Getting Their Daily Quotient Ch. 01

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Both Rosa and her mother, Sue, cried with happiness on learning that Dutch was willing to move in. Sue had been worried for several years about Rosa after her husband died.

Rosa called in sick and the two women spent the entire day tidying up Rosa’s place; and when Kathy bounced in from school they shared the news with her and cried happily all over again.


It seemed to Dutch that Rosa was always willing to have sex. Not that she was insatiable, but just willing. For example, on Tuesday night they met after work and stopped at a fast food place to eat. Afterward he drove to a secluded part of a nearby park and parked the Volvo under the huge limbs of an old oak tree. Before he put he car in park Rosa’s arms were around him, pulling him against her so she might kiss him. As his tongue entered her opened mouth, she was reaching for his cock.

“Mmmm, that’s nice,” she purred. “Can you take it out?”

“Why don’t you take it out?” He replied and kissed her on the neck. She shuddered at the touch of his lips and fumbled with his zipper before undoing it and releasing his manhood. He felt the cool air from the air conditioner flow over his now exposed prick.

“It’s so smooth,” she said, still somewhat awed with his thickness. “Like velvet.”

He loved the firmness of her grip and the manner in which her fingers literally trilled over his erect member as if she were playing the flute. On instinct, he darted his tongue into her mouth. They kiss began as a tender touching of lip and tongue, but rapidly grew in intensity as their passions soared.

Rosa had to taste him again and moved from his hungry lips, bend forward to take his rampant prick into her mouth.

“Mmmm!” She crooned as she bathed his prick in her saliva by laving the underside of it with her flickering tongue and then drawing into her mouth, making sure her lips covered her teeth, to suck on the bulbous knob as though it was a huge lollipop.

She giggled to herself as that very thought crossed her mind, then playfully popped his prick from her mouth to say, “Tastes great.”

“Less filling too,” he replied and groaned in pleasure.

The sound of her laughter trilled through the Volvo. “Oh, yeah, let’s not forget that too!” And she accepted his throbbing shaft, almost devouring it in her haste to encase it deep inside her throat.

She sighed as she felt his hand reach into her blouse freeing a breast from its confinement in her lacy brassiere.

Rosa casually removed his cock from her mouth to say; “Dutch . . .” and he reached out taking her face in both his hands and kissed her again. She responded hungrily, her mouth mashed against his; their lips and tongues frantically exploring; their bodies molded together.

(Dear Reader: Some Pictures illustrating the action are available on request. Email me.) The allure of each to the other was hypnotic. Dutch used a hand to signal Rosa to climb into the back seat; and she demonstrated her athletic ability by easily vaulting over the seat and lay on her back as Dutch clambered into the back with her demonstrating far less agility than she had.

He did not resume the kiss as she had expected. Instead, he reached down and curled his fingers into the top of her jeans tugging them down below her hips. The knuckles of each hand grazed over her damp panties as he sought the elastic at her waist. His hand paused to bestow a gentle caress on her belly before moving lower.

She found herself gasping in anticipatory delight when his fingers began moving in small, wet circles. Rosa responded by raising her hips to him, taunting him, saying; “Want some of momma’s pussy? Huh, big boy. Do you want this wet pussy?” At the same time she maneuvered her torso in a manner that kept her pussy from being exposed to him.

Dutch’s reaction surprised her. Showing a great deal of patience and discretion, he let go of her, took her face in both hands and kissed her so lovingly that Rosa forgot her plan to tease him and simply leaned back in surrender, the jeans sliding down to her ankles with a minimum of wriggling on her part and with a flick of her foot, to the floor of the car.

The kiss grew more sensual, gradually increasing in its intensity until, with an animal-like savagery; he ripped her panties off with two violent jerks. The kiss continued unabated although Rosa swiftly guided his hand into the brief tuft of hair between her legs. As his finger explored the warm wetness therein, she managed to haul his shirt over his head. Then her lips nibbled over his chest, missing nothing.

He sank another finger into her swampy cunt and she moaned erotically. Demonstrating a remarkable ability to control her desires, Rosa seized her exposed breast and drew it across his nipple. It was tantamount to sticking her finger in an electric wall outlet, and with her last ounce of control she reached out and found his hardness again, tracing her long, lacquered nails along the veins of his throbbing prick which to Dutch felt like a feather kütahya escort tickling his rock hard appendage.

She ground her head into his shoulder and burst into a peal of raucous laugher as she realized the car was rocking in time with their movements. Then she was laughing no more as her body responded to the fingers plying her cunt. She was there and she knew it. Her back arched and she stiffened as the orgasm rushed over her.

They lay still, holding each other for several minutes before his mischievous fingers went to work in her coral colored cunt again. Almost immediately, she felt the rush of another orgasm about to overwhelm her and started bucking her hips convulsively, almost as if she were trying to dislodge his magic fingers from her center.

“God,” he groaned into her ear revealing his frustration at keeping up with her, “slow down.”

“I can’t,” she gasped. “C-can’t! Ooooh, shit!”

She did diminish her jerking pelvis some, grinding her vulva against his hand, trying to stoke his rigid prick with one hand as the other sought and found her clitoris, further stimulating her.

Grateful that he was now able to continue fingering her, he moved his hand faster moving in time with her.

Rosa was trembling by now; she sucked in her breath and jerked her ass up off the seat losing her grip on his cock. She groaned at the loss of contact and reached about feebly, groping, frantically trying to capture his elusive prick.

She grew frantic knowing in mere seconds she would come. He could feel her trigger getting harder and wetter under his slippery fingers until she cried out, thrusting against his hand, her legs spasming and jerking around as through controlled by a puppeteer.

Rosa shrieked, “Oh, my God! Here I cum! Oh, Dutch! It’s soooo good!”

He kept at her, the sweat pouring down his face as he did.

“Oh, shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!” Rosa groaned and bit her lower lip.

“I’m coming Baby! Ohhhhhh, baby, baby! Fuck me!” She couldn’t believe the way her hips were thrusting to meet his fingers.

“Ohhhhhh, please . . . gimme that cock . . . . Oh, baby! . . . Please baby!” She cried plaintively.

“Ugh! This is unfuckinbelievable!”

Dutch was on top of her, leaning over, eyes closed. His biceps were bulging, as he guided his cockhead into her. He paused, took in a breath and held it as he pumped into her. She reached up with both arms and wrapped them around his neck and then let go falling backward onto the seat. She ripped off her bra and began rubbing her hard nipples with both hands as his cock made loud sucking sounds as it plunged in and out of her over-heated hole. He rode her hard.

He felt her wet-velvet muscles closing around him and slid his hand between their stomachs; felt her clit grow hard as he stoked her. She stiffened, even stopped breathing for several seconds, and then screamed loudly to gather need air into her empty lungs and then thrust herself down on him once more, crying out as she shuddered to yet another tumultuous climax.

She started to cry from the delirious joy of it all. “I’m . . . I’m . . . I’m coming again!”

Dutch gasped for air, “Jesus!”

“Great! Great! Your cock has a mind of its own.”

They changed positions and now she was on all fours and he rammed it back up her slick hole as several other cars were parking nearby.

“Ohhh . . . Ohhh! CHRIST YES!”

“You . . . you . . . keep on . . . hittin’ my . . . spot!”

“Ohhh, fuck me lover, fuck me!”

His sensory system crashed at her comments and spasm after spasm racked his loins as he exploded into her. The searing heat of his seed rushing along her vaginal walls brought on another greater orgasm than the last; and Rosa collapsed, hitting her head against the side of the door. Rosa literally saw stars. She was awed. Lost in time and space; and those delicious waves began to build again.

They lay entwined for a few minutes. She was the first to stir. “Oh, God,” she moaned, and stretched out her legs, and kissed him. As he returned the kiss she tightened her legs around him, in effect trapping him while they kissed. She humped his thigh until she came again.

“God,” she whispered, still breathless, “that was so good.” And then she realized he was sleeping. They lay quietly, his semen leaking out of her and onto his leg for over an hour and would have remained like that longer, but Rosa got a small cramp in her calf and had to wake him.

He returned to his own place after dropping her off and for the first time was late for work the next day. ***

On Wednesday afternoon she called him at the hospital to ask if he could meet her at her office instead of at the restaurant because she was running late. Dutch parked in one of the vacant spaces in front of her realty office and walked inside. A cute peroxided blonde of about 19 was sitting at the front desk. Her name plate read,”Cynthia, and she flashed him a smile of welcome with just a hint malatya escort of other possibilities added.

“Hi,” he said with a smile at least as bright as Cynthia’s. “Bob Perry. I’m here to see Rosa Thorenson.”

The smile remained on Cynthia’s face, “Oh? Is she expecting you? It is after hours and I . . .”

“Yes, Rosa asked me to stop by. We have a dinner engagement.”

Cynthia’s jaw dropped open.

“Oh, you’re him!” She blurted.

“I’m him all right,” he responded and put more leer into his grin.

The obviously excited blonde jumped to her feet, not realizing just high her mini skirt had risen while seated and Dutch caught a glimpse of yellow panties when she whirled away to inform Rosa of her visitor.

He followed her with his eyes as she opened a door and leaned in, providing him with a great view of her panty-clad ass in the process as she waved to get Rosa’s attention (she happened to be on the telephone) and said loud enough for him to hear, “He’s here! Oh, he’s so . . . sexy, Rosa!” Then she turned abruptly and made her way back to her desk, apparently unaware of having provided Dutch with a glimpse of her ass.

“She’ll be right with you,” she said, but now her eyes were riveted on his groin.

“Would you like to see it?” He asked, teasing her.

“What?” She gulped, evidently not believing her ears.

“I said would you like to see it? You’re staring very hard at my crotch. If you’d like I’ll show it to you. I’m sure Rosa won’t mind.”

Cynthia nervously licked her upper lip and it took a long moment before answering.

“I . . . I . . .”

But then Rosa appeared saving her further embarrassment and Dutch laughed, leaving Cynthia befuddled and blushing.

“Is there something I should know about?” Rosa asked, puzzled by the interaction she’d come upon.

Dutch just grinned.

“No . . . no, things are fine,” Cynthia managed. “You two run along, I’ll lock up, not to worry Rosa.”

“Would you? I’d really appreciate it. We’ve a dinner reservation and we’re running late.”

She turned to go, but Dutch didn’t budge.

“You forgot something,” he said facing Rosa.

“Huh?” She said puzzled.

“We didn’t have a chance to say hello to one another.”

“Oh, you sweetheart, you,” she smiled up at him and lifted her head until they were nose to nose and she swept the tip of her tongue across his upper lip. He met her tongue with his and in the background heard Cynthia’s soft groan. He never looked back at her, taking Rosa’s arm, he ushered her out of the office and toward his car.

“Wait!” Rosa cried. “Jesus, I forgot something important! Come on back to my office for a minute.”

Cynthia looked up in surprise as they returned to the office and made directly for Rosa’s office and closed the door behind them.

“Okay, what’s so important?” He asked, concerned that they might lose their reservations at Salvaggio’s.

“This is,” she groaned and hopped upon the edge of the couch, swept the pillows to the floor and laid back, legs splayed. He could see her cunt, for she wore no underwear. “Fuck Salvaggio’s,” she panted. “Fuck me!”

He readily discerned that her cunt was wet and waiting for him. The puffiness of her outer labia framed a perfect slit running down to her small, hard clit. As she wriggled on the couch he could clearly see the puckered ring of her anal opening. Dutch deftly ran a finger from her clitoris down through her cuntal opening and on to her asshole, gathering her juices along the way; then returned to lather it over her labia.

Rosa moaned softly “Now, yes, give it to me, Dutch. Fuck me! I need it bad!”

He began disrobing, moving quickly. Cynthia was poised at the door, listening and growing more excited with every passing moment.

With a groan he couldn’t contain, he wrenched her up against him and caressed her breasts with on hand while inserting a finger into her wetness with the other. He continued fingering her until she signaled she was approaching an orgasm and he stopped. He shushed her protest and pulled the remaining clothes from her body and placed her tenderly back on the couch and pushed her right leg back upon her breast.

She licked her lips in anticipation as he guided his twitching member to her waiting cunt. Impatient to get started, Rosa grabbed him and jammed him inside her. The she wiggled from side to side as he managed to penetrate her inch by inch until completely inside her.

“You’re quite the slut tonight aren’t you?” He grunted as he thrust into her.

She snorted, and gasped, “Been thinkin’ about your magnificent prick all goddamned day!” And then Rosa hoisted her ass off the couch in time to meet his latest thrust.

“Ugh! Shit that’s good!” She moaned.

“Play with your tit for me,” he grunted as he slowed his pace to long, deep strokes.

“Oh, yeah, I like it that way!” She gasped when he slammed into her, but still managed to squeeze her breast manisa escort as he had asked.

“You like it everyway, ’cause you’re my bitch!”

“YES! I’m you’re bitch!” she gasped again and locked her legs around his hips.

On the other side of the door, Cynthia had her skirt up around her waist, oblivious to the possible stares of anyone walking by. Her yellow panties were pulled to one side and three fingers were pummeling her pussy. She halted her activity for a moment, for she HAD to see what they were doing. And as silent as she had ever been in her entire life, she opened the door to Rosa’s office several inches and peered in and saw Dutch as he said: “You love it when I tickle your asshole like this don’t you?”


“You want my prick in there don’t you?”


“But you want me in your cunt even more, don’t you?”


“Want me to tease you?”

“No . . . YES! Oh, Shit! FUCK ME!”

Cynthia had three fingers working her dripping pussy and now her other hand strayed to her ass and the middle finger began pushing earnestly, trying to gain entry.

“FUCK ME! Rosa screamed, heedless of who might hear, bucking her pelvis at his surging prick as it rammed into her.

Then she was coming . . . .

And he was coming, spewing a gallon of fiery sperm into her cunt.

Cynthia came about the same instant he did, her legs betrayed her and she sank to the floor and fell into Rosa’s office. Both Rosa and Dutch turned to see the young blonde on the floor, her face crimson with shame at being caught.

Dutch looked to Rosa for guidance. She nodded her head once and said softly, “You’ll have to fuck her. I can’t have her talking about this it could be grounds for my dismissal. Make her an accomplice.”

He left Rosa lying on the desk and moved to Cynthia. The young blonde looked at him the same way a deer stares into the blinding glare of an oncoming vehicle’s headlights. Her skirt was raised high up on her thighs, but he ignored her lower torso, reaching instead for her sweater and tugging it upward. Cynthia automatically raised her arms. Dutch tossed the sweater aside and checked out her breasts encased in a wonderbra.

She didn’t appear to be fully developed, but he appreciated the lusciousness the twin cones offered and helped her to her feet.

“Did you finally get a good look at my dick?”

Flustered all Cynthia could manage was a faint, “I . . . I”

“You keep saying that. I get the impression that all you think about is you.”

She managed a weak protest. “No, that’s not true, I . . .”

“There you go again,” he said, not unkindly. “Let’s join Rosa on the couch, shall we?” He said kindly and took her arm to escort her the short distance to where Rosa still reclined on the office couch. Cynthia carefully stepped over the pillows strewn on the floor and stopped at the side of the couch.

“Hop up there, baby,” he said, not unkindly.

Cynthia gave him a bewildered look.

“He said get your ass up on the desk!” Rosa snarled, giving Dutch pause for thought. But the threat, or at the very least, the implied threat worked and Cynthia hopped up on the desk still not understanding what was about to transpire.

Dutch pulled Rosa’s chair to the end of the desk, pushed the girl’s shaking legs apart and sat down.

“Lose the bra,” he said tersely. And when she reached behind her to unfasten the hooks he plunged his face between her lags, pulled her yellow panties to one side and began to lap at her pussy like a dog.

Cynthia’s hands froze at the clasp.

“Ugh?” Was the only thing she said as Rosa tugged her backward into her lap and kissed her.

Cynthia was stunned. First she had never had anyone go down on her before. It’s true she was no virgin, but she did have limited experience in sexual matters. Second, she had never, ever even dreamed of kissing another woman; and now she was experiencing both simultaneously.

Rosa’s tongue darted between the girl’s slightly parted lips and she was astounded at how hot this woman’s tongue made her feel. Of course his mouth at her center was stoking her furnace too. The moment his thumb brushed against her clitoris she came hard and shuddered to another climax.

The women continued the kiss and Dutch unhooked her bra, uncovering her almost spherical cone-shaped breasts.

Later they had Cynthia sit in a chair and took this picture. Then he took the left nipple and gently sucked on it and when Cynthia’s moans signaled Rosa that he was up to something, she ended the kiss and promptly seized upon the remaining nipple. Cynthia moaned again and then began to giggle at the pleasant sensation the nursing was causing.

All she wore now was a pair of yellow panties. There was a dark triangle at the crotch of her panties and if anyone bothered to notice they would have seen some pubic hairs escaping under the elastic bands. With her teat still firmly between his lips, Dutch wrested the filmy underwear from her lithe body and dropped it on the floor almost on top of his slacks.

Rosa gave Cynthia’s nipple one last suck and slithered down her body until she was eye level with the girl’s snatch. A fraction of a second later her tongue darted into Cynthia’s bush, eliciting a loud moan from the young girl.

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