Game Set and Match Pt. 05

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Tags: Lesbian Romance, Lesbian Sex.


Words: 10,700


Please consider the preamble for Part 1 as an integral part of this episode. Also, as with most of my work, there is a lot of background and character building in the early stages. For this reason, some aspects of this part will be better understood by reading episodes in sequence.

In this chapter, Katie seeks some extra-curricular tuition from Sarah, the Club Secretary.


Title: Game Set & Match – Part 5: While The Cat’s Away.

It was just after 10am that same Thursday morning when a sinfully cute little blonde opened the door of the clubhouse.

Sarah had only recently arrived to unlock the place herself, in something of a rush as it happened, and she was still sitting at the table just inside the door, signing the mandatory attendance register. She glanced up to behold an image of virginal perfection in the doorway.

Her attention was drawn upward from the clean white tennis shoes and white cotton ankle socks to a pair of pale creamy bare shins, neat little knees and deliciously slim but sturdy thighs, very little in the way of a short white pleated skirt, topped by a loose fitting sleeveless white vest-shirt that almost but not quite hid the most tempting pair of firm, plump little titties, that seemed to jiggle enticingly for her pleasure inside the skimpy garment.

Sarah’s pupils dilated and her mouth felt dry as it fell open, and it was a good few seconds before she could manage to utter the words that might go some way to restore a sense of decorum to her demeanour.

She looked up into the sparkling green eyes, seemingly enhanced by the girl’s pronounced cheekbones, and struggled to compose herself.

“Hello Katie,” she eventually managed to greet the enchanting creature. “I didn’t expect to see you here today.”

“Good morning Sarah,” the vision smiled back. “I hope it’s OK that I came along today. I thought I’d like to take advantage of the nice weather.”

‘I think I’d like to take advantage of something quite different,’ Sarah mused.

“Of course,” she beamed delightedly, unable to hide her intrigue at the pretty young girl’s unexpected change of routine. After her early morning text chat with Katie’s mentor, Sarah had been unable to fix her mind on anything other than the thought of holding nubile little Katie’s slim young body, and she had even spent a good thirty minutes ‘pacifying’ herself before she came out that morning. It had left her feeling drained. ‘Yes,’ she thought, ‘it had been better than merely ‘good’. It had been a rather excellent thirty minutes in fact.’

‘Try to stay focussed,’ Sarah told herself. “The forecast is rain for this afternoon,” she said, trying to divert her attention from the delectable girl’s ripe young charms.

As Katie stepped up to sign the register, she leaned forward, giving the attractive club secretary a bird’s eye view down the front of her top, and although there was precious little in the way of mammary substance, what there was managed to seize her attention with no conscious effort at all. ‘Try to stay focussed,’ she told herself again.

At the same moment, Sarah caught a whiff of a fairly heady and alluring perfume. ‘Well that’s a first too,’ she thought. She had never noticed Katie using perfume before. Lots of the other women did, as she did herself. Most of the others did it mainly for the benefit of some guy that they were partnered up with in the mixed doubles. Sarah wasn’t interested in gender mix at all though. Her perfume was strictly for the ladies.

She was puzzled. Perfume? Never Katie; it was unheard of. Perhaps what Julie had suggested was true? One thing was certain though, Sarah was becoming undeniably turned on.

“No one much comes here on Thursdays anymore,” Sarah told her. “You know we’re closed on Thursday afternoons, don’t you?”

“No, I didn’t know that,” Katie replied, putting a finger to her lips and twisting her body from side to side in a doe-eyed, ‘sweet ‘little girl’ manner.

‘Oh my God. Just try to stay focussed.’ “Yes, I usually shut up shop around midday to one o’clock. I was thinking of having Thursdays off altogether,” she added.

“Good thing I came this morning then,” Katie told her.

“Yeees,” Sarah said slowly. ‘Not the way I came this morning though, I’ll bet,’ she thought.

“I hope you’re not planning liseli porno on anything too energetic today?” Sarah asked, changing the subject quickly, but instantly realising her unfortunate innuendo, as Katie began to blush. “The showers are out of action,” she hurriedly added, by way of explanation.

“Oh. Oh yes. I see,” Katie gave an embarrassed laugh.

“There’s something wrong with the boiler. We only have cold water until I can get someone here to fix it.”

“No, it’s OK,” Katie explained. “I only wanted to practice my service today.”

There was an awkward silence for a moment, until Sarah asked, “Err… I was wondering… did you think any more about what I suggested?”

“What was that?” Katie asked looking innocent. Sarah knew full well that the girl was teasing her, but she could hardly reveal that she already knew all about what Julie and Katie had discussed.

“You remember? I asked if you’d like me to help you with anything. Surely you hadn’t forgotten?” Sarah smiled.

“Oh… That. Yes, I had a chat with Julie about it.” Poor Sarah was left hanging for the part describing the outcome that never came. ‘My God you are a wicked little minx,’ Sarah thought.

She decided to call Katie’s bluff. “OK. Well, I guess you’d rather work on your own then? Never mind. I just thought I might be able to help out until Julie gets back, but not to worry.”

She smiled sweetly, then turned and walked away toward her office.

“No!” Katie hurriedly relented, a sense of urgent disappointment in her tone. “I’d really like that,” she added, sounding far more affable. “Julie said she’d be happy for you to help me… if you can spare the time of course,” she smiled.

Sarah turned slowly and gave her a knowing smile. “Of course,” she said. “I’d be only too happy to help.”

Sarah had had plenty of opportunity to study the security video footage of Julie coaching Katie over the last few weeks, so she knew what the girl would be likely to expect. In truth, she had watched the videos several times, finding herself somewhat aroused at the sight of them together.

She went into her office to pull out a notice that read, ‘Out on Practice Court’, and she left it on her office door.

“OK,” she said with a bright smile. “Let’s go, shall we?”

As they walked together, Sarah asked Katie to give her some idea about how much work she had done with Julie, littering the questions with innuendo, like, “What have you done together so far? How far did you go with it?,” which, despite the obvious double entendre, gave her a perfect excuse to keep looking at the girl, discreetly watching her lovely small breasts jiggle gently inside the loose top as she walked. ‘Oh God. Try to stay focussed,’ she begged herself.

Once on court, Sarah took a small elastic hair tie from her bag and tuned to face Katie as she raised her arms to tie her long blonde hair back into the customary pony tail, in exactly the same way she had seen Julie do on the security videos. All the while she was smiling as she watched Katie’s eyes, fixed on her ample bust. She then watched Katie do the same.

The sensual girl turned to face Sarah, taunting her as she slowly and carefully pulled her hair back, and took her time to tie it, treating Sarah to an extended view of her bare underarms and those pert little breasts pressing the tee-shirt out into all manner of beautifully pleasing shapes.

“So, what would you like to see?” Katie asked, teasing her with a coy smile.

‘I don’t think I dare tell you,’ Sarah thought. “Let’s knock a ball around for a while, so I can see you move,” Sarah told her.

She served an underarm and between them they kept it going for a few minutes.

“OK, let’s try a bit faster now.” They picked up speed a little, gradually returning quicker and quicker until after a while, Sarah stopped.

“Do you always strike the ball with the racquet head flat?” she asked.

“When I can manage it, yes,” Katie laughed. “Why? Is that wrong?”

“No my love. Not wrong, but it restricts the speed of the ball when it lands. Hitting the ground slows it down”

Katie thought that was blindingly obvious and she wondered why Sarah would even bother mentioning it. “What’s the alternative?” she asked, looking puzzled.

“Well, if you apply top-spin, it will fly off the ground faster when it reaches your opponent,” Sarah told her.

“Julie mentioned top-spin when serving,” Katie replied, “but we haven’t used it on returns. Maybe I should wait?”

“Sure, if you prefer, but I’ll just show you how it works so you know. I’ll leave it to Julie to decide if and when she thinks you’re ready to use it. OK?”

“OK,” Katie smiled.

“Let’s get a ball going again, and when you’re ready, you call out and I’ll send the next one back with top-spin. OK?”

“Yes. Great.”

Katie was enjoying this. They passed the ball back and forth a few times each, and on her fifth stroke, Katie called mobil porno out, “Now!”

With seemingly no more effort on Sarah’s swing, and no more speed crossing the net, the ball seemed to pick up speed on the bounce and flew past her unexpectedly, like a rocket.

“Wow! How did you do that?”

“Top-spin my love. Just top-spin.”

“Oh, you simply ‘have’ to show me how to do that,” Katie smiled.

“OK,” Sarah agreed, happy to oblige as she walked around the net to Katie’s side. The tall blonde moved behind Katie and reached out to take her racquet wrist. “May I?” she asked.

“Please do,” Katie smiled, excitedly anticipating Sarah’s touch. She was beginning to tingle already.

Sarah wrapped her other arm around the student and placed her flat palm on Katie’s tummy, pulling the girl back against her.

“Ooohh,” Katie sighed softly.

‘Try to stay focussed,’ Sarah was screaming inside.

“OK. Now, when you take the swing to return, you would normally bring your arm around in an arc, like this…” Sarah said softly, sweeping Katie’s arm around behind in a clockwise motion, “until the head strikes the ball on the upward portion of the stroke, as cleanly and square as possible,” she went on. “Right?”

“That’s right,” Katie agreed.

“That means,” Sarah explained, “that when the ball leaves your racquet, it’s not spinning. Agreed?”

“Err… Yes. OK.”

“So, when the ball next strikes the ground, the friction between the two will grab the ball and spin it. Yes?”

“OK. I guess so.”

“… slowing it down a little.”

“Err… Yes. I suppose.”

“OK,” Sarah continued, her face so close to Katie’s ear that it would be so easy to just brush it gently with her lips. Katie could feel the warmth of her breath, and she ached for just a tiny soft kiss.

“Imagine this instead,” Sarah said. “When your racquet strikes the ball, instead of the head being flat, like so…” she demonstrated, “it is tilted down, like so.” She twisted Katie’s wrist anti-clockwise to tilt the racquet head down about 30 degrees.

“Surely that will send the ball down into the net, won’t it?” Katie asked.

“It would my love, but we compensate for the change by sweeping the racquet up higher, lifting the ball,” she explained, guiding Katie through the revised swing.

“Ohhh…” Katie smiled.

“It takes quite a lot of practice to get it right,” Sarah said, releasing her student, “but once you get the hang of it, it can be a devastating shot, particularly if you only use it once now and again,” she smiled. “Takes your opponent by surprise,” she added.

“Thanks,” Katie smiled, half-heartedly, feeling somewhat disappointed that the all too brief lesson had ended so – inconclusively. ‘I didn’t come here just to learn about tennis,’ she thought to herself. ‘To think I gave up a lecture on Mark Twain for this?’ (sigh)

“There’s another shot that uses the reverse principle,” Sarah added. “It’s called the slice. That’s easier to spot when you see someone using it.”

“Oh?” Katie replied, brightly, hoping for another clinch.

“What you do there is, you ‘Chop’ the ball with the racquet head tilted slightly the other way,” Sarah demonstrated, “to put a backspin on the ball. That makes it ‘float’ across the net, and when it lands it slows down unexpectedly,” she smiled. “If you put a lot of backspin on, it can even hop back over the net without your opponent getting to it,” she laughed.

“Doesn’t that give the point to your opponent?”

“No. Not if she didn’t touch it. That makes it’s your point,” Sarah smiled.

“I’m confused,” Katie said.

“Don’t worry. It will come. Just remember that both shots make it difficult for your opponent to time the ball properly, often winning you the point.”

“I’ll try to use those then,” Katie told her.

“Like I said, make sure Julie is happy about it first. I don’t want to go treading on her toes.”

Katie agreed, smiling. “Where did you learn all this stuff?” she asked.

“I used to play professionally years ago,” Sarah told her. “I never got very far. Had to give it up and get a proper job to earn some money,” she laughed. “I still do a bit of coaching though… now and then,” she said, smiling.

“You’re probably better qualified to teach me then, aren’t you?” Katie suggested, hopefully.

“Oh no! Don’t get any ideas like that my love. I only said I would help out. I’m not taking over,” she laughed.

“Hmmm… OK then,” Katie agreed. Thank you though.

“My pleasure,” Sarah smiled. “Now, was there anything else you wanted to work on?” she asked.

“Well, I can’t seem to get my toss up to work consistently,” Katie admitted.

‘Hmmm. If you were a guy standing where I am, I’m sure you’d have no problem,’ she thought. “OK. Let’s see you toss a few balls then,” Sarah suggested.

Katie did as she was asked, and Sarah studied her action for a while, but the tall blonde’s öğrenci porno attention was more drawn to the exciting shape of the pretty young girl, and the way her component parts seemed to be constantly adjusting their position within her attire. She would have loved to hold her again, and ‘guide her’ through the motions, but they hadn’t been there much more than ten minutes yet, and Sarah wasn’t sure if she had already overstepped the mark. She didn’t want to appear too forward and scare the girl off.

“Hmmm… Doesn’t seem to be much wrong with the technique from what I can see.” ‘Nor the equipment either if I’m honest,’ she thought to herself as an aside. “Possibly just needs some practice,” she called. “Let’s have a look at your swing? Serve a few and I’ll just watch you for a minute.”

Sarah stood to the side and watched as Katie tossed ball after ball into the air and swing the racquet through to deliver a few fairly decent serves. She was trying her best to concentrate on the service action, but each time Katie threw a ball up, her unfettered breasts wobbled around like delicious little jellies inside the loose top, those delectable little nipples tracing delightful patterns in the thin material, and her thoughts were deflected from that to which she really should be paying most attention.

To make matters worse, the bare underarm was teasing her to distraction, and each stretch up also revealed the tiniest glimpse of frilly white panties beneath the hem of the short skirt, her feet possibly a little further apart than necessary. Katie had made a perfect job of choosing an outfit to get her noticed, and Sarah began to tingle where a professional player would usually prefer she shouldn’t, and she could feel herself becoming undeniably wet.

‘Please! Try to stay focussed,’ she cried, silently. “Try to aim at the opposite corner,” she called out. “Aim just inside the lines. Use the whole court”

Katie adjusted her position and served a couple more, with Sarah thinking to herself, ‘My God. How am I going to survive this?’ She wanted to ravish the girl, of that there was no question. She began to secretly curse Julie for letting her get into this situation in the first place, and with her approval to boot. She wasn’t even sure if she could make it through the rest of the morning, and her brief early morning deviation had done nothing to relieve the tension. It was still there, as taut and strong ever as it could be.

“OK. I think I can see something that may help,” Sarah eventually called out.

‘Oh, thank The Lord for that! At last!’ Katie thought.

She remained on the spot and waited patiently for Sarah to walk over. She moved behind Katie, and reached for her wrist again. “May I?” she asked.

“Of course,” Katie smiled, as before.

Sarah wrapped the arm around the girl as before, producing another slight “Ooohh,” sigh from Katie.

‘Do stay focussed,’ Sarah groaned mentally.

“I think you need to turn your body sideways more,” she said softly, her lips just above Katie’s ear, “then when you raise your racquet arm,” she went on, breathing softly on Katie’s ear as she guided the girl’s arm back slowly through the ‘service arc’, “you can twist your body and deliver more power to the serve.”

Sarah tried to guide Katie’s body through the motion by pressing her own up behind her, but she instantly discovered two more serious drawbacks. Her closeness felt more like the girl was twerking with her. Also, her height left her overlooking the front of her young student’s top, not too dissimilar from the view she had while Katie was signing the register, that being rather more distracting than she felt she could cope with.

By now, Katie too was feeling more than just a little aroused herself. She turned her head to look up at Sarah, and smiled invitingly.

“Oh God,” Sarah sighed aloud, unintentionally of course, pressing her face against the back of Katie’s head. She found herself unwittingly squeezing the girl from behind, breathing in her ear, and stroking the back of the ear gently with her lips.

“What is it?” Katie whispered, so soft and low that her voice was barely audible out in the open.

“Nothing sweetie,” came the agonised reply. ‘Oh my God – I called her sweetie,’ Sarah thought. ‘That’s what Julie calls her. Whatever must she be thinking?’

‘Oh my God, Katie smiled to herself. ‘She called me sweetie, just the way Julie does. I wonder if she’ll give my ear a little nibble the way that Julie does too?’

Sarah must have held her like that for a good minute, and it was making her tingle. Katie was ready now. This was what she had come here for. This was what she wanted. She was enjoying the feel of Sarah’s loving arms around her and she was just aching to be taken.

‘I wonder what she’ll do first?’ Katie thought to herself. ‘Maybe she’ll ease her hand up slightly to hold my breast? Or maybe she’ll use both hands and give them both a proper squeeze, perhaps even pull me back against her and pinch the nipples? I do so love that. Maybe she’ll kiss my ear or the back of my neck? Oh I hope so. I love that too. Perhaps her hand will slide around my tummy and pull my bottom in close, or rub my breasts with her open palm while she gives me sweet, soft kisses on my neck and shoulder?’

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