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Going off to college changed my life. In high school I was a quiet, often bullied, nerd. Good grades, decent body, good habits, neat clothing and a horrible social life. All that changed in college.

The August after I graduated from a southeastern high school, I left for a southwestern mid-sized coeducational college. Nobody cared about who I, or anyone else, was in high school. Everybody here was recreating themselves. Half of them had been bullied nerds in high school. Here, nerdism was a bonus. Here good grades actually meant something. Anyone who could contribute to a study group was in demand. I fit in nicely. I was actually popular. Maybe it was because I had ditched my black, heavy frame eyeglasses in favor of contacts. I preferred to believe it was my magnetic personality. Both were gifts from my older sister who coached me all summer in how to improve my experience in college, especially with the opposite sex.

The freshman fall semester was mostly hard work. I had five major subjects and every one of them was difficult. The professors, unlike the high school teachers, actually expected you learn something, and learning something meant you had to do real work. Nothing was more difficult than English Composition 101. It was drilled into us that if you couldn’t write a well researched, and documented, paper you’d never succeed in college. I had fifteen hours of class and that equated to another forty-five hours of study time. English Composition alone took fully half of my study hours and reduced my freshman class size by almost twenty-five percent by the end of the semester. Fortunately, I wasn’t one of them.

By the time exams rolled around, I had developed an efficient study regime. The result was grades more than satisfactory for my parents and a self assurance that had begun to attract students of the opposite sex.

The second semester brought more classes and additional challenges. My study habits greatly reduced pressure from the class work. The increased social activity contributed to the additional challenges. Greek week was the fourth week of the term and the fraternities and sororities opened their doors to potential new members from the remaining freshman. Most of the Greek societies had houses on a single street off campus and I visited a number of fraternity parties. I received offers to pledge two. I chose Gamma Delta Epsilon.

Pledging GDE wasn’t a picnic, but it wasn’t very difficult either. Thanks to the coaching by my sister between semesters, I knew not to volunteer for anything and never admit I was a virgin. How she knew that I had graduated high school a virgin I never figured out, but she had been right.

As pledges we were forced to do silly and sometimes, embarrassing things. I spent a whole afternoon measuring the dimensions of the gym on my hands and knees using toothpicks. That was less difficult than the afternoon spent by Jim, one of my fellow pledges with shoulder length hair. GDE had a cooperative relationship with Sigma Tau Epsilon, a Sorority with a house across the street from the GDE house. The Gammas and the Sigmas often had joint pledge sessions. One morning Jim was woken by three Sigma pledges in his dorm room. The women were accompanied by Ginger, the Sigma pledge master, and George, the Gamma pledge master. Over the next hour the three Sigma pledges, washed, set and styled Jim’s hair. They teased it up into something not seen since the sixties, with cute bows. Jim spent the rest of the day walking around campus and attending classes with a very feminine hairdo that contrasted sharply with his usual black leather garb.

The final weekend of pledge week, the Gamma pledges were gathered in a room with the Sigma pledges and most of the membership of both. As a group we were interrogated about many of our social skills with a focus on sex. My sister’s advice served me well when we were required to declare our virgin status. I did not volunteer and managed to convince my interrogators of my broad experience. However, two of the guys and three of the girls admitted to their lack of sexual experience. Everyone was told that neither club admitted virgins. The pledges were asked if they wanted to become members. After all the challenges of the previous week no one wanted to fail now, so all reluctantly committed to membership. Moving toward a predetermined conclusion, two of the girls were paired with the two guys and led to rooms upstairs by George and Ginger and told not to return until they met the conditions of membership. The final girl was led away by George for a similar result. No one monitored what happened inside the rooms so when they returned about a half hour later, everyone was declared fit for membership.

Fraternity life was little different than life on campus before rush week. However, Gamma’s extensive archives of class exams and papers reduced study time considerably and left more time for social events. When combined with the similar archives kept by the Sigmas there were few academic requirements that couldn’t be researched. I breezed through the rest of shanty town izle the year, moved out the dorm and went home for the summer.

My sister was delighted with my grades and my choice of fraternity, but was astounded that I had survived my freshman year without getting laid. She was determined to correct that over the summer even if she had to do it herself. My heart rate increased twenty beats per minute when I heard that.

She was saved when she found three volunteers, all high school seniors working with her at the local market, and anxious to help. She coached me through my first experience naked with me and Kayla in my room while our parents weren’t home. It turned out that Kayla was also a virgin and while I never fucked my sister, her suggestions were helpful as Kayla and I eventually screwed until we had both cum several times. Sis then “graduated” me and set me loose on the other volunteers without her help.

Over the summer I had regular sex with all three girls, but not my sister. At the end of the summer, the trio wanted to have a going away party for me. I liked the idea – a lot. Just for shits and giggles, I invited my sister. She said she think about it. That alone raised my spirits and hopes considerably.

My going away party was a memorable affair. Unfortunately, my sister didn’t attend. The enthusiasm of the other three more than made up for her absence. We partied for an entire weekend at the home of one of the girls whose parents had taken a ten day cruise to the South Pacific. The house had a very private pool with a hot tub and a sauna. The only time anyone wore any clothing was when we had to go out for more beer. With three beautiful and horny women, I barely had time to recover between prolonged screwing sessions. I learned about how each of them preferred to have oral sex and one of them experimented with me with anal sex as well. By the end of the weekend, my sexual education was complete and I was ready for academia.

I returned to campus, but not to a dorm room, but a room in the frat house. It was on the third floor. The heat and air conditioning weren’t ideal but it was very private and quiet, except during the weekend parties. The change in domicile meant I did not have to move twice a year and I could leave most of my stuff in the room over the summer break.

At the first meeting of the brothers, we elected officers for the coming year. I was elected as the next pledge master, a position I considered an honor as a sophomore. The Sigmas also had a new pledge master, a girl named Alice. Alice and I met with Ginger and George, last year’s pledge masters, to learn the responsibilities and limits of the jobs. We were free to invent embarrassing tasks for the pledges but nothing harmful to bodies, minds, reputations or relationships. Of special consideration was what Ginger and George referred to as “Virgin Night.” Alice and I remembered that night clearly as we had both used similar strategies to avoid volunteering. The G’s emphasized that, while the façade of giving up the pledges virginity was important to the evening, actual fucking to become a sister or brother was not. They shared the instructions given to the couples as they were led into rooms to correct their virgin status. They were told they could do whatever they wanted for a half hour, but actually screwing was not required, only that they presented themselves as no longer virgins. Everyone would accept their declaration as truthful. No one was going to check and no one was going to ask for details.

The first semester went by quickly and pledge week was soon upon us. Alice and I had met several times to coordinate activities and select tasks for the pledges. There was a considerable archive in both houses of tasks from previous pledge masters and we used many of them. We rejected many of the tasks from many years ago when fraternity life was more flamboyant. No one would be asked to run naked through the campus or urinate on each other. We did plan to repeat the Thursday evening ritual with the pledges from both houses in a room, naked, meditating on the responsibilities of membership.

When “Virgin Night” arrived we didn’t just ask if anyone was a virgin. We tried to sneak up on them as both Alice and I knew some would try to hide their status. We first asked if anyone had had sex in the last week and took notes on those who had not raised their hands. We then asked about sex in the last month and the last year. Two pledges remained. Robert and Samantha. Perfect.

Alice and I took Rob and Sam out to a large SUV we rented for the purpose. Rob and Sam sat in the back and we rode to a remote, hidden area of a nearby park. We had contacted a local police captain, a fraternity brother, told him our plans and he agreed to avoid patrols in the park for the evening.

Assured of our privacy, Alice and I turned to the pledges, and explained the requirements of the next few hours as the G’s said we were required to do.

“However,” I said, “we do have to spend some time here and we should shape island izle find something to do. Do you agree?”

As pledges they were almost required to agree with anything I said. “I’m sure, during the ride out here, you both thought something was going to happen and you were going to lose your virginity. Right?”

Neither responded directly, but Sam looked down at her hands and Rob looked relieved.

“Right?” I repeated and both nodded.

Alice looked at Sam and asked, “Sam, you’ve thought about losing you virginity many times haven’t you?”

A quiet “yes.”

I asked Rob the same question. “Yes,” he responded.

“Rob, what do you think about Sam, sitting here?”


“What do you think about Sam? Is she pretty? Is she beautiful? Is she desirable?”

“Oh. I think she’s very pretty.”

“Would you like to date her?”

“Of course, but I wouldn’t have the nerve to ask her. She’s out of my league.”

Alice asked, “Sam are you out of Rob’s league?”

“No. I don’t know why he thinks that.”

“What do you think about Rob, sitting here?”

“I think he’s very handsome. I like the way he dresses and he’s always very polite.”

“You’ve thought about him in the past, haven’t you?”


“Even fantasized about him?”


My turn. “Rob, what do you think about Sam now?”

“She’s beautiful.”

“How about her body?”

“What do you mean?”

“What do you think about her hair, her lips, her breasts?

“She’s perfect.”

“Would you like to touch her?”


“Would you like to touch her breasts?”


Alice again. “Sam what do you think about that? Have you wondered about what it would feel like if a man was touching your breasts?”

A hesitant, “Yes.”

Would you like Rob to touch you?”

No hesitancy this time. “Yes.”

“Touch your breasts?”


Rob didn’t move.

“Sam, why don’t you take Rob’s hand and show him what you want?” said Alice.

Sam didn’t move.

“Alice,” I said, “take my hand and show Sam what you mean.”

Alice looked at me with a wry smile. We had not discussed this possibility. However, she took my hand and placed it squarely on her right breast.

Sam watched us closely, carefully took Rob’s hand and, moving closer, placed it on her breast.

Rob grinned broadly and, watching as I gently rubbed and squeezed Alice’s breast, began to do the same with Sam. Sam’s eyes were closed and her face a mask of pleasure.

“How does that feel, Sam?” asked Alice.


“Would you like more? Maybe Rob could feel your breast under your shirt? Have you fantasized about that?”


Ever willing to demonstrate, Alice began unbuttoning her shirt.

Sam didn’t’ respond directly but began to unbutton her blouse as well. When it was fully unbuttoned, Rob gave her a little space and, following Alice’s lead, she pulled it from her skirt and removed it completely. Rob continued his activity, this time with both hands and both breasts.

“Does that feel better?”

“Oh, yes.”

I had both hands on Alice’s breasts.

“Look at Rob. Have you wondered what he’s like under those jeans he’s wearing?”


“Why don’t you find out? Are you ok with that, Rob?”


Sam moved closer to Rob and, hesitantly, reached out to rub his crotch. Alice was still demonstrating and doing the same for me. Rob leaned back and Sam, encouraged, rubbed more firmly, moving up, down and beneath Rob’s legs. She also moved even closer so Rob could continue rubbing her breasts at the same time.

The activity in the front seat mirrored what was happening in the back. Alice and I were beginning to lose interest in the pledges.

Without further prompting, Sam unbuckled Rob’s belt, pulled down his fly and pulled his jeans down to his knees. She was focused on rubbing Rob’s cock through his briefs.

Alice, now following Sam’s lead, had removed my pants. She asked, “Sam, would it feel better if Rob was touching your bare skin?”

Sam took one look at Alice and quickly removed her bra. Alice was a little behind and did the same. Then she began pulling my briefs off.

“Fair is fair,” I said to Rob who, looking at Alice stroking my erection, quickly removed his briefs.

The next few minutes everyone was concentrating on their own feelings. I started to undo Alice’s slacks, and Rob had slid his hand up under Sam’s skirt. We both discovered wet panties.

As I was removing Alice’s panties, Rob babbled, “Sam, if you keep doing that I’m going to cum.”

Sam paused for a moment, and, with a huge smile, began to rum Rob’s cock even more vigorously. Within seconds, Rob erupted in a violent orgasm. Cum flew everywhere, covering Sam’s hands and arms as well as Rob thighs.

Meanwhile, Alice and I were engaged in our own world. I had found her clitoris and was concentrating my attention on gently rubbing it in small she hulk attorney at law izle circles. Alice was similarly focusing on keeping me erect and sensitive.

Recovering, Rob slid his hand up under Sam’s skirt until he touched her pussy through her panties. Sam stiffened slightly as he began to gently rub her damp slit. Rob, looked her in the eyes and whispered, “Fair is fair,” to her.

Sam relaxed, nodded, lifted her skirt and helped Rob remove her panties.

Rob gave her his undivided attention. He moved his fingers between her lips and slowly into her passage. He moved his attention up her lips until he found her clitoris. He began to rub the small nub up and down and in a circular motion.

Sam leaned back on seat and spread her legs further. Her eyes were closed and her expression was one of deep concentration and pleasure.

As Rob continued rubbing her clitoris, he occasionally slid his fingers down to gather moisture as lubricant for the rubbing. Soon Sam was wiggling on the seat and her whole body stiffened and jumped as Rob slid his fingers over her clitoris allowing it to snap from side to side. Sam began to moan softly and then stiffened and howled as she came.

In the front seat, Alice and I were unaware of the extent of the activities between Rob and Sam, as we were deeply involved in our own pleasure. Neither of us had cum. However, we were focused on the potential. Sam’s outburst got our attention and broke the mood.

Alice looked into the back seat and said, “Sam that was wonderful. You look very happy. I think we should call it a night. You and Rob should plan on getting together tomorrow night and follow up if you’re still feeling okay.”


“No? What do you mean ‘No’?”

“I don’t want to follow up tomorrow night.”

“You don’t want to see Rob tomorrow?”

“No. I don’t want to wait. I want Rob to fuck me tonight; right now; right here.”

“It’s a little crowded in the back seat.”

“We can make it work. I’ll crawl up on his lap. It’ll work just fine.”

“He’s not ready.”

“I’ll handle that.”

Sam took Rob’s cock in her hand and began stroking it again. Rob was slow to respond so Sam leaned over and took his cock in her mouth. That made a difference.

Alice grabbed her clothes and got out of the car. I did the same. By the time I walked around the car to Alice’s side, she was pulling on her panties. I must have looked sad. When she looked up she understood my disappointment.

“Gene,” she said. “I get your disappointment. I’m disappointed too. We never expected it to go this far. You and I need to get back on plan even if we can’t change what’s happening in the back seat. I really want to explore our relationship. If you’re willing, I want to see you tomorrow night, alone, and fuck our brains out. Meanwhile, we need to move this party back to the frat house before the entire membership comes looking for us.

We got dressed and leaned against the car waiting for the proper moment to reenter. We spent the time necking like a pair of teenagers. The car began to rock slowly and then more vigorously. When it stopped, we waited five more minutes and knocked on a window.

“It’s okay. You can come back in now,” called Sam.

I walked back around the car and we got back in the front seat.

In the rear seat, Rob and Sam were cleaning up as best they could. Sam was using his t-shirt and Sam her panties to wipe off their legs and stomachs. They looked for their clothing, and when they couldn’t find all of it, they got out of the car and leaned in to look. I have to admit watching Sam’s tits hang down and swing as she looked for her clothing made me smile. Alice noticed and punched my arm playfully. “If you’d rather her tomorrow night, I’ll see what I can do.”

“No deal. I was actually visualizing you in the same position.”

“You’re such a bullshiter. Keep that up and you’ll have to date your right hand tomorrow night.”

“Uncle,” I said. “I’m so keyed about tomorrow night I probably won’t sleep tonight. No bullshit.”

“Saved for now, but don’t push it.”

Sam and Rob were dressed again. Rob used his t-shirt to clean up the rear seat somewhat and we went back to the party.

The brothers and sisters hadn’t waited for us to get things underway. The beer was flowing, the music blaring and many couples were already showing signs of how the rest of the evening was going to shake out. Rob and Sam were almost inseparable except when Rob went to refresh Sam’s drinks. Alice and I spent some time together, but, by agreement, we didn’t go much further than a quick kiss and an occasional tit squeeze or ass pat.

Sometime during the early morning hours I managed to crawl up to the third floor to my room. On the way, I stopped in the bathroom to return some of the beer I’d rented downstairs and brush my teeth. In my room, I began to undress in the dark.

“I thought you’d never get here,” said a female voice from the direction of my bed.

I must’ve jumped somewhat as laughter erupted from the same direction.

I left my briefs on, went over, and sat on the edge of the bed. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I recognized Marge under the covers. Marge was a Sigma pledge at the same time I pledged Gamma. We went through some hazing together, including Thursday evening with everyone naked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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