Game and Match: Jenny’s 4 on 1

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Jenny had always been a jock chick. As an incoming freshman on a volleyball scholarship at her college in the city, she didn’t go to the beach to tan or to flirt, she was there to keep in shape in the off-season and challenge herself against top players, including men.

Maybe especially men. She prided herself in holding her own and becoming “one of the guys” as her skills improved through her high school career, and she had become well known and respected among the community of pickup beach players.

After a good hot afternoon on the sand, she was covered with sweat and grit and ready to pack her day bag and go home when Randy, who helped run one of the local rec leagues, appeared beside her to invite her along with a few others to his place for a postgame barbecue. Jenny had been to Randy’s home for other volleyball get-togethers before, and she knew a soak in the hot tub on his deck would do her some good.

She piled into an SUV with Erik and Steve, two ex-college players in their 20s who frequented the beach on weekends, as Randy and Michael headed to their own vehicles. Randy and Michael were both in the 35-and-over leagues, downtown professionals who used volleyball to keep themselves in shape. They had known Jenny for at least two summers and seen her grow from a skinny young girl into a woman, her curly golden hair pulled into a ponytail that reached halfway down her back, pointing toward a muscular but shapely rear end that they sometimes had felt a little guilty admiring. But she was 18 now, so there was no harm in checking out the view of her tall, lanky frame in her sports bikini.

When they arrived at Randy’s house, Jenny asked if she could take a shower to get a day’s worth of sand and grime off. Randy sent her into the bathroom while he got the hot tub and the cooler set up. The guys grabbed beers while Jenny slipped into the shower. The hot water felt good against her skin, which was slick with sweat and sunscreen, and she let her hair down to soak a little.

Suddenly she heard the door open. She thought perhaps one of the guys needed to pee, but was taken by surprise when the sliding shower door opened and revealed Erik stepping in with her. “Mind if I join you? I need to clean off real quick,” he said with a grin.

Too stunned to say anything, she merely let her eyes wander down Erik’s muscular chest to his penis, then quickly looked back to his eyes, smiled and handed him the soap. Erik was a well-built blond stereotypical beach-boy type, but Jenny had never detected any interest from him. She had assumed she was off his radar, especially having seen the bimbos who were all over him at the beach. Jenny’s age and girl-next-door looks, on the other hand, left most players seeing her as a little-sister type. As she shyly turned her back to him to keep rinsing out her hair, the absurd thought even entered her head that perhaps this wasn’t a sexual invitation, that he actually meant to just shower.

Until she felt him draw closer and lay his cock on the crest of her ass, atop the valley between her cheeks, as he put his hands on her sides and slowly ran them up her soapy body. Still she said nothing, but she couldn’t help wriggling just a little bit, enough to signal him to keep exploring as she felt his cock hardening against her flesh. When Erik’s hands came up to cup her perky b-cups, she let out a small moan. The situation had taken her completely by surprise, and she didn’t know how she should react. She turned around.

“Is that because of me?” Jenny asked quietly, looking down to see Erik’s thick cock now standing up on its own.

“I didn’t know your tits would be so perfect,” Erik said, continuing to fondle her with one hand while the other reached behind her to give her ass a squeeze and pull her closer. “Your whole body is perfect.”

“Really?” she said. “I never thought you looked at me like that. Or felt that way.” Jenny was blushing, but in such close quarters there was no escaping the moment, even if she wanted to. And the truth was she loved the feeling of his hands on her body, strong but slippery from the soap and water.

“We were all talking about it when we were watching you play the 3-on-3 game,” Erik said. “You still look really sweet and innocent, but all of a sudden you’re hot, too.” Punctuating this with a firmer squeeze of her ass, he added, “Smokin’ hot.”

“Well I’m glad you think so,” Jenny whispered as she leaned forward to kiss him. At first she only tentatively brushed her lips against his, but soon it grew more passionate, her tongue meeting his as the spray of the hot water and the steam in the shower made her feel as if she would explode with heat. Soon her hand sought out Erik’s cock, and she wrapped her fingers around it gently as they kissed.

Feeling his desire for her, so hard right in her hand, made her far bolder than she or Erik could have imagined. “And is this what you wanted?” she said as she let just her thumb and middle finger encircle him, mecidiyeköy escort stroking up and down the length of him lightly and teasingly.

“It’s one thing …” Erik said with a smile.

“Do you want a blowjob?” Jenny asked flirtatiously. She could hardly believe the words were coming out of her mouth as she spoke them, and she definitely couldn’t believe what she was about to do. She turned him toward the shower head so the spray wouldn’t reach her, sank to her knees and kissed the head of his cock while she kept jerking it slowly. “Is this what you want?” she said again, letting her tongue travel around the tip of it, shocking herself with her wantonness.

“Oh fuck, yes” Erik moaned as she continued to kiss and lick his cock, letting her tongue travel the whole length of his shaft, planting sweet puckered kisses along the way, then down to his balls. He was clean shaven, so she paid them plenty of attention with her tongue, tasting them while she oh-so-lightly jerked his thick, hard cock over her face.

She kissed her way back to the tip, then opened her mouth wide, lowering her lips over the head but not touching it. She looked up at him teasingly, then felt his hands come to her face and pull her down on his cock. She closed her lips around it at last, closing her eyes as she savored the sensation of his hardness in her mouth. Erik was already thrusting between her lips, his hands in her wet hair as he fucked her mouth, and Jenny found herself moaning in unison with him.

Once she finally started sucking it in earnest, there was no more taking things slowly. She took it deep, engulfing him in her willing mouth, reveling in the sudden rush, the exhilaration of unleashing herself sexually. “God, you look gorgeous doing that,” Erik told her as she bobbed her head on him lustily.

The compliment made her smile widely as she rubbed his cock across her face, smacking her lips against the head. She wanted to please him, and her natural competitiveness came out. Given this chance, she was determined to be the best cocksucker he ever had. Judging by his reactions, she was on her way.

They were in a good rhythm, with Jenny’s bobs meeting Erik’s thrusts, with his cock pressing just into her throat on each stroke before pulling back just far enough to let her tongue have another lick at the tip. Her left hand went to her pussy, where she wetly curled two fingers inside herself while she sucked him harder.

“Oh, Jenny, sweetheart,” she heard him moan softly while she lost herself in the literally steamy, depraved scene, fingering herself while she serviced him on her knees. Soon he was warning her, “I’m going to cum, babe.”

“I want it,” Jenny said as she kissed his cock wetly. “I want all of it, give it to me.”

Erik brought both his hands to her head and pulled her back onto his cock as he tensed and released his cum into her mouth. Jenny moaned joyously as she felt his hard cock pulse in her mouth and fill her with the taste of him. She swallowed most of the first few spurts of his cum, then used her tongue to wet his cock with the rest as he kept pumping it between her lips. She savored the taste of his thick load as she continued to lick and suck his cock until he was completely spent.

“Was it good?” Jenny asked as she licked him clean.

“I can’t believe that just happened,” Erik said breathlessly.

“But you’re glad, right?” she said with a mischievous smile as she rose to her feet. She kept stroking his cock gently as he replied, “Jesus, yes.” Rather than try to kiss him again with the taste of his cum still strong on her tongue, she gave him a wet, slippery embrace and nibbled at his neck a little. Erik silently stood under the shower spray for a minute, then gave Jenny a kiss on the forehead and slipped back out of the shower.

Only after it was over did she start to think about the impact of what she had done. She felt so slutty on her knees, swallowing his cum, and there was nothing wrong with that, but soon she would go out and see the other guys, and there would be little point in pretending that something hadn’t just happened here. She wondered how they would look at her. The thought of it gave her a strange combination of dread and excitement. What Erik had told her before, that they had been checking her out at the beach — it surprised and thrilled her. She truly never expected that to be the case. She guided the showerhead toward her pussy, leaned against the wall of the shower and reinserted her fingers as the hot water and her lewd thoughts of Randy, Michael and Steve looking at her with desire made her temperature rise. With the taste of Erik’s cum still on her lips, Jenny brought herself to the best orgasm she ever had by her own hand.

After letting the water run over her body for a while, she knew she couldn’t hide in the shower forever. She shut off the faucet and slid open the shower door.

The cooler air outside the steambox of the shower hit şişli escort her first, but then as she looked around, the bigger shock struck her: Erik had taken the towels! And her clothes! There was nothing left in the bathroom, not even a bathmat to cover herself with!

She heard voices outside the door, and some chuckling. She thought she could make out Steve saying, “Ha, that’s not very chivalrous of you, dude.”

So it was a prank. As she wrung out her hair as best she could, Jenny looked at her options. She could yell from behind the door and beg for assistance the way a helpless girl might, acknowledging that she had let them put her in an embarrassing situation, or she could go ahead and continue to just be “one of the guys” and act like she didn’t even care.

It was no choice at all. She opened the door wide and strode out naked, not trying to cover herself up, and walked right up to the four of them. “So where’s the beer?” she said, acting as cool as she could even though she felt her face flushing.

“The little lady definitely deserves a beer,” Randy said, grabbing one out of the cooler for her without taking his eyes off her wet, naked body. Michael let out a low whistle, and even though she was flustered on the inside, Jenny began to drink in the attention. As Randy handed a bottle to her, she realized that they all surely had been told that not 10 minutes ago she had been on her knees with a mouthful of Erik’s cum, and now she was prancing around shamelessly nude for them. Her goody-two-shoes image was gone for good.

“So can we use the hot tub?” she asked, turning to Randy, but noting that his eyes were still moving from her shaved pussy to her breasts, but never making it back up to her face.

“That’s a good idea,” Randy said, taking her arm in his. “Shall we?”

They stepped out onto the deck together as the others hauled the cooler behind them. As Jenny stepped into the hot bubbling water, she looked at the others and declared, “Fair’s fair, guys, if I’m going naked it’s the least you can do!”

It was certainly a reasonable request, and the four men lost their trunks and climbed into the tub with her. For the next 15 minutes it didn’t even seem uncomfortable. Jenny relaxed and joked with the guys as usual, except that this time as she spread her arms out and leaned back against the wall of the Jacuzzi, it lifted her bare breasts up above the water line so the guys could admire them. And she was starting to love the looks she was getting, even as the conversation remained on the topic of volleyball and whether they wanted ribs or burgers for dinner. Her wide smile let them know she was enjoying the situation.

Soon Steve climbed out to grab another beer, and Jenny’s eyes followed his cock, which was fully erect. Well beyond any shyness by this time, she heard herself saying out loud, “Is that because of me?”

“Well it’s not because of these guys!” Steve said, laughing. Jenny giggled, looked down at her chest and said, “It’s not like there’s much to see here, I wish my boobs were bigger.”

“Are you kidding?” Randy said. “They’re amazing. They’re like zero-G. They stand up perfectly.”

“Yeah, and huge tits are overrated anyway,” Steve said. “It’s better if they’re cute and perky like yours. As long as they’re big enough to tittyfuck, that’s all you need.”

“Well I don’t know if they are, maybe barely,” Jenny said. “What do you think?”

“Only one way to know for sure,” Steve said.

Jenny felt all of their eyes on her intensely, in a way that would have been mortifying to her on any other day. But today, for some reason, it only made her bolder. “So let’s give it a try,” she said.

Steve did a double-take, but he knew better than to let the moment pass and the opportunity go to waste. He quickly waded over in front of her, stood up and rested his hard cock between her cleavage. Jenny took her hands and pushed her breasts together for him, pressing her flesh around him as he slowly started to move up and down between them.

“I don’t know, is that doing anything for you?” Jenny asked, looking up at him with what she hoped was a sultry look. Even in the 100-degree water, she felt the heat of his cock against her skin, she felt her pussy burning up as well, and she knew her face was flushing red again. That she would do something so obscene, in front of an audience of friends, was absolutely astonishing to her and to them.

“What do you think, Jenny?” Steve said as he continued to fuck her cleavage. “I think it needs to be wetter,” Jenny said. She looked down at his cock poking up between her breasts and let a little spit fall down to the head to slick it up a bit. “Yeah, that helps,” she said as Steve hunched up against her chest, trying to get the best angle.

“Well I think we answered the question,” Erik said, transfixed by the scene in front of him. “Those perfect titties are definitely big enough to fuck.”

Jenny spit on Steve’s cock again to taksim escort help him slide more easily. She loved the feeling of his hardness against her, sensing his arousal, knowing that the urgency with which he was thrusting was a pure, no-bullshitting compliment. She alternated between watching the head of his cock and looking up with desire into Steve’s eyes. Looking straight at him, she softly said, “It needs to be wetter. And warmer.”

And on the next stroke upward, she caught the head of Steve’s cock in her mouth, and didn’t let it go. She closed her lips around it, sank her mouth down on his cock and swallowed him, as far as she could. There was no turning back now, it was way beyond flirting and teasing and enjoying an admiring gaze during some playful skinny dipping — now she was flat-out sucking a cock in front of three other men, letting them watch, all of them knowing it was already her second blowjob of the day.

That realization, the surge of dirtiness that she felt, was almost more exhilarating than the act itself. It spurred her to even greater enthusiasm for Steve’s cock, and he wasn’t going to last long in her frenzied mouth. “Jesus, Jenny,” he said as she went down to suck his balls, the chlorine of the hot tub giving them a strangely clean taste.

“Dammit, don’t fucking spooge in the water!” Randy cried out, getting a chuckle from everyone but Steve, who was concentrating on Jenny’s oral skills. Jenny laughed and returned her talented mouth to his cock, taking it deep, deep into her throat before popping her head up one last time.

“Cum in my mouth, I won’t miss any of it,” she said, and as soon as her lips returned to the head of Steve’s cock, he exploded into her mouth. As promised, she swallowed it all down, gasping at the end, but happily.

“I always thought you were a little angel, Jenny,” Randy said. “I would have never believed in a million years you had this kind of a devil in you.”

“I don’t know if I would have either,” Jenny said with a wide grin. “So maybe you better take advantage while you can. If you want to.”

With that, as Steve slumped back into the water, Randy stepped out to take a position standing on the deck, next to the side of the tub. Jenny turned around to face her third cock of the day, kneeling on the seat in the water and resting her upper body on the ledge of the tub. This put her ass up in the air, over the water line, as she leaned down to take Randy in her mouth. She sucked him hungrily, reveling in her new role as a blowjob slut, wondering only in the back of her mind how she would ever face them again after what she was doing this day.

Then she felt hands on her hips, caressing her ass. She knew guys usually thought her butt was her best part, and she liked the idea of someone touching her, maybe fingering her, while she sucked Randy off. Then she felt a cock slipping between her thighs, and turned around just in time to see Erik entering her pussy from behind.

The feeling nearly drove her mad. She had never had two men inside her at once, and never even come close to a situation where she could even imagine it. And now she was being filled with cock like never before. She shuddered and came, maybe just from the thought of it, the full reality of what a slut she was this day, bobbing her head on the cock of a man old enough to be her father, while another took her from behind like a whore.

Erik drove his cock deep inside her, making her groan loudly on Randy’s cock, as she gave him a literal hummer. Randy’s “angel” was being fucked and loving it, while he fucked her face. Sweet young Jenny was looking up at him with eyes full of lust and a mouth full of cock, his cock.

Randy erupted, surprising Jenny with the force of his cum. She gulped it down as best she could, with Erik’s cock now pounding her hard. Jenny was near delirious with desire now, and she had an out-of-body feeling as she heard words coming out of her mouth she couldn’t believe.

“Randy, you came so fast,” she said. “I’m sorry, I’ll make it last for you next time, I promise, I’ll suck it so good for you.” She was babbling, in hard breaths between Erik’s thrusts, each one harder and deeper inside her.

Only Michael hadn’t had Jenny now. He was married, and Jenny had met his wife Liz several times. She was beautiful, in that wealthy, well-groomed, almost prissy way. Jenny knew it was wrong, but she wanted Michael to want her, she wanted to turn him on, to make him need her even though he had Liz. He was still sitting on the other side of the tub, watching intently but not moving.

“Michael, I need it,” she whined, looking past Erik, who was still fucking her hard. “Don’t you want me? Am I too dirty for you now?”

“No, Jenny, I can’t,” he said. “You know I can’t.”

“I’m not going to tell anyone, neither are they,” she said. “We’ve already come this far, just let me suck it!”

Michael didn’t budge, but Jenny knew he was thinking about it.

“I’ll let you do anything you want, baby,” she gasped, between thrusts. “I know Liz can’t be as dirty as I am, there must be something you want to do that she won’t let you. You can have anything you want.”

She smiled wickedly at him. “And I can’t leave you out.”

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