Gail’s Anniversary Surprise

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Five years of marriage, and I’ve managed to fall in love with Gail more with each passing day. Now, I know that marriages have a tendency to fall apart; in 5 years, we’ve had our share of difficulties. But I want to make sure that when it does end – if it does — we’ll be able to look over each day and say we lived it to the fullest.

But right now, I had to find Gail a gift for our fifth anniversary. For all my blabbering about living life to its fullest, it took my secretary to remind me of our anniversary. I decided to take the afternoon off from work and raid the local mall. It was a rainy Tuesday afternoon; I was hoping the mall would be empty. As I plowed the rain soaked streets, I passed in front of Gail’s flower shop. I slowed a bit, and noticed the ‘back in an hour’ sign. Strange. I came to the parking lot for the mall and pulled in near the entrance. I was right about Tuesday being a slow day – half the parking lot was empty. I braved the downpour, dashed for the entrance, and set my mind on picking up CDs from Al Jarreau and Luther Vandross.

I saw Gail in the shopping mall. She went from window to window, unsure of her next purchase. I followed her from afar — this was the reason the shop was closed. I snickered when I realized I wasn’t the only one with a faulty memory. Finally, she walked into a lingerie store. There was nothing I liked more than to hatay escort see her body wrapped up in something soft and frilly I could remove to get to the good parts.

People rushed by, ignoring me as I watched while she browsed through the different displays, rummaging the items. She would pick something up, press it to her ample chest, then put it back in the rack. Gail stood about 5’5″ and I was so blessed that she wasn’t Ally Mcbeal thin – she had a body that reminisced the pin-ups of the forties and fifties. She would have stood proudly next to Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe on the side of a B-17 bomber flying over an Axis powers target.

She finally found a matching set of blue silk panties and bra. Gail brushed her shoulder length brown hair aside when a saleswoman indicated where she could try the lingerie on. I ducked behind a stand selling cell phones and watched as she walk in front of the boutique’s entrance and headed for the change area. Gail slipped into a change room. The young man working the stand suddenly realized my presence but I dashed past him and approached the boutique. As Gail slipped behind the change room’s curtain, I went into the store. The saleswoman who helped her glanced at me suspiciously, but I calmed her fears when I told her I’m the husband of the woman who picked up lingerie.

I moved out ığdır escort of sight, winking at the saleswoman as Gail stuck her hand out and asked the saleswoman to find the pair in a different color. As Gail waited, nude in the change room, feeling self-conscious of her nudity in such a public place, I took the lingerie from the saleswoman, telling her I wanted to surprise my wife, remembering a fantasy she once told me about. The saleswoman agreed and went off to attend to someone else.

Moving near the curtain, Gail noticed a presence and asked if they had the lingerie in another color. Concerned by the quiet, she moved the curtain aside a bit to peek out. I seized my chance and rushed in the small cubicle. Surprised, Gail began to scream as I pushed her against the wall and clasped a hand over her mouth. Her eyes were wide with fear until she realized it was me. I sensed her smile and I removed my hand from her mouth. When she began to ask me what the hell I’m doing, I covered her mouth with a deep kiss and slid a hand up her body to tweak one of her nipples.

Pinning her against the wall this way, Gail felt all my weight. My hardness pressed against her pussy through my pants; she moaned as I took her tit in my mouth and massaged her nipple with my tongue. I suddenly heard the saleswoman ask if everything was all right, and Gail ısparta escort sighed that everything was fine. It was hard for her to concentrate as I had undone my slacks and pulled down my briefs; I put my hand on Gail’s pussy and savored her wetness. I brought my hand to my mouth and we both licked it clean of her juices. Goose bumps rushed across her skin as I pressed the tip of my cock against her cunt. Understanding what I wanted, she lifted her leg while I crouched down a bit. I wrapped one arm around her thigh to keep her balanced and we both grunted as my cock slowly penetrated her. I started to rock back in forth, causing her to sometimes hit the wall; the sound of our fucking bellowed through the whole dressing area. She squealed as I pulled her hair back and started to lick and nibble her earlobes. Gail did the same to me; the feeling drove me wild and I fucked her faster and harder until each of my thrusts made her moan more and more loudly.

The wall of the change room rattled as I felt pressure build in my cock. Slowing my pace down a bit brought the shaft of my cock in direct contact with her clit. Gail’s cunt muscles began to tighten around my cock – her orgasm drove me wild once again and my unleashed fucking started anew and I growled like a beast, shooting my load deep into her inviting pussy. The way she buried her face in my neck told me she loved the feeling of my hot come in her tight cunt.

As the daze of orgasm passed, our mingled come juices flowing from her cunt and down our legs, we felt the eyes of the saleswoman bearing down on us. Her angry frown told us we were in deep shit and yet we sensed her envy as she watched us…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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