Gay Man and Straight Couples

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I have always been fascinated by the grey area of sexuality in guys. We constantly talk about “gays” and “straights” and more recently “bisexuals.” This suggests there were two and now three categories of sexuality. I think many of us know that rather than three, there is actually a sliding rule of sexuality starting with the absolute 100% straight guy who could never envisage even looking at a man sexually all the way to the poor effeminate 100% gay guy who is looking for Mr. Right to whisk him off his feet and live happily ever after.

Somewhere in between there a fascinating blend of straight with a hint of gay if he gets drunk, the married couple who play with other men mainly because her “straight” husband loves seeing other guys cocks. What we rarely get is the gay guy who fancies fucking a wife to get his hands on the husband. A quick trip through one of the gay or swingers sites and you find it awash with bi guys willing to play alone.

The purpose of my introduction is to tell you a stories of my brief journeys into the bisexual unknown. As a gay man, I live a gay 100% life with a partner. We play together and with others from time to time but have a pretty solid relationship. I am amazed how many married couples approach us asking for us to screw the wife and probably the husband too.

Though I have had the odd brief trip into mock heterosexuality while pretending to be straight in my youth the two stories I mention below and totally different in that they happened after I realised I was gay and happy to be so. To me, women’s’ breasts were for delivering milk so for me to even contemplate sex with a woman is unusual but it happened. It happened because the bait in each case was a stunning heterosexual husband with managed to get my juices going despite the presence of a wife.

Both these stories are true and I write them here as an invitation firstly to any gay men who have had the same experience or a married couple who actually have enticed a gay man to join them. I would love to hear your stories and to add them as extra parts these ones.

So here’s my experiences:


My first partner was younger than I was by some 8 years. He was also young looking for his age so when we started going out he was 18 and looked under-age which could be a pain in pubs but they were not so concerned in these days. He had all the hormones of a randy 18 year old and was good looking as well. Add to that a thick 8 inch cock and I had to fight to keep him. As many married men may identify, I actually was turned on watching guys trying to bed him and knowing I would be sucking on his cock at the end of the night. This developed into allowing guys to join us for sex from time to time and I found I couldn’t get enough of seeing him fuck other guys (a pleasure that I still have today with my current boyfriend).

We both had jobs which meant us being out and about and many nights I would arrive home to find out he had set up a three some with some guy he had met. Gradually these guys became straighter and straighter looking and I began to get a little nervous that one day he might just try to pick up one that actually was straight and end up on the wrong end of a fist.

I came home one night to find Peter in our house. Peter was a builder, about 22 or 23 years old and with the wiry build a lot of these guys have. He was about 5 feet 9 inches tall and looked very nervous. He was driving a van and seems to have been picked up in some roadside café but how, I never found out. He had to be told to take a shower and came out wearing just his underpants, not the sexiest but he had a nice body. The session ended up with his naked on the sofa and the two of us worshipping his cock (just a shade under 7 inches, uncut and slim). We took it in turn sucking him and in return we got very little barring a few gasps as he headed towards orgasm. We had out faces splattered with cum and Peter was out of the house in 5 minutes.

He had our number and a few weeks later, the experience was repeated. We found out he was married and had a boy who was toddling. His wife was a hairdresser and they lived in a flat about 10 miles away. He seemed to love her and during the oral sex, he commented on how much she would love our cocks. It didn’t dawn on him that she might be curious as to how he knew two gay guys.

These sessions went on for around 6 months, and didn’t develop much above the one sided oral sex until one winter evening.

The telephone rang and my partner answered. After a brief conversation he told me that Peter seemed a little distraught and needed to talk to us urgently. He didn’t have the van and could we drive over to see him. My partner sensing that this was probably going to involve a lot of tears and a “my wife’s found out about me” conversation, feigned a prior engagement and volunteered my services. I genuinely felt that if he was having a problem we may have contributed in his sexual confusion so thought I might be able to help. sarıyer escort We agreed to meet in a street near a pub we both knew and I drove to meet him.

He climbed in when I arrived and asked me to drive a short distance away as he was well known in the area. We parked and he told me a story.

He had been very horny all day and fantasising about his “lovely” wife and when he had returned from work, he concocted a story saying he had met a guy who after talking had shown an interest in fucking her. He said he had told her, the guy was coming around tonight and was going to fuck her with him. Still not catching on to the story, I continued to ask questions including the one, “So where is the guy?”

The answer was, “It’s you.”

I was genuinely stumped. “I’m gay, or hadn’t you noticed?”

“That turns me on even more,” he said. “The thought that the guy who sucked my cock is fucking my wife drives me wild. She’s never ever agreed to do anything like this despite me pushing her and tonight, for the first time, she agreed. Please, please help!”

When I asked what he would do if I refused, he told me he would be disappointed and gestured to the window of a ground floor flat opposite where I could make out a woman. We were outside his house!

Don’t ask me why I agreed. Maybe it was the look on his face, maybe I was turned on seeing a straight guy as horny as it was ever possible to be and I though that maybe I could wing it. I went in.

The first shock was meeting his wife. She worked in the salon where I had my hair cut.

She looked at me and after saying, “Hi, I’m Tina,” she added, “We all thought you were gay!”

She immediately apologised and Peter looked a little flustered probably less his big fantasy was going to fall at the first hurdle. He clumsily lunged towards her in some effort to get things going but as the kid was running about, she said she would have to put him to bed first. This gave Peter and I some time to talk. Personally I would rather have started with him but that was never going to be. When she returned, Peter started to kiss her and she let him. I stood behind her and started to stroke her clothed body. I must be honest and say my cock was not making any moves. I brushed against Peter’s cock and it was absolutely rigid. I knew I would get little chance to hold it during the session, especially bearing in mind her “gay” comments.

Soon Peter had her stripped to her panties. She had a pretty body, short cut hair and medium size breasts which showed no sagging. It seemed the birth hadn’t caused her too much structural damage. I sat on the sofa as Peter sat on her other side kissing frantically and licking her all over. I realised I would have to do something so stripped myself down to briefs and leaned forward to pull her panties off. I started kissing her breasts and Peter was encouraging me. I always enjoy doing any oral sex and can spend some time sucking a cock so I decided to “bite the bullet” and lowered myself between Tina’s legs. Her sex lay open before me, neatly trimmed and the folds of it gaping open and slightly moist. Somehow it attracted me and my tongue tentatively entered her opening. I searched for the clitoris and realised these years of looking at straight porn movies were going to come in handy. Something seemed to be happening as she started to buck her hips off the couch. Peter’s fingers came down and entered her as I licked and she swivelled around on the couch and took his cock in her mouth.

“This is awesome,” he said.

I was really enjoying this. There was little taste and my own saliva was opening her up more. Her bucking was keeping me going and Peter’s fingers stroking around was getting me turned on. I stroked my cock with my free hand and surprisingly it gave me a “thumbs up” and started to rise.

“I’ve gotta fuck,” he said.

He lifted her legs on to the sofa and opened her. He pushed his cock into her easily and I stood over her allowing her to suck my cock.

“Fucking amazing sight,” he said as he started to fuck her.

Tina was whimpering, obviously getting some pleasure out of the circumstances. Up until that moment I had thought it was all for his sake and not hers so this pleased me. I held her head as she sucked. Not the best blow job I had ever had but sufficient to keep me hard. With a roar, Peter came in her. He pumped and hammered her as he did so and eventually pulled out, his cock coated in his own semen. I knew I could suck him but I did the next best thing and stuck my mouth back in her cunt. His cum poured out. I knew he was a heavy cummer but this was a sizeable quantity of semen and too much for me to be seen drinking.

This is where I was surprised. Peter was still rigid. He lifted her legs and without any rest, began to fuck her again. I had never seen a recovery like that. We resumed the same positions again and off he went with Tina grunting and gasping and him fucking like a madman. I had read many istanbul escort stories of guys cumming many times and always seen that as poetic license. As someone who cums and that’s it, the best I had seen is a guy cumming a second time, about thirty minutes after his first orgasm. My current partner does that, but his was immediate.

He came again and once more pumped into her. I managed to get my hand between his legs from his arse through to his balls and was able to hold the base of his cock as he pumped into her. I could feel each spurt. Again he pulled out and again I went down on her. The cum was pouring out of her cunt and the sight was amazing.

Peter stood up, his cock drooping slightly but still showing little sign of giving up and said, “You fuck her now.”

This was my moment. I pulled a condom on to my cock and replaced Peter on the sofa. I entered her and found the idea of being lubricated by copious quantities of his cum a great turn on. Usually when I’m fucking there’s a lot more grip but my cock slid in and almost slopped around. I turned her round and tackled her doggy fashion as this gave me some purchase. Peter stuck his cock in her mouth and she sucked as I fucked. I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw their son, thumb in mouth, stark naked watching the debauched scene totally unaware of what was happening. Peter, saw him and shook his head as though to say “Don’t tell her.” I wasn’t sure if he was just so randy he didn’t want anything to break the momentum.

I was close to cumming when she saw her son and freaked out. Dashing across the room and taking him back to bed. I thought that was it but it surprised me when, fifteen minutes later she was back and ready to go again. I must have been doing something right.

I started fucking again and was pleasantly surprised when Peter’s hand went between my legs and gripped my cock as I fucked her. He then stood up and started to wank himself and I was amazed when another stream of cum shot over her back and ran down her butt cheeks to hit my cock as I fucked her. He was still producing envious quantities of cum. I kept fucking and felt I was going to cum soon. I told him.

“Wait a little longer and we’ll both cum on her tits,” he said.

I pulled out and took the condom off and Tina again started to suck me. I was close and felt sure she would be getting a mouthful if she wasn’t careful.

“I’m close,” he said, his fourth shot within thirty minutes.

I took control of my own cock and she lay back as we both aimed at her chest and fired almost simultaneously. My own cock fired a shot across her breasts and Peter’s hit my leg and he came in the opposite direction. Tina had reached a climax while I fucked her but I noticed it was the only time in the entire session. It pleased me that a gay boy could make a woman cum though.

Whether my boyfriend had set me up after suggestions from Peter, I don’t know. I do know that he had a bit of a fantasy about me doing it as he had a “straight guy” interest and I suppose it gave me extra points in his eyes. He didn’t ever admit to it though.

Peter approached me again and I have to say I did it again. Like all things a second time around it wasn’t quite as exciting and I felt a little uncomfortable as I didn’t think her heart was in it. I’m not into having sex with people who aren’t enjoying it.

Some months later he asked me to go again and after much persuading I agreed a date five days later. I arrived as scheduled and found Peter just out of the shower with a towel wrapped around him. He announced that she had gone to visit her mother and wouldn’t be there. He apologised for not cancelling and sat on the couch.

“Will you fuck me?” he asked.

“Have you ever been fucked?”

“God no. The only reason I want you to fuck me is to feel the cock that fucked my wife inside me.”

It took forever and I was absolutely sure he was in some pain but he was absolutely determined to get all my cock in him and to be properly fucked. I held his hips and fucked him royally, gripping his cock as I did so. At his insistence I came inside him, in a condom, and he blasted his legendary shot of cum across the room.

I had no sooner cum than he said, “We’ve got five minutes to clear up as my mates are coming around to go out for a drink.”

I barely had my pants fastened when the doorbell rang and three rough looking guys came in. I looked a little out of place in my smart trousers and shirt and Peter casually passed me off as a friend of his wife. No mention made that I had just fucked his arse though. I declined their offer of joining them in some football supporters bar nearby and scurried away never to see Peter or his wife again. I changed hairdressers.

I heard that his wife left him shortly afterwards. I don’t know whether he had pushed the threesome thing too far with her or there were other factors but such is life.

2. The Irish Couple

I was on business fındıkzade escort in Northern Ireland right in the middle of all their problems. Few business people ventured there but business was good for those who did. I actually enjoyed it and the “troubles,” as they called it, limited the gay scene considerably. Most guys married whether they wanted to or not but the cottage scene was amazing, especially to an outsider who was less likely to blab to anyone if they had sex with him.

It was lunch time in a little town called Ballymoney (there’s a lot of “Ballys” in Northern Ireland) and I was sitting in a rather large car park having a sandwich and drinking a can of Coke. I had checked out the toilet opposite already and it was as ungay as a toilet could be. One cubicle and one urinal does not make for good pick-ups.

I noticed a really good looking guy of about 24 or 25 go in but apart from that showed little interest. After 15 minutes or so, I realised he hadn’t come out and curiousity got the better of me. I went in to find the cubicle door shut. There was little I could do but stand at the urinal and feign pissing. I coughed. He coughed. I realised he was looking for something but where we would do that, I had no idea.

I heard the cubicle door unlock and walked around to peer inside. He was standing with his pants at his feet wanking a delightful six and a half inch uncut cock. I gripped it and he let me stroke him. He gripped mine and admired my seven inches.

“Let’s talk outside,” he said, zipping up and walking out.

I followed him and realising he was going to talk right at the door, suggested chatting in my car. Once there, and expected him to either suggest another place to have sex or arrange to meet later. To that end, when he asked where I was staying, I happily told him my hotel in Coleraine, about 15-20 minutes drive away. That’s when he dropped his bombshell.

“I would love to bring my wife around tonight to be fucked by your big cock,” he said.

I pointed out that my being gay might put a damper on the evening and my whole purpose of picking him up was to allow him to sample my big cock rather than his wife. For some reason he was oblivious to the possible problems my homosexuality might bring to the occasion and he continued to explain how much seeing his wife being fucked would turn him on. Now having a horny heterosexual man in my car who even allowed me to squeeze his cock definitely had it’s merits but giving up a really nice dinner with a bottle of wine to shag a 24 year old girl didn’t really do I for me. I made my position clear, his cock was worthwhile giving up the delights of the hotel’s kitchen for but his wife’s cunt didn’t really do it for me. We parted and though I was frustrated, as the guy was a stunner, I was glad I hadn’t been caught out for a second time after the incident with Peter.

I had just finished my main course that evening and having had a vodka and tonic and was just finishing a half bottle of Chablis when I saw, through a glass partition into the foyer, a good looking young man approach reception, a young lady in tow. They looked as though they were about to check-in, but had no luggage. As I sipped I watched the gorgeous young man waiting to get a good view of his face, as I finished the last of my wine I suddenly realised it was my young man from lunch-time. My first thought was that this was a coincidence and he just happened to be taking his wife for a meal so I sat still and watched him talking at reception.

As I said above, few businessmen travelled around in Northern Ireland so when I saw the receptionist pointing towards the restaurant I began to wonder. I had left him in no doubt as to my feelings about sticking my very gay cock in his wife’s very feminine cunt so still thought it was all a coincidence. His wife was plonked in a chair at reception and he headed my way. As I was sitting at a glass screen and with a full view of the area, I couldn’t really hide so he spotted me almost immediately. He headed over and sat down.

“What brings you here?” I said.

“Looking for you.”

“Why, I told you my views this afternoon and also I’ve been drinking and I droop when I drink (and also when I am told to fuck women).”

“It’s taken me ages to talk her into letting a guy fuck her and everyone around here knows everyone else. You’re the first good looking stranger I’ve come across and I can’t let is pass without at least trying to get you to do it.”

The girl, I had to admit, was as good looking a female as he was a male and many guys reading this now must think me an idiot but when your wiring is set one way, it’s difficult to reverse polarity.

“What would you do while this is happening?” I asked.

“Oh, I told her you were gay so she’s happy for you to have sex with me too!”

Now I don’t know how many gay guys are reading this, but having sex with a straight guy in front of his wife seemed to me to be some kind of ultimate fantasy being fulfilled. Maybe the wine also relaxed me but my cock was reacting as a gay man’s cock shouldn’t.

“Please say you’ll have sex with us.”

His eyes were beautiful too and, as he looked at me and across to his wife, I saw her look over and smile.

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