Geetha Aunty and Her Family Ch. 01

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I reached the airport at 4:15pm sharp. The flight from New York was due to reach Houston at 4:05pm and I would still be early taking into account the time for the deplaning.

I can’t say that I was nervous or over-excited but neither was I calm and completely collected – somewhere in between you could say, in a state of anticipation. All through my car ride to the airport I had alternated between states of painful high arousal to forced phases of coolness. As I stood at the airport outside the arrival gate I tried to stay calm not wanting a too obvious tent in my pants showing to everyone.

The wait was longer than I would have liked. Passengers from the flight started coming out. I scanned the passengers for Geetha aunty and her two daughters. It had been 8 months since I had seen Geetha aunty. Memories of that last meeting were the reason for my constant state of stimulation. It had been our first meeting then, introduced to each other by her sister Vijaya aunty at her house in Chennai back home in India.

I’ll go into details of that at another time but suffice to say that Geetha aunty and I had just spent a sufficient period of time in a torrid necking and fondling session and I was hoping to go on to the next stage when the doorbell rang and her husband unexpectedly showed up.While he certainly did not suspect anything, given my young age and the presence of Vijaya aunty in the house as well, his presence meant we could not carry on anymore. I had to depart their house horny and disappointed and I had been unable to meet or speak to her thereafter before returning back to the US.

After my return I had continued phone conversations with Vijaya aunty but had no contact with her sister. Just 10 days ago, Vijaya aunty had called. Her sister along with her two daughters was visiting the US. The elder daughter, now 19 was being shown to prospective suitors during the visit – one of them being from Houston. Would I be kind enough to put them up for a week and help them during their stay?

“Viji – you know I would love to especially after where I left off with Geetha aunty last time?”

“Sri, you need to be careful. Her two daughters will be there along with her.”

“How old are they?” I asked. 19 and 15 was the answer. I thought 19 was a bit too young to get married off at but apparently she had finished her 2nd year of college and her parents wanted an engagement finalized with an appropriate US based boy to coincide with her completing college by the next year..

“Give me their number here in the US. I’ll talk to Geetha aunty at once”.

Shortly after I called Geetha aunty. She was staying in New York with her cousin brother. The initial part of the conversation was all the usual hello-how-are-you routine. We then had gone into her planned Houston visit, details on the boy to be seen etc. As the conversation meandered along, I suddenly butted in with “Aunty, are you by yourself or is anyone next to you listening in?”.

“No, not now. why sri?”

“Aunty, I just wanted you to know that I cannot forget the last time we met.”

Silence from the other end.

“Aunty – are you still there?”

2 seconds of silence and then “yes”.

“Aunty, can I call you on the phone over the next few days? I have been wanting to hear your voice and talk to you ever since the last time”.

A few seconds of silence. And then ” Ok. but call me at 555-555-1111. It is a direct phone in my room here. If i dont pick up after 2 rings, it means I am not free”.

“thank you. I’ll call you later tonight then. maybe after 10:30 when others are sleeping”.

The conversation ended there. That night I called her again. I think we talked for almost an hour. I only remember snippets of what I said.

“Thank you aunty. I so much wanted to hear your voice again”

“I cannot forget your lips aunty. It felt so good to hold your body and feel your softness. You tasted so sweet”

“Have you thought about me after that?”

“I have masturbated so many times after that, thinking of you”

“You are so different from your sister and yet so equally delectable and attractive”

I remember making several such comments. Her reactions were initially muted, then to curious questioning like “really?” or “why?” to finally answering and making a conversation. I could sense her shyness and while I continued flattering her, did not press her to make prolonged conversation from her side.

After Ankara travesti that I called her twice a day the next few days. Our conversations became more and more even-handed with Geetha aunty opening up more and more. I was also adding in more leading questions.

“How am I going to control myself when I see you, aunty?”

“I wish your daughters weren’t coming. Then we could have some fun all by ourselves”

“We are going to have to be very careful”

While I did not openly talk about what would happen once she was at my place in Houston, we both know the topic was always there in the back of our minds.

The phone conversations were always so arousing and ended up in my jacking off after putting the phone down.

Now, here I was at the airport, about to see her in person at last.

I stood outside the arrival gate watching the plan land and the passengers coming out. It was obvious the flight was full and shortly it became even more clear that Geetha aunty and her daughters were likely seated at the back of the plan.

By the time I made out the three of them, noticeable by Geetha aunty in a saree, the crowd by the gate had thinned considerably with most passengers and greeters having moved on.

She looked as lovely as I could remember her. She was wearing a brownish chiffon saree that was not too thick. The pallu was still transparent enough to make out the outline of her blouse and full breasts. She was wearing light make-up with shade of lipstick. All-in-all, a most arousing sight.

I made out her two daughters next to her. They were both extremely pretty as well. For some reason I was surprised then though it should have been logical for them to inherit their mother’s looks.

I waved at her from a distance and walked towards them. The normal Indian way of greeting would have been a polite hello/welcome and chit-chat. As I neared them, the idea of normalcy went completely out of my head.On an impulse, I went next to Geetha aunty, put my arms around her in a hug and with a “welcome to texas” gave two smacking kisses on her lightly freckled cheeks.

Geetha aunty gave a short laugh and blushed. “Sri, this is Lavanya and this is Smitha” she said, introducing me to her elder and younger daughter. As I said before, both were very good looking girls. The younger one was still reaching maturity but Lavanya was definitely hot. With a slim figure and pouting, thick lips she was already a desirable young thing.

We said hellos to each other. “Come – let us go and get your luggage” I said as we turned to walk to the baggage carousel area. I kept one hand around Geetha aunty’s shoulders as we walked.

As we all made small talk to each other, I couldn’t but help feel the closeness of Geetha aunty’s body to me. My fingers were around her upper forearm, gripping it gently as my hand wrapped around her upper back holding her to me. As we walked, I gently dropped my hand down the entire length of her, my fingers caressing the skin of her arm till my fingers wrapped with hers. I sensed her give a slight shiver as I did so.

As we continued walking, I moved my hand to clasp her exposed small of her back and caress it briefly before moving it down over her bottom. I don’t remember if anyone was walking behind us and watching our group as we walked but if they did, they would have seen my hand move all over Geetha aunty’s bottoms, occasionally cupping and give them a gentle squeeze. To give her credit, she did not flinch or give anything away by making exclamations or noises. I believe she was enjoying the experience as much as I was.

At the luggage belt, we stood and waited a few more minutes making small talk. After collecting their suitcases we headed towards the parking lot. Being the male I ended up pushing the cart, thus depriving me of any more direct physical contact with Geetha aunty.

As we walked as a group, occasionally one or two of them would be walking ahead of me and then fall back as someone else went in front. This gave me ample opportunity to take in their physical attributes and observe the bodies of each of them.

All of them had well endowed bosoms. Lavanya’s especially were beautiful cones. Smitha’s were yet developing but looked to outdo her sister’s in a few years time. The daughters were both taller than their mother and more fair complected. Geetha aunty had more of a dusky complexion to her. Geetha aunty and Lavanya were both wearing Konya travesti saris while Smitha was dressed in a tight sleeveless top and a full skirt down to her ankles. All in all, a very attractive family.

By the time we reached my SUV, my erection was painfully hard and showing no signs of subsiding. “Geetha aunty, why dont you sit in the front”, I said, opening the rear door to allow her daughters to get in. I went to the back of the car to put the suitcases. Geetha aunty waited next to me watching me lift the last of the bags from the trolley onto the car.

I moved the trolley out of the way to the side and shut the back door. Geetha aunty was still standing next to the car. She looked so incredibly desirable at that moment. My horniness got the better of me then and there. It sounds a crazy thing to have done in hindsight, but I moved towards her and embracing her with both arms, one around her waist and the other around her neck, pushed her back standing against the side of the SUV. My lips found hers and locked on. I vaguely sensed her first reaction of shock and then some fear. She struggled feebly a bit before relaxing. At first it was me doing all the work but I shortly felt her lips responding. I am not sure how long we were necking like that. When we stopped a little while later, she looked up back at the inside of the car. My eyes followed hers.

Both Lavanya and Smitha were twisted around in their seats watching us with mouths wide open and eyes agape in surprise.

Geetha aunty and I hurriedly parted. I opened the passenger door for her allowing her to get in. I noticed that she deliberately did not look back to make eye contact with either of her daughters. I was a bit flustered myself. My mind was in a bit of a rush and confused. I walked around to the driver’s side and started the car.

As we got out of the parking lot at the airport, there was studied and strained silence in the car. Out of the corner of my eyes, I could see Geetha aunty’s face. Her body was shivering slightly, her face shrunk with anxiety and fear.

I felt like an idiot for letting my passions get the better of me. Geetha aunty looked so vulnerable sitting next to me. My cock though was still twitching in arousal. The ride was going to be painful in more ways than one I thought.

The first few traffic signals we encountered were green and then we hit I45. We drove in silence for about 35 more minutes till I got off I59 onto the feeder. I had looked in the rearview mirror a few times to catch both Lavanya and Smitha staring at me. Later, they both told that they were really more in a state of shock as opposed to resentment or anger.

Time is a healer they say. In those 35 minutes, Geetha aunty had relaxed a bit somewhat. No conversation had occurred as yet. The signal off the feeder to take the left was a long one. As I brought the car to a halt for the red-light, I glanced over at Geetha aunty. I suddenly felt this protective urge towards her where I felt I had to comfort her and assure her that everything was ok.

I took her left hand in mine and gave her fingers what I hoped was a gentle reassuring squeeze. There was no reaction from her. I leaned forward to give her a brief hug. As my right hand moved towards her shoulders to pull us towards each other, I saw her face turn towards me. My lips were back on hers once again. As before we remained in mouth-lock till an impatient car horn from behind interrupted us.

It may sound silly to read the last few lines but that is exactly as it happened and I cannot tell you why I did what I did.

The next signal was a repeat of the previous one as we necked for a few impatient seconds. The rest of the journey to my home was much the same. I was looking for every light to be red. Whenever we had to stop we necked, more passionately each time. For some reason we had both decided to ignore the girls sitting at the back as if we did not care. I stole a few glances at them in the rearview mirror and their surprise and discomfort was evident – however they didn’t speak out probably because they didn’t know what to say or do then.

I pulled into the driveway of my house, opening the garage door. We got out of the car. No one was speaking yet. I walked up the steps inside the garage leading upto the back foyer near the kitchen which was the entrance to the garage. I opened the door and they all followed me in. “Make yourselves comfortable” I said, heading İzmir travesti back to lug the suitcases from the car. As I passed Geetha aunty, I grabbed her once again. We necked, both of us, standing and bodies pressed against each other. I could feel her breasts pressed against my chest, my hard cock in its pants pressed against her stomach twitching every few seconds. My hands roamed around her back, feeling her bottoms freely. We broke after a while. “I’ll be right back”, I said.

One by one, I carried the suitcases in, leaving them in the living room itself. As I carried the last suitcase in, I was sweating a bit with the exertion and the Houston humidity. After closing the garage door and walking in, I noticed Lavanya and Smitha sitting on the furthest sofa. They were seated on the edges of the seat looking tense and puzzled at the same time. As girls from a educated but traditional tam-brahm family I dont think they had ever thought of their mother behaving this way.

Geetha aunty was seated closer to me on the 3-seater seater couch. I went in front of her got down on my knees and we necked again. I kissed her on her cheeks, nose, chin, neck and lips in turns. My hands went below the pallu of her saree and I ripped her blouse apart a few of the buttons flying to the floor. A quick move at her back and the bra-hook was free leaving her breasts flopping. I pushed her body down to a reclining position on the couch. I lifted the hem of her sari and petticoat up her legs. I had always fantasized of a long foreplay with her but right now I knew I didn’t have the patience to wait.

It took a few seconds for me to pull my jeans and undies down and plunge into her wet pussy – and boy was she wet! As I thrust in and out of her, I felt her lift up her hips up and down to match my movements. This was unbelievable. Here she was, clothed in a sari, underneath me and enjoying a rogering session with me.

I have to say that we both completely ignored her daughters during our first session together. She came almost immediately with some load sighs- as she said later she was so aroused herself that she couldn’t control it. It was hard for me to control myself as I felt her inner walls spasm against my cock but I somehow managed by stopping my movements and staying still till her climax finished.

I continued fucking her in the position with her below me but I was having a tough time reaching her breasts and getting them into my mouth. After some minutes I pulled out of her. I beckoned her to stand up and holding her hand, led her to the center kitchen counter which doubled as a breakfast table.

I had used this before with other women and I liked it because it was the perfect height for me. I lifted Geetha aunty up to sit on the counter and hiked her dress up again as she wrapped her legs around my hips. As I pushed into her from a standing position, I had wonderful access to her breasts. My nose pushed aside the bra and my mouth took in each of her breasts one at a time, suckling them and biting the nipples gently. As I continued playing with her nipples I felt her beginning another climax. We didn’t exactly come together. I kept trying to control myself to keep going on but as soon as her spasms subsided I came in her. I had no condom on at the time but neither of us really noticed it then.

It was one of the best and longest orgasms I had ever experienced. I held her close to me kissing her on the mouth once again as we snogged for a few minutes.

As my cock began to shrink, I pulled out from her. She stared down at my wet member covered with both our cums. She slid down the counter and onto her knees to take my cock into her mouth. I would be lying if I said that I became instantly hard due to my studly nature. No such thing. Her mouth felt wonderful though as she licked away my cock clean.

I knew what I was going to do next and for the rest of the evening.

“Aunty, here is what you will do next. I want you to first go brush your teeth and clean your mouth. Next you will go to the shower next to the master bathroom. I will show you where. I want you to have a nice long bath and when you come out, you will find that I have a make-up table for ladies that I often entertain here. I want you to put on some light make-up and lipstick. But you will not wear any clothes. When you finish your make-up, you will come straight back here with no clothes on. You understand?”

She looked at me with a bit of surprise. My tone was commanding – even I was caught off-guard by myself there. But it worked. I walked her to the shower showing her the controls and then left her to bath as I walked back to the living room area where her daughters were sitting.

To be continued…

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