Getting Rid of the Blues Ch. 10

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Alex made it home and ran to her shower. She replayed the afternoon’s events in her mind as she sat on the shower floor. She couldn’t believe he had done that.

Done what? Made you cum or had someone watch?

Alex had to admit to herself that the orgasms were amazing. It was exactly what she wanted from him for a first time encounter. It wasn’t too pushy. He didn’t try to fuck her right away. She even was intrigued by the way she responded to his commands. What she did not like was the fact he had arranged the valet to watch. Where did he get off? How did he know she would be wearing her panties? Would he still have done the same thing if she had not?

Alex placed her check on her knee and cried for a few minutes. She was confused. She was scared of her own reaction to this man she had only fantasized about. She cried because she wanted to see him again.

It was a few days later when she received his text message. She was leaving the Wednesday morning planning meeting when her phone vibrated. She flipped it open to see the text message from Jake. Her heart raced. She didn’t dare open her phone until she got back to her office and closed the door. She leaned her back against the closed door and clicked to see what the message said.

Jake: Marvelous lunch! Time for dinner. Be at the bar by 10 p.m. Wear loose clothing. Questions?

Alex: Why loose clothes?

Jake: All the better to get you naked

Alex: Y do you think I will be naked?

Jake: Because I want to see all of your body

Alex: I told you no more of this

Jake: I told you to be at the bar by 10. See u then.

Alex smiled at his sense of humor. She could feel the tightening in her stomach. She couldn’t decide if she were really going to the bar again.

The next couple of days at work were anxious and nervous. Alex jumped every time her phone rang and beeped a text message. A part of her thought Jake would contact her again, possibly saying that Wednesday night would be cancelled. However, that never happened. The end of Wednesday’s workday came and went quickly. Alex couldn’t tell where the time had gone. She knew it was time to make the decision if she would actually show up at the bar.

She sat at her desk and slowly swiveled back and forth. If she didn’t go, she would never be able to go back to the bar again. She couldn’t stand the idea of Jake being disappointed in her. She also didn’t think he was the type of guy who would put up with indecision. If she did go, she knew something sexual would happen. Her nipples tightened with that thought.

Alex glanced at the clock on her computer screen. It was already 6:45 p.m. She would have enough time to get home, change, and drive to the bar. She could also just go home and put on those same comfortable clothes and watch movies for the rest of the evening with a bottle of wine.

Her hand drifted down the front of her blouse. Her hand grazed a nipple, and she sighed. She could still feel Jake pinching and pulling it. In that instant, she made up her mind. She wanted this; whatever it might be. She wanted him. Alex grabbed her purse out of the desk and made her way out the door.

She reached her house and ran up the stairs to her bedroom two at a time. Her closet didn’t really seem to hold any comfortable clothes that she would want to wear to the bar. They were the kind of clothes that you wore out in public. She settled on a pair of shorts and tank top. Alex slipped her feet into a pair of sandals and made her way back to the car. She took a moment and looked at her house again. Something in the back of her mind told her she wouldn’t be returning home the same person.

When her car pulled into the bar, it was 9:35 p.m. She parked in front of the entrance. There were only a few other cars in the parking lot.

Do I go inside? Do I want here until 10 p.m.?

She inhaled deeply and decided she would wait inside. She closed the car door and headed for the entrance. Her hand felt cold when it grabbed the door handle. Alex realized she was shaking. She let go of the handle for a moment and looked back at her car. Too late to go home now.

Alex continued through the door. Her head began scanning the room. There were some couples seated at the tables. Two men were playing pool. Sue was making her rounds in the room with the tray of drinks. Sue smiled when she saw Alex. Alex returned the smile. Her gaze fell to the bar. Jake was behind the mahogany pouring a beer. Alex tried to smile. She knew it came out as very awkward.

Jake put the glass of beer down in front of the patron seated at the bar and motioned for her to come over and sit down. Alex made her way to the stools. She left one stool space between her and the man drinking the beer. Jake tossed a hand towel over his shoulder.

“How was your day?”

Alex was a bit stunned by the simpleness of the question.

“It was good. I got a lot done at work.”

“Glad to hear it. What can I get you to drink?”

Alex Zonguldak Escort thought of ordering her normal brandy, but tonight didn’t feel like a brandy night. It felt like a beer night.


“Should I pick one for you?”

Alex nodded. The man beside her lit a cigarette. She inhaled the smoke and grinned. There were definitely times she missed her nicotine addiction. Alex saw Sue make her way behind the bar and put some empty glasses into a tub. The woman was dressed as casually as she was. Alex jumped a bit when Jake placed the beer glass in front of her. Alex grabbed for it and began to take a steady drink.

Jake leaned into the bar, “We’ll settle up later.”

Alex stopped for a moment and looked over the rim of the glass. His eyes lit up with his smile. She could almost melt into that look. It was so friendly and inviting. His whole face glowed. She couldn’t help but smile back at him after her swallow of beer. Sue had moved to stand next to Jake.

“Hey darlin’,” said Sue as she grabbed a bottle of rum and began making a drink.

“Hey,” replied Alex as she fidgeted with her glass. Her eyes followed Sue’s movements. The woman breasts stretched and strained against the shirt. Alex saw the nipples perk up and hardened. A throb moved through her clit.

“Soon enough,” said Sue as she moved away to deliver the drink. Alex looked to Jake. The bartender’s eyes flicked to her as he conversed with the other patron.

Alex spent the next twenty minutes nursing her beer. Jake had offered to refill it, but Alex shook her head no in response. The last thing she needed was to be drunk, let alone hung over the next day for work.

At 10 p.m. Jake yelled out last call. A number of patrons groaned. A few had already made their way to the door. Alex watched Jake as he continued to clean up behind the bar. She turned to see Sue putting chairs up on the tables. It was then that Alex saw John come out of the storeroom. He was carrying a large box of beer bottles in front of him. She could see his expression change to one of happiness when he saw her sitting at the bar. As soon as he set the box down behind the bar, he made his way over to her.

“Alex, good to see you.” John actually picked up her hand and placed a kiss on the back of her hand. Alex relaxed with his touch and smiled back at him.

“Good to see you too, John.”

More of the patrons left the bar. There was only one couple left. They were settling the tab with Sue. Jake moved from behind the bar towards the front door. As he passed Alex, his hand brushed across her back. It made her sit up straight. Her pussy reacted by becoming more wet. Her clit began to increase its throbbing. He turned off the “Open” sign and held the door for the people that were leaving. He wished them a good night as the door closed; he locked it.

Sue had come to sit down on a stool next to Alex. She let out a loud sigh of exhaustion and kicked off her shoes. When Jake made his way back to the bar, he stopped behind Alex. She could feel his body heat close to her back. He spun her around and laid his lips to hers. She had to strain her neck to meet his kiss. At first it started softly with his lips barely grazing hers. Yet, it took on a more urgent feeling when his hands cupped her face, and his lips pressed more firmly to hers. She opened her mouth in a moan; Jake took advantage of the opening and inserted his tongue into her mouth. Their tongues swirled together for a few moments. Alex’s nipples and clit responded to the touch and began to demand attention. She shifted in her seat.

Jake let go of the kiss. His hands stayed on her face. His gaze matched hers. Alex’s eyes searched his, wondering what he might be thinking. She felt his hands turn her head to the side. That was when Alex saw John and Sue were engaged in the same kind of kiss she just had with Jake. When they parted, they turned to look at Alex and Jake.

Jake whispered in Alex’s ear, “Tonight, you will be a mirror.”

John’s hands dropped down to cup Sue’s breasts. It seemed like he was weighing them with his hands. Sue arched her back to give all of them to her husband. John’s thumbs reached out to graze each nipple. The nipples responded by perking up under Sue’s shirt. Alex could feel the sensation herself. Her mind registered the fact that Alex was mimicking the same action with her.

“Everything Sue does or has done to her, you will have as well,” said Jake as he breathed on Alex’s neck. “Be sure you continue to watch your new friends closely. I want you to see exactly what will happen to you.”

John’s hands began to pull Sue’s shirt from her waist and over her head. He laid it on the bar behind the woman. Her breasts strained again the white bra she was wearing. It was as if they begged to be free. Alex felt her shirt being removed. Her breasts had that same begging feeling.

“Notice how John takes his time. The more he touches and strokes Sue, the more she will be ready Zonguldak Escort Bayan for him to enter her later.”

Alex’s breath caught in her throat. She watched John traced the outline of the bra against the top of Sue’s breasts. It felt incredible to have Jake’s hand touch her so gently. She loved the idea of Jake touching her in the same exact way. Sue leaned forward and John’s hands moved behind the woman’s back. He unfastened the bra and slipped it off of Sue’s shoulders. Alex relished the same feeling as it happened to her. Her breasts felt heavy with need. Both of the bras were laid on the shirts.

Hands swirled across both women’s breasts. They were lifted and squeezed. Alex closed her eyes as Jake’s fingers brushed across her nipples. She opened her eyes to see John performing the same actions on Sue. Her head was back; her mouth parted as her tongue licked her lips. John began a pinching motion with each nipple, alternating between each one.

Jolts of pleasure ran through Alex’s body. The pinching felt incredible. She found herself arching her back in the same manner that Sue was. Each woman thrust their chest forward, letting the men know how wonderful it felt. John pinched Sue’s nipples extremely hard. Her body rocked on the stool. She let out a guttural moan. Alex felt a sharp pain run through her body as Jake pinched down on her nipples. She yelped and began moaning. Alex’s clit was on fire with need.

Jake’s voice spoke within her ear, “You are very much alike. Some pain does bring you pleasure?”

Alex nodded furiously, not wanting Jake to stop his actions. It felt too good to have a man touch her the same way she touched herself during masturbation. John stopped his actions. Sue’s eyes popped open. Alex could read the lust that crossed the woman’s face. She could only imagine the same look was on her own. John pulled Sue from the stool. His hands moved to her hips and began to remove the shorts the woman was wearing. He took the underwear she had on with the shorts. Within moments, Sue was completely naked.

Alex wobbled as she felt Jake removing her shorts and underwear as well. She put her hand on his shoulder to steady herself. He turned his head and placed a kiss on her wrist. Alex looked down and smiled at him. Jake returned the smile as he stood in front of her. Both men lead the women over to the pool table.

John pulled Sue closer to the table. He helped her bend at the waist. She placed her hands on the soft felt. John nudged her legs apart. Alex thought the position looked very much like a pat down position a police officer might use. She shook her head and brought her thoughts back to the situation at hand.

Jake moved Alex closer to the pool table. She was amazed that she had no resistance to what was happening. Jake put her in the same position. She was sure he could see how wet she was just by parting her legs. Alex felt her pussy lips had already thickened from all of the excitement.

John’s hands ran over Sue’s back and buttocks. They massaged her muscles. Sue kept her head down, hanging towards the pool table. Alex relaxed in to that same massaging motion that spread across her back. John’s hands came around the front of Sue’s body. His hands were pinching the nipples again.

Alex’s back bowed with the same feeling. She thrust her hips back and felt them rest against Jake’s crotch. The burning of her nipples went straight to her clit. It tightened and pulsed like her heartbeat. Her juices were beginning to flow and coat her thighs. She looked back to John and Sue. Sue was biting her lip and grinding into John’s lap. John’s eyes met Alex’s as he pinched Sue’s nipples especially hard. Sue let out a small scream, and she began begging for his cock. The same pain threaded its way through her body. She whimpered and dropped her head for a moment. She wanted to focus on how beautiful the feeling was.

Jake’s hand snaked up her back and grabbed a handful of hair. He jerked her head back and hoarsely whispered, “Do you think Sue likes it? Do you think she wants to cum?”

Alex’s eyes came back to the couple standing next to her. John’s hands had moved back down to Sue’s hips. The right one came to the front of her body. The left moved behind her between her legs. Alex could feel Jake’s hands moving into the same position. Sue’s body jolted. John’s hands had not only found her clit but her opening. Two of his fingers plunged deep inside of her. Sue was screaming her pleasure. Her hips pushed back as she began to ride John’s hand.

“Oh fuck me!” Sue yelled as she twisted and turned. Her clit was on fire, and John’s fingers were merciless in their stroking. She wanted to cum hard and fast. She looked over to see the expression on Alex’s face as her own orgasm built to a peak.

Jake’s fingers found her clit. Heat surged through Alex’s body. She hunched her back and tried to move away from the intense pleasure. Jake’s hand followed her movements, never slowing down the rubbing Escort Zonguldak of her clit. From behind, his other hand began moving over the slit of her pussy. Without warning, fingers entered her, and she was screaming in ecstasy. She pushed back her hips, wanting an orgasm. Blood was roaring through her ears as she whimpered and whined.

“Do you want it?” asked Jake as he forced his fingers to the knuckle within her. Alex nodded her head furiously.

Jake looked to John, and both men sped up the pace of their fingering. Sue and Alex were panting and straining towards their orgasms. Jake could feel Alex’s pussy walls tightened around his fingers. He began to flick them over the rough patch on the front wall of her pussy. Alex’s knees almost gave as the orgasm hit her. Her inner walls clenched, and cum flooded her and began oozing onto Jake’s hand.

He was amazed at the amount of cum flowing out of the woman. It coated his hand and dripped to the floor between her legs. Her legs had threatened to give out. He pushed her body forward, so she was almost laying on the pool table. Her face rested on the felt. He let go of her clit and used his hand to hold her hip. From this vantage point, he could see his fingers sliding in and out of her lips. Those lips continued to spasm as Alex came down from her orgasm.

Alex opened her eyes. Despite her position on the pool table, she could still see John was fingering Sue. The woman’s hips had stopped moving. Her face was contorted with pleasure. Finally, she let out a series of yelps as her hips jerked with the orgasm. She was trying to ride John’s hand, but he was too much in control of the situation. His right hand was no longer rubbing Sue’s clit, but pinching it. The squishing noises let Alex know that he was still fingering her with the other hand. Sue was standing on her tiptoes, riding the orgasm. Once she was done, John laid her forward on the pool table in the same position Alex was already resting. Both women were panting, trying to breath in as much air as possible.

“Can I taste her?” asked John as he removed his hand from Sue’s slit. The woman let out a disappointed sigh as his large fingers left her body.

“You know I hate that feeling!” moaned Sue as she stood up for a moment. She turned to face John. Her hand moved to his crotch and began a slow tugging and squeezing of his cock through the jeans.

“We’ll trade,” said Jake as he pulled Alex into the same standing position as Sue. He reached over and wiped his cum-coated hand across Sue’s nipples. Sue let out a squeak and squirmed against the feeling. John completed the same motion, rubbing Sue’s cum across Alex’s nipples. Alex let out a surprised moan. She didn’t know what to make of the idea. Another woman’s cum was now on her.

What should I do?

Before Alex could answer her own thought, both men leaned forward to begin their cleanings. They pulled the nipples into their mouths. Jake loved the way Sue tasted, but he also wanted to taste Alex too. He brought his hand to his mouth. He pulled away for a small moment and licked between his fingers. A pool of Alex’s cum was resting there, waiting for him.

God, she is sweet!

John had the same thought as he continued to lick Sue’s nipples clean. She held him to her right breast. He knew this cue. It was her understated way of telling him to begin biting. John’s teeth grazed the pouting areola. He clamped down his teeth and caught the nipple. Sue moaned loudly and tried to wrap her legs around his waist. Sue turned her head to watch Jake with the rich bitch.

Jake’s mouth encompassed both Alex’s areola and nipple. Alex sighed relief and frustration.

He is being too soft!

“More please,” she barely whispered. She arched her back to make sure he had complete access to her breasts.

Jake smiled and lightly nipped her. Alex moaned loudly. He bit down a bit more roughly. Alex’s hands responded on their own. She grabbed Jake by the hair and began forcing his face further into her breast. He firmly centered his teeth and began to bite. He started with firm pressure and continued to add more as he wanted. Alex was almost screaming.

I am so close to cumming!

For a moment, Alex forgot everything, where she was or who she was. One hand left Jake’s hair, and it dropped between her legs. She began finger-fucking herself while Jake applied more pressure to her nipple. She started with two fingers, but moved to a third to speed up the process. Her fingers pumped in and out of her pussy. Her middle finger felt for her g-spot and began stroking it.

“More!” she screamed as the smaller waves of her orgasm began to hit her. Jake obeyed and bit down more on her nipple. His fingers were pinching the other nipple. Jake was enjoying the idea of her giving up her control on his pool table. He definitely liked to hear her begging. His eyes drifted over to Sue and John. The couple was softly caressing one another, entranced by the show that was happening.

Alex’s hips rolled forward as she hit her full orgasm. She was whimpering and groaning. Her fingers plunged in and out of her pussy. Jake bit down and pinched harder, and she arched. More cum was dripping from between her legs. An actual small puddle was starting to form. Jake quickly backed away from her.

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