Futa Pirates

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Growing up near a plantation, I was used to seeing futanari slaves toil away under the blazing sun. Their dark, muscular physique was drenched in sweat, their massive cocks and tits swaying as they moved. They didn’t wear clothes, as the slavers didn’t regard them as people.

“Animals, the lot of ’em,” my father said after a long day of cracking the whip. “Lazy savages who only know how to screw like dogs. Why, if they weren’t in chains, they’d be raping our women and burning down our cities like those damn pirates.”

When I was young, I took his words as doctrine, but as I grew older and watched the slaves being worked to death, I felt doubts. I wondered what it’d be like if our roles were swapped, and it was their whips that cracked on my back, and it was their feet that I had to kiss, and it was their hands that I had to eat out of, and as I imagined them standing over me with their fat, throbbing cock inches from my lips, I felt lightheaded and there was a swelling under my pants.

That night, I wet the bed. The next day, I woke up a man. A man with a conviction. One that would defile my father’s church and split on the grave of my ancestors. I was conflicted — afraid for my immortal soul.

I tracked along the edge of the plantation. Tall sugar canes on one side, and the vast ocean blue on the other. I swung a stick around, pretending I was fighting a pirate — or perhaps I was the pirate, a notorious outlaw who was a country unto himself. I wasn’t sure. My stick cracked the air, and I heard a scream from the tall brush.

It was a young futanari, no older than I. She cowered at the sound of my stick. Her lean, dark body was shaking like a newborn chick. I saw her around the plantation before. Her skin was blacker than most, and her wavy hair cut short at her neck. She almost looked like a boy, so I handed her the stick and continued walking along the beach. She looked at me with wide eyes before returning to her tasks.

That night, I dreamt of her pretty face and the fear that reflected in her eyes, and by morning, all doubt was gone.


I stood on the deck of a ship. The salty wind on my face, and the sun boiling my sweat. I stood in a naval uniform among other officers under the king’s banner.

The lookout spotted a flagless schooner in the distance, so I paced to report to the captain.

“Pirates. Dirty, godless, pirates,” Captain Osborn sneered. He was a stern gray haired man who reminded me of my father. “Tell the men to man the cannons. We won’t be taking prisoners.”

“Yes, sir.” I saluted and relayed his orders, “All hands to battle stations!”

The sailors rushed to their posts, opening the gun ports and loading the round cast irons into the cylinder. I gripped the hilt of my sword as our ship approached the enemy. The pirates noticed us and raised their black flag as a warning.

“Huh, who do they think they are to threaten his majesty’s navy? Shoot when we’re in range,” Osborn said.

“Hold it steady, men. Maintain routh till we’re at eight hundred yards,” I said.

Our ship sailed through steady waters with the wind in our back. I began my countdown. “Eighteen hundred… fifteen hundred… twelve hundred… one thousand… eight hundred.”

“Shoot the cannons. Kill all pirates!” Osborn said.

The gunners lit the fuse, and explosions erupted like thunder. The shooting gallery exploded and our ship shook from the impact.

“We’re hit! Damage to the port beam,” one officer said.

“Captain, we lost our left broadside!” Tuzla Escort another man said.

White smoke and screams filled the air, and the sailors ran around in panic.

“Order! Maintain order,” Osborn said. “How did they hit us? No, turn this ship around and hit them with the other side.”

“We’re too shaky, Captain. She’ll capsize,” the helmsman said.

“Captain, the pirates are approaching. They plan to board us,” a sailor said. “Captain, the pirates… they’re futanari. They’re all futanari. It’s the Black Howl, sir!”

“The Black Howl…” Osborn whispered with an ashen face, “…The slaver hunters.”

“What should we do, Captain?” I asked.

Osborn was speechless. His eyes widened with fear.


“P-prepare your weapons. Protect this ship with your lives!” Osborn unsheathed his sword with shaking hands.

“Return to your cabin, sir. You’re too important to risk your life up here,” I said.

“Y-yes, well spoken, man. Escort me to my quarters. Don’t let those vile animals lay a finger on me!”

Osborn ordered two other officers to accompany him, and together we entered the captain’s cabin. I barred the door, locking the four of us in the room, as sounds of swords fighting and screaming leaked through the wooden boards.

“How has it come to this? How were those blasted sea-dogs able to destroy half our ship with their floating hunk of junk?” Osborn cursed and paced behind his desk.

“I have something to report, Captain.” An officer stepped up. “We weren’t attacked. It was our cannons that exploded, sir!”

“What? How did — Sabotage! Someone on this ship is a traitor!” Osborn slammed his fist on the table.

“But, sir, we have an entire crew of men. Why would anyone betray us, and why?” I asked.

Osborn’s irises swam around before he arrived at an answer. “The charts! The pirates are after my sea charts.”

He unlocked his cabinet and took out several documents.

“That ship, the Black Howl, belongs to Edwin Foxe, the slaver hunter,” Osborn said. “That dog leads a band of futanari to attack slave ships and plantations throughout the region. Bah, trying to steal cheap labor for himself, no doubt.”

“And these documents are…”

“They’re the new routes and schedules for all cargo ships under our banner. This is what the pirates are after.”

“Exactly.” I smiled.

I decked one guard in the face, sending him crashing to the floorboard, then I crashed swords with the other. My sword was quick, but the man was no slouch himself.

“You? You’re the traitor!” Osborn leapt back and awkwardly put up his sword.

“Come now, Captain. How could I betray something I wasn’t a part of, to begin with?”

The officer slashed my sleeve, revealing tattoos on my bronze skin. I exchanged swings with the man. Our blade was a dance of spark and clashes. I laughed as I fought, feeling a rush of excitement like I was a boy, playing with sticks. The man rushed forward, and I jumped on the table. I slammed his sword down with my boot, before kicking him in the chin. The officer tumbled back, and I gave him another kick for good measure.

With both guards down, it was just me and Osborn.

“Traitor! D-don’t come near me. How… How could you sell out your people to those dirty animals? Those fiendish upfront against God!”

“God loves all his creations, Caption Osborn. Especially when he gave them such lovely cocks. Have you tried tasting one, Capitan? Oh, such delights!”

“Heretic! Pervert! D-don’t Gebze Escort come near me, dog!”

He swung his sword at me, but I easily disarmed him. Osborn cried and clenched his wrist.

“Ah, ah, ahh, not a dog, but a fox.” I took off my hat and gave him a playful bow. “Captain Edwin Foxe, at your service.”

Blood faded from the man’s face as I dragged him out to the chaotic deck. All around us, powerful women in colorful clothes were slashing away at the kingsmen with their rippling arms. Up on the mainmast, a dark-skinned woman with a lean athletic body was fighting while swinging on the ropes and wooden beams. She wore a loose-sleeved shirt with a red cloth tied around her waist and a red scarf tying up her short wavy hair.

I grabbed the wailing Osborn by the hair and commanded the sailors to throw down their arms. Soon, my crewmates rounded up the men and my first officer swung down and leapt into my arms. I felt her athletic body and kissed her lips, which tasted like salt and pickles.

“Did you get it, Captain?” Averil asked. There wasn’t a hint of doubt in her bright brown eyes.

“You know it.” I smiled.

My ragtag band of futanari cheered as I showed them our loot. Their voices were music to my ears, and their bodies glistening under the sun were a sight I had missed dearly.

“Captain Foxe, what should we do with the soldier?” asked a futanari, who was the tallest one of the bunch. She had honey colored skin with wide shoulders and large breasts laid bare to see.

“Hmm, what should we do?” I said playfully. “On one hand, we could capture them as hostages and sell them for a king’s ransom, or… we could have them walk the plank!”

My girls cheered, and the sailors were shaking with fright.

“But Captain, it’d be a waste if we just murder them,” Averil said. “Especially since we have a crew of pent up futanari! Isn’t that right, ladies?”

“Yes!” they screamed in unison.

At this point, several sailors fainted or pissed themselves.

“Girls, girls, behave yourselves. You’re making me jealous,” I said.

Immediately, the girls ran up to me and started hugging me with their large arms and kissing me with their soft lips. They whispered words of love and said how much they missed me. I was squished between mountains of soft boobs and sweaty muscles, and I couldn’t be happier.

In the end, we loot the navy ship for all its worth before sinking it, leaving the sailors to their fates.

“Welcome aboard, Captain. Things have been dull without you around.” Averil said as I stepped foot on the Black Howl.

“It’s good to be home, beautiful. Tell me, what have you girls been up to in the past six months?”

“Oh, nothing much. Looting, shooting, killing — the usual stuff.”

“Any romantic encounters on the high seas? Be honest, I won’t be jealous.”

“Never!” all twelve of my crew said in unison.

The tall shirtless girl, Thea, hugged my back and placed my head between her boobs. “You’re cruel to think we’d ever cheat on you, lover. There isn’t a man on earth who’s such a good little cock-slut like you.”

Thea’s cock hardened and poked up to meet my ass. I kissed her slick, muscular arms and inhaled her musky scent. My lovers weren’t the only ones who were starving for love.

“Let me guess, you got first dibs,” I said.

“She and I got first dibs, Captain,” Averil smiled. “We looted, shot, killed the most to get this honor.”

“Why fight when you’re all my lovely wives?”

“You’ve Aydınlı Escort got a bit too many wives, sultan,” Averil said.

We entered the cabin, which had one large mattress for all of us to sleep together. The girls tore my disguise apart and kissed every part of my body. Their coarse hands and elastic muscles were something they all shared. Their skin tones range from black to bronze to sun kissed tan. Many of them had scars on their body, but it only added to their rugged beauties.

I felt up Thea’s massive tits, sucking her large nipples like a baby. Averil took my head and pressed me against her defined abdomen. I licked the mountain and valleys and drank up her sweat like a thirsty mutt. The other girls hung back as I tasted Averil and Thea all over. Their eyes were like wolves looking at flesh meat.

I moved down to suck Averil’s eight-inch cock, running my tongue along her shaft, feeling her veins pulsating beneath soft skin. The salty tang and intense smell were something I could never get enough of. My hands explored her heavy balls and slick pussy.

Thea moved behind me and sucked my cock. Her lips played with my dick like a toy, then she moved to taste my anus. Her hot tongue lubed up my anus, eagerly rotating around the tight walls. When it was wet enough, she thrusted her ten-inch cock into my ass, and moved her hips with all her strength. Averil also moved her hip to face-fuck me. Her dick tore down my throat and filled my lungs with her scent.

Averil and Thea fucked both ends of my body, contorting my holes to fit the shape of their dicks. Then, with a final push, they unloaded their hot cum into me.

I swallowed up the delicious milk as the girls laid panting on the mattress.

“Finish already, girls?”

“S-sorry caption… huh… it’s been so long… I… forgot how good your mouth pussy feels,” Averil said, through heavy breathing.

“S-same here,” Thea said before closing her eyes.

I scratched my stubbled chin and looked at my ten other wives.

“Well, is anybody else up to the challenge?”

That afternoon I rinsed their balls dry and laid among their sweaty, muscular bodies. And as I laid there covered in cum, my mind recalled the dream I had long ago.


“Yes, Captain?”

“Are you happy here? — on this ship with me?”

“There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”

“What about your homeland? I could take you back, build you a manor and — “

Averil put her finger against my lips. Orange candle lights shone on her dark face and bright eyes.

“Edwin, my place is here, in your arms. Please don’t tell me to go anywhere else.”

I smiled and caressed her cheeks. “I was going to say we can build a place for all of us to live in.”

“And leave all the other futa behind?” Averil raised her brow. “That’s not your style, is it, Caption Foxe, the slaver hunter?”

“I’d rather be remembered as Edwin, the cocksucker.”

Averil laughed. “That’s the thing about legends, Captain. None of us get to decide what we’re remembered for.”

“Alright then.” I pushed myself up and looked at the lying, naked bodies. “If you agree with what Averil said, say ay!”

“Ay!” they said in unison.

I grinned and put on my captain’s hat. “Then what are ya waiting for, ya landlubbing, scallywag! Get off yar lazy bums and get back to yar posts. It’s time we get this lady sailing!”

“Ay aye, Captain!”

The futanari jumped up and put on their clothes. Excitement showed on their faces. I stepped under the blazing sun and felt the wind on my face. The sounds of crashing waves and my crew singing and laughing made my heart soared.

“We’re we heading to, Captain?” Averil asked.

“We’re ever there’s booty to be had, and fat, throbbing cocks to whip my face!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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