Gay for Pay

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Big Dick

“John sweetie…can I talk to you?” Kelly asked.

“Can it wait? I’ve got to finish this.” John said.

“It’s about sex.” Kelly said.

John popped up from the desk, hurried over to where Kelly was standing, and kissed her.

“You can talk to me about sex any time you want. So what’s up?” John asked.

“Let’s go to the bedroom to talk.” Kelly said.

“I like the sound of that.” John said.

They walked to the bedroom and sat facing each other on the side of the bed.

“Okay…so what kind of sex do you want to talk about?” John asked.

“Gay sex.” Kelly said.

“Gonna pick up another girl huh? Sounds good to me.” John said.

“I wasn’t talking about me John.” Kelly said.

“Then what are you…no…no way Kelly. I’ve got no interest in fucking a guy.” John said.

“I know you don’t John, but as it turns out there is a guy that is interested in fucking you. He’s very interested actually.” Kelly said.

“You mean you’ve actually talked to some guy about wanting to fuck me?” John asked.

“I didn’t exactly talk to him…he talked to me.” Kelly said.

“He talked to you? Kelly what the hell is going on? Who the hell is this guy and why are you even talking to me about it?” John asked.

“I’ll answer the second part of the question first. The reason that I’m talking to you about it is because I think it would be an incredible experience for both of us.” Kelly said.

“Both of us? You mean you WANT to see me fucking some guy?” John asked.

“Yes I do. I don’t think I want it as much as you wanted to see me with another woman, but I did that for you…we both enjoyed it…and now we’re here.” Kelly said.

“Don’t go playing that I did it so you have to do it too shit with me. I started being nice to your mother and bought you a new car to get you to do it the first time. You aren’t going to get me to do it just because you did…as far as I’m concerned we’re square on that one.” John said.

“Fair enough, but I think that situation does apply here.” Kelly said.

“How do you figure that?” John asked.

“Well…I wanted a new car and I desperately wanted you and my mom to start getting along. You gave them to me and I gave you what you wanted. It turned out that I enjoyed it and we’ve done it several times since then. I was thinking that we could make some kind of arrangement that you would find acceptable.” Kelly said.

“Well you’re already nice to my mom and I just got a new truck so those options are out.” John said.

“I was thinking more towards your favorite thing in the world.” Kelly said.

“Sex? You’re trying to bribe me with sex? Kelly unless you decide to cut me off…which I doubt you would ever do…I already get to have sex with you. Why would I trade sex with some guy for sex with you?” John asked.

“Well…I didn’t exactly figure that it would be just me…or maybe not even me at all.” Kelly said.

“What do you mean?” John asked.

“I was figuring that we could work out a number of threesomes or a number of women that you could have individually.” Kelly said.

John looked at Kelly for a moment.

“It would have to be a pretty damn good number.” John said.

“I kind of figured that. I figured I’d offer 4 threesomes with 4 different girls and if you particularly liked one or all of them we could have them back for a 2nd.” Kelly said.

“So between 4 and 8 threesomes…that’s not a bad start. I’d also need at least 4 other girls on their own that you’d bring to me and 4 that I’d get to find on my own.” John said.

“So I’d find 4 girls for possibly 2 threesomes each, then I’d find you 4 girls for you to have on your own, and you would get to find 4 more on your own?” Kelly asked.

“That sounds about right.” John said.

“That seems like a pretty steep price.” Kelly said.

“Well I’m not gay so to get me to be gay for pay you’re going to have to pay quite a bit. You’re lucky I didn’t ask for 100 girls.” John said.

“Just to clarify how many times would you be with the individual girls?” Kelly asked.

“No more than twice…just like the threesomes.” John said.

“Okay. Okay John…I accept those terms.” Kelly said.

“Okay…who’s the lucky guy?” John asked.

“Eric.” Kelly said.

“Eric? As in Eric of Lisa and Eric?” John asked.

“Yes. They’re moving across the country and Lisa’s already gone out to start her new job. Eric is tying up all the loose ends and packing everything up to move it to Atlanta.” Kelly said.

“So that pretty much means that once it’s over there’s a good chance I’ll never have to see him again right?” John asked.

“Yeah…that’s right.” Kelly said.

“Oh thank god…I don’t know if I’d have been able to handle that. So Eric actually told you that he wanted to fuck me?” John asked.

“Well…not at first. At first he was talking about what a great guy you are and how he was going to miss having a friend like you. Then slowly he worked up to confessing to me that he wanted to fuck you. Apparently he thinks you’re dreamy.” Kelly said.

“Well I am escort izmit dreamy. So when exactly is this supposed to happen?” John asked.

“I could have him come over right now.” Kelly said.

“Oh no…we aren’t doing it here…I might have agreed to do it, but there’s no way I want to do it here.” John said.

“Okay…so I’ll call Eric and tell him we’re on our way over.” Kelly said.

Kelly hopped up off of the bed and headed down the hall in search of her cell phone. John walked over to the closet and started digging around. Kelly came back into the bedroom.

“What are you doing John…we need to get going.” Kelly said.

“Well if I’m gonna fuck Eric in the ass, I figured we’d better take some of this along.” John said.

He held up a bottle of lube.

“Oh…good thinking. Come on let’s go.” Kelly said.

She took John’s hand and pulled him towards the door. She got in the driver’s side of her car and John got in the passenger’s side. Kelly quickly drove over to Eric and Lisa’s house. She hurried to the door and started ringing the doorbell over and over again.

Eric opened the door just as John was walking up to the door. Eric smiled.

“It’s good to see you guys. Come on in. I’m so glad you could come. I’m really excited about this.” Eric said.

They walked into the house and Eric led them straight to the bedroom. Eric looked at John.

“John I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I am to have the chance to do this with you. I’m really excited right now so let’s get started.” Eric said.

“Let’s just get a few things clear here first Eric. I’m not kissing you or anything like that and I’m not doing anything until you’ve done it first.” John said.

“Okay…I’ve got no problem with that. I’m just so excited that you’re here.” Eric said.

Eric’s whole body was trembling with excitement.

“Okay boys…get those clothes off.” Kelly said.

Eric quickly stripped out of his clothes. John took his time. John felt immediately uncomfortable when he noticed that Eric already had an erection.

“Dude…already?” John asked.

Eric looked down. He shrugged.

“I can’t help it…I’m very excited about this.” Eric said.

“Apparently. This is your deal Eric…so I guess we can get started whenever you’re ready.” John said.

“Okay…I want to give you a hand-job first.” Eric said.

“Whatever.” John said.

Eric walked over to John and dropped down to his knees. John shivered as another man, excluding his doctor, touched his cock for the very first time. Eric gently squeezed John’s cock and began stroking it encouraging it to get hard.

It took a few minutes since John wasn’t exactly comfortable with the situation, but eventually Eric got him hard. Eric started stroking John’s cock with firm long strokes. He raised his other hand up and touched John’s balls. John flinched.

“Sorry…I wasn’t expecting that.” John said.

“It’s okay.” Eric said.

Eric continued to stroke John’s cock and caressed his balls for several minutes. Despite the fact that it was a guy stroking his cock John had to admit that it felt really good. He could feel himself building towards orgasm.

“I think I’m gonna cum.” John said.

Eric opened his mouth and held it at the end of John’s cock. Another minute of stroking and John grunted as cum spurted out of his cock and into Eric’s mouth.

“Eric…if you move right to sucking his cock you can keep him hard.” Kelly said.

Eric swallowed John’s cum and then opened his mouth and moved to take John’s cock into it. He took as much as he was comfortable with into his mouth and stroked the rest as he sucked John’s cock. He sucked and stroked John’s cock for more than 10 minutes before John grunted and more cum spurted out of his cock and into the back of Eric’s throat. Eric pulled his mouth off of John’s cock and swallowed what was left of John’s cum. He then stood up.

“God that was amazing. Thank you for letting me do that. I’ve dreamed of sucking your cock for a long time John.” Eric said.

John said nothing.

“That was sexy as hell.” Kelly said.

John and Eric looked over at Kelly…they’d forgotten that she was there.

“So is it my turn now? Or do you want to fuck me in the ass first?” Eric asked.

“Um…I guess it’s your turn, but you’re going to be laying on the bed…I’m not going to be on my knees. I’m not kneeling in front of any man…ever. Oh and I’m not doing both a hand-job and a blowjob. I’ll just do the blowjob.” John said.

“I’ve got no problem with that. I’m so excited that I’ll probably cum right away.” Eric said.

Eric moved onto the bed and lay down on his back. His cock was still rock hard. John crawled onto the bed between Eric’s legs.

“Well…here’s one place I never thought I’d find myself.” John said.

“It’s okay baby…you can do it.” Kelly said.

Eric’s cock was practically twitching in anticipation. John reached out his hand and wrapped his fingers around the base of Eric’s cock and started gently stroking it. He moved his head down close to the izmit escort end of Eric’s cock and shook his head.

“Here we go.” John said.

He opened his mouth and took the head of Eric’s cock into his mouth. Eric moaned from sheer ecstasy. John sucked and stroked Eric’s cock for a few minutes.

“I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum.” Eric said.

With prior warning that it was going to happen John pulled back so that just the head of Eric’s cock was in his mouth and stroked him over the edge. Having another man’s cum shot into his mouth did nothing for John sexually, but it did help his understanding of what Kelly felt when he came in her mouth.

John pulled his mouth off of Eric’s cock, leaned back, and swallowed Eric’s cum with a look of disgust on his face.

“Does it taste that bad?” Eric asked.

“No offense man…I’m just not that thrilled to have another man cum in my mouth. I did it, but that doesn’t mean I had to enjoy it.” John said.

“Well…I’m glad that you did it…it really means a lot to me John. It was unbelievable to have you suck my cock like that.” Eric said.

“Yeah…well…I’m being well compensated for this.” John said.

“What do you mean?” Eric asked.

“He gets to have sex with several women in return for agreeing to do this.” Kelly said.

“Oh. Well then I hope they enjoy themselves as much as I have so far.” Eric said.

“Can we get on with this?” John asked.

“Eager to fuck another man in the ass sweetheart?” Kelly asked.

“Not really, but I said I’d do it and if I’m going to do it we shouldn’t just sit around waiting.” John said.

“You’ll get no argument from me. I guess the best way would for me to be on my hands and knees right?” Eric asked.

“That always works when John and I do it.” Kelly said.

Eric moved onto his hands and knees.

“Kelly…the lube.” John said.

“Right…here you are.” Kelly said.

She handed John the lube.

“That’s a very good idea…I’m sure it will be a tight fit.” Eric said.

John lubed up his cock and then looked over at Kelly. She was smiling from ear to ear. John just shook his head and pushed the head of his cock against Eric’s asshole. He had to apply a lot of pressure to get it to slip up inside. Eric moaned.

“God that feels so good. Thank you John…thank you.” Eric said.

John pushed his cock further into Eric’s ass. When he’d pushed most of his cock into Eric’s ass John slowly started pulling back. When most of his cock was exposed John applied more lube and then pushed it back into Eric. He pulled back again and applied even more lube. When he’d applied sufficient lube he started slowly fucking Eric in the ass.

“Oh god that’s amazing…that feels so good John. Fuck me. Fuck me John. Fuck my ass John. Fuck me harder John. Fuck me hard and fast John.” Eric said.

John fucked Eric faster…wanting desperately for the whole thing to be over, but he realized that once he was done with Eric he would have to let Eric fuck him in the ass. John wasn’t about to let Eric fuck him in the ass longer than he’d fucked Eric so John slowed down and after nearly 20 minutes of pounding his cock into Eric’s ass John came in Eric’s ass.

“Oh god John…that was amazing. That was absolutely incredible. Thank you.” Eric said.

When John pulled his cock out of Eric’s ass Eric immediately popped up and grabbed the lube to begin lubing up his cock indicating that he was ready to go. John, knowing what he had to do, moved into position and Eric pushed his cock into John’s ass. John had been relieved to see that Eric’s cock was a good two inches shorter than his own and wasn’t as thick either so he figured it probably wouldn’t hurt all that much.

“Easy Eric…John went nice and slow with you.” Kelly said.

“Right…I’m sorry…I’m just so excited.” Eric said.

Eric started slowly fucking John in the ass. He was so excited that he lasted all of 4 minutes before he sped up and came in John’s ass. He pulled off of John…with a satisfied smile on his face.

“Thank you John…that was incredible.” Eric said.

Without saying a word John got off the bed, walked into the bathroom, got in the shower.

“So…what did you think Eric?” Kelly asked.

“I absolutely loved it Kelly. It seems like John didn’t though.” Eric said.

“Don’t be offended by that Eric. John had no interest in having sex with you or any other man. He agreed to do it for two reasons. Reason number one was that I agreed to have 4 threesomes with him and other women, I agreed to find 4 women for him, and I agreed to let him find 4 women on his own. The second reason is because I asked him to and no matter how opposed he was to the idea a part of him was willing to do it because I asked him to do it.” Kelly said.

“Well thank you. I’ve been attracted to John for a long time. Obviously I could never tell him that for fear of what he would think and what Lisa would think. Now that I’m moving and may never be back here I won’t have to worry about how he reacts and he won’t have to see me and remember what izmit kendi evi olan escort happened. Plus with Lisa gone it gave me the perfect opportunity to do it.” Eric asked.

“Was this your first time…you know…with a guy?” Kelly asked.

“Yes. I’ve been curious for a long time, and like I said I’ve been attracted to John for a long time so this has been a dream come true for me.” Eric said.

“Well…I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Kelly said.

“Oh I more than enjoyed it Kelly. There aren’t words to describe how much I enjoyed it. Do you suppose John would let me suck his cock again before you leave?” Eric asked.

“I suppose that it wouldn’t hurt to ask.” Kelly said.

After a few minutes John came out of the bathroom.

“John…before you get dressed I was wondering if maybe I could…suck your cock again.” Eric said.

John looked at him.

“I’m not doing anything else to you.” John said.

“That’s fine…I just want to suck your cock again.” Eric said.

John looked at Eric and at Kelly. Kelly was behind Eric and she had her hands folded as if in prayer and nodded her head.

“Well…I guess it would be okay.” John said.

Eric hurried over to John, dropped to his knees, and hungrily took John’s cock in his mouth. Eric had taken only a few inches of John’s cock in his mouth the first time. The second time he took more. He couldn’t quite get all of it, but he took twice as much as he had the first time.

The sucking and slurping sounds filled John’s ears. He looked over at Kelly and she was smiling from ear to ear and rubbing the front of her shorts. John had already cum 3 times so it took Eric a while to make him cum again, but Eric didn’t seem to mind as he wanted to suck John’s cock as much and as long as he could.

When John finally did cum for the 4th time Eric swallowed every drop of it and then pulled his mouth off of John’s cock and began licking John’s balls.

“Whoa man what the heck are you doing?” John asked.

“Licking your balls…is that okay?” Eric asked.

John looked at Kelly, she just smiled.

“Well…alright. Just warn a guy before you do something like that.” John said.

Eric stroked John’s cock with his right hand while he licked John’s balls and even sucked them into his mouth. Eric licked John’s balls for several minutes before licking his way up John’s cock and taking his still hard cock back into his mouth.

Eric started sucking and stroking it again.

“Easy there Eric…I’m not sure I can cum again.” John said.

Eric pulled off of John’s cock.

“Please John…just let me keep sucking it for a while longer. This may be my one and only chance to ever do this and the only cock I’ve ever really wanted to suck was yours. Please just let me keep sucking it.” Eric begged.

John looked at Kelly.

“When do you leave Eric?” Kelly asked.

“I’m supposed to leave in 3 days…Saturday morning.” Eric said.

“Okay…then here’s the deal…John will come over here on his way home from work tomorrow and the Friday and then he’ll come over Saturday morning. He will let you suck his cock twice and he’ll fuck you in the ass each day, but unless he wants to he won’t be sucking your cock and you won’t be fucking him in the ass.” Kelly said.

Eric looked at Kelly as if he’d won the lottery. John looked at Kelly as if he’d been slapped in the face.

“Really? I could really suck his cock twice and he’d fuck me in the ass once each of the next 3 days?” Eric asked.

“Really, but he won’t be doing anything to you unless he wants to.” Kelly said.

“Which I don’t want to.” John said.

“That’s fine by me…the part I really wanted was to suck John’s cock and have him fuck me in the ass. Getting to fuck him and have him suck my cock was awesome, but I wanted to suck him and have him fuck me. I wanted to feel him inside me.” Eric said.

“Well you’ll have that tomorrow night, Friday night, and Saturday morning. In fact we’ll come over here right before you’re supposed to leave and you’ll have John’s cum in your ass and you’ll still be able to taste it on your lips as you drive away.” Kelly said.

Eric looked thrilled.

“That would be awesome. So can I keep sucking and stroking him for a while now?” Eric asked.

“You can have another 10 minutes.” Kelly said.

Eric went back to sucking and stroking John’s cock. John looked at Kelly and she just smiled. John stood for 10 minutes as Eric sucked and stroked his cock with an energy and enthusiasm that really surprised John. It seemed that Eric really…REALLY wanted to suck his cock.

“Okay Eric…the 10 minutes are up.” Kelly said.

Eric looked sad as he pulled away from John’s cock.

“Don’t look so down, he’ll be over here at like 5:30 tomorrow.” Kelly said.

“And so will Kelly.” John said.

“I will?” Kelly asked.

“Yeah…you’re gonna bring us dinner. He can suck me off the first time, we’ll eat, he can suck me off a second time, then I’ll fuck him and we can go home.” John said.

“Okay…I guess I’ll be here too.” Kelly said.

“That’s fine by me. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Eric said.

Eric was sitting on the floor feverishly jerking off as John got dressed and he and Kelly walked out. When they got in the car and headed home John turned to look at Kelly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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