Getting a Leg Up

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(NOTE: this is a story based loosely on the Futanari archetype, without, hopefully, the grotesqueness and general story lines usually associated with this type.)

I recently went to Japan, and being an American of mixed ancestry (half Romanian, half Japanese) I found it a little difficult to adapt.

Well, at first at least.

I decided I wanted to stay a little longer and for that you have to go through the whole visa thing and work permits and whatnot, but I went the proper route, am old enough to work (23 years), and well, I finally got a job in this establishment in downtown Kabukicho, which is renowned as one of the reddest of the red-light districts around.

—Which was fine for me because, well, I’d been a good girl for so long it made me sick!

My job was in an establishment called—well, translated as—Ultra-Sexing Legs, International, and I was one of the many attendants that made sure the antiseptic misting machinery was working properly. You walk into this place and it’s a long, wide walkway that branches off and becomes a sort of maze, but all along the walls on each side of every walkway are pairs of bare female legs sticking out. They’re spaced maybe 10 feet apart. At first I thought they were mechanical legs because they moved and everything but then I started to notice (on the tour my new boss gave me) that each pair was different. All really pretty I have to say, but individual. Now with technology the way it is that’s obviously possible, but at first I assumed they were robotic.

Then the boss left me to walk around a little bit to familiarize myself with the layout and as I strolled along through the crowd (it was a very popular place as I found out), I tried to get used to the sight of adult men—everything from construction guys and shop owners to really expensively dressed business types—standing before the pair of legs they’d selected (and paid for at the door), and basically having sex with them. They’d be jerking themselves off on them or rubbing their things against them till they gushed, and sometimes the legs would lift up and the men would put their dongs between the pretty feet and ram back and forth until they spurt.

Running along the floor, and against the wall was a grated trough to catch all this semen, and above, concealed with the lights that shown down, were the tiny misting heads that were automatically activated a few moments after the client stepped away; sort of like those automatic hand wash things in bathrooms. They’d spray down to rinse off what the client had just left.

Then one of the attendants would rush up and make sure all the jiz was gone and then wipe the legs dry. There was a hose blowing warm air down on each pair of legs for drying, but apparently it took too long for most of the clientele. And before the cleaning cycle was over another tiny misting nozzle would spray a tiny bit of nicely scented oil down on the legs so (I guess) they didn’t get chapped.

And that was the part I didn’t get, really. Plastic legs getting chapped? Anyhow, that’s where I came in; being one of those attendants.

Right after the noonday rush, I went in and got my white, freshly starched coveralls on, my boots and gloves and mask (I looked like a disaster relief worker), and went out with one of the older attendants and got right to work.

At first my assigned area was a little empty; just one guy standing there running his hands slowly up and down one pair of pretty legs, while another guy on the other wall was squatting, holding one of the feet of another pair of legs in his hands, sucking on its toes. I sorta spaced out on that one for a few moments, wondering what it would be like to have a guy suck on my toes. I mean, it’s sort of sexy in a weird, kinky way. I’d done things to myself while masturbating, including touching the tops of my feet and caressing my legs and stuff, and it had been wonderful, but having someone else doing it—that was the fascinating thing.

See, on top of everything else, I’d never actually had sex with anyone, so pretty much anything that wasn’t masturbation was really interesting to me!

So I watched and then my coworker tapped my shoulder and pointed at a guy just finishing up what he was doing. He was halfway around the curve in the tunnel-like walkway so he’d been a little hard to see, but now he was walking past us smiling as he zipped up his pants. We finally got to the legs and I stood back watching the mist spraying down and washing all the guy’s sperm off the legs, and then waited while the warm air started up. The coworker motioned for me to go ahead and start drying but the moment I put the towel on the left leg and started to rub, I almost fainted!

It was real!

Through the beautiful tiled wall (that was really artsy and cool looking I might add) I heard a voice softly saying “Thank you.” It was in Japanese, but I understood that much at least! Then there was a tap on my shoulder and I shook off the shock Şerifali Escort of the discovery and went back to drying the leg off.

Then the other.

Then I waited as the lotion to sprayed down and my coworker pushed in front of me and started rubbing the lotion all up and down both legs. She (the coworker) seemed to smile at me when she was finished.

“…faster making clean,” she said, and I nodded and she bowed and I bowed, and then she turned and left me alone!

I watched her disappear down that long, dimly lit hallway and around the curve, and then there I was, alone with pairs of bare legs sticking out of the walls all around me. And now that I knew they were real, it made me feel just a bit more uncomfortable. I mean it would be easy to deal with machinery, but this—this was really…personal in a weird sort of way.

* * *

The place remained pretty empty the rest of the afternoon with only the occasional guy walking up to his favored pair of legs, whipping out his thing and then jerking off all over it. And each time I’d go and help with the cleanup and receive a grateful—but muffled—thank you from the other side of the wall. I remember saying “You’re welcome” to one pair of freshly cleaned legs and instead of an answer, one leg lifted up and the foot waved at me.

I thought that was cute.

But then the after-work crowd starting arriving and the place filled up really fast. It was worse than I remembered it being at lunchtime and I had to flatten myself against the wall so people could get buy! Pretty soon there was the definite scent of semen (which I’d gotten used to during the afternoon), floating all through the place—accompanied by the fragrance of the antiseptics—and that, plus the sounds and talking and grunts and moans and calls of encouragement and appreciation from the customers really started to get to me.

Then it was break time—finally!—and that same lady who’d showed me the ropes earlier, came to collect me and take me back to the break area. We went in through some concealed doors in a curving dead end of one of the pathways, went down a couple of floors, and then down other hallways to the main break room. The lady, Kimiko, showed me that the same dressing room I’d been in earlier was just next door, and I finally got my bearings. I’d gotten so turned around!

The air was nice and cool and fresh and I had a soda and relaxed. I was scheduled to be there until midnight and had a few more hours to go. I really had my doubts about being able to stand such a pressing crowd like that, especially with bare, hard penises sticking out everywhere, but…there was a certain thrill to it all that kept me from just walking out right then and there.

I had thirty minutes and then I steeled myself and went back up the way I’d come. There was this incredible din as soon as I stepped through the last doors into the main floor area, and then I was hurrying around, wiping legs, waiting for guys to spurt and then waiting for the cleaning mist, then wiping and applying the lotion. With all the racket I couldn’t tell if the girls were thanking me or not, but at around thirty-one dollars an hour, I really didn’t need to hear it.

When my shift was over, I was really beat. The girl who relieved me looked all fresh and raring to go but all I wanted to do was lay down and pass out! My feet hurt, my calves ached, and my lower back was a little stiff from bending over to wipe all those legs down. I must’ve done the same thing nearly two hundred times by my estimation! I mean I’d never seen so many guys jerking off before. I’d never seen any guy masturbate before actually, but after this first night I knew I probably never wanted to see it ever again!

The corporation had provided a quiet, modern dormitory for workers just a block or so away, and after changing, I headed out. It was late but the city was just as busy as ever. I passed by some of the other shops and saw just about every sort of kinky/sexy thing you could imagine. There were quite a few I’d never ever imagined, and I actually stopped in front of a couple of the street-side windows to watch.

One was like a big store-window fish-tank with two college-age Japanese girls swimming naked around in it. They were really cute-faced and seemed to be having a fun time of it, and they were kissing and splashing each other. Then I tried to read the sign and couldn’t; my Japanese isn’t all that terrific. I asked a man standing nearby and he nodded and smiled and told me that the tank wasn’t filled with water but with urine belonging to the two of them. It had been some sort of contest (something about saving up your pee) and they’d won and now—wow!

They started to finger each other under the surface! One of them was gasping and holding onto the rim of the tank, spreading her legs. Then the other held her breath and dove down and started actually eating the other one! I suddenly felt really warm and sweaty all over and turned İstanbul Escort and hurried away from that shop.

I think my face must’ve been red.

Down a little way another window caught my attention and I stopped. There was this really beautiful Asian woman there—and I mean really fashion model or movie actress beautiful!—totally naked of course, and she was sitting on a guy and riding him slowly up and down. The thing is, she had a cock too! Small but…sorta pretty in a way. The rest of her was totally female though—shoulders, arms, legs, feet—and I just stood there staring for I don’t know how long. I mean, she was sexier and more womanly than I could ever be! Then she saw me watching and smiled a warm smile at me and winked. I found myself waving, and then because I felt a little embarrassed waving, I turned and walked off.

Other windows slipped by: a naked girl laying on a table with guy-goo dripping down from rows of tubes above her and totally covering her head to foot; a pretty black girl pushing her entire foot in and out of a Japanese girl’s pussy; another Oriental (maybe half Japanese half Vietnamese) sitting in a chair, legs totally spread and showing not only her ass and pussy, but a cock. I didn’t even know if that one was real! I mean, to have both—at the same time?

Then more pee-themed establishments, a whole bunch of bound-and-gagged ladies being fucked by mechanical dildo machines or hung upside-down, having their pussies licked by other bound captives, nude oil-wrestling places, and even one club with a couple of women making love who obviously had their period. That might’ve been fake I was thinking because…you’d only be getting paid certain times of the month!

When I finally got to the dormitory and checked in, there was an instant feeling of calm; like the rest of the noise and bustle of the streets I’d just left, faded instantly away. It was literally more quiet because of the way they’d designed the buildings, but it felt calmer in there too.

Then I was in my place four stories up, and though I would normally have explored the apartment a little bit, I was just too tired and flopped on the bed fully clothed and passed out!

* * *

I opened my eyes and it was still dark. I felt hot all over; warm and clammy. My stomach was gurgling because I hadn’t eaten any dinner (just a rice ball and some fried tofu for lunch), and I sat up in bed and discovered that my blouse was unbuttoned and open, my bra was pushed up and my jeans panties were in a tangled clump at the foot of the bed! I almost screamed but then I realized the heel of my bare right foot was tucked up against my pussy, and when I straightened my leg out I felt the cooling smear of my own juices on the heel.

I flopped back flat on the bed and took a breath. For that one moment I thought I’d been attacked, but it was only a little less scary to know that I’d done all this to myself while I’d slept!

I got up again, pulled my panties out of the my jeans, slipped them on and up, then got off the bed and went searching for my sock. I still had the left sock on, but as I stood there in the dark, one foot bare, one not, I started to remember things I’d just been dreaming about.


The only person I’d ever had sex with was myself, but never like this! Never while I slept and never ever with my own foot! But the memories, the dreams—they all started to float back to me. I’d been standing somewhere, some hallway, and there were bare legs sticking out of the walls like at work, but I’d…been a client and not a worker. I sat on my bed again and took the other sock off so I’d at least match, got my wrinkled blouse off and then took the bra all the way off. I figured that panties would be enough to sleep in the rest of the night, but I didn’t feel tired or even sleepy now.

As I lay there I kept seeing images flashing through my mind. Memories of all the countless men I’d seen jerking off on all those countless pairs of legs, and as I thought about those scenes I found myself reaching down to touch my own legs; even to the point of bending my knees up so I could run my fingers down my calves.

It felt good.

But I’d never actually done anything like this before. I’d masturbated lots of times but it was always the normal way with fingering myself deeply or simply diddling my clit and rubbing my nipples at the same time. Sometimes I wish I’d been born with bigger boobs so I could actually suck my own nipples, but touching them was more than enough most times.

I remembered getting carried away with shaving my legs that one time when I was still back in the States. I’d shaved my legs, but spaced out on the feeling, the sensuously smooth feeling as I ran my hands over them, and then I’d picked up the razor again and kept on shaving until there was no hair anywhere below my head! My whole body had seemed to come alive, and it stayed that way for a long time. Every part of me was like an Ümraniye Escort erogenous zone all by itself and even the lightest touch or caress would send me off into a hot and horny place that seemed scary at times.

And it was just like that now! I felt a shiver go all through my body, all through the insides, until everything was knotted up behind my navel. I sat up and hugged my knees to my chest so I could run my fingers lightly down my shins. More shivers went through me and I decided I couldn’t stop.

I had to go all the way.

Laying back again I lifted my bottom and slipped my panties off, then sat up with my knees up to my chin. I rested the side of my face atop my knees, closed my eyes, and let my hands do what they wanted.

My first orgasm was only a minute or two later. I’d been sweeping my fingertips up the backs of my thighs and it had happened. I hadn’t even touched my pussy at that point, just my legs, and shudders of excitement spread through me like the way the sun comes up and starts to light everything up. I hugged my knees tight and then let go so I could bow my head between them and my chest. I breathed—warm, familiar air (my own)—and then ran my hands slowly down my shins again and let them brush outward over the tops of my feet.

Another electrifying orgasm went through me. It was like a shockwave. My toes curled. I gasped but kept hugging myself tight, hiding my face from the darkness. My hand rose up the backs of my calves, behind the knees and then down the backs of my thighs. I came again. There were tears in my eyes at that point because it had been such a long time—so long since I’d indulged myself like this. With all the traveling and work permits and inoculations and hassle, I hadn’t had the time. Now it felt like my insides were overflowing, neglected for too long.

I lay back but held my knees to my chest as I did. I straightened my lower legs and pointed my feet at the dark ceiling and realized they weren’t all that bad looking or as skinny and boyish as I’d thought. Probably my employer thought otherwise. For the last part of my interview I’d been asked—very politely I should say—to take my shoes and socks off and to roll up my trouser legs. I’d done it, turned when the boss said so, and then turned back. Then he told me I could put my shoes and socks on again and cover my legs. I’d thought he’d been so abrupt because I had ugly legs, but now, staring at them, I decided that even if he didn’t think they were pretty, I did!

Then images of reddish penises being stroked or rubbed against porcelain-complexioned bare legs came back to mind and I reached up and ran my hands softly down each leg and got shivers each time. The shivers seemed to shoot down and knot up right behind my pussy-bone and a moment later, while I stared at my own legs, I came again.

I seemed to melt. My insides relaxed, but some other things, maybe more subtle than I realized at the time. It was as though I came to the point where I really actually did feel okay about myself—like I was okay-looking and okay in general—and I lowered my legs, spread them and then reached down and started to diddle my clit.

In no time at all I was at the point where the orgasms were running into each other. Just one after the other after the next, on and on. I was panting as hard as I remember breathing when I ran track in college, but this was way more thrilling, way more satisfying.

And as I masturbated I realized my sensitive legs were spreading and closing, spreading and closing like scissors all the time. They were restless just like I was. But now that I was okay with them, okay with the idea that they were actually okay looking, I focused on them. I seemed to be able to feel every wrinkle of the bedspread and sheets against them, and then there was a point where having just the backs of them scrubbing back and forth against the sheets wasn’t enough and I turned over on my front and went on enjoying the sensations I was getting from my legs—except now from the fronts of both.

I reached under and kept touching my pussy though. That spot was just as important as everything else, but I also started to sway and move my upper half so my nipples would scrape against the blankets. Shivers ran through me like waves—just one after the other—and pretty soon those shivers turned into orgasms and suddenly I pulled my hands away, pressed myself flat against the bed, and simply rubbed my entire front against it.

It felt like my whole body was orgasming!

It all felt so good. The only closest thing I’d ever done like this was to step into a shower and shiver in near climax from the water hitting me everywhere at once. I rubbed and pushed and squirmed uncontrollably on the bed, feeling tingles from the front of my shoulders as much as from my nipples and hipbones and knees, and then I pushed up on my hands and started to grind my crotch into the mattress. My legs spread wide, bent up at the knees, and I rolled my pelvis so the entire V of my pussy would make contact with the sheets. I pushed and rolled and shoved, pushed upward across the sheets then dragged slowly back downward, and I enjoyed every single movement because my crotch and pussy were so completely bare.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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