Getting Straight to the Sex

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Richard answered the knock on his motel room door and was greeted by the alluring sight of the girl the agency had sent. She pretty much matched his requests: long blonde hair, pretty face, a seemingly voluptuous figure under her fitted coat.

“Hi, I’m Amy,” she said in a sensual whisper. “Ready to unwind after a busy day?”

Richard held the door open to let her in before letting it close behind her, noting the stockings and high heels she was wearing as she slinked past.

“I haven’t been to this place before,” she said looking around. “I hear they…”

Richard held up a finger to his lips, which surprised Amy into stopping mid-sentence.

“I’d just like to get straight to the sex if you don’t mind?” he said matter-of-factly, unbuckling his belt as he continued to ogle her. “Money’s on the table. Shall we get on with it?”

Amy was a little taken aback – most of her clients preferred a little preamble or chit-chat – but as he ripped open his button fly and let his jeans drop to the floor, she began to shed her own garments with a half-smile on her face.

Her long coat came off first, revealing an indecently short red strapless dress that was barely containing her amble bust. As Richard had spied, black lacy stockings completed the soon-to-be discarded outfit. Richard unbuttoned his shirt as Amy kicked off her shiny red high heels, her tits jiggling under the tight red fabric and indicating her bra-less state.

As Richard threw his shirt on the floor, Amy slowly pulled the hem of her dress up to first reveal the tops of her hold-up stockings clinging to her shapely thighs, and then a distinct lack of any further underwear. Her labia looked swollen and firm, and her pussy immaculately topiarised.

Richard’s already firm member sprang to full tumescence at the sight, and he approached his evening treat with a distinct pitch in his boxers. He nonchalantly pulled the top of Amy’s dress down, causing her sizable assets to pop out in front of him.

Amy gasped – a little theatrically perhaps – but this straight-to-the-point client was both impressing and amusing her. He really wasn’t messing around. She looked down at her wares and smiled as her client assessed them studiously. She was proud of them: natural, heavy double D’s with heft but firmness, pendulous but not saggy, big nipples but smallish areolas. She shook them for him to break him out of his stupor.

“You like them?” she enquired.

He answered by grabbing her arse and pulling her towards him, burying his face in her cleavage. He feasted on them, drawing them one at a time into his mouth, slurping on them, and then letting them pop out of his grateful maw, wet with his saliva. As he feasted on them he pulled the hem of Amy’s dress up even further so that she now had only a strip of red material gathered around her waist. He squeezed her buttocks as he licked and slurped her moist titties, flicking the now hard nipples with the tip of his tongue whenever the opportunity presented.

Amy moaned with encouragement as he manipulated her pliant boobs with his mouth.

“At least tell me your name,” she purred, as he delicately caressed the undersides of her pert ass cheeks whilst devouring her chest. But Richard wasn’t interested in niceties. Once the pleasure of his gorging was outweighed by the strain on his back, he disengaged from his oral examination of Amy’s gorgeous rack, and shoved her into a seated position at the end of his bed.

Another squeal of surprise, but she didn’t sense any violence in his actions – just eagerness. He pulled down his underwear and kicked away his remaining clothes, his hard and eager cock proudly pointing at the ceiling. She watched it bob up and down as he removed his socks, impressed by the size – most of her clients were usually under-developed in that particular area.

“Do you want me to suck it?” she enquired once he was finally naked in front of her.

“Soon. Play with yourself first,” came the gentle but firm response.

She smiled as she went into performance mode, pulling the gathered circle of fabric that was her dress from around her waist, past her breasts and up over her shoulders. Her tits looked magnificent as she raised her arms, and the way they were lifted by the hoop of material before falling kurtköy escort onto her chest once the fabric lost its purchase was a perfect moment for Richard to start masturbating. He took a few steps back to take in the full view, and began wanking off.

“Keep your stockings on,” said Richard as he stroked his shaft, lubricating it with precum as he jerked it.

Amy threw her dress over to the other side of the room – resulting in another delightful jiggle of those beautiful boobs – before spreading her thighs and running her fingertips over the flesh below her belly; the crackling of her pubic stubble complementing the sticky faps of Richard’s wanking. She fixed him with a seductive look as she brought her other hand up to her tits, cupping one and thumbing the nipple. Without breaking her stare, she lowered her head slightly and let a glob of saliva escape her lips, and it landed with expert marksmanship on her fondled breast. She used the extra lubrication to thumb her nipple even more roughly, pushing her digit hard into her areola with a circular motion.

Closing her eyes at the sensation, she pushed her other hand further south, letting the tips of her fingers explore her now sticky labia. They parted with ease, and two fingers easily slipped inside her pussy with an unctuous squelch. She bit her lip and threw her head back with a grunt as the sensation hit.

Richard increased the speed of his tugs and shuffled slowly towards her as she fingered herself. When he was close enough he held his bulbous member by the shaft and pointed the glistening helmet towards Amy’s upturned face.

“Suck it,” he said dispassionately.

Amy interrupted her finger fucking and opened her eyes, momentarily taken aback by how her stealthy client had sneaked up and managed to present his cock so close to her. She considered it for a moment, twitching in front of her with a drop of precum ready to spill from its tip, before smoothing Richards thighs and buttocks.

“Mmmm, such a nice dick. I haven’t had one this big in…”

“Please, I don’t want an appraisal. Just put it in your mouth.”

That did take Amy aback. She gasped with incredulity, dropped her hands to the bed and stared up at him, her furrowed brow demanding an explanation. Richard was briefly contrite.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude. I’m just a very impatient person. I want to get to the good stuff as quickly as possible. And I’ve got a feeling you’re very very good at this. Am I right?”

The lurid compliment sated her somewhat, and she shrugged with false modesty.

“I’m pretty good.”

“Show me.”

Amy smiled, took the base of his shaft in one hand, and engulfed the top half of his cock with her mouth, giving it a good hard suck as she drew her head back and let it escape her lips with a satisfying pop. She then starting lapping at his helmet with her tongue, running the tip along its underside. After a minute or so of teasing she released his shaft from her firm grip and reached around to grab his bare ass, pulling his groin even further towards her. She enthusiastically received inch after inch, taking as much of him as she could into her grateful mouth before sealing her lips tightly around his warm phallus.

Richard felt the tip of his member probing the back of Amy’s throat, and was impressed that far from gagging, she was expertly accommodating him: the base of her tongue massaging, the gentle oral vacuum making him harder than he thought possible. He reached down to fondle her neglected tits, which yielded delightfully to his touch. Amy reciprocated by gently cupping and fondling his balls with her free hand.

Seemingly happy with their respective positions, Amy began to briskly move her head back and forth. Her lips remained tightly sealed around Richard’s cock as she sucked him off like a jackhammer. With only the briefest interruptions when she subtly gagged – or when his cock fleetingly escaped her lips – she feasted on him for minutes on end.

Richard was good at restraining himself, but such an expert blow job was stretching even his ability to avoid an early explosion. He roughly pinched an engorged nipple, causing Amy to disengage with a squeak, and took the opportunity to take a step back. His cock was bright aydıntepe escort red and sticky with saliva.

Amy seductively reversed onto the bed and leaned back on her hands, her tits pushed forwards provocatively.

“So? Am I good?” she purred.

“Very,” came the curt reply.

“I’m good at lots of things,” she said, shuffling on her knees towards the end of the bed. “Come here…”

Richard complied and let Amy dictate things for a while as she cupped her generous boobs in her hands and pulled them apart slightly to make room for his still-aching cock. Once it was pressed flat on her sternum, she squashed her tits around it and began pumping it with her perfect assets.

It was far from unpleasant, and after several spits down her cleavage, the created channel was wet and tight enough that Richard could imagine himself erupting between her tits, his cum striking her under the chin and covering that majestic chest with his silky appreciation. But that’s not what he wanted.

Without warning he lifted Amy by the armpits and threw her onto the middle of the bed.

“Actually, I just want to get straight to the sex.”

Amy was beyond being surprised anymore, so simply adjusted her position – flat on her back with her knees in the air – and spread her stockinged legs apart by way of invitation.

“Come and fuck me, then.”

Richard wasted no time in climbing onto the bed and lining his body up with hers. He adjusted his pelvis so that the tip of his cock nestled inside the shallow folds of her engorged labia, and once he found the angle – without fanfare – forced himself inside her up to the hilt.

“Oh…fuck,” Amy gasped; the speed of penetration taking her as much by surprise as the sizable infiltration.

Richard, supporting his weight on outstretched arms, thrust into her repeatedly, his dispassionate face giving way to a satisfied smirk as he watched Amy’s genuine reaction to having such a generously sized cock pushed up inside her. She seemed to be a little shocked, but in a good way – evident in the way her expression quickly turned from surprise to grateful resignation.

She was surprisingly tight for a hooker, but that might have had more to do with Richard’s girth than Amy’s tone. Every time he forced his way into her and pulled himself out, he felt a slightly different sensation – every subtle variation taking him closer to a climax he was desperate to reach. If the moisture she was generating was any indication, she was enjoying herself too. Her cunt was already well-lubricated when he started fucking her, but now it was positively gushing, her displaced juices soaking the sheets beneath them.

Each thrust of Richard’s hips caused her tits to jiggle around on her chest like firm mounds of jelly, and he began finding a rhythm to his repeated incursions into her tight, wet pussy that made them bounce up and down, all the time those stiff nipples pointing ceaselessly upwards. It was hypnotic.

He switched to supporting his weight with one arm so that he could reach down and grab one of her tits, giving it an animalistic squeeze designed to sting more than stimulate. Amy was enjoying the sensation of being pounded so relentlessly to care.

“Spit on me,” she gasped. “Spit on my tits.”

Without slowing the thrusting of his hips, Richard met her request, loudly launching what little saliva his dry mouth still held towards her pliant knockers. Amy sniggered a dirty little laugh.

“You’re… An… Animal…” she gasped, each word fitting into each expulsion of air that Richard’s thrusts were forcing out of her. “Filthy… Fucking… animal…”

Richard was starting to get tired and slowed his pace.

“When I’m ready,” he said, catching his breath. “I want you beg me to cum over you. Act like you mean it. And act grateful.”

“Oh, but I will be grateful,” said Amy, licking her lips. “Soooo grateful.”

He didn’t care if she was acting – it was convincing. So he carried on ploughing her, squeezing that now-slippery tit to push him ever closer.

Sensing his enjoyment at fondling her boobs whilst fucking her, Amy suggested a change in position.

“Lie in your back,” she gasped. “Let me do the hard work.”

Again, Richard reluctantly tuzla içmeler escort followed instructions, pulling out to re-position himself on the bed. But he was happy to see Amy wasting no time in re-engaging, hovering above his crotch and using her hand to guide his eager member inside her as she squatted down on top of it.

It was even more of a challenge for Amy to accommodate it in this position, but the sensations triggered by having this monstrous phallus inside her trumped any trepidation. She let all her weight fall onto his pelvis and moaned her approval as her cunt filled to capacity.

After a few bounces designed to let them dance around her chest, she grabbed Richard’s wrists and brought his hands up to contain her tits, and he gratefully complied. Freed of the necessity to coordinate his gyrations now that Amy was bouncing up and down on him, he could just enjoy the sensation of his cock being worked by this moist pussy, and play with those awesome breasts. They looked so good in motion that he’s occasionally let go of one to watch it briefly defy gravity as Amy rose and fell. But that sticky, generous flesh felt so good in his hands, he daren’t deny himself the pleasure of groping them for too long – especially because he could feel himself getting close. But first he had to show a little restraint – a favour was about to be asked.

“I’m gonna cum… just a little longer…”

Richard liked watching women cum – and he didn’t get the impression this was going to be a fake one to make the client feel good – so he tried to focus his thoughts in a way that wouldn’t cause him to ruin his preferred ending to this encounter.

Thankfully, Amy didn’t take long.

Her face contorted into a grimace of genuine carnal pleasure, and as the first wave hit she slowed her gyrations and pushed down as hard as she could to fill as much of herself as she could.

“Unggg… Fuuuuuuuck.”

She clasped Richard’s hands, forcing him to squeeze her tits even harder, and started writhing and grinding on top of him. He felt her contractions as her full orgasm hit, and even more moisture seeped out of her. It was a deep, slow-burner that seemed to last half a minute, and when it was finally over Richards crotch was soaking wet with her pleasure. Amy herself seemed a little surprised by the magnitude of it, and locked him in a complex stare before remembering herself.

“You have to cum on me,” she whispered, with what seemed like genuine need. “I want it so bad… I want to feel your cum on my skin, in my mouth, over my tits… You have to cum on me. Please?”

Richard was impressed. As Amy slid off of him, she slinked back towards the top of the bed and reclined against the needless abundance of pillows.

“Cum on me. I’m begging you. Pleeeease?”

Richard sprang up off the bed and moved to the side, jerking off furiously as he approached his target.

“Where do you want me to cum?” he asked, breathlessly.

“You have to put some on my face. And my tits,” Amy cooed, presenting her breasts to him with both hands. “But you can put the rest anywhere you like, baby. As long as I get every… single… drop of it.”

Her performance was exactly what Richard wanted, and he needed little time to reach climax.

The first rope of hot jizz to fire from his eager prick landed square across Amy’s face, leaving a perfect line of cum from the left side of her forehead to her chin. She gasped and closed her eyes tight, opening her gob wide to receive any further contributions, and Richard gladly obliged aiming his next powerful ejaculation so that it coated her tongue – the excess oozing out the corners of her mouth and down her chin.

She opened her eyes when she felt the next load squirting over her tits, looking down to see a second then a third patch of thick white mess decorate the rack she was presenting to him. God, he sure came a lot!

More was pulsing out of him, but with less force, so he shuffled closer and wiped his still seeping cock over the breast with the least coverage, smearing the back of his glans around her still hard nipple.

Amy moaned to get his attention, and when he looked at her she opened wide to reveal the thick mixture of cum and saliva that she was storing in her mouth before swallowing in theatrically with a sigh of pleasure. She smiled and spoke with a sated purr:

“That was…”

But Richard wasn’t listening. He wasn’t particularly interested in what she thought of their fuck session. He just wanted to get straight to the sex. And now that the sex was over…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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