Garfoolio Ch. 01

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Anal Hardcore

In which Jenny reveals something special about herself and Garfoolio learns a lesson.


“YOU know what, Garfoolio?” Jenny lay draped over me. I decided that I could be in love with Jenny. We lay there in the dreamy afterglow of spent lust. Lots of spent lust.

Jenny is beautiful. Her blond hair spilled across my chest. Her body was warm and damp and spent across my belly. My body, also, was damp and spent. The late afternoon sunlight filtered through the window — warmed in its hue, but cooled in it’s heat. Kinda like my lust for Jenny.

“What’s that, my dear?” We hadn’t been together for that long. A couple of months. But I was already hoping it would be one of those situations in which we would have deeply intimate adventures — with a serious emotional and sexual connection. We had already been sleeping together for a couple of months, but often happens, we hadn’t made as much effort trying to learn about each other.

“Uhm… I don’t know how to tell you this…” Her voice was a soft purr. She traced circles with her fingertip on my chest.

“Just tell me, my love.” Oh fuck. Did I just say that?

She stammered. “What did you just say?”

I felt my cheeks burn. It had just slipped out. I hadn’t really thought about it. “I said, just tell me.”

“Just tell me, what?” She said it with just the slightest hint of disdain.

“Yea. Just tell me what ever it is that you have in mind.”

“No. You said: just tell me… and then what did you say? You know we aren’t tied down.” She slapped my chest. “I mean, we aren’t having a relationship. We’re just fucking. You know that, right?”

“Uhm… Ok… So, just tell me what’s on your mind.”

I couldn’t see her face, but I could sense her whether she found my acquiescence agreeable enough. And she always did like the way I fucked her. I didn’t like the idea of acquiescence. Somehow, it felt horrible.

I know she liked the way I fucked her. In fact, you can always tell when when a girl likes it for real; that she isn’t faking her orgasms: She comes back for more. Lot’s more. And Jenny has an appetite for sex.

Anyway, how could I be mad at her — now that I knew how it was that I really felt about her. I had to find a way to win her over. At the same time, I couldn’t be a wuss. “Yea, sure, baby. No problem. We’re just a casual fuck.”

Jenny propped herself up on her elbows, steepled her fingers under her chin and gazed at me. “Hun. I like the way you fuck me. You are so attentive and wow… you really do it for me… And I really like tuzla eve gelen escort you…. but a girl can’t be tied down. I gotta be able to do my thing. You get that, right? Anyway, there is something I want to do… Maybe you can help…

Jenny got a little smile on her soft lips. “I… uhm… I want to seduce Annie…”

Wow. What do you say to that? When the new girlfriend… Girlfriend? Ouch. When she tells you that she wants to fuck someone else. She watched me closely. She was looking for any sign of reaction. I was thinking.

A woman. Jenny wants to fuck a woman. I knew she was adventurous, but I didn’t really know that much about her.

Yea. And it turned me on. Turned me on a lot. I asked her: “Do you do this sort of thing often? Seduce women?”

She smirked at me. “Why? Are you going to be a pussy about this?”

“No. Of course not.” On the one hand, I was thinking that I had won the lottery. I mean, what red-blooded, heterosexual man would object to his girlfriend… well… his current fuck… wanting to bed another beautiful woman? Maybe, I would get to play too. On the other hand, there was this little voice inside me that wanted Jenny all to myself.

“Are you sure it doesn’t bother you? You aren’t going to be a wuss about this, are you?” She traced more little circles on my chest with her finger tip. “Because you could help… if you wanted to…”

That got my attention. Yea. I wanted to. I wanted to real hard….

“Yea, I’ll help you.” I grinned and wiggled out from under her; With one hand on her back holding her down so she was stuck laying on her belly, I slid the other arm under her hips and pulled them up so her ass was pointed to the ceiling. I pushed her head into the pillows and grabbed a fist full of blond hair.

“I’ll help you because you are such a slut.” I was making this up as I went along, but a new idea was beginning to dawn on my lizard brain: “You are such a slut. You just want something in your pussy.”

I squeezed her ass. She squealed. I laughed.

“You’ll fuck anything, won’t you. You slut.” I fingered her pussy. “You’re a whore and I bet you like being treated like a whore.” She moaned softly. I think she was beginning to like this. She began to get wet.

Holding her head down and her ass in the air, I ran the head of my cock along the crack of her ass, across her pussy and over her clit.

“I’m gonna fuck you hard, bitch” I said. She moaned. I continued to tease her with my cock. She tried to push her hips back, she tried to impale herself, tuzla otele gelen escort but I wasn’t ready to give her the satisfaction. I slapped her soft ass. I teased her more. A few more minutes and she began to beg me. “Fuck me, baby. Let me feel you inside me.”

I pulled back on her hair hard enough to force her to arch her back and I said: “I didn’t hear you, slut. What did you say?”

She begged louder: “Fuck me. I want. Your. Cock. In. Me. NOW.”

“No. Say ‘Fuck me please. Please, master.’ Bitch. Your only desire is to please me. Your master.”

She growled and tried to squirm out of my grasp. “You are not my master.”

I slapped her ass. “Of course, I am, bitch. You just haven’t realized it yet.” She got angry.

“Fuck you. Cocksucker. I’m not playing this game. Let me up.”

“Shut up Slut.” I tightened my grip on her hair and slapped her ass. Hard. She screamed. But I didn’t let her up.

“Yea. You’re gonna get fucked. You are gonna get fucked hard. And when I’m done fucking you, you are going to suck my cock. Slut.”

She struggled and tried to free herself. She grunted. She swore at me.

My soft, squishy feelings of love gave way to something else. Something that had been on the edge of my brain for a while. Something darker. Something more fun.

I pushed the head of my cock into her pussy. Not far. Not fast. I slowly eased it in. Just a bit.

She moaned and tried to push back; tried to impale herself all the way. So, I pulled out. And I slapped her ass.

A new pleasure washed over me. I had totally taken control of this situation. And you wanna know what? I liked it. I love being in control. This is so much fun.

I put the head of my cock inside her again. Not too far. Not too fast. Just enough. She moaned and bucked. And I pulled out again.

By the way, I should mention here that I am an average guy when it comes to cock. I’m 41, my hair is thinning, and I’m divorced. Yea? Fuck you too. Get used to it.

I should also tell you this: About six months ago, I woke up one day, looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw. I made a decision to get myself in shape. I worked hard. I also learned about and mastered a few exotic techniques that allow me to control my orgasm and ejaculation. Now, I come if and when I want to. Message is: I can go hard and strong for plenty long enough. I can orgasm without ejaculating. That means, I be ready to go again withing minutes. Yea. I’m in control.

“Fuck me, you asshole,” She screamed in frustration. Of course, tuzla sınırsız escort I rewarded this outburst with another slap on the ass. She moaned again. Her ass was turning red. She was wet. She wanted my cock. She was frustrated.

After repeating this little maneuver a couple of times: push the head of my cock in her pussy just a bit, pull out, listen to her bitch, slap her ass… Do it again. I finally slammed it home. I pushed deep into her pussy and pulled her hair hard enough to make her arch her back. She screamed and bucked like a wild horse. I laughed at her and rode her. Until she came and came again.

When I finally had had enough, I let her up. I flipped her over on to her knees and pulled her face to my groin. I kept my promise: My cock was still hard. It was nasty with her cum all over it. I made her suck it.

“You like the taste of pussy, slut? Eat this.” When I finally released all over her face, she was little more than a panting, crying, quivering puddle in my bed. It was well past dinner time. I got out of bed to get something to eat. I was hungry.


I stood naked at the refrigerator with a beer on the counter beside me and a chicken breast between my teeth. Jenny walked into the kitchen wearing a huge grin, one of my white t-shirts, and nothing else.

“Hun, that was the best fuck in like… ever,” She grinned. She took the chicken from my hand and set it next to my beer. She wrapped her arms around me and snuggled into my chest. “But you know,” she cooed, “This is a new little game for you. You are such a sweet little man. You aren’t my master.”

I grabbed a fist full of her hair and tugged. I pulled her head back until her back was well-arched and she was off balance and uncomfortable. I held her there for several moments. I didn’t say anything. I just gazed silently into her eyes. I picked up the piece of chicken and took a bite — without breaking eye contact.

After a few moments of chewing my food, I let go of her hair and let her stand up. I put my free hand on her chest — right between her fantastic boobs and I pushed her away. I went back to eating my chicken. I ignored her. Shit. Did I just do that?

“Baby?” The look on her face was priceless. Total confusion. You see, Jenny is a beautiful girl. Stunning. And she is used to making men do what she wanted. Men give her dinners and flowers and bling and shit. She was used to getting her way. Spoiled brat. I had suddenly realized that I wanted to mess with her game.

She walked away but stopped at the kitchen door, stuck out her hip in a sexy pose and called back over her shoulder: “Come kiss me goodbye, Garfoolio, before I go home.”

I ignored her some more. I was eating my chicken.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Jenny cooed. “Are you grumpy after fucking me? Fine. You can call me tomorrow.”

“Get dressed and get out, bitch. I’m hungry. I’m eating.”

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