Fund Raising with Sex Ch. 02

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Ch 02. Michael and Hazel.

Michael had never had much success with the female population. At college, he always stood at the back of the room and watched his mates flirt and dance. At university, he came out of his shell a little and dated a few times, but he always felt the girls accepted him because no one else asked them.

He had been a change of life, after-thought to elderly parents. All his siblings were married with families when he came along, but he had been loved and nurtured and had no hang-ups. His parents were old school and bought him up to have old school manners and ideas about how to treat other people. He always said ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ opened doors for others, and was courteous and obliging to a fault, especially with the fairer sex.

He was certainly no Adonis. He was five foot ten in his boots, very slightly built and his hair was thin, very blond, and fine. He had fine bones and large expressive eyes. He was highly intelligent and took a great interest in art and music, and although he followed sport to keep in touch with his peer group, he never took part.

He was financially very secure, having graduated a computer professional and also taken an interest in the stock exchange, but his social life was almost nonexistent. He did not belong to any clubs or institutes but had a quiet circle of friends who met at the local pub occasionally for a happy hour

Peter, from the Service Club, saw Michael chatting to a couple of the blokes at the bar and instantly thought of Hazel. She was a five foot two widow at the Secure Complex. She was slightly built, with good tits for her age, but had not as yet taken part in the fund raising. She had had five husbands and partners, all of whom had either died or who still adored her. She had raised six children and still owned three farms. She was strong-minded but in the old fashioned quiet and gentle way of yesteryear.

Peter made his way over to Michael and after an initial word about the weather and the rugby scores, innocently asked Michel if he had heard of their fund raising scheme. Michael admitted he had, but did not think he could help in any way, firstly because he was not a club member and secondly he had no skills with the ladies.

Peter just laughed and said, “You don’t know till you try. We will induct you as a member at our next meeting; bring you up to date with the fund raising objectives, then how about escorting a lovely little lady to dinner with no strings attached?”

He knew Hazel had expressed an interest in going out to dinner, but she said at this point she wanted no further action. She said she was too old and dried up. Also, she had no desire to be towered over by a hulking great ape of a man who had no manners. Peter suggested to Michael he should arrange for Judy to take Hazel out for coffee one afternoon and have Michael casually turn up and see where things went from there. Michael agreed.

The rapport between the two when they met was instant. They were like a pair of cupié dolls together and were soon touching hands and laughing at silly jokes.

As they talked about the Service Club fundraising project, Michael said: “I do not know a lot about it yet as I am a very new member, but I will keep you up to date with progress.”

Michael was just about to stand up and go back to work when Hazel grabbed his hand and said, “How about taking me out to dinner tomorrow night. I have not been out for years. I will donate to this fund raising club of yours if you escort me. I would dearly love to spend an evening with you.”

“Right,” said Michael. “You are on.”

Addresses and phone numbers were exchanged, and times were set.

Michael made sure his car was clean and polished both inside and out, and arrived promptly on time carrying a single rose and a small box of chocolates.

Hazel opened the door dressed in a lavender shift dress, high heels and with her hair casually dressed in a halo around her face. Hazel was thrilled at the courtesy of the gift he offered, and Michael was stunned at how attractive she looked when dressed up, so the evening was off to a good start.

He offered her his arm to escort her to the car and made sure her seat belt was properly buckled.

To say the evening was successful would be a total understatement. They laughed and joked all evening, and both knew that it was the best evening either had had in a long time.

He escorted her home and saw her safely inside. As he turned to go, he took her hand and kissed it. Hazel felt herself melt inside, and she closed her fingers around his hand and held on.

“Please, can we do this again? I am the happiest I have been for years.”

“Certainly we can,” said Michael, “How about I ring you next week and see how your diary is filling up.”

Hazel chuckled. “I will clear my diary for you any time. Good night.”

They dined together a few times, then one night when he saw her safely home, she pulled him into the hall, closed the door, and pulled him towards her. She kissed kaynarca escort him passionately on the lips. Michael was momentarily stunned, but reacted quickly and put his arms around her, pulled her close, and returned the kiss.

She pulled his shirt out of his trousers and ran her hands over his chest, gently tweaking his nipples. Michael felt his cock respond, and he slid his hands down to her buttocks and pulled her close.

“Oh! Oh! I can feel we are on the same wavelength” purred Hazel “Come on down to my bedroom and make love to me. I need you because I haven’t had a man in years.”

With his arms still firmly around her, Michael pulled back a little, and quietly expressed his fears.

“I have never actually had a woman, and I don’t know how to be a lover.”

“Well now, that is even better still. I have enough experience for both of us, and you won’t be comparing me to anyone else. Come on. Time is wasting.”

The lights were subdued in the bedroom, and the bed cover was turned back. Hazel stood Michael by the side of the bed, slipped his shirt off, and unbuckled his trousers. His hard cock pressed against his jockeys and bounced out when she slipped them down his legs. She gently pushed him to sit on the edge of the bed, and she knelt and took his throbbing penis in her mouth.

Michael ran his fingers through her hair and moaned. “Oh! Oh! Oh! What a wonderful feeling. But I can’t take it any longer; I am going to come! Oh shit! I have spoilt it all!”

Hazel was prepared for this, and had a hand towel ready and caught his ejaculation safely and assured him “You have not spoilt it. That has just taken the pressure off so we can now enjoy each other. Slip those pesky clothes off out of the way while I do the same with mine, and we can get down to business.”

With that, she slipped her shoes off, slid her dress and panties off in one sweep, unclipped her bra, and let the whole of her clothes fall to the floor.

Once comfortably on the bed lying side by side, Michael fondled her boobs, which were still firm and pliant, in his hand. He felt his cock twitch again as her nipple caressed the palm of his hand, and she moaned softly as she pushed her tit towards him. Michael placed his mouth over her nipple and gently sucked it. She then guided his hand down over her tummy to her mound and rotated her hips to encourage his hand to feel her womanhood. Nature took its course, and Michael obliged. He slid his finger down the groove of her pussy and found her opening. She leaned over to the bedside table, grabbed a tube of KY and squeezed some onto his fingers. Without missing a beat, he slipped his fingers into her pleasure palace. She moaned and bucked and whispered her pleasure at how well he was doing. Michael could feel himself getting hard again and his confidence growing.

He didn’t know what “eating pussy” was, but he instinctively slid down the bed and started to lick and suck Hazel’s delectable woman parts. Her reaction was immediate. She squealed and lifted her bum to push her fanny into his face. She held his head and rubbed her twat over and around his face and then with a mighty groan, she cried, “Oh God, I am going to come! Oh Holy Cats, I didn’t think I would ever come again. Oh God Michael, you are just so good. Oh! Oh! Oh! That is heavenly. Wow.!”

Michael slid up the bed and gently held her while she climaxed and slowly came down to earth again. She felt down and grabbed his now hard cock and firmly held it for a few minutes, then said, “Come on. Get it into me. Now!”

She squeezed more KY onto her hands and rubbed it into her twat. He slipped between her upraised legs, and she grabbed his cock and guided it into her opening and again, instinct guided Michael to pump in and out. He was enthralled at the warm glove like feeling on his cock. This was something he had never experienced before. It was such a heavenly feeling, and he felt his balls tighten and a second climax erupt from his cock.

They lay together in close companionship for a while; then Hazel said, “Thank you my stud for making an old lady very, very happy. Now take your clothes into the bathroom, have a shower, and slip away home. I will have the best sleep I have had for ages and will ring you next week. You are no longer a virgin; you are a competent lover. You only need practice now, and we will have that.”

A truer word was not spoken in jest, and they had several ‘dates with benefits’ to their mutual satisfaction and Michael’s education.

One month when they made a date for dinner, Michael arrived, and Hazel met him at the door on crutches. She had broken a bone in her ankle and was in considerable pain.

She invited him in and then said, “I really can’t come with you this evening, but I have my granddaughter staying with me. Would you mind taking her instead? She is very shy and is a virgin, but I know you will look after her.”

“Chloe dear, come and meet Michael.”

The young lassie who walked into the room was a complete clone orhanlı escort of Hazel. Michael felt his jaw drop, and his eyes stick out on stalks. Was that possible? She was five foot five, slim with perky boobs, tight arse, and thin ankles. Her soft brown hair fell forward over her face as she shyly greeted him.

“Hello, Michael. Gran has told me that you were taking her to dinner. Would you mind having me instead?”

Michael momentarily was stunned, then recovered, saying, “Chloe, I am delighted to have your company.”

Michael looked at Hazel, who winked, looked demure and innocent and shooed the young ones out to dinner, adding “Please Michael do her well. She is very precious to me,” not smiling at the double entendre.

Opening his car door, Michael moved Chloe into the passenger seat and clipped her safety belt over her shoulder, innocently brushing her breast with the back of his hand, giving himself a thrill. Chloe smiled and pretended not to notice. Michael climbed in the driver’s side and pulled Chloe over to him and kissed her gently on the lips

Chloe innocently asked, with a grin, “Would you have done that to granny?”

Michael said, “Yes, especially when she looks as pretty as you do.”

Michael wondered how innocent Chloe was when he looked down and saw that her skirt had ridden up to just below her panties, and she left it there for the 30-minute drive to the restaurant which was quite distracting.

Michael stayed in context by being the gentleman, holding her chair while she seated herself, then sat down himself.

He asked if she had a preference as to the wines she liked.

She said, “I will leave that up to you, Michael.”

Thinking that Chloe was a light drinker like himself, Michael ordered a bottle of White Chardonnay, and they toasted to each other to a superb evening out. The meal progressed through the three courses of top quality cuisine, during which Chloe excused herself to the ladies room. When she came back, Michael noticed that the top three buttons of her blouse had come undone, showing the swell of her breasts and part of her bra.

Although their meal was finished, it was only just after 10 pm so Michael suggested that they might go over to a bar that he knew for some dancing as there was a live band playing that night. Chloe readily accepted. It only was two blocks away, but Michael drove over so the car could be parked nearby.

Once on the dance floor, our couple enjoyed moving together, with their bodies close to each other, when a slow song played, they rubbed thighs, legs, and pelvises, each becoming quite aroused. Michael felt her tits through her blouse. They enjoyed each other so much they danced without returning to their table till it was time to leave at midnight.

As they were sitting in the car, Michael leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

Chloe said, “Michael, would you show me your flat. Granny said it is beautiful.”

Michael took the hint and drove directly to his apartment. Again Michael, ever the gentleman, opened Chloe’s door and helped her out of the car.

They almost ran to the apartment where Michael pushed the key into the door lock. Quickly moving inside they were all over each other, kissing and feeling the each other up. Michael had learned from Hazel and had Chloe’s blouse open and her bra undone in an instant. While he was sucking her nipples, Chloe had her hand inside Michael’s fly. He was instantly hard.

They moved to a lounger and started having a real pash up, with each breathing heavily, and wildly kissing; Michael smoothly rubbing Chloe’s clit among her juices and she rubbing his rigid cock.

Chloe pushed Michael away from her, looked into his eyes, and soberly said: “Before we do anything, we have got to talk.”

A look of concern passed over Michael’s troubled face.

“Oh my god! What is the problem, Chloe?”

“I do not know how to tell you this, Michael. Although I do not have much experience sexually; I am not the virgin Gran thinks I am! I did have a previous boyfriend for a while and he fucked me two or three times. Mind you each time it was all over before it started. I didn’t really get much out of it at all. Do you hate me?”

Michael pulled her close and said, “Chloe, firstly neither of us are virgins, and while we do not have a lot of experience, we can learn together. I too have had a few fucks with an older woman, and she taught me a few things which I can show you. I am not going to say who, when or where so do not ask. As Gran says, you are very special, and I would dearly like to fuck you. Do you want to fuck?”

“Yes. I am desperate for some cock, but I am not on the pill.”

“Then we must stop before we go too far.”

Both were very disappointed, but that was the best decision. They agreed that next time they would be prepared and could go all the way. They kissed with passion, and with difficulty, called it a night.

When they got back to Gran’s house, they were surprised to find tepeören escort Hazel still up, waiting for them. Hazel took one look at Chloe, the glitter in her eyes and the way she was hanging on to Michael, and nodded her head.

“I can see that Michael has given you an outstanding evening. This being so, for the pleasure that Michael has given me, and the obvious pleasure he has given you, I will give a large donation to the Service Club Project.”

Michael beamed.

” Hazel, does this donation mean this is the end of our association? Because I do want to see Chloe again.”

Hazel said, “Of course not. If you can make her feel again like she does now, I will give a further donation, and I welcome you to come around again to see her anytime you wish. She is my prized possession.”

Hazel asked Michael and Chloe if they would like a cup of hot chocolate to finish the evening off. Both said as one “Yes please” moving over to the kitchen table.

As they sat together, Michael told Hazel that Chloe had become his dream girl and he definitely wanted further dates with her if Granny would approve.

Granny gave a nod of agreement, whereupon Michael asked Hazel if Chloe would like to come out to dinner and dancing the following Saturday night. Chloe upon hearing this request could barely sit still,

Hazel said, “Don’t ask me, ask her.”

Chloe was so eager that she replied to Michael before he spoke, “Yes, please.”

Saturday came around very quickly for these two young lovers. Michael picked Chloe up from her home at 7.30 pm. Chloe had dressed in a new frock which featured a tight bodice and a flowing skirt all in a beautiful golden colour. As well, her makeup and hair were perfect, so everything was all set for a great night out.

Michael, ever the gentleman thanked Hazel for introducing Chloe to him. He took Chloe by the arm and led her to the car, opened the door and saw to her being seated. Closed the door and off they drove.

As the couple were driving out of Hazel’s street, Chloe leaned over to Michael and said, ” Michael do you think we could skip dinner and go directly to your flat and finish what we started last Saturday night? I am still randy and have been all week; I need you.”

Michael needed no second bidding and quickly spun the car around and drove to the flat.

Once there, Michael let them both inside and moved to his lounge room, where they stood and started kissing and making out. Both were very hot and sexually aroused.

“There is one thing I am very sure of is that I love you very much and I do want to consummate our love so let’s go to bed now and see just what we can learn from each other because I need you now.”

They quickly walked along the passage to Michael’s bedroom and started stripping each other. Michael suddenly stopped and said, “have you got the condoms from the glove box in the car?”

Chloe took Michael in her arms and said: “No need I am in my safe time at the moment, and I have started on the pill, so let’s enjoy each other.”

Michael climbed onto the bed with the naked Chloe, moved as close as possible, and started making love to her, kissing her mouth then progressing to open mouth kisses where their tongues danced together, moving on to stroking her neck and to below her ears, all the while gently squeezing her breasts. Taking her nipples in his hand, he sucked on each alternately, licking her nipples which stimulated her twat and made her squirm. He rubbed his open hands over her back then traced fingers around her waist and across her tummy. Every movement intended to give Chloe pleasure. She grasped his shoulders, drawing him in as tightly as possible.

Speaking closely into his ear, Chloe whispered, “Michael, I have wanted this feeling for years but never had a man that could give it to me as you do. You really thrill me to my core.”

Michael reached down to Chloe’s pussy. He spread her lips and fingered her slippery vagina. Moving his body over between her legs he gently pulled them wide open and brought his mouth onto her clit and sucked it into his mouth keeping two fingers in her open vagina, pushing them in and out to stimulate both her juices and excitement further. When Chloe started moaning and wriggling around, Michael turned up the pleasure on her clit.

Chloe called out, “I don’t know what this feeling is, but I love it. Keep going. Oh! Oh! Oh God”

With that, she came for the first time in her life.

Michael, having learned from Hazel, waited a short time and repeated the movement, with the result that this time, Chloe screamed out her orgasmic pleasure and passed out for a short time.

As she perked up again, she pleaded for Michael to push his cock into her. This he did and started rocking back and forth. Both lovers were in peak form, and it did not take long for both to orgasm with sighs, moans, and groans. Then they moved apart.

When the lovers’ heartbeats settled back to somewhere near normal, Chloe questioned: “What happened to me, what was this feeling I had?”

“Chloe, my love you have just had three orgasms. You are multi-orgasmic, and I am thrilled that you enjoyed it so much, This is the way sex should be. Always try to give more than you receive. This way, pleasure from sex will keep getting better.”

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