Gail Gets It Good

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Gail Green is an 18 year old hotsy with shoulder-length blonde hair, a student in a well-known state university and a highly enthusiastic member of the cheerleading squad there. She loves cheering for the players on the nationally ranked basketball team while they are on the floor, and she loves even more cheering them on after the game is over. Recently, Gail’s team won a home game against one of their main conference rivals, and the players all felt good about what they had just done on the floor. Gail felt good too, about that and about what she intended to have one or more of them do with her after all the interviews by sports writers and other post-game activities had been completed.

She waited by the exit which she knew would be used by the players to get to their cars in the parking lot. The first man to pass her was white, and strictly a bench warmer, so she ignored him, even though he ogled her sexy body in the blue and white cheerleading uniform and greeted her in a friendly manner. She was waiting for something bigger, in every sense of the word. A minute later, Gail got her wish, even better than she could have hoped for.

Three men, all black and all prominent members of the team were approaching in a group. She recognized Jason Crowley, a senior and the point guard and, right beside him, was Kwame Ali, the seven foot tall center from Africa. The third man was Jim Jackson, a combination small forward and shooting guard. He wasn’t usually one of the starting five, but he played in every game, and Gail would not hold against him the fact that he had begun that night on the bench.

However, she definitely wanted to hold herself against him. “Hi, you guys,” she greeted the trio, all of whom towered over her. “Great game! Do you want to play another kind of game? With me?” There was nothing coy about Gail; she believed in making clear what she wanted.

The sexy young cheerleader, along with several others, had a certain reputation among the basketball players, and they all knew what kind of game she meant. Gail and girls like her are among the perks of playing for a high-profile athletic program, especially one as successful as the basketball team that year at State. None of the men had any reason to reject what was obviously an offer of sex from a hot white girl.

“Do you mean all three of us,” asked Jason, taking charge as he normally did on the basketball court.

“Sure, if you think you’re up to it. And I do mean up.” Gail smiled impudently as she thrust out her large breasts. She wore a bra while leading cheers, but had removed it before coming to pick up some sex partners, and her erect nipples were clearly visible under the thin fabric of her uniform jersey.

The three men surrounded her, and the whole group stepped around the corner away from the door so they wouldn’t attract any notice from other players or from coaching staff who would be exiting the arena. Kwame was standing behind her, and he reached around to cup her succulent breasts in his big hands. Gail liked that start of intimacy, but wanted much more.

“Why don’t you reach under my sweater? You’ll get a better feel,” she suggested as she pulled the garment free of the waistband of her short pleated skirt.

He took her suggestion even further, raising the jersey up above her breasts so he could more easily hold one in either of his big hands and rub her nipples between his fingers. Gail looked up and smiled at him, and her smile got even happier when Jason stepped up closer and tried to squeeze his hand through the tight waistband of her skirt. He was unable to do it until she unbuttoned the side and pulled down the zipper.

The cheerleader skirt includes a matching blue lining that is permanently sewn in place and covers her crotch, and Gail usually wears bikini panties under it, but she had removed that superfluous garment and left it in her locker. There was nothing to get between her pussy and the point guard’s fingers, not even pubic hair, because she had shaved it off that morning.

With the waist of her skirt flapping open, Jim had no trouble reaching his hand in too, and cupping a succulent cheek and sliding his hand down the cleft of Gail’s ass. He was trying to slip his middle finger into her, so she placed her hands on her cheeks and spread them apart to help him, sighing happily when the first knuckle of the digit found its way inside her ass. All the men were having fun playing with her sexy body. Gail liked it too, but she wanted a lot more than being felt up by three men, especially when they were tall, black athletes such as the trio surrounding her.

“Do you guys have a place where we can go,” she asked. “This is nice, but we can have a lot more fun if we have a little more privacy.”

“I’ve got an apartment, and it’s over there, just on the other side of the parking lot,” Jason replied, pointing in the direction of a high rise.

“Well, then, what are we waiting for,” she asked rhetorically. Gail started in the direction of the designated building, one hand holding up her skirt and the other Anadolu Yakası Anal Escort keeping her jersey from interfering with Kwame’s fondling of her breasts.

All the other players and anybody who had stayed late had already left so Gail and the three men stumbled across the deserted parking lot and the adjacent street. All during the short walk, the basketball layers continuing fondling her and enjoying the texture of the blonde’s soft, smooth skin. When they reached the curb in front of the building where Jason’s apartment was located, he pulled his hand from Gail’s skirt, sniffed her sweet fragrance on his fingers, because her pussy was already lubricating, and walked up the short flight of stairs to unlock the door.

“Chill, you guys,” he instructed the other men, one of whom was fondling Gail’s breasts with both hands while the other was thrusting his finger in and out of her ass. “This building has a doorman, and I don’t want him thinking we’re up to something.”

The fact that it was late at night and there were three young black men going upstairs to an apartment with a single white women would make anybody think they were up to something, but nobody mentioned that. Casually, with Gail’s jersey pulled back down to her hips and her hands holding up her skirt, the four people crossed the lobby without touching each other and entered the waiting elevator. They were equally discreet on the ride up to the fifth floor and in the hallway there because of security cameras, but that changed as soon as they reached the privacy of Jason’s apartment.

Once she heard the door lock behind them, Gail released her grip on her skirt, and it fell to the floor, leaving her naked below the waist. While Kwame was pulling her jersey off over her head and Jason was fondling her breasts and keeping them out of the way, she stepped out of the skirt and kicked off her shoes. Although slightly over five feet tall, Gail has a gorgeous, voluptuous figure, and the men all gazed with lust at her bare body.

Jason took the lead again and bent over to hold her breasts in his hands and start licking her pretty pink nipples. Being a good team player, he relinquished one of the luscious globes to his seven foot tall teammate, whose hands covered the other breast as his tongue began caressing that cute nubbin.

Although her face is pretty, none of the men kissed her there, because they all thought of her as strictly a sex toy, and eschewed any foreplay that wasn’t also a lot of fun for them. They needed none to arouse themselves; the white hotsy’s easy availability and the sight of her sexy form was enough to bring them all to a high state of excitement. Gail didn’t mind the lack, because she thought of herself the same way, and had become sexually excited even while cheering them on to victory a short time earlier. All she wanted from them after the game were their big, black cocks, as often as possible and in all the places where they would bring her the most carnal joy.

Jim has a thing about booties, white or black, especially those that are curvy the way Gail’s is. While his teammates were licking and playing with her succulent breasts, he stepped behind her and ran his hands down her smooth buttocks and held their soft, round bottoms in his hands. This time he had no trouble sliding two fingers into her ass all the way to his knuckles, especially when she bent forward slightly and reached back again to spread her cheeks and give him easier access.

Gail smiled lewdly as she looked over her shoulder at the tall man behind her who had taken a liking to her ass. “Do you have any lube?” she asked him. KY Jelly or baby oil or something like that? You’ll need it back there if you’re hung anything like I hope you are.”

As the host, Jason answered. “I’ve got some oil in the kitchen. You go on into the bedroom and I’ll get it.”

When he rejoined them, Gail was lying face down on the bed, her legs spread and a pillow under her waist. Jim was kneeling between her thighs, kneading her succulent ass cheeks in his hands. He was bare below the waist, but still wearing his shirt and socks. Kwame wore only a dashiki, and he was kneeling beside Gail’s face, while she had his stiff cock in one hand and was licking the head. The man is seven feet tall, with an erection commensurate to his height, and she was looking forward to seeing if she could even get it between her lips, let alone all the way into her mouth. She was even more eager to get it as far as possible inside her pussy.

The only oil Jason had in the kitchen was some that he used in frying, and he handed the bottle to Jim, who removed the cap and poured a stream down the girl’s ass cleft. Using the middle finger of his left hand, he sluiced it into the hole that needed to be lubricated and followed it in with the same finger. He spread it around carefully and added more, because he had doubts about the oil’s efficacy, and felt it would be better to use too much than not enough. With the blonde’s ass oily enough for his needs, he applied the same Anadolu Yakası Yaşlı Escort liquid to his cock and pressed the tip against her cute pink rosebud.

Gail’s naked body squirmed with delight when she felt the oil being poured into her ass and when it was followed by a long finger that moved around inside her. Even more delightful was the sensation of the blunt tip of the cock that would be replacing the man’s finger. However, she likes to participate fully, even while getting fucked in the ass, so she let go of Kwame’s cock, got to her knees and reached back with both hands to spread her cheeks.

With a lascivious grin, she turned her head and looked at the man kneeling behind her. “Give it to me good, Jim. I want that big, black cock all the way in my hot ass.”

He smiled back, because that was his desire too. Holding his cock in his right hand, he reached in between her cheeks with his left to pry apart the soft edges of the oily hole that was his target. He pressed his cock against it, moved the tip up and down, and gave a firm shove. Jim was elated when he felt the head pop through, to be immediately gripped by the ring of muscles at the entrance to the hotsy’s ass.

Joy swept over Gail at the tremendous waves of pleasure that radiated out from where Jim’s cock was already stretching her open. She wiggled her ass slightly, to encourage deeper penetration and to make it easier to do, and cooed happily when Jim did what she wanted. The second thrust drove another inch of his thick shaft into her, and the channel attached to her rear pleasure hole started being expanded too. Gail turned her face toward Jim to encourage him to give her everything he had.

“Give me that big cock, Jim. Shove it all the way up my ass.”

To help him do exactly what she wanted, Gail lowered her face and bowed her back, raising her hips and presenting her ass as a getter target and bringing her face closer to Kwame’s cock; she looked at the huge organ and the towering athlete with lust and adoration in her eyes and continued holding gently to the object of her oral desire while she licked his balls and rubbed his rigid shaft against her face.

Jim didn’t know if the rather small white girl could take his entire cock in her ass or not, but he intended to find out. The next hard push drove almost two more inches into her. That was enough that he no longer needed to guide it, so he placed both hands on the sexy hips of the blonde and jammed it in deeper, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her. With a few more thrusts, the entire length was imbedded in the girl’s ass, and he left it in place for a few seconds, while all the muscles inside her adjacent channel massaged the length of his shaft, sending ripples of pleasure through his body.

With the first cock buried in her ass, it was time for Gail to engulf the second one, that of Kwame, in her mouth. She grinned up at him before resuming licking the head. He moved up closer, also wanting to help her do what she wanted, and Gail’s tongue started by caressing him in concentric circles. She loved the velvety texture of the big purple knob, and she slowly lowered her face, taking his cock head between her lips, until her tongue was circling under the ridge and stroking the slit in the tip. She stopped licking then, but lowered her face farther, her lips just barely able to fit around the thick shaft until the tip pressed against the back of her mouth.

Behind her, Jim started getting more active, pushing against her hips as he started slowly drawing his cock from her ass. With just the head still inside, he paused before driving it back in again, still slowly, because fucking an ass as tight as hers with such succulent cheeks was extremely pleasurable, and he wanted to make it last a long time. Once more, he only stopped when the entire length of his cock was embedded in Gail’s ass and the muscles all along that snug place of delight were massaging him again.

Having her ass crammed by Jim’s cock was extremely pleasurable to Gail too, and she moaned in delight, a sound that was muffled by the even bigger organ filling her mouth to the maximum. She also moved slowly, raising her head so her lips caressed the hard shaft of Kwame, while her tongue laved the part still inside her warm, wet chamber of pleasure. As Jim had done, Gail stopped drawing back when only the big, purple head was still inside, this time nestled between her lips.

Once again, she felt Jim’s cock being pulled back, and she engulfed Kwame’s, this time opening her throat and surprising even herself by taking everything he had into her mouth and down her gullet. When she felt the other man’s cock surging into her ass again, sending waves of exquisite pleasure along its path, she fucked back to meet it, simultaneously raising her face until only the head of the taller man’s massive organ was being cuddled by her lips.

Letting Jim set the pace, Gail kept up with the slow-moving rhythm, fucking back to meet his thrusts into her ass and raising her mouth from Kwame at Anadolu Yakası Zenci Escort the same time. When Jim drew back, Gail engulfed the bigger cock all the way down her throat, caressing its length with her tongue. She loved everything that was happening to her, from one big, black cock sending out huge waves of pleasure as it plunged into her ass to the even bigger one giving her a different kind of thrill as it filled her mouth and throat. Her lips enjoyed the way they were being stretched by the thickness of Kwame’s rigid shaft and her tongue especially reveled in laving the smooth skin that was stretched so tightly over its hard roundness.

Jim was having a wonderful time too. The white girl’s ass was tight, but the cooking oil was working better than he had expected, and there was no more than a minimum of friction. He could feel nothing but the tightness as he drove his cock in and out and her muscles as they rippled along the entire length, massaging him while bolts of excruciating pleasure rocketed through his body. She was a visual delight too, with her big, shapely white booty moving in front of him, and a tactile joy to his hands, as he held to her soft, smooth skin and he and she moved slowly back and forth in an erotic minuet.

Kwame was having a fabulous time, one of the most memorable of his life. As an 18 year old freshman from Africa, he was not accustomed to having his cock sucked by beautiful white girls, nor by anybody with the skill that this one was displaying. Her tongue and lips stroking up and down on his massive shaft were giving him the most delightful sensations of his life. He was also being given a visual treat greater than any in his memory, as he watched his ebon cock moving in and out of her pretty mouth, and stared at her lovely face as she gazed up at him with adoration in her pale blue eyes.

The only person not having a great time was Jason. At his point guard position, he was used to helping his teammates score, but that was on the basketball court. In bed, especially his own bed, he wanted to do a lot more of the scoring, particularly with a sexy cheerleader such as the one who had approached him and his mates earlier. It was obvious she was enjoying herself immensely, from the enthusiastic way she was bobbing her head and taking Kwame’s cock all the way into her mouth and the way her ass was fucking back to meet Jim’s steady strokes. The guys were both having a great time too, leaving him the only one not in on the fun, and he wanted to change that.

Jason surmised that, if he could bring the slut to an orgasm faster, the men would also cum sooner, and it would be his turn. He yearned to fuck her hot pussy, which had been smooth and wet and hairless under his fingers earlier, and which, he knew, would feel infinitely better wrapped around his cock. So far, he had removed all his clothing in preparation, but he ran out of patience and wanted to speed things up.

He reached under the bosomy blonde and, with one hand, cupped a succulent breast and started to gently roll her erect nipple between his fingers, while his other hand sought and found her swollen clit near the top of her dripping pussy. With his thumb and index finger, he carefully squeezed the delicate morsel between two folds of her inner lips and started stroking the little darling at the same tempo as she was moving in response to the cock plowing in and out of her ass. He was gentle with her, because he wanted her to cry out in ecstasy from having an orgasm, not cry out in pain.

Jason’s idea worked even better than he could have expected. After less than a minute of his stroking her clit and tweaking her nipples, she removed Kwame’s cock from her mouth and declared joyfully that she was cumming. Being on the verge of his climax too, Jim was glad to hear the news. Although he would have made no effort to delay his ultimate pleasure until after the girl had achieved her orgasm, he preferred having sex partners cum when he did, or just before, because it was more fun for him that way.

Jim held tightly to Gail’s hips as her body thrashed in front of him, wanting to keep her upright and wanting to keep driving his cock in and out of her ass. His climax welled up inside him, concentrating in his groin, and he started to cum, shooting his first gob of semen into her bowels. He continued plunging his big cock in and out until he had ejaculated two more times and knew he was done, at least for the time being, although he hoped and expected to fuck the blonde hotsy at least one more time before the night ended. He carefully withdrew his cock from her ass and smiled at the sight of his cum and the leftover oil as it trickled down her legs.

Seconds after Jim finished shooting his semen into her ass, Gail climaxed, all her muscles clenching followed by total relaxation. She knew he had cum, and hated to waste all his man-juices, but she also did not want to lick anything off a cock that had just been in her ass. She was still holding Kwame’s huge organ in her hands, and felt it start to throb. Gail knew what that meant, or thought she did, so she took it back into her mouth and her lips resumed caressing his hard cock. Her tongue was positioned to catch his cum when it spurted and, in less than a minute, his shaft jerked inside her mouth and a big burst of semen gushed out. She kept sucking until the African’s cock stopped ejaculating the hot, delicious fluid.

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