Getting Help with My Story

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For those of you out there who have been closely following my life story you are probably aware that I started writing sex fantasy stories and posting them on a fantasy web site. It is something I have been having fun with for several months now. Far from being embarrassed about it, it is not something I keep a secret. I readily tell my friends about my new hobby, though usually only if they ask me what I have been up to lately. Nobody seems particularly shocked when I tell them. Most of my male friends just don’t really seem that interested. I literally have to put them in the stories to get them to read them. Yes, Pete and Joe are both friends of mine. As for women, it is not something I would normally bring up on the first date. I think you can understand that. But, after a while it is bound to come out.

So, after dating a new girlfriend for a couple of weeks, I started to show her my stories. Linda actually read the first dozen or so and didn’t leave the room running. I took that as a good sign.

“So, did you like anything I wrote?” I asked cautiously.

“Um, yes…I think some of them are funny,” She started, “I just read the one where you say Grace. Did you really do that?”

“Hey I’m a Catholic boy, I was taught to say Grace before I eat.” I answered honestly.

“A good Catholic boy, huh?” She giggled.

“Yes, but of course. Why else would I write so many sex stories?” I added.

“So, are you working on a story now?” She inquired.

“Ah, yes.” I answered.

I explained to her that I was working on a story but I was having trouble finishing it. I was having difficulty with the sex scene. It seems after a certain amount of sex story writing, it is hard for me to keep the sex parts fresh. I told her I was starting to tuzla escort think of the sex parts in my stories as more of a necessary evil.

“So, you think sex is a necessary evil?” She asked with a grin.

“I didn’t say that.” I responded, “I said I’m starting to think of the sex scenes in stories as a necessary evil. I never said sex was a necessary evil.”

“Let me see what you got so far.” She started, “Maybe I can help.”

Hmmm…I thought. I really liked Linda and I think she is a really nice girl, but she does not come across as a literary genius. How she could possibly help me with my story was totally beyond me.

I walked over to my computer desk and sat down in the big chair in front of the screen. I searched through my document folder and opened the story I was working on. Linda stood behind me and looked at the screen over my shoulder.

“Not bad so far.” She started, “So, they met in a supermarket. Didn’t we meet in a supermarket?”

“Oh maybe, come to think of it.” I responded, “Look, I take my inspiration wherever I can get it. I looked at you and my frozen dinner almost defrosted in my hand, if I remember correctly.”

Linda crouched down behind me and rested her chin on my shoulder as she continued reading my story on the screen. I could feel her curly blonde hair tickling my left ear as she peered at the computer screen. She lightly kissed my ear and continued reading.

“So, the guy in the story approaches the girl while she is picking out melons. He holds up a melon and asks her how you can tell if a melon is fresh while staring down at her breasts. Oh, like that would ever work.” She adds doubtfully.

Linda now has her arms wrapped around my neck and is running the fingers of one hand pendik escort through my hair. I can feel her breasts press into my upper back.

“Hey you’re here.” I remind her, “And it works for the guy in the story. They end up back at his place I might add.”

“By some miracle. And then what?” She asks, while starting to run her hands down my chest, “You can’t figure out what happens next?”

By this time Linda’s hands are down my stomach and her right hand found it’s way all the way to my crotch. She is stroking my now firm member through the cloth of my jeans.

“Well, I was having a little difficulty thinking of something.” I managed to say.

Linda then grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up over my head. She tossed it on the floor. I leaned my head back over the edge of the chair as Linda leaned in and gave me a big kiss. Her blonde curls teased my face as her finger tips stroked the sides of my head.

“Are you getting any ideas yet, Silly?” She asked with a giggle.

“I’m starting to get a few.” I answered with all honesty. I was starting to get ideas alright.

I got out of my seat and grabbed Linda. She giggled as I carried her over to the bed, which was not far away. I moved in and began to kiss her as she reached forward and undid my belt and pants. While she eased my pants down, I began removing her top and later her pants. Once we were both in our underwear, we resumed our kissing while our searching hands began to remove each others undergarments.

Once we are naked on the bed, we grab each other’s hands. I again kiss Linda delicately on the lips as my tongue traces her teeth and lower lip. As our tongues meet I move Linda’s hands over her shoulders and hold them firmly against aydınlı escort the bed, our fingers interlocked. As I hold her firm, her back arches causing her ample breasts to rise up presenting themselves for my pleasure. I move my lips and tongue down her neck to her rounded orbs and tease her delicate erect nipples. Her nipples tickle my lips as my tongue traces circles around them.

I gently start to kiss her stomach down towards her womanhood. As I gently part her legs I softly kiss her inner thighs holding her firmly by the hips. Again, I make my way slowly towards her soft mound.

As I approach her glistening mound with my mouth, I gently part her lips with my fingers. I slowly kiss and lick every inch with ever firmer tongue strokes. I begin to tease and caress her now very wet opening with my fingers as I trace circles with my tongue around her clit. Her soft moans let me know she is enjoying every moment of receiving pleasure as much as I enjoy giving it to her.

As her moans increase both in number and intensity, I prop her legs up on my shoulders and slowly enter her. Her moist tightness holds my engorged member like a glove as I begin to thrust with increasing speed. As her back arches in pleasure, her throbbing pussy grips my member as her legs wrap around my back. We soon cum together in wild abandon, the sensations lighting every cell in my body as I feel the pleasure down to my toes.

Linda and I take some time to lie on the bed and cuddle for a while. This activity is interrupted only by some random kissing and hand holding. After a while Linda asks me a very serious question.

“So, did you get any ideas for your story?” She asks with a smile.

“What story? Oh yes, my story. I think I might have a few ideas.” I say assuredly.

At that moment the last thing on my mind was writing some sex fantasy story. That could surely wait for another day.

I turned and gave Linda a soft kiss on the cheek as I held her hand tightly. Yes, I thought. My story can wait.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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