Getting Slammed by the Married Guy

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While I feel this is a stand alone sexual experience, there was a first chapter/phase/preface where the Married Guy met me at the local pool. If you haven’t read that part, I think you might enjoy it. You can find it on my blog or my main website.

Where I left off was me walking out of the changing rooms at the local pool after the Married Guy ruined my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos. He ruined them by jerking me off on the inside of those speedos and him cumming on the backside of those speedos. As promised, he gave me an AussieBum jockstrap which I put on in the change rooms. I got dressed before the Married Guy (he had come from the office and was wearing a suit), so I left the change rooms telling Married Guy I’d see him at my place in 10 minutes.

I had been given instructions that he wanted me wearing nothing but my new jockstrap, on my knees, on my bed when he arrived.

That is exactly what I intended to do but I had my own little surprise for the Married Guy.

A while back, the guys from (an awesome online swimwear shop) started selling the ‘Daddy’ line of jockstraps and pretty naughty underwear. I’ve really gotten along with the guys from there and they sent me some ‘samples’. There was one item in particular, this very sexy jockstrap, that I’ve been thinking about giving to the Married Guy.

This jockstrap Esat travesti wouldn’t be able to contain the Married Guys cock but I didn’t think it would have to for very long.

Once I got home from the pool, I put the Daddy Jockstrap on my door handle and texted him that I had something I wanted him to wear this afternoon as well. And I told him to lock the door behind him. If a delivery man came by it would be pretty funny to see a sexy jockstrap on the door handle and I wanted him to lock the door just in case any of my mates came over. Explaining why I was getting fucked by a guy nearly twice my age would be a tough one.

Then I stripped down to my new jockstrap, laid out some condoms and lube and I was nice enough to lube my arse up a little bit for him.

I heard the Married Guy pull up outside my house.

I got on my bed, got on all fours and my lubed up arse was pointing at the doorway.

I heard my front door open, close and the lock turn.

Then, I heard the Married Guy taking his clothes off. His shoes hitting the floor, him removing his belt.

I looked over my shoulder at the door and there he was, admiring my arse…. and he was wearing the Daddy jockstrap that I left on the door handle for him. Married Guy was full erect and the tiny jock strap was not dealing very well with his package. Kızılay travesti As if Married Guy was reading my thoughts, he pulled his purple veined cock out of the jockstrap and grabbed a condom off the bed. At first he got the condom upside down but he started unrolling it down his fat cock.

Dave, I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to some man pussy. Reading all your naughty stories from Colorado has had me craving to fuck your tight little arse. With that, Married Guy grabbed me by the hips, lined the head of his cock against the opening of my arse and started to fuck me.

We are both guilty of coming quickly but since we had both cum at the pool Married Guy really got some rhythm and was just destroying my arse. He was much more vocal that he has been in the past as well which was a super turn on. Also, the jockstrap was fun, I’ve had sex while wearing a jockstrap before but not very often and it added to the fun as he’d grab the waist band.

After a little while the ferocity of the Married Guy started to ebb and I didn’t think I was going to cum on all fours without some other form of stimulation.

How about we change positions and I ride your cock Married Guy? He pulled out of me slowly….. Married Guy lied on his back in the middle of my bed. I thought I’d change condoms and I lubed him Alsancak travesti up stroking his fat cock that was still 100% erect. After a few strokes of his cock I straddled him and sank down on his cock all the way down.

My hands were on his chest, Married Guy was holding onto my arse and the waistband of my jockstrap as I started sliding his cock in and out of me.

Dave, last weekend I fucked my wife in this position and now I’m fucking you!!!

Tell me when you are getting closer Married Guy, I’m going to cum on your chest. Turns out he was pretty close right then so I pulled my cock out and this did not take very long. It wasn’t a huge load of cum, there was cum still in my speedos from out session at the pool earlier. I started to spasm and as I started cumming I knew my arsehole was clenching down on the Married Guys cock. He started cumming just as I was finishing.

And that sums up what I got up to with the Married Guy. Yes it was unbelievably hot!!!

If you haven’t read about how I met the Married Guy (it was at the pool and we were both wearing speedos), check out my blog as I’ve written about it in detail.

I’m sure there will be more experiences down the road…. Married Guy mentioned that he has never had a threesome (or foursome, or moresome). If it was him, his wife and myself that would be awesome but I’m pretty sure I could line up another guy (or two). I’ll keep you guys posted.

Ow, the Married Guy gave me another pair of AussieBums and he left the Daddy jockstrap for me to wash, he said it would be a little weird to show up in the washing which his wife does.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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