Futa’s Naughty Scented Candles Chapter 4: Futa Seduces Her Mom , Big Sis

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Futa’s Naughty Scented Candles

Chapter Four: Futa Seduces Her Mom & Big Sis

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to my wonderful beta readers!

Asuka Takamaki

The front door whisked opened and closed softly, the knob turned to keep it from latching. My eldest daughter, Ruri, entered like a thief in the night. She was a shadow, back from her date and an hour after curfew.

She took two steps when I flicked on the light.

Ruri jumped, squeaking in shock. Her brown hair danced around her face. She looked the most like her father, almost nothing of Japan in her pale features. Round eyes, full lips, strong cheekbones. She wore a pair of jeans so tight they molded to her legs and rode so low the thong hugging her waist was clear as day. Her boob tube quivered with the bounce of her breasts.

Not the clothes she had left on her date on.

“Okasan!” she gasped, falling back on the Japanese word for mother. Ruri spoke Japanese fluently, unlike my other daughter. My insistence with Ruri had lessened with my second child.

“You are an hour late,” I shouted at her in Japanese, swelling up to my full height. Which meant I stared at her chin. She had her father’s height, too. “An hour, Ruri!”

“Sorry, Mom,” she said, shifting. “We, uh, lost track of time. The movie ran late. You know.”

“And you lost your bra? And where is that nice skirt and blouse you left in.”

She hesitated. “I, uh, spilled something. Had to change.”

“Into a slut’s clothing?”

She winced. “I’m twenty-one, Mom. I can—”

“You live under my roof. You will dress and act and be home when I say so!”

“Sarah’s not home!” Ruri shot back.

“She is under the supervision of Britney’s mother.” I put my hands on my shoulders. “Now, you will march upstairs, go to bed, and in the morning we shall discuss how long you are grounded from dating.”

“Grounded?” shock burst across her features. “You can’t ground—”

“You are adding days. And you can be grounded from other things. Your phone.”

Ruri’s face paled. She screeched and then marched up the stairs, stomping every time like a petulant child. I shook my head. She had too much American in her. She wasn’t a good girl like Sarah was. My youngest daughter was with her friends instead of with boys. Ruri’s footsteps thudded down the hallway. Her door slammed shut behind her.

I gritted my teeth and muttered beneath my breath.

I headed to the kitchen to get some water when I heard the front door open again. I frowned, a surge of panic rushing through me. Who was it? Sarah was at her friend’s house having a wholesome slumber party. I reached the kitchen cleaver.

“Mom?” Sarah called. “Are you in the kitchen? I had to come home early. Something happened to me. You won’t believe it. I’m a futanari.”

I blinked at hearing her say that Japanese word in the middle of her sentence. Hermaphrodite? How could she be a hermaphrodite?


Britney Meyers

“She’s going for it,” Shannon whispered, standing on my right was we lurked in Sarah’s front yard. Our friend had just gone inside.

“Yeah, she is,” I said. “Great dare, Mom.”

“Thank you,” my futa-mother said, her hand stroking my clit-dick. We were all wearing open bathrobes. Someone might see us, but that lavender scent of the candle wreathed us. Which was nice since it burned out while we were upstairs disciplining Mom.

My slumber party got wild. A candle turned my three friends and me into dickgirls. Futanari or futas for short. Then Mom caught us fucking and it transformed her into a futa, too. Turned out, she was so kinky and it was a lot of fun. We started playing Truth or Dare and Mom had dared Sarah to come home and fuck her mother and sister.

“There’s Mrs. Takamaki,” whispered Mary, the last of our group. She was on the other side of Shannon, the pair of them jerking each other off.

“Nice,” I said, eager for the show.


Asuka Takamaki

“Why do you think you’re a hermaphrodite?” I asked, believing that was the right word in English. It was such a backward language. Words in the wrong order and no way to mark politeness and deference save in the crudest fashion. It lacked subtlety.

I found Sarah wearing a bathrobe of light-blue terry cloth. She stood in the doorway, looking naked beneath.

“This is why, Mom,” she said and sounded scared. Her round, blue eyes trembled. They were her only Western features. She had the delicate cheekbones and dainty lips like me, her body petite and short, her breasts small. “My clitoris grew into a cock.”

She opened her robe and bared her naked body. She had a slender figure like I did at her age. My eyes traveled past her boobs and flat stomach to her black bush and…

The cock that thrust out of her thick curls.

My jaw dropped at the sight of her dick. She had no balls, but that was unmistakably a cock. She quivered there, her dick throbbing to the beat of her heart. I swallowed, at a loss for what to say. How had my little girl grown a dick?

She was nineteen. Barely an adult.

“It just grew,” she said and then tried to cover it. “It grew and it’s so hard. I freaked out. I begged Mrs. Meyers to drive me home before the other girls realized it.”

“Oh, Sarah,” I groaned.

“Okasan, I’m scared,” she whimpered. Her erection was too massive for her hands to hide it. She pressed it up against her belly and reached to her sternum.

It was… impressive.

I breathed in. She smelled of lavender, a relaxing scent. Which was good, because I felt the edges of panic rising in me. I had to be calm. I couldn’t freak out for my daughter’s sake. She needed me to be her perfect mother.

“Okay, okay,” I told her, grabbing her arm and guiding her to the couch. I pushed her down on it. “Do you want something to drink?”

She nodded, her eyes filling with tears. “It just… It hurts.”

“Hurts?” I asked, rushing to the kitchen. This was so insane. I breathed in, mixing that lavender scent. How could my daughter have a cock? How could she become futanari just like that? It was impossible.

Had a kami cursed her? A god or spirit of some sort. I really didn’t believe in kami. I prayed at the shrine on New Years, and even after I’d converted to Southern Baptist, I still would think about the beliefs that I was raised in and say quick prayers when needed.

I had to take her to the hospital. She was hurting.

Glass filled, I nursed back to my daughter. Water sloshed over the rim, spilling down the back of my hand. I reached her and she took it, gulping it down. I breathed in the lavender scent, and my eyes drifted down to her cock.

I couldn’t help but stare at the massive dick. It twitched with her heartbeat, the tip beading with precum. It was dark and swollen, in such need. My cheeks warmed as I realized why she thought it hurt.

She was horny.

“You’re sure you don’t know how this happened?” I asked.

She sat down the glass on a coaster resting on the end table. She shook her head, tears brimming in her eyes again. “It just hurts so much. It feels like there’s something that wants to explode out of me.”

Flashes of my daughter’s cock spurting white cum strobed through my mind. A heat rippled through my pussy followed by a flush of shame. I shouldn’t be thinking of my daughter like that. Particularly not after she had such a predicament.

“Well, okay,” I said. “Let’s get you back in your robe and then off to the hospital.”

“But it just hurts so much,” she groaned. “Maybe… maybe there’s a salve you can put on it.” She swallowed. “Something soothing.”

“No, no,” I said, shaking my head even as the idea of rubbing her cock blazed in my mind. “A dick is much too sensitive for icy hot or BENGAY.”

“You have that lotion with the aloe vera,” she whimpered. “That’s soothing. I just.. It needs some release. Please, Okasan?”

I breathed in that lavender scent. I couldn’t rub lotion on her dick. That would just excite her more, but… It twitched and had that dark and angry color to it, a reddish-purple. She needed to be soothed. I was just helping her. That was all. Just helping my daughter.

The hot itch swelled in my pussy as I said, “Okay, let me go get it.”

I hurried to the downstairs bathroom. I kept it here because liked to rub it on my hands and arms while watching TV. I opened the cabinet beneath the sink and snagged it. I rushed back to her squirming on the couch, her legs rubbing together, her cock thrusting up from between them.

That lavender scent filled my nose. I could do this. I could help her. She stared at me with those blue and grateful eyes as I pushed on the nozzle and a dollop spread white over my hand. The creamy scent mixed with soothing aloe vera filled my nose.

“Thanks, Okasan,” she said, smiling at me.

I took a deep breath and grabbed my daughter’s big, new dick. My pussy clenched as my fingers wrapped around her girth, the aloe vera lotion rubbing into her skin. It was so cool compared to how hot her flesh was.

I stroked up her, smearing her shaft in the white lotion. It greased my grip, letting me slid up her cock with real ease. I reached the pinnacle and stroked over her. She groaned and squirmed, her face twisting with delight.

“Okasan!” she moaned, her voice echoing through the living room. “Oh, thank you, thank you! That feels incredible.”

“Good, good,” I said and breathed in again. That lavender perfume she wore was so relaxing.

I pumped my hand up and down her cock, smearing the lotion in nice a good. It moments, her cock had a gleam to it, not a hint of white remaining. I should stop, but her cock just felt so good in my hand. And I knew why she ached.

I had to help her. I had to relieve her.

I licked my lips, my pussy getting so hot as I fisted my hand up and down her girl-dick. My breathing quickened, my panties growing wetter and wetter. I stared at that spongy crown. She looked so delicious, like a mushroom. That was a nickname for cocks in Japan. A mushroom.

Whenever you saw a big, smiling mushroom in a picture, you knew şişli bayan escort what it meant.

A big, tasty cock that was just begging to be sucked on and…

I shook my head. What was wrong with me? That was my daughter’s cock. It would be incest to suck on her. I just had to stoke her. That was it. Nothing more.

“Mmm, that’s so good,” Sarah said, her small breasts rising and falling. She had her eyes closed. Her hands rubbed at her belly. “Thank you. You’re making it feel so much better.”

“You’re welcome,” I told her, wanting to soothe her.

I pumped up and down her girl-cock faster. She groaned, her hands stroking her belly rising higher and higher. I watched them come closer and closer until they were rubbing at her tits. Her fingers massaged her boobs. They dug into her firm tits, massaging her flesh. A smile spread on her lips. Sighs of delight escaped her lips.

I watched her kneading those tits while I fisted her girl-dick. I stroked faster and faster up and on her shaft. I could smell the musk of her pussy, a sweet aroma. So similar to my own. I breathed in, knowing she was a true futanari.

A hermaphrodite.

“Oh, yes, yes, Mom,” she groaned. “Oh, I think… I think it’s getting better, but could you… kiss it?”

My heart lurched. “K-kiss it?”

“You know, like you would an owie when I was a kid. Make the pain go away.”

I licked my lips, staring at her cock. A bead of clear precum formed. That meant she could ejaculate. She would fire thick and salty girl-jizz. “I guess I can do that. Just… kissing it. Not… not anything else.”

“Of course,” she moaned.

My heart pounding a mile a minute, my pussy blazing with the itch to cum, I leaned over. My hair spilled about my cheeks as my lips came closer and closer to the tip of her cock. Just a kiss. That was it. I was soothing an owie.

I closed my eyes, puckered up, and planted a kiss right on the pinnacle of her cock.

Instantly, the salty flavor of her precum bled through my lips. I shuddered at the taste. My heart beat faster. I groaned, my eyes squeezed shut as I enjoyed the wonderful flavor of her precum. Salty and delicious. I kissed her crown again. And again.

My lips moved around the spongy tip. My lips smooched everywhere, making the owie go away. My daughter whimpered, her dick twitching and throbbing in my hand. I could tell that it was working, but she needed a longer kiss.

A deeper one.

I kissed the tip again, right there on the slit. The bead of precum melted through my mouth, the salty flavor wonderful. My lips slid over her crown. My mouth opened wide to give her cock a French kiss. To let my tongue get active.

“Okasan!” she groaned. “Oh, yes, yes, that’s really going to soothe my cock. Thank you, Okasan!”

I moaned around her cock in answer.

My tongue explored her throbbing tip. It was thick, way bigger than her father’s. Her salty precum spilled out and soaked my taste buds. It was wonderful. I shuddered, my snatch squeezing tight while my tongue dancer around her crown.

I played with her. Enjoyed her. I stroked her cock, loving how she throbbed in my mouth. I suckled. She moaned. It was such a wonderful thing to hear. More of her wonderful precum soaked my taste buds.

I breathed in the sweet musk of her pussy and that lavender perfume.

I groaned and savored soothing my daughter.

I bobbed my head, working my lips up and down her cock. My tongue danced while I suckled. I groaned, savoring every moment of this. My pussy blazed so hot I had to masturbate, but I also had to soothe my daughter’s girl-dick.

I had to make her cum.

“Oh, Okasan,” she groaned. “So good. I love you, Okasan!”

I loved her, too.

I sucked with all my might, blowing her with everything I had. My hand stroked the base of her thick girl-dick. My futanari-daughter moaned and gasped. The couch creaked as she squirmed. Her moans grew louder and louder.

The salty flavor of her cock grew. I knew what that meant. I moaned around her dick, so eager to make her explode. I wanted her cumming hard and fast. I wanted her spurting all that wonderful cream into my mouth.

She tasted so good. I groaned, suckling on her with hunger,. I nursed on her with such passion. It was fantastic. She moaned, her dick twitching and throbbing in my mouth. I loved the taste of her. I savored the passion of nursing on her.

Her clit-dick twitched and throbbed in my mouth. It pulsed with her heartbeat. I loved that so much. I wanted to make her cum. I wanted her gasping and moaning and spurting jizz into my mouth. It would be wonderful.

“Okasan!” she squealed. “Yes!”

Her salty girl-cum fired into my mouth. My futanari-daughter climaxed.

“I love you, Okasan!” she moaned as she pumped her spunk into my mouth.

The incestuous, salty seed filled my mouth. Dickgirl-cum. I gulped it down. I savored that thick and creamy spunk flowing down my throat to my belly. My pussy clenched as I drank down more and more of her spunk.

“So good!” she squealed.

Her girl-dick kept spurting. I kept swallowing. There was so much of it. The sweet musk of her pussy grew stronger. She must be cumming with both holes. I thrust my fingers into her pussy and felt her walls convulsing. She whimpered and the last spurt of cum fired into my mouth.

I swallowed it, shuddering. I nursed, wanting more, but she had run dry. Her pussy stopped spasming. I groaned and then slid my mouth off with a wet plop. She panted while drool ran down my chin.

I stared at her, my pussy so hot. I popped my fingers into my mouth and tasted her sweet delight. She smiled at me as I nursed on myself. I slid my digits out and she cupped my face. She pulled me up and towards her mouth.

“Arigato, Okasan!” she said and then kissed me.

I groaned, kissing my daughter with her own futanari-cum on my lips. I shuddered as her mouth worked on mine. This heady rush shot through me. I felt so wonderfully naughty. I quivered there as our tongues danced together.

She fluttered her tongue around in me. I loved every moment of kissing her. Every moment of loving my daughter. My pussy burned, itching to do such forbidden things with her. My nipples throbbed beneath my robes and my thigh nightgown.

She broke the kiss and moaned, “Okasan, my cock is still hard. It still hurts. Cumming in your mouth wasn’t enough.”

“Well…” I groaned and stood up before her, my hands unbelting my robe. My cunt itched. “There’s one thing I can try.”

“What?” she moaned, staring up at me. Her hands squeezed her nipples. “Will you kiss it better with your other lips. Your nether ones.” Heat stirred in her blue gaze. “Will you soothe my aching cock with your pussy, Okasan?”

“Yes,” I moaned and ripped open my robe. I let it drop before me, leaving me in my light-blue nightgown.

She smiled at me and then groaned as I drew up and up my nightgown. The cloth rubbed on my nipples. I pulled it over my head, my large tits coming into view. She moaned in delight at the sight of my big boobs.

I dropped my nightgown, down to just my panties. My daughter stared at my round breasts. She licked her lips with obvious lust. I shuddered as I hooked my thumbs into my panties and shoved them down my body.

They peeled off. My sweet musk grew stronger. My tits swayed as I bent over. My daughter’s futa-cock throbbed as she watched. She pinched her nipples and moaned her wanton delight. She wanted my cunt so badly.

“Oh, I’m going to soothe that cock,” I purred. “I’m going to make that big dick cum.”

“Yes, yes, come ride my futa-cock!” moaned Sarah.

I shuddered and stepped out of my panties. I drifted to her, my boobs jiggling. I straddled her on the couch, my knees sinking into the cushions. She buried her face into my breasts, kissing at the inner slope. I grabbed her girl-dick and lowered myself to it.

I shuddered as the tip rustled my pubic hair. A moment later, she kissed my pussy lips. I groaned as my labia spread over her crown. I stretched and stretched to take her. I whimpered as I sank my cunt down her big futanari-dick.

“Sarah,” I whimpered.

“Okasan!” she moaned, pulling her face from between my tits. “Oh, that’s so good. Ooh, your pussy is better than Mrs. Meyers’s.”

“What?” I asked, my body drinking in the pleasure.

“Doesn’t matter,” she moaned, her hands sliding around to grab my ass. “Just ride my dick, Mommy. Ride my cock hard. I want to cum and cum and cum.”

“Yes!” I moaned, my pussy clenching around her girl-dick. I slid up her. She gasped, her body trembling as I rose up her cock.

My motherly twat drank in the feel of my daughter’s futanari-cock. I groaned, realizing she was back in me. I impaled my snatch down her, drinking in the feel of her big shaft. She stirred up my cauldron.

It felt amazing.

“Oh, yes, yes,” I groaned, my body trembling. My futa-dick throbbed before me. “That’s amazing. That’s really awesome. Sarah, that’s amazing. You’re so thick.”

“Your so tight, Okasan!” she moaned.

I beamed at her and then rose up her cock again. She gasped and I groaned at the incestuous delight. This was the best way to soothe my daughter’s girl-dick. She was such a good girl. She deserved this reward unlike her sister.

I shuddered as I impaled myself down her dick over and over again. It was amazing. My body trembled from the delight. I stirred my cunt around her dick in slow circles. A big smile spread on my lips. This was such an amazing delight that would have me cumming so hard.

I pumped my hips, working my dick up and down her clit-dick. The pleasure swelled in me. It was such a treat to enjoy. My boobs bounced while her hands gripped my ass. Her fingers dug into my rump as I rode her.

“Okasan!” she moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, that’s incredible. Mmm, ride my big futa-dick. Work that naughty pussy up and down my cock.”

“So big!” I moaned. “And my pussy is so naughty. You’re going to get all the relief you need.”

“Uh-huh!” she groaned, her eyes fluttering.

I smiled, loving every moment of this. Every second of our taboo delight. Her fingers kneaded my rump. I groaned as some of şişli escort them dipped into my butt-crack. It sent a shiver through me as she slid down my crevice to my butthole.

She wouldn’t?

Her fingers stored my asshole and then one pushed against my anal ring as I slid up her cock. My pussy clenched down on her thick girl-dick as her digit popped into my bowel This heat melted down my cunt as she probed into me.

I shuddered, savoring the feel of her finger penetrating me while I worked my pussy up and down her girl-dick. My thighs flexed, sliding my cunt up and down her. It felt incredible to enjoy. I groaned, my body shuddering from the delight of this moment.

I wiggled my hips from side to side, my cunt on fire. It was so wonderful to ride her. To feel her clit-dick massaging my pussy. Her digit pumped in and out my asshole at the same time, adding this note of delight to the bliss in my cunt.

“Oh, yes, yes, Okasan!” she moaned, the house creaking as it settled. “That’s it. Just keep doing that. Ride my girl-dick. I’m going to cum.”

“I will explode,” I moaned. “Your cock is stirring up my cauldron.” That was a nickname for pussy in Japan. Cauldron. “Make it froth and boil.”

“God, yes!”

Her finger pumped faster and faster I worked my cunt up and down her clit-dick. I came closer and closer to that moment of erupting. It would be so incredible. I slammed down her, my clit rubbing into her bush. Then I slid back up her. My pussy squeezed the entire way up her shaft.

She gasped and jammed a second finger into my asshole. I groaned and slammed down her girl-cock. I bottomed out on her, my pussy quivering around her dick. Her fingers plunged deep into my bowels.

I couldn’t take it.

“Iku!” I cried in Japanese, the equivalent of, “I’m cumming.”

My pussy writhed around my daughter’s cunt. My flesh writhed and spasmed. I groaned, bucking on her as my twat sucked at her dick. My asshole did the same about her digits. She gasped, her head arching back and round eyes closing.

“Yes, Mom!” she gasped.

Her futa-dick erupted in me.

Her incestuous seed spurted over and over into my cunt. It was incredible. I shuddered and bucked through the bliss of my orgasm as my pussy massaged her erupting cock. More and more of her futanari-seed flooded my cunt.

I threw back my head, my snatch spasming with such hunger around her big dick. Incestuous delight washed through me. She filled me up with so much spunk. It was incredible. My boobs heaved. My hair danced around my shoulders.

“Okasan!” she gasped. “Yes, yes!”

“So good!” I moaned, hitting the peak of my orgasm, my pussy milking out the last spurts of her cum. “Yes!”

I slumped forward, cupped her face, and kissed my daughter on the mouth.


Ruri Takamaki

I fumed in my room.

That old bitch had been waiting for me to sneak home? She’d never done that before. She was always so controlling with me. I had to be perfect. I had to study hard. Did Sarah? Oh, no, she could do whatever she wanted. She could commit murder, and Mom wouldn’t care.

And dad just kept quiet. He was out of town, of course.

I stared up at my ceiling.


I was twenty-one and fucking grounded!

It was so unfair. Sarah would never be grounded. Not that she had had sex yet. My little sister might be nineteen, which made her a two years older than when I had lost my virginity and had never done much with a boy. It was so sad.

I sighed and rolled over. I lay there when I heard… something going on downstairs. I frowned. What was that? I heard voices. It wasn’t the TV, right? It sounded like Mom was talking to someone else. Who?

I thought Sarah was over and her friend’s house for her PG slumber party.

I rolled over and slid off my bed. I was in my thong and boob tube, having stripped out of my tight pants. I padded o the door and opened it. The moans and gasps grew louder and louder. I blinked. It sounded like sex.

That couldn’t be right.

Had my mom snuck over a man? Only… It sounded like another woman. What the fuck was going on?

My heart thundering, I had to find out. I padded to the stairs, the moans and groans growing louder and louder. That was definitely sex. I swallowed, my heart racing. I listened again, struggling to figure out what was going on.

“Okasan!” someone who sounded a hell of a lot like my little sister moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, that’s incredible. Mmm, ride my big futa-dick. Work that naughty pussy up and down my cock.”

“The fuck?” I muttered.

I swallowed and stepped down the stairs. I went slowly. Quietly. My heart beat faster and faster. The sounds of the two women, one who definitely sounded like my baby sister, having sex was insane. Mom was having a lesbian, incestuous affair with Sarah?

That couldn’t be. That was fucking insane.

I took another step and—


I shuddered at the groan of the loose step. I froze, fearing I had been caught. But the sounds of passion didn’t change my sister and mother were still going at it. This hot itch settled in my thigh. I caught a faint whiff of lavender. I swallowed.

And kept descending.

I worked my way to the bottom of the stairs, the panting growing louder and louder. This was so insane. Mom and my sister having sex? My mother who got bent out of shape for being an hour later for curfew.

I peeked out, my tits jiggling in my boob tube.

Mom was leaning in and kissing my nineteen-year-old sister on the lips. She was straddling her and something flesh thrust up into her pussy. Sarah had a strap-on dildo. I couldn’t believe this. My goody-two-shoes sister was a dyke with Mom.

This shock and anger rippled through me. They were kissing hard like they had both just cum. Their tongues were dancing. They swapped spit. I shook my head, this fury building and building in me at my mother.

She broke the kiss and purred, “Mmm, that futanari-cock is amazing. Did I satisfy your ache?”

“You did, Okasan,” my sister purred.

Futanari-cock, I mouthed. Why would Mom use that word? Was it some Japanese slang for a dildo? Or maybe a strap-on. Futanari meant hermaphrodite, right? But wouldn’t she have said futanari-kokku. Turn cock into its Jangrish equivalent. She said cock. Futanari-cock.

“Mmm, you satisfied that itch so well,” my sister moaned.

“But you’re still hard,” gasped Mom.

She slid up and up, revealing more and more and more of that fleshy dildo. My eyes widened. The girth. The length. It was bigger than any cock I had seen. Even in porn. The toy popped out of Mom’s bush and she stepped back, her big tits jiggling. Sarah panted, her hand grabbing her fake cock. She stroked it and…

Where was the harness? There was no vinyl around her waist. And it didn’t look like it was a U-shaped dildo, the type where one end goes in the girl’s pussy. A strapless strap-on dildo. This was like she had attached it to the front of her pussy.

And it twitched.

It throbbed like a real cock. Looked like a real cock. That shaft was no silicone or rubber. It matched her skin tone. I blinked. There was no way my little sister could have a dick. That was impossible and then…

Mom’s bush had white matting it. Cum. It was leaking out of her pussy. I breathed in that lavender scent and staring at that dripping mess. Mom really had ridden my sister’s cock until she came. My sister was a futanari.

A real hermaphrodite!

How long? All her life? How had I never known this? We used to take baths together. Hell, up until a few years ago, we would change in front of each other. She never had anything down there. What the hell was this.

That pussy looked yummy.

“Maybe Ruri needs to satiate me,” said Sarah. She glanced over at me and grinned. “I can see you, big sis. Why don’t you come on out and let me fuck you with my big dick while you lick Mom’s pussy clean? I have a dare to finish.”

“I… I…”

“Yes, yes, just come and eat me out,” moaned Mom. She sounded… almost high. She had this big smile on her lips as she sank onto the couch. Her legs spread wide. That messy pussy awaited.

I breathed heavily, sucking in breaths through my nose. That lavender scent was incredible. Eat out my mother…? That should be wrong, but… Why? Why didn’t I just do it? What was the harm? I bet it would be amazing. She smelled amazing.

I should just go for it.

I stepped out, my pussy soaking my thong. My boobs jiggled in my boob tube. They were the biggest in the house. Sarah stared at them. I just peeled my stretchy top off with a smile and bared my huge tits. They bounced before me.

She grinned back at me, holding her cock drenched in pussy cream.

It was a real cock. Like her clit had sprouted or something.

“Mmm, this is hot.” Sarah flashed an OK sign at the living room window. Was someone out there watching us?

I shuddered and then I fell to my knees before my mother’s pussy. The sweet aroma of her cunt mixed with salty cum. She had a pussy that smelled like mine. I licked my lip and leaned forward. So much jizz had leaked out.

I had never eaten a creampie before, but I was game for anything right now. My mom was so sexy. Her breasts jiggled. They were round and delightful. My boobs swayed beneath me as my lips nuzzled into her stained bush.

I licked at the girl-cum. It was so salty but with this sweet aftertaste. That had to be my mom’s pussy. I groaned as my tongue slid through her curls. I loved gathering up more of the cum. Mom watched me, her slanted eyes glossy.

“Yes, yes, clean up all your sister’s futanari-cum,” she purred.

“Futa-cum’s fine, Okasan,” Sarah said. “Mmm, I’m going to fuck you hard, sis.”

I shuddered as my little sister fell to her knees behind me. I delved deeper into Mom’s bush and found her pussy lips. Along with more of my sister’s futa-cum. What a hot name for this salty jizz leaking out of Mom’s pussy.

“Oh, Ruri, that’s delicious,” Mom cooed. “Just lick up all that cum leaking out of me.”

“Yes, Okasan,” I purred and licked up her slit.

She arched her back, mecidiyeköy escort her boobs jiggling. I caressed over her slit. I loved the taste of her. I licked and lapped at her. This was such a wonderful delight. Her sweet cream mixed with Sarah’s jizz. The salty flavor melted through my mouth.

As I licked at Mom’s thick pussy lips, Sarah dragged off my thong. It slid out of my butt-crack and down my thighs. My shaved pussy came into view, my cream dripping down my thighs. Sarah groaned in delight.

“Like my bald beaver?” I asked. “You into shaved girls?”

“I think I am,” she moaned. “Ooh, but there’s something else I’m into more.”


She just giggled.

Then Sarah’s big futa-dick slapped down on my ass. The wet shaft slid to my butt-crack, leaving my cheek smeared in Mom’s pussy cream. That same delight I licked up with the yummy cum. I thrust my tongue into my mother, into the hole that had birthed me, and found more spunk.

“This is so hot,” moaned Sarah. “Britney only had a mother to fuck. I have a mother and a sister. Lucky me!”

“Yeah,” I groaned, not caring about anything but eating Mom’s pussy and getting fucked by my sister. “Lucky you.”

She slid the tip of her cock down and down until she nuzzled the thick crown right against my asshole. This shiver ran through me as she pushed on my bowels. I shuddered and then groaned as my anal ring widened and widened.

I groaned, my face scrunching up with bliss. She could fuck me in any hole she wanted. I had never felt so relaxed in my life. I swirled my tongue around in Mom’s pussy as my sphincter swallowed the tip of Sarah’s cock.

“Oh, yes, yes, fuck your sister in the ass,” moaned Mom.

“Mmm, she is!” I groaned as that thick cock sank into me. “Oh, god, yes, she’s doing it.”

That thick shaft sank inch after inch into my bowels. My toes curled as she reamed me out. God, she was just so wonderfully huge. She reached deeper and deeper into my bowels while my tongue danced around in my mom’s pussy, finding more and more cum to lick out of her.

I found every drop I could. I scooped it out of her, luxuriating in that wonderful flavor. My tongue stirred up her sweet, incestuous cunt, finding more spunk to lick out. My sister’s futa-cum was just so tasty.

“Yes!” Sarah moaned as she bottomed out in my asshole. “Oh, my god, yes! I’m all the way in your butt!”

“Fuck, you are, sis,” I gasped. “Oh, Okasan, her cock is huge.”

“It is,” breathed Mom.

My sister drew back her cock. My bowels clung to her dick. I held her tight, squeezing down on her as inch after inch of her cock slid out of my asshole. A shiver ran through me. This wonderful heat surged through my body. it was incredible to enjoy.

Then she rammed back into me. She slammed to the hilt in my bowels. The velvety heat melted down to my cunt. I groaned, my asshole squeezing down around that big dick. I shuddered, savoring this bliss.

It was incredible.


Just stupendous.

I groaned, my hips wiggling from side to side. I stirred my asshole around her cock. It was wonderful. I was so glad to enjoy this. She gripped my hips and pumped away at me. She pounded my asshole.

“Fuck, yes!” I moaned.

I loved my sister’s clit-dick slamming into my bowels. I groaned into Mom’s pussy, frantically searching for more and more of my little sister’s cum. I wanted every drop of it. I wanted every last spot of spunk that I could find.

My tongue scooped out that jizz while my little sister’s big dick brought me closer and closer to cumming. Closer and closer to exploding. I would have such a mighty load. Just fire spurt after spurt of cum. It would be incredible.

“Oh, god,” I moaned as Sarah butt-fucked me hard.

“Ooh, pound your sister’s ass,” Mom moaned, my tongue scooping out more cum. But it was getting hard to find. “She’s eating my pussy… Oh, I didn’t know I would love having her feasting on my cunt. She’s just stirring my cauldron up with her tongue.”

“I’m so glad, Okasan!” my little sister moaned, burying to the hilt in my asshole.

My bowels clenched on her cock as she pulled back. I quivered, swelling towards that wonderful orgasm. I would have such a big explosion of jizz. It would be incredible. I shuddered, pussy cream dripping down my slit.

My pussy drank in the heat melting down from my asshole. It just dripped down my thighs, making me feel hotter and hotter. I shuddered, clenching down hard on her thrusting dick. She fucked me with such passion.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I groaned, her dick stretching me out every time she buried into me. “Oh, that’s good. That’s so wonderful. Just make me explode.”

“Yes, make her explode!” moaned Mom.

I couldn’t find any more of my sister’s futa-cum. Just the sweet delight of Mom’s snatch. I savored the incestuous flavor of her cunt. My tongue probed deep. I licked and lapped at her folds. I brushed her clit.

She bucked and moaned, her round tits jiggling as I feasted on her. She squirmed, her silky bush rubbing on my face. The ticklish delight was such a wonderful treat. My tongue swirled around in her. I teased her.

She whimpered. Moaned. She had to be getting closer to her orgasm. I lapped at her clit, drumming my tongue against the bud. My bowels gripped my sister’s futa-dick as I did that. My pussy swelled with heat.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” Mom gasped. “Iku!”

Her pussy cream gushed out into my mouth. An incestuous flood of bliss that gushed out of her. this wonderful, delicious amazing treat. I groaned, drinking down all the rapture that flooded out of her. It was incredible. Amazing. I drank it down. I savored every last moment of drinking that gush of my mother’s fluids.

“Oh, Okasan, your tits are heaving!” Sarah moaned as she slammed into my asshole.

“I’m cumming!” gasped Mom. “Your sister stirred up my cauldron with her tongue.”

“And got a treat!” I moaned, my bowels squeezing down on my little sister’s futa-dick. The friction brought me closer and closer to that moment of eruption. I hurtled towards it. This would be awesome. I licked and lapped up our mother’s cum as Sarah slammed into me.

“Cum, cum, cum!” chanted Sarah, her big futa-cock stirring my asshole up.

“Getting there!” I moaned and drank more of my mother’s forbidden cream. I came from this hole. Now I bathed in her juices.

My sister slammed to the hilt in my asshole.

“Yes!” I squealed.

My bowels convulsed around her big dick. The pleasure burst in my cunt. Waves of delight washed out of my snatch and flooded through my body. I groaned and shuddered, the heat flooding through me. This was incredible.

The pleasure flooded out of me. This incredible, outstanding, amazing flood of bliss. It was ecstatic. Wonderful. Just the best rapture there was to experience. I groaned, my body quivering through the bliss of this ecstasy.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, my asshole writhing. “That’s so good. I’m cumming so hard.”

“You are!” Sarah gasped and rammed into my bowels.

Her futa-dick erupted.

The pleasure washing out of my cunt intensified. I rubbed my face into my mother’s furry muff as my sister’s girl-jizz pumped into my asshole. She flooded me with all this wonderful passion. My asshole convulsed around her clit-dick.

I milked her while she moaned her rapture, her fingernails biting into my hips. My bowels rippled around her cock. Pussy cream gushed down my thighs. I moaned into my mother’s snatch, savoring every last minute of this bliss.

It was awesome. Incredible. Fantastic.

“Oh, yes, yes!” Sarah moaned as she flooded the last of my cum into my asshole. “Oh, Okasan, that’s what I needed. Your pussy and Ruri’s asshole.”

“I’m so happy,” moaned Mom. “Mmm, it was amazing.”

“Yeah,” I panted, my orgasm dying. “That was insane. I can’t believe you have a dick that big.”

“I know,” she said. Then she giggled in delight while I just savored this change in our family. Incest… It was so hot. Mom and my sister. What a wonderful treat. I wanted to sit on Mom’s face and feel her lick out all the cum from my asshole.

What a wicked idea.


Sarah Takamaki

I ripped my cock out of my sister’s asshole, my body brimming with triumph. My blood boiled not just from the pleasure of firing all my cum into my sister’s asshole, but from the delight that I had completed the task given to me.

I darted to the front door, my mother and sister panting behind me. They started kissing. That was hot. I wrenched open the door and stared out into the night, my dirty futa-dick bobbing before me. There they were.

Britney, Mrs. Meyers, Shannon, and Mary were all looking flushed and happy, futa-cum dripping off the tips of their dicks. Pussy cream soaked their bushes. I smiled at them. Mary pushed up her glasses, looking so cute. Mrs. Meyers held her daughter’s clit-dick. The MILF winked at me.

“Goddamn, that was hot,” Shannon moaned. “Well done.”

“You did it!” Britney cheered.

“Okasan,” I called, Mom and my sister locked in their kiss, “I’m heading back to the slumber party. It’s not over.”

Mom just moaned, her tongue dancing with my sister, their boobs pressed tight.

I closed the door behind me and stepped into the warm night. It was summer and just so lovely. The others clustered before me, staring at me so expectantly. I frowned, my body buzzing from euphoria. It was hard to think.

“Uh, you going to pick?” asked Shannon. “Game’s still on.”

“Right!” I gasped. I was next after Mrs. Meyers.

Already I could see the resignation on her face, fearing that I would ask her “Truth or Dare” like everyone else had tonight. But…

“Mary, Truth or Dare!”

“Fuck me,” Mrs. Meyers gasped.

“Gladly, Mom!” Britney cheered, the blonde cutie grinning.

“Dare,” Mary said, blinking behind her glasses.

“I dare you to take us over to your house and have us gangbang your mom and aunt!” I said. “Two MILFs who are sisters getting fucked by all of us.”

Mary spun and dashed to Mrs. Meyer’s car. The naughty girl hopped into the front seat, looking so excited. She bounced in place. The rest of us raced after her. Gangbanging two MILFs sounded like such a hot thing to do next.

I loved being a futanari!

To be continued…

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