planned it, and even attempted it but chickened out! After talking some to my friend Ron, he told me he had a Fuck Buddy that is looking to play with a girl. Ron and I have fooled around a few times. He is 6ft 5in, around mid 30’s, brown hair, thinner build, and a nice size cock (maybe 6.5 inch but thicker then most white guys I know!) Most of the friends we have in common are from a swinger’s network. A lot of my newer experiences are because of that group! (Yes I have an evil little smile on!)

After exchanging numbers through Ron, I got to know Rose. She has a high sex drive and is looking for fun first, maybe friendship after she has been fucking the person for a while but mainly it’s all about the sex! She is shorter then me! (Yes I know hard to believe!) She has to be about 4ft 9, Short dirty, blond hair, pretty thin only a small beer belly. (She drinks and gets naughty!!) Her chest is maybe a 30C. We hung out one night but my nerves got the best of me and no action took place. Rose and I decided it might be easier to break the ice and get it going if we had a guy involved. Due to the fact that we both currently play with Ron, he was the likely choice. However, I am not a fan of odd numbers, my fear is someone would end up being odd one out… this is where Cody comes in.

Cody is a very sweet guy I met from the swinger’s network and have become friends with him in and out of the bedroom. He is only slightly taller then me, I would guess 5ft 6in, a light skinned, black man around 27. He has a sexy voice and smile and just knows how to make you laugh and smile. He is a lot of fun sexually and had already helped bursa escort me open up a few boundaries. His cock is probably 7.5in, and he definitely knows what he is doing with it. Cody knows Ron from the network also. In fact the two share many playmates, even though they had never met up until the night I am going to tell you about.

After we all talked about it, Cody, Ron and Rose and myself set a date to have a little group fun! When we get together we are all sitting there talking, kind of breaking the ice and Rose says something about how I came over the one night but got nervous, so the guys have to make sure that I don’t back out again. They all chuckle as I turn bright red. My name is Tina and I am chubby, almost Casper’s shade of white, I wear glasses, have blonde hair, and 38f chest. I am about 5ft 3in.

Rose is lying on the bed, Cody is sitting at her feet and Ron is sitting on the bed with his back resting on the head board next to Rosa and I am kind of in his lap. I’m leaning back against him, he starts fondling my chest then takes his other hand and starts fingering Rose. He says something to Cody about how wet she is and that he needs to feel it. Wasting no time Cody starts rubbing her pussy over top of her panties and then slides his hand into them. She was wearing only a pair of panties and a robe when we got there.

Ron then stands up and takes his pants off and goes “Suck my cock, Tina” I got nervous and could not help but turn away from him and look towards the floor.

All I say is “Ron, I can’t yet”.

He sits back on the bed stroking his cock and responded with a laugh “Any other time my cock is out you are all over it, sucking cock is something bursa escort bayan you love to do and you know it, Tina.” Cody laughs and makes an agreeing noise, as he starts kissing Rose.

“I am not use to having an audience!” I say still kind of looking at the ground. Then I look over and Rose is completely naked and Cody is rubbing his cock all over her pussy and sucking her tits.

Ron goes “See she isn’t shy! So do not pull this innocent shit now!” Ron laughs loud and you hear Cody and Rose both moaning a little. My pussy definitely had a reaction to seeing two people doing that so close to me. My pussy instantly was wet.

Then Ron lay down on the bed next to Rose and started to fondle her chest with one hand and taking my hair in his other hand and putting my mouth on his cock. “Rose see how Tina loves to suck cock! I bet she will eat good pussy! Your going to make Tina taste you right?” Rose then kept putting her hand in my hair as Cody fucked her; Ron’s cock filled my mouth. I sucked his cock, feeling him get harder with every thrust into my throat. I could even taste the little bit of precum as I rolled the tipoff my tongue over his cock.

Then I feel the grip on my hair get tighter as Ron forces my mouth off his cock to twist so I am looking up at him. “You want to get fucked don’t you, slut?” I look up at him and smile he puts me in doggy style position and starts to fuck me. Ramming his cock so deep into me I feel his balls slap against me with every thrust.

“I thought you were going to make her eat my pussy next.” I hear Rose say as Ron keeps pounding my pussy fast and hard. He starts to slow down, then pulls out. I let out a little sigh as he withdraws, I was not ready to have that cock escort bursa taken out of me. I love having a man’s hands on my hips pounding my pussy hard.

Then I feel a mouth on my pussy, licking the slit and rolling the clit with a tongue. “Mmmmmmm, that’s feels so good!” I moan as a finger slips into my pussy and the tongue focuses on my clit. I lift my head up to see Cody’s dick and I reach to put it in my mouth. All I heard was moans and Ron slapping Rose’s ass telling her what a good slut she was and to eat that pussy. That is when I realized it was Rose making my pussy feel so good. This was the first time I ever had a girl licking my pussy. It just made me feel as if I was going to explode in orgasm. She was really good at it too. She keep sucking on my clit (I LOVE THAT) and fingering me.

Then Ron pulled out of Rose and I put my hand on her pussy. (I still have Cody’s cock in my mouth) and I start to roll her clit a little and then slide my finger in. It was pretty hot!! She was really wet! Then Cody pulled out of my mouth and Rose stopped licking me. She told me she wanted me to eat her pussy. She sat on my face and Cody started fucking my pussy and Ron stood on the side and Rose sucked his cock.

I started by just running my tongue all up and down her slit then, tasting a woman for the first time. As I felt her wetness grow, I pushed my tongue inside her as far as I could. She tasted so yummy. I slid my tongue to her clit and rolled it with my tongue and sucked on it. She started to cum as soon as I did that! She stopped sucking Ron’s cock and just started moaning. It was really hot! Then she lay down and Cody started to fuck her again while Ron was fucking me. Right before his orgasm he pulled out and shot it on my face, on my tits and some in my mouth. We all kind of stopped after that and just said how we all had fun and want to do it again. It was hot. Rose also told me she wants just me there one night and maybe bring my strap on =]

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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