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Wearing only her birthday suit, felicia stands before the fireplace, watching the flames dance merrily before her. she wonders what Master Ken has in mind as she listens to Him moving around behind her, but does not dare to turn her head to look lest He spank her.

Then again, a spanking may be just what she needs about now.

But she decides not to tempt fate, and remains standing, as straight and tall as possible, practically at attention, watching the flames and wondering what the Dominant has in store for her tonight. That He has not set out any bondage paraphernalia beforehand is a bit unusual, so perhaps He will simply order her about tonight. Or maybe He just wishes to look at her instead – a thought which brings a slight blush to her face and chest. Or perhaps He has already laid out the items for tonight’s exquisite torture, but in the bedroom, and He intends to lead her there shortly.

her mind occupied with these thoughts, felicia does not hear her Master step up behind her and is very much startled when He roughly grabs her by the shoulders, something long and thin, limp and cool in His left hand. After kissing the top of her head, He surprises her by taking various measurements of her body and writing His findings on a clipboard previously set upon a nearby table. Since He has never done this before, it is quite perplexing. However, except for the fact that felicia is completely nude, there is nothing truly out of the ordinary with this mundane activity.

After seemingly an hour of being measured and remeasured, felicia is a bit surprised when Master Ken picks her up and carries her to the bedroom. Once there, she finds that He has not set out numerous bondage implements upon the bed. Instead, candles light the room, and a bottle of massage oil is ready for use. For the next hour, the young woman is treated to a wonderful, lengthy, full-body massage, a perfect way to end the day.


Three weeks later, felicia’s skin prickles with anticipation. Upon returning from the lab, Master Ken had informed her that there would be a major surprise after dinner. Wanting to tempt Him, she finally decides upon a dark gray fishnet bra and crotchless g-string (purposefully chosen to leave nothing to the imagination), adding a thin silver waist chain and a necklace. After a long, appraising look in the bedroom mirror, she returns to the kitchen, where her loving Master is putting away the last of the dinner dishes.

He turns to her at last, and smiles in admiration as He drinks in her beauty. felicia giggles at the attention as she twirls in the doorway for Him, then falls suddenly silent as He approaches her and kisses her – a soft, gentle, sweet, lingering kiss which holds a promise of an exciting night ahead. And, being the Friday night of a three-day holiday weekend, she knows it is quite possible that His wonderful actions will keep her quite awake until well after the dawn.

He bends down to her ear. “Go to the bedroom,” He commands with a whisper, “and bring a blindfold.” With a smile, she obeys, returning to find Master Ken has moved to the center of the living room. Handing Him the blindfold, she turns around and allows Him to remove her sight, plunging her into darkness. Turning her around to again face Him, he nudges her to her knees, and she knows what is expected of her next. With a little awkwardness since she cannot see, she unzips His jeans, reaches inside His underwear, and withdraws His manhood, immediately setting to work on Him.

Master Ken allows felicia to worship Him for quite some time before He nudges her head away. As she kneels before Him with a playful pout of mock disappointment, she is istanbul travesti aware of her own wetness seeping from her, just from the act of pleasing Him. But then she hears Him zip Himself and walk away, and feels a slight letdown. However, He rarely does things without a purpose – even though it may not be clear to her at the moment – so she simply sighs and resigns herself to kneeling in the center of the living room, simply waiting for her Master’s return.

His return seems to be an eternity later. When she finally hears Master Ken’s approaching footsteps, felicia’s heart jumps in anticipation. At the bare minimum, He has changed shoes, signaled by the different sound of his footfalls. she waits, still kneeling despite the burning fire in her knees.


The command comes as He continues to approach from behind, and felicia obeys immediately – slowly, due to the discomfort in her knees, but immediately. Once the young submissive stands tall again, Master Ken presses Himself to the back side of her body, His hands reaching to her front to roughly grope her so that she soon squirms and pants from the physical treatment.

felicia is at last spun quickly around. As the couple shares an intense kiss, T/they grasp E/each O/other tightly, T/their hands roaming, T/their tongues battling, T/their teeth clashing. Then, just as quickly as it had begun, it ends in a tight hug as T/they both gasp for breath.

Eventually, Master Ken takes the submissive by the hand and leads her across the room… and beyond. she hears a door open, and from the seemingly-hollow sound which follows, she knows she is being led into the basement. her anticipation grows, but Master Ken takes care with her, helping her to slowly descend the many steps into the chilly subterranean level until she feels the cool cement floor beneath her bare feet.

she hears Master Ken flipping a few light switches on the panel beside them, and wonders what colors He has chosen this time. While the switch at the top of the stairs activates the traditional white lights, the switches beside at the bottom of the staircase activate blue, red, and orange lights, the colors used to create different moods. There is a slight pause, meaning H/he is also adjusting the dimmer, designed to affect all the lights in the basement regardless of the colors in use.

At last, the blindfold is removed. In the extremely dim orange light, there is clearly a new piece of bondage furniture at the center of the basement play area. It looks as if a thickly-upholstered St. Andrew’s Cross has been placed horizontally atop a wide oak dresser, with sturdy fold-out legs to support the tips of the X form. Words fail felicia, and she finally understands why she had been continually measured several weeks ago.

Taking her hand, Master Ken leads felicia to the new addition. He shows her the attached leather cuffs, strategically placed to hold her to the arm- and legboards. He pulls at the straps for the torso restraints, demonstrating how they retract automatically when not in use. He opens the drawers to show her the various implements inside. He lifts the panel cover at one end of the table and demonstrates the table’s hydraulics for her. He retracts the support for a legboard and secures it so that it is out of the way, then shows how the legboards can be adjusted to a narrower or a wider angle and locked into position. He finally shows that the head extension can be completely detached, providing the possibility for her head to either be supported upon an upholstered pillow or simply hanging limp over the edge of the table to further expose her throat.

For several istanbul travestileri minutes, felicia simply walks around the bondage table, admiring it, touching it, trying to convince herself this is real. The attached buckling leather cuffs could be applied to her at her ankles, above and below her knees, across her thighs, at several points on her arms, and at her wrists. Four torso straps could be used to ensure she is held securely in place for whatever pleasure or punishment is to be administered to her. she imagines herself pulling at the restraints, unable to free herself, and finds that thought immensely exciting.

Master Ken at last comes up behind her and wraps His arms around her. “Would you like to try it?” He whispers in her ear. felicia is overwhelmed and can only nod as she caresses an armboard.

“Then you must earn it. Two full weeks of non-punishable behavior; then and only then, you may test it.”

Slightly disappointed, felicia nods her agreement. Two weeks of non-punishable behavior. she wonders if she can wait that long.

Then again, it is obviously another of the loving Dominant’s tests. she typically does not want to fail His tests, and definitely not this one… not if she is to help break in this new and unique bondage furniture as soon as possible. Trying to hide her disappointment, she takes one final look at the new bondage table before He leads her upstairs and – for the first time ever – padlocks the basement door.


she finishes buttoning the loving Dominant’s shirt, then hugs Him tightly. The simulated silk feels nice against her cheek, and His steady heartbeat combined with His hands in her hair is reassuring prior to the events of the night.

Two full weeks have passed without any punishable infractions. Knowing that she sometimes does something worthy of a punishment just to be spanked, Master Ken had “kindly” pulled her across His lap every few days in the intervening two weeks to give her what she likes and sometimes needs, leaving her a little sore and quite satisfied each time – a nice set of “gifts” to help persuade the young submissive to remain good during this lengthy test. Of course, it is clear that He has at least as much interest in the new bondage furniture as she, which is likely why He had granted her the “gift” spankings.

“Your turn, little one.”

felicia releases her grasp and steps back, smiling sweetly as Master Ken’s eyes roam her natural beauty. He gently strokes her left breast and flicks a finger across the nipple, then turns to the bed, where her single article of clothing awaits. Clad entirely in black – snug pants, tight shirt, socks, shoes, and leather belt, and even black underwear within His slacks – His eyes seem to sparkle in the candlelight as He picks up the black crotchless panty and kneels at her feet. It is a strange experience having Him help her dress, even with just the single scant article of clothing, but the low-cut crotchless panty is soon in place, the decorative hip strings tied into a standard bow. Nonetheless, He remains kneeling for a few moments, caressing and slowly licking the young woman’s legs, before He returns to His feet.

After a moment’s hesitation, the Dominant crosses to one of the dressers, retrieving the narrow black satin choker. When felicia sees what He brings back with Him, she turns her back to Him, lifting her hair out of the way to allow Him easier access to apply it to her. The choker applied, she then leans back against Him and closes her eyes as His arms envelope her, her hands caressing His forearms. she feels safe, comfortable, loved, istanbul travesti and – at least for a few minutes – all is definitely right with the world.

“Ready?” He finally whispers into her ear. her whispered response is just barely audible, even to her own ears, so she nods her assent, wondering what delicious torments Master Ken has planned for her tonight. Will she struggle vigorously or writhe sensuously in the bonds? Will she beg for more or plead for less? Will she scream in pain or sing in pleasure?

Hand-in-hand, Master and slave leave the bedroom and move toward the evening’s ultimate goal. Each step raises the young woman’s anticipation, and also slightly raises her nervousness. But only when T/they reach the door to the basement does felicia truly feel the full impact of what is about to take place, as she is forced to stand to one side as Master Ken finally removes the padlock on the basement door.

“Wait at least five minutes, then come down.” With that, Master Ken slips into the basement and closes the door behind Him, leaving felicia alone with her thoughts… and her imagination.

Instinct propels felicia to the kitchen. For the first session using the new bondage furniture, she will almost certainly be strapped down for a very long time, so she drinks a glass of water, almost certain that she will otherwise sweat her body dry by the end of the evening. The water also helps to calm her nervousness. Although she has always trusted Master Ken completely, she still feels a little apprehension, primarily because the new bondage table represents the most restrictive bondage He has ever used upon her.

Setting the empty glass aside, felicia returns to the living room and looks out the window across the valley to the opposite mountains. The final colors of daylight have been almost completely dispelled by nightfall. A faint glow upon the ground is evidence of the moonlight shining down from high above the cabin. The scene is serene, peaceful, calming, soothing, almost like the quiet before the storm.

…the storm awaiting her in the basement.

At last, assuming that perhaps ten minutes have passed, the submissive makes her way to the basement. After taking a deep breath, she opens the door slowly, trying to make as little noise as possible. A soft red glow meets her eyes; it is the color the Dominant typically uses when He intends to torment her for a long time. Even knowing that her body will be well-marked still come morning, she willingly descends toward her torment, closing the basement door behind her, now absolutely certain that she will struggle and plead and scream vigorously throughout the evening, and perhaps very late into the night and even well past dawn…


Physically exhausted and very much fulfilled, felicia continues to float in a sexual haze as her naked Master slowly makes His way around the bondage table, removing her blindfold and releasing the leather cuffs and the retractable torso straps. The combined evidence of T/their intense passion continues to trickle from her, the scent of T/their intimacy filling the basement despite the smell of lavender rising from the oil diffuser. Even as her freedom comes one cuff or strap at a time, the willing captive is too weary to move, her throat raw from her many orgasmic songs, her body coated with a thick layer of sweat.

Freed but remaining in her spread-eagle position, felicia slowly becomes more aware of her surroundings, of Master Ken’s gentle caresses and His kiss to her forehead. It takes some time for her to finally convince her limbs to move – stiffly, from having been so completely secured into the same position for several hours – and wrap an arm about His waist. He continues to gently touch her until she is ready to move, and helps her to gingerly rise to a sitting position.

No waxing, no flogging, no biting, no markings. Just an evening of intense passion, a fun and exhausting evening further solidifying T/their deep, profound love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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