Futa Daughter’s Naughty Temptation 15: Futa Mommy Saves Her Daughter

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Futa Daughter’s Naughty Temptation

Chapter Fifteen: Futa Mommy Saves Her Daughter

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

Sky Marlow

“She’s mine!” Spice hissed. Her voice was that same melodic one I remembered from the video I’d watched in the church’s bathroom a few days ago. The futa-demon held me tight, her futa-cock buried in my ass. “I won’t let you have her.”

“What the fuck is going on here?” I asked, standing in a dark void. Just moments ago, Mrs. Matthews, the reverend’s wife, had fucked me with her futa-cock and cum in me. She shouldn’t have had one, and Spice said it was a trap, but I couldn’t resist getting fucked by her.

She was the reverend’s wife.

Now my mom and this petite futa-angel were staring at me. Mom’s futa-cock thrust out from her blonde bush. Her big boobs swayed as she walked across nothing towards us. Her blue eyes smoldered with an intensity that I had never seen before.

“What is this?” I demanded.

“Your soul,” the futa-angel said. Her voice was sweet. She had a halo glowing over her head and small breasts. Her blonde hair contrasted her pale skin. “You’re held tight by Spice. She’s made you her slave.”

“I’m not her slave!” I hissed.

“You are out of control,” Mom said, stopping before me. “You’re lying. You’re tricking people. Hurting people. Hurting me.” Pain flared in her eyes.

I flinched at it.

She cupped my face, her fingers gentle on them. “When I grew my cock and embraced being a futa, I just wanted you. Me and you loving each other. Forming something beyond mother and daughter. Lovers, Sky.”

“She’s trying to control you,” Spice whispered in my ear, her futa-cock throbbing in my asshole. “Like she has your entire life. She hates that you’re sexually awakened while she repressed who she was.”

“You’re having a lot of fun with girls my age,” I spat at her, not about to be tricked. I wouldn’t be my mother’s good little girl. “Georgia, Aoi, my best friend. You have them all wrapped around your cock. They’re all so eager for it. Will do anything for it. What do you care if I go out and fuck some married MILFs.”

“You’re breaking up marriages,” Mom said. “Mrs. Matthews… She’ll never be happy with her husband. It’s going to destroy our church when she leaves him. It’ll shake the community.”

“If she really loved him, my cock wouldn’t have done shit,” I said. “She was unhappy and I gave her a taste of joy. Just like I did for you.”

Mom swallowed. “That’s… true. But they could have worked things out. They could have had a chance before you ruined them with your futa-cock. How can any woman go back to a man after having you, Sky?”

“Or you, Mom?” I arched an eyebrow. “Aoi and Georgia will never be good, Christian women. Never marry a guy and have the white picket fence and 2.5 children. They’re sluts for futa-cocks now. I got Georgia licking her own mother’s pussy tonight to clean out my cum.”

“Actually, that was my cum,” said Mom. “I fucked her while you were on your date.”

“So you’re no better than me.”

“I’m not.” Mom swallowed. “We’re both making mistakes. I… I want you all to myself, but I can’t, can I? I’ve lost you. Not just to this demon, but to the world. My little girl grew up. I tried and tried so hard to deny that, but you’re a woman. A beautiful futa. I love you, Sky.”

I frowned.

“I thought by seducing virgins, I could keep you with me. I did want to hold onto you. I love being with you. When we made love after church, just me and you, I thought, for a moment, I had my little girl back. Not the way any mother should, but I could accept it. And then you rejected me. You lied to me. You deceived me. Mrs. Reyes, right? You had already seduced her, hadn’t you?”

I squirmed.

“Why, Sky?” She had tears in her eyes.

“Don’t fall for it,” Spice whispered. She squeezed tighter about me. “You’re mine.”

Mom blinked her eyes. “You disappointed me, Sky.”

“Mom,” I groaned. “I…”

“I know, I know, you wanted to satiate your futa-cock. You thought only about yourself. You took Georgia out on a date, making that poor girl think you care about her. You’re going to break her heart, Sky. She thinks you love her, and you don’t, do you?”

I looked down.

“Who cares about love,” Spice whispered. “There’s MILFs to fuck. Love just gets in the way.”

“You’re going to hurt her. Her mother. Mrs. Reyes. Our neighbor, Mrs. Spencer. You’re going to break heart after heart, using and tricking and abusing people to get what you want. Is that the sort of person you want to be?”

I swallowed.

“A manipulator? A deceiver? Look at me, Sky!”

I shot my gaze up. Mom’s blue eyes swam with pain.

“How many more people are you going to hurt to get what you want. I’m not going to control you. I’m not going to stop you. I don’t want you playing these games just to trick me. I won’t stop you if you want to fuck every MILF in the world.”

“Madeline,” the angel said. “This isn’t—”

“Hush,” Mom said. “I’m talking to my daughter. This isn’t about angels or demons.”

I squeezed my bowels around Spice’s cock. She held me so tight, pulling me into her large breasts. She nibbled on my ear, almost biting me. Her right leg slid around mine, hooking me and pulling me tight to her.

“Sky, do you want to be a person who hurts people or loves people?”

“Love,” I whispered. “I have been loving—”

“Sky!” she snapped. “You ripped my heart to shreds. I thought you had finally opened up to me, but you’ve been lying to me. Manipulating me. Leading me into being just like you. You want to be that woman, then at least be honest about what you’re doing. That you’re causing people pain.”

“I didn’t… think…”

“Don’t listen to her,” whispered Spice. “Mmm, you’ve conquered this reverend’s wife, but there are so many others out there. Pious women who need a real cock to wake them up. Think of all the games we can play.”

“I love you, Sky,” Mom said. She cupped my face. “I truly do. You can hurt me and I’ll forgive you. Parents learn to grow thick hearts. Otherwise, we’d hate our children. But others… Don’t hurt them. Don’t break their hearts like you will with Georgia.”

“I’m not going to break her heart,” I muttered.

“You’re using her to fuck her mother!”

I flinched. “I… Well… I mean…” I swallowed. Georgia’s crying face appeared in my mind. “I like her.”

“You don’t need her,” Spice whispered. She licked my earlobe making me shudder. Her hands rubbed over my small breasts, my nipples throbbing. Tingles shot down to my pussy and then up to the tip of my futa-cock. “You don’t need anyone. There’s just so much fun you can be having. Screw Georgia. Who cares about her. She’s one of your mother’s little puppets. She’ll comfort her. Mmm, there’s Mrs. Carson and Mrs. Juarez. They are ‘good’ church wives. They’ll be such a delight to seduce. Mrs. Juarez has a daughter. The perfect in to get to the mother.”

I frowned.

“So the choice is yours,” Mom said. She stood there. “I can help you break free of Spice and you can be a futa who loves people. Who doesn’t hurt them? Who doesn’t use them.”

“You used Aoi,” I hissed, my stomach tightening. I couldn’t be a terrible person.

“I did.” Pain crossed her face. “I just wanted so desperately to hold on. But that’s the problem. Mothers have to let go of their children. If we hug them too tightly, they can never grow. We can just be there to guide them. To help them when they face difficult choices. To advise them. And to love them even when they make mistakes. I love you, Sky. I do.”

“Mom,” I croaked.

“Love is just a collar of a different sort,” Spice moaned. “Don’t listen to her. Think of all the fun we can have. All the MILFs we can fuck.”

I swallowed. Mr. Matthews was about to have his heart broken. I turned his wife into a whore. Mom and I turned his daughter into a slut. Through lust. Desire to control. To possess. I didn’t care about anything. Mrs. Spencer just had a baby and Mrs. Reyes had her husband. And what about Mrs. Simmons. She was angry at her husband and now…

Would she leave her husband because she ran into me at the movie theater?

“Don’t you even dare think of leaving me,” Spice hissed. “I picked you. You’re perfect. All the fun we’ve had.”

“Perfect?” I asked.

“Mmm, just brimming with lust.” The futa-demon pinched my nipples. “Just aching to enjoy yourself and fuck the consequences.”

I frowned at that. No consequences… “You mean, just do what I want and who cares what happens to anyone?”

“Isn’t that what you’ve been doing?” Spice nibbled on my earlobe. “Since you started hanging out with Natalie. Fucking guys. Sucking dicks. Licking pussies. You were just out there to have fun, and you didn’t care who’s heart you broke. Who you hurt. Let’s just have fun. So many MILFs out there to love.”

“Do you really want such an empty life, Sky?” Mom asked. She put her hands on her hips. “Huh? A live without anyone to share it with. Sure, you get off, spurt some cum, have an orgasm, and then what? What happens when you’ve hurt me so much I won’t be there for you any longer.”

Those words shook me up. Then I saw the pain in her eyes. The wounds I had inflicted on her. This raw pain that my lies had created in her. I took in a shuddering breath and then swallowed. Had I really hurt my mother with my actions?

“I thought things have changed,” she said. “I just want to have my daughter back. You don’t have to be faithful to me. I think we’ve both moved beyond that, and I understand if things don’t work out between you and Georgia, but to just use that sweet girl as a stepping stone to fuck her mother… To put another notch on your bedpost, that’s terrible Sky. Horrible. How would you like to have your heart trampled by that.”

“Who needs a heart,” whispered Spice. “Love. It’s just a lie. It doesn’t exist.”

“I love you, Sky,” Mom said. She smiled at me. “I’ve always loved you. Even when you infuriated me.” She touched her hand to her heart, her large breasts quivering. “Even gaziantep escort kızlar when you hurt me, I still love you. That’s why I’m here.”

“Mom?” I asked, my throat choking up.

“Don’t tell me you’re buying this BS?” Spice hissed. She drew back her futa-cock and then slammed into my asshole. I gasped as the heat shot to the tip of my cock, my pussy clenching beneath from the rush of delight. “You’re not that stupid, Sky. I know you’re not. You won’t be tricked by your mother’s lies.”

“Those don’t sound like lies,” I said.

“Of course they are! Everyone lies!” Spice drew back again. “You lie all the time, Sky. So does everyone else.”

I swallowed. I had never really thought about others. I didn’t care what really happened to Georgia. She was fun to play with, like a new toy. When I was a kid, I had cared for my dollies. I had given them names, and when a new one came along, I’d toss them. Forget about them. They didn’t matter to me.

They were just things.

But Georgia wasn’t a thing. Nor was Mom.

What was I doing? Having fun? Just enjoying life? What happened when I grew bored of fucking MILFs? What if the novelty of having a futa-cock wore off? Who would I turn to after I had used everyone in my life? Who would care for me when I hurt myself? When I needed a new place to live? Lost my job?

I was nineteen. I was an adult.

“Mommy?” I whispered. “I… I… I’m sorry!”

“No!” Spice hissed. She pumped away at my asshole. I gasped at the surge of pleasure that rushed through me. “You are not getting away from me. You gave me your soul. You sold yourself to me, Sky.”

“I didn’t know I was doing that?” I gasped as she rammed into my asshole.

“Mmm, buyer beware.” Spice giggled as she slammed that futa-cock into my bowels.

I struggled to break free of her arms, but they held me like bands of steel. Her cock hammered my asshole with vigor. The heat melted to my cunt. My ovaries drank in the heat and my futa-cock throbbed before me. I groaned.

I couldn’t get away from her. She held me so tight. She squeezed about me. I whimpered, fear beating in my heart. How was I getting out of this? I shuddered, the pleasure so intense. It was hard to think. To resist.

“Just surrender,” purred Spice. “We’re going to have so much fun. You’ll never run out of married MILFs to fuck. There are thousands and thousands of preacher’s wives and reverend’s brides to seduce and soil.”

“But… but…!” I gasped. Stars twinkled before my eyes, the pleasure building and building in me. “What I if don’t want that?”

“You do!” Spice’s crotch smacked into my asshole.

The pressure swelled in my ovaries. My cock throbbed and ached. I groaned, my heart beating so fast. I groaned at how great this felt. I bit my tongue, whimpering. MILFs flashed in my eyes. Busty women, mature and delicious who needed my futa-dick to please them.

An endless stream of fucking. Sucking. I’d go from MILF to MILF, spreading their thighs, feasting on their cunts, slamming my futa-dick into their pussies. I’d leave them dripping in cum for their husbands to find.

I would fracture churches. Tear couples apart. I would rut and satiate my lusts and leave so much pain in my wake. Spice wanted me to do that. She pinched my nipples as she slammed her futa-cock into my asshole.

She wanted me to give them a taste of ecstasy and then walk away, deny them. Leave them craving something no man can ever give them. Unfulfilled for the rest of their lives, always craving my futa-cock.

And they would never get it.

That was what we did to the women. Mom and I both. That was why they would do anything for us. Deep inside, they were addicted to our futa-cocks. To the exquisite pleasure. I would give them a moment of rapture and a lifetime of longing.

I whimpered, struggling to escape the futa-demon’s embrace and reaming clit-dick, but it felt so good. I would have so much rapture following Spice’s plan. I didn’t have to fight it. I didn’t have to feel bad. I just had to live in the moment. There were no consequences if I was only in the present.

Those were for the future. I would never have a future. Just be Spice’s futa-slave.

I… I… couldn’t fight this. It felt too good.

“Sky,” Mom whispered. Her hands cupped my face. “I’m here for you.”

“Help me, Mommy!” I cried out, my eyes snapping open.

Mom kissed me.

My mother’s plump lips sealed on mine. It was not a motherly kiss. It was a lover’s passion. That ecstasy we had shared that Sunday afternoon when we had only loved each other. Her futa-cock pressed into my stomach while her leg hooked over my waist and Spice’s and…

Her pussy pressed against my futa-cock.

The twat that had birthed me engulfed my clit-dick. I groaned into her kiss at the ecstasy of her pussy. The pleasure felt so taboo and so pure at the same time. This was where I had come from. I was sliding back home into my mother’s pussy, my cock nudging into her cervix.

Her womb just beyond.

Spice fucked me, but her pleasure couldn’t compare to what my mother gave me. It was more than just the bliss of being in a MILFs pussy. It was a mother hugging me. Kissing me. It was unconditional love and acceptance.

A delicious and wonderful sensation.

Tears spilled down my cheeks as I kissed my mother. She squeezed her snatch about me. I groaned, my cock throbbing in her twat. She felt wonderful as Spice hammered my bowels. I would cum hard, but it would be sharing that pleasure with my mother.

I hugged her to me, her big breasts pillowing against my small tits. I shuddered, crying and moaning at the same time. Such joy burst through me. My mother still loved me. After all I had done to make her hate me.

The slutty behavior.

Fucking every boy and licking every cunt I could.

Seducing her with my futa-cock.

I wanted to drive her away. I wanted to hurt her because… because… she drove Dad away. But it really wasn’t her fault. He wasn’t what she needed. They weren’t good for each other. That was why they broke up.

It was both their fault and neither.

I had hurt and hurt and hurt my mother, and she was here, in my soul with a fucking angel. She was willing to save me from a demon that ass-fucked me with a vengeance. I shuddered in Mom’s embrace as my orgasm built and built.

I would fire all that cum into her. I would shower her in my love. My hands slid down her back and grabbed her plump ass. Her nipples rubbed across my nubs. Sparks flared. I shuddered and trembled.

My mother would save me because she loved me.

And I loved her. I loved her so much. I broke the kiss and moaned, “I’m so sorry, Mommy!”

“I forgive you, Sky.” She smiled at me, her pussy clenching around my cock. “Always. You just have to ask with a sincere heart!”

“Mommy!” I gasped and exploded.

My asshole convulsed around Spice’s futa-dick while my cock unloaded into the loving embrace of my mother’s cunt. I shuddered, spunk spurting into her pussy. She held me so tight, her cunt so warm around my dick.

It was fantastic. Though Spice hammered my asshole, I didn’t care. I felt so light. So free. I held Mom tight, my futa-cum firing into her snatch over and over again. It was wonderful to feel. Rapture slammed into my mind. Sparks flared.

Then Mom pulled, and I…

Came free of Spice’s embrace.

“No!” the futa-demon hissed as Mom fell onto her back, pulling me with her.

I gasped, kissing mom, my cum spurting over and over into her pussy, the ecstasy spilling over my thoughts. I shuddered on my busty mother, reveling in this moment. Then Spice snarled. Her hands grabbed my hips and she pulled, trying to pry me from my mother.

“You’re mine!” she hissed. “You don’t get to escape me, Spice! You gave yourself to me!”

“She’s made her choice!” the angel shouted.

I broke the kiss with mom to see the angel seizing Spice by the shoulders and hauling her up. Shadows flashed around the futa-demon while light flared from the angel. Then the futa-angel kissed Spice and wrapped her up in strong arms.

The futa-demon thrashed. She howled in fury as the light from the angel grew and grew and then…

They were gone.

“Mom?” I asked and suddenly I felt so woozy. The world around me grew hazy. Mom started to feel insubstantial. Panic swelled in me. “Mom, what’s happening!”

“Don’t worry,” Mom said, smiling as everything faded. “You’re just waking up. I’ll see you on the—”

My eyes snapped open. I stared into blue eyes. But they weren’t my mom’s. They were Mrs. Matthews. She shuddered atop me, her black hair falling around her face. Her futa-dick throbbed inside of me.

“Oh, my god,” I gasped. “Mom! Mom! I have to find her!”

“Shhh,” Mrs. Matthews whispered. She rolled off of me, her cock sliding out of my pussy. I gasped at that wet slide and then she popped free. “She’s in Georgia’s room. I carried her in there after she passed out when she gave me the dick.”

“She passed out?” I gasped. “Mom!”

“What’s going on?” Georgia asked.

“I’ll explain,” her mom said while I rolled off the bed and stood up, cum leaking out of me.

“Can I sit on your dick while you do it, Mommy?” Georgia asked.

“Of course.”

I darted out of Mrs. Matthews’s bedroom and reached Georgia’s in a flash. I had remembered how it was closed when I passed. I threw it open to find my mom sitting up on the bed naked. She froze at the sight of me, her big boobs swelling,.

“Mom!” I gasped, relief swelling through me. “Oh, my god, what did you do?”

“I freed us from Grace and Spice.” Mom smiled. “Those two have even more to work out than me and you do.”

I grinned at her and then I rushed to her, my big futa-cock bouncing before me. I got to the bed then glanced down at her crotch. She had a blonde bush but no mommy-dick thrust from it. Mrs. Matthews had gotten her futa-cock somehow.

Did that mean…?

“Did you lose your cock, Mom?” I asked, scared that I had cost her that amazing gift.

“Oh, what?” she glanced down and her brow furrowed in concentration. Then she let out a sigh as her pink clit swelled. “Nope, just shrunk down while I was unconscious.”

“Oh, thank god,” I moaned and bent down. “Let me love your Mommy-cock. I… I’ve been so bad. I’m so sorry, Mom. I was just…”

“Being a dumb teenager?” she asked, arching an eyebrow.

I shifted. “Yeah. I guess so.”

“Well, I’m not going to say no to you loving my cock, Sky.”

Grinning, I ducked down and opened my mouth wide. I swallowed her growing mommy-dick into my mouth. I shuddered and swirled my tongue around the spongy crown. I savored the texture of her. This wicked heat rushed through my body.

I wiggled my hips from side to side, my cunt on fire. This dripping heat dribbled down my thighs. It was wonderful to feel. I groaned, loving the way it trickled down my futa-cock, too. Her precum spilled into my mouth as her clit-dick grew to its full girth.

“Sky,” she moaned and lovingly ran her hand through my hair. She stroked me while I nursed oh her futa-cock.

I savored the taste of her precum. I loved every moment of it. I sucked with such hunger on her. This wonderful heat rushed through me. I groaned, clenching my twat tight together. I wiggled my hips from side to side, my futa-dick swinging back and forth and smacking into my inner thighs.

I bobbed my head, loving my mother with all my heart. I was such a cunt to her. Everything made sense. She wasn’t trying to control me but keep me from making mistakes. She got mad at me because she loved me.

And love made people’s emotions so intense.

I squeezed my eyes shut and reveled in the salty taste of her cum. In the delight of sucking on her mommy-dick. The incestuous rush of loving her spread and spread through me. It was amazing for me to enjoy.

I smiled and sucked so hard on her. My lips slid down her girl-cock and then back up her. She moaned, the tangy musk of her pussy filling my nose. It was a heavenly scent that I enjoyed. I let it simmer through my nose.

Just a wonderful delight.

I bobbed my mouth as I savored every moment of sucking and nursing on her girl-cock. It was a fantastic treat. This was what I was meant to enjoy. This wonderful delight right here. I sucked on her with such passion.

“Oh, Sky!” she groaned. “Oh, you’re going to make me cum.”

Especially when I did this.

I thrust my hand down, slid my digits through her bush, and found her wet pussy lips. Two digits plunged into her cunt’s juicy depths. She gasped, her twat squeezing down around me. I loved how she shuddered and moaned.

My fingers slid up across the top of her sheath while I nursed on her girl-dick. I just had to find that special spot and make her explode. Her big boobs jiggled as she whimpered her delight. My digits explored.

“Sky!” she gasped.


I massaged her G-spot. Her futa-cock throbbed into my mouth. The flavor of her precum grew even stronger. A salty delight. I grinned and bobbed my head. She shuddered, tossing her head from side to side. I knew that she would have a good cum. That I would make her explode. It would be fantastic.

I was so ready for it.

“Oh, my Lord, Sky, what are you doing to me.” Her pussy clamped down on my digits. “That’s… that’s… Yes!”

She exploded.

Hot cum fired into my mouth. Her pussy went wild around my fingers. I fucked them in and out of her cunt. I plunged them to the depths in her, loving how her silky, incestuous flesh spasmed around my digits. It was such a thrill to feel rippling about my fingers. I wiggled them in her. I teased her while her futa-cum splashed into my mouth.

What a treat to drink.

I gulped it down while her face tightened with her passion. My pussy clenched and more cream ran down my swaying futa-cock. Mom’s passion sang through the room. The pure bliss that I gave her. This was so wonderful.

“Oh, yes, Sky!” she cried.

Her incestuous mommy-cum flowed down my throat. It warmed my belly. More and more pumped from her cock. Just so much of the wonderful delight. I shuddered as I drank it all down. I loved it so much.

My mommy’s cum ruled.

She groaned and bucked, firing a final blast of jizz in my mouth. I held her girl-seed as her pussy’s spasms slowed. She groaned, her tits rising and falling as she panted. I slid my mouth off her cock and crawled up her body, staring down at how beautiful she was.

“Sky,” she whispered, her hands cupping my face. She pulled me down to her.

I groaned as my futa-cock pressed into her mommy-dick. Our shafts throbbed together, my pussy dripping with Mrs. Matthews’s girl-cum. My small breasts brushed my mother’s big boobs. Those soft mounds and fat nipples welcomed me.

Our lips met.

I thrust my tongue into her mouth coated in her jizz. She shuddered as she tasted her passion. I quivered on her, my cock rubbing against hers as we squirmed together. She moaned, her fat nubs brushing my small nipples.

Sparks flared. I groaned into the kiss, our tongues dancing. We shared the cum. We passed it back and forth. I shuddered, loving every second of it. This was so wild. So hot. My heart pounded a wild beat in my chest.

I kissed her with passion. My tongue danced and swirled with hers. It was such an amazing moment to share with her the salty glory of her mommy-jizz. I groaned on hers, my cock aching. My pussy clenched. I had to be filled with my mommy’s cock.

I had to savor her being in me. I had to love my mother with all my heart and passion.

I broke the kiss. “I do love you, Mommy.”

“Mmm, I know.” She slid her hands down my back and grabbed my ass. “Mmm, I love you and your cute tushy.”

“Mom,” I groaned.

She smiled at me, knowing how I hated my ass being called that kiddie term. But then I said in the most babyish voice ever, “Do you want my cunny to work up and down your big dick, Mommy?”

She shuddered beneath me. “You made that sound utterly filthy, Sky.”

“So… yes?”

“Mmm, yes, let me feel that tight cunny work up and down my cock.”

I beamed down at her. I slid my cock up her dick, my pussy clenching. Heat built and built in my cunt. The spongy crown of my shaft rubbed into her stomach. Pleasure shot down to my pussy. I groaned, my nipples throbbing.

As I moved into position, I saw the joy in my mother’s blue eyes. My cock rubbed into her stomach. Then her cock was nuzzling into my pussy lips. I smiled at her, and then I pushed my cunt down her dick.

I shuddered at that wonderful delight. I whimpered, “Mommy, your big dick is stretching out my little cunny.”

“Lord, yes,” she moaned. “So tight, Sky. I love your cunny squeezing about my cock. I’m going to knead your cute tushy and savor your hot cunny about my mommy-dick.”

I squealed in delight as I bottomed out on her shaft.

I kissed her again, my cock trapped between us. Our tongues danced as Mommy rolled us over. I didn’t fight her, my thighs holding her hips. I ended up on my back on Georgia’s bed, those wonderful tits piled heavily over my little boobies.

Mom kissed me with hunger. I squirmed and loved it. This was something magical. Just a wonderful delight for me to enjoy. I shuddered as Mom drew back her hips. She pulled back her cock, stimulating my snatch. This wonderful pleasure shot through me.

My cunt clenched to her. I groaned as the pleasure rushed out of my cunt. Her tongue danced with mine as she thrust back into me. My futa-dick throbbed between us as the pleasure tingled through my body.

I squealed my delight.

My sexy futa-mommy pumped away at my cunny.

Fucking awesome.

My hands grabbed her plump rump, feeling her butt-cheeks flexing as she thrust into me. Her boobs shifted over my little mound. Our nipples brushed. Pleasure sparked between them. It was such an amazing thrill.

Her thick cock rammed into me over and over again. She buried to the hilt in me. I loved every moment of it. My cock throbbed and ached. She slammed to the hilt in me. She fucked that big girl-cock into me over and over again.

It was fantastic.

I broke the kiss to gasp, “Mommy!”

“Mmm, do you like my mommy-cock in that tight, little cunny?” she asked.

“God, you fucking know I do, Mommy!”

“Language!” she cooed. “Maybe I should wash your mouth out with pussy cream!”

“Yum!” I gasped. “Fucking fuck my fucking cunny with your fucking dick, Mommy! I fucking, fucking, fucking need it!”

“Such a bad, bad girl!” she moaned, thrusting away hard at my cunt.

“You better believe it!” I moaned, squeezing my cunt around on her dick. “Oh, yes, yes, fuck that cock into my pussy, Mommy. Oh, my god, that’s amazing.”

“Going to cum on mommy’s dick?”

Whimpering, I nodded.

She kissed me, pumping away at my cunny with her wonderful mommy-cock. The friction swelled and swelled through me. It was wonderful to experience. I groaned, loving every second of it. This was amazing. My futa-dick throbbed between us, the pressure building and building at the tip.

Her every thrust into my cunt swelled me to that amazing moment when I would cum. Just a powerful moment of climaxing. I groaned, my snatch squeezing around her cunt. It was fantastic to feel. I groaned, loving every moment of it.

This was incredible. Just a delight. It was fantastic to enjoy. I groaned, loving every second of my mother thrusting into me. She made me feel amazing. I groaned, my pussy clenching, the pleasure building and building in me.

Her tongue thrust deep into my mouth as she plowed away at me. I groaned, clinging to her dick. My orgasm swelled so fast. This was it. This was it. I would have such a powerful explosion of cum. I would have such a big burst of ecstasy.

I broke the kiss. “Mommy!”

“Mmm, yes, yes, yes, you love this!” she moaned. “You love it so much.”

“I do!” I moaned. “Mommy, I love you so much! I want us to have fun together. To love each other!”

Mommy smiled at me and thrust into my cunt.

She erupted.

I gasped as her futa-cum spurted into my cunny. I bucked beneath her as my own orgasm detonated, triggered by her hot spunk. My girl-jizz fired between us, splashing her big tits and soaking my little breasts. It was amazing.

My cunt went wild around her dick. I shuddered and moaned, my twat massaging her. My pussy worshiped her. It was incredible to enjoy. I savored every moment of it. I trembled through this bliss. My mind blazed with such ecstasy.

“Oh, my god, yes, Mommy!” I groaned, my pussy milking her cock.

“Mmm, Sky, yes!” she moaned, her cock pumping into my snatch. “Yes, yes, I love you!”

I kissed her as we shared this amazing pleasure. My orgasm shot me to the peak of my bliss. I shuddered there. My cunt milked out the last of her mommy cum. I squeezed my eyes shut as my rapture melted into euphoria.

I was so ready to try this new responsibility thing. To love my mom and not be a selfish cunt. This was my second chance, and I would enjoy it.


Madeline Marlow

Grace’s plan worked.

I had saved my daughter from the futa-demon. I saw it in Sky’s green eyes.

I lay on my back on Georgia’s bed. My baby futa-girl was licking up the cum that she had fired all over my big tits. Her tongue felt so wonderful as she scooped the cum off of me. I groaned, closing my eye and just savoring my daughter’s love.

“Mmm, your cum is just so yummy,” Sky said. “It’s the best, Mommy. I’ve tried a lot of boys, and futa-cum smokes them all.”

I smiled. “Yours is definitely the only cum I’ve ever liked.”

She lifted her head, cum on her pink lips and chin. “Have you ever tried any other cum?”

I shook my head. “Your father wanted me to… But I always told him no.”

“Poor him,” she said then ducked her head down. “But lucky me.”

She licked at my tit again. I groaned as she lapped up to the jizz on my nipple. She sucked it into her mouth. I shuddered, my futa-cock throbbing and pussy clenching. Such joy surged through me. This was so wonderful.

We were so close together. It was amazing. I was thrilled to have her love. I squirmed on my back as she nursed on me. Her tongue danced around my nipple. My thighs rubbed together, my futa-dick twitching with aching need.

She nipped my nipple. I gasped and she winked a green eye at me. I groaned, smiling at her. She was such a delight. Then she popped her mouth off my nipple. She pushed her legs between mine, her cock nudging into my bush.

“Sky,” I moaned, my futa-cock quivering.

Sky thrust into my pussy.

My futa-daughter’s cock filled my cunt. It felt so amazing. I groaned, savoring that naughty futa-dick filling up my twat. I shuddered, my clit-dick throbbing between us. The pleasure spilled over my mind as she slid deeper and deeper into me.

My daughter bottomed out in me. She grinned down at me, her green eyes shining in delight. I smiled back at her, my pussy clenching about her girth. She was just perfect in me. I stroked up and down her back as she drew back her clit-dick.

I gasped as my pussy drank in the sensation of her withdrawing shaft.

“God, Mom!” she moaned and thrust back into my pussy.

The tip of her dick nudged against my cervix. My womb. I shuddered. She had come from there. She was back home where she belonged. I smiled at her, loving the friction she churned in me by thrusting away. She pumped at my cunt with her big dick. She buried fast and hard into me, my cock twitching between us.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned. “Oh, damn, that’s good. Ooh, I like what you’re doing to me, Sky.”

“And what’s that, Mommy?” she asked, her clit-dick burying deep and hard into my cunt.

“Making me cum,” I moaned. “Oooh, you’re going to make me explode, aren’t you?”

She winked at me.

“Do it,” I groaned.

She thrust away at me. She slammed her girl-cock into my pussy. I shuddered, my orgasm building and building from the wonderful friction. My cock twitched between our stomachs, our flesh massaging the tip. My precum leaked out, staining my flesh.

I groaned, Sky pumping away. Her daughter-dick plunged to the hilt in my cunt over and over again. She filled me up. It was so awesome. I loved every moment of it. I savored every last thrust of her dick into my cunt. It was amazing. I groaned, my heart pounding so fast. I built and built toward that orgasm. I would have such a big one.

Such a mighty burst of rapture. It would be incredible.

“Sky! Sky!” I moaned.

“I know, Mom!” she panted, thrusting into me. “Ooh, you’re going to burst on me.”

I nodded.

“Good!” she purred and thrust into my cunt, the friction warming up my flesh.

I gasped, squeezing my twat around her. I held her so tight, my futa-cock throbbing between us. My ovaries brimmed with my futa-cum. My daughter’s big dick plunged into me again and again. I whimpered, loving this so much.

Sky thrust into my pussy’s depths. I gasped, the friction stimulating my flesh. The heat melted to my ovaries. They were already on the verge of boiling. I groaned as that sent me over the edge. I squealed out and then I came.

My futa-cum spurted from my dick over and over while my pussy convulsed around my daughter’s girl-cock. She groaned and drew back through my spasming flesh. I gripped her ass, holding her to me, my eyes staring into her green eyes.

So brilliant.

So passionate.

She buried into me and gasped, “Mommy!”

Her cum fired into my cunt.

My pussy writhed around her girl-dick, milking her wonderful cock. I shuddered, my jizz firing between us while hers filled my pussy. Her incestuous futa-seed splashed right on my cervix. Could I get pregnant?

I hoped so.

“Yes, yes, yes, Sky!” I howled. “Oh, that’s so good. You’re amazing, Sky!”

“So are you, Mommy!” she moaned, her cum flooding me.

I bucked beneath her, staring into her eyes. She kissed me. Her small boobs pressed into my chest. They rubbed against me as I trembled through my orgasm. My futa-dick spurted a last time while my pussy wrung her cock dry.

I shuddered as I kissed my daughter. Loved her. I had saved her. Grace’s plan worked. I trembled, tears springing up in the corners. I knew it would be difficult. Things were about to get messy at the Matthews house, but I would have my daughter with me.

Sky had changed. I could feel it. I was so proud of her. I would do everything to help her become a young woman. Responsible and caring. Loving and compassionate. I clutched her tight as our tongues danced together.

I loved my futa-daughter the way no mother should and I didn’t care. What we had was beautiful. I wouldn’t give it up for anything.


Sky Marlow – Six Months Later

Being pregnant with my mother’s futa-daughter was great. I mean, it did also suck. The swollen ankles and the having to pee every ten minutes, and the strange cravings. But I loved it nonetheless.

I wasn’t the only one pregnant. Georgia and her mother, Ms. Stevens (she went back to her maiden name after leaving her husband), were also pregnant. Mom and I didn’t know who knocked up which, but I like to think Ms. Stevens’s baby was mine and Georgia’s was my mother’s.

We lived together now. It was a huge scandal when the reverend’s wife left him for my mother. It was a big mess. Caused a lot of drama. A lot of crying from everyone involved. But it all mellowed out in the end.

Georgia even forgave me for using her. We were dating now. It was fun. I liked her. I couldn’t marry my mother, but we both understood who I loved most. After all, she had a thing for her futa-mom. I had a thing for my futa-mom.

Yep, we all stayed futas, even Ms. Stevens.

Aoi and Natalie were dating, too. Natalie really, really liked to get tied up by Aoi, and that girl had a scary streak to her. Of course, they practically lived at our place, addicted to our cocks. Mrs. Reyes and Mrs. Spencer came over a lot. They were still married and their husbands in the dark about the futa-dick they got on the side.

I never did see Mrs. Simmons again. I hoped she could forget about our romp or, at least, to remember it fondly.

I was happier, though. I didn’t chase after pleasure. I found it in being with my friends and family. Not just the sex part, but hanging out with them. Helping them out. There was this whole other side of life I never knew about. That I was too busy running away from because I wanted to hurt my mother.

I had been a real selfish cunt.

No longer. Being possessed by Spice had allowed me to really see what I was like. I was thankful for it. Made me wonder what the futa-demon was doing right now. Was she happy? Sad? In pain? I didn’t know.

Grace took her away.

Mom, though, would have this smile on her lips like she knew something but she wouldn’t tell me. “Not my place,” she would say, “to talk about other’s relationships.”

It was so annoying. Well, no one was perfect. We just had to try our best, I supposed. That was living. Still, I wondered about Spice…


“I’m never, ever letting you go,” Grace the Futa-Angel cooed.

Spice sighed. The futa-demon lay beneath the futa-angel in the boring missionary position as the unimaginative angel pumped her futa-cock in and out of Spice’s pussy. They were building and building to her orgasm.

This was Spice’s future. Lying with the angel who loved her and experiencing the same boring sex over and over and over and over and over again.

“Going to be a good one!” Grace moaned, sounding so happy.

I hate you so much. Next time I get out, I’m going to possess nuns. Yep! Nuns!

“Oh, Spice, I love you!” Grace moaned. “Do you love me?”

“Yes,” Spice hissed. “Love you and hate you and… Why can’t we have sex in another position?”

“Missionary is the best!” Grace moaned and erupted.

Her futa-cum splashing into Spice set the futa-demon off. She howled out her passion and frustration as she bucked in the arms of her lover and her enemy, trapped in a prison of love and desire until the end of time.

Or the next time I get out, Spice thought, already plotting her next escapades. She would definitely do nuns.


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