Getting to Know Sean

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This is a fictional story that takes place during my freshman year of high school. It is one of the several stories that I’m working on and plan on posting. It involves sexual relations between me and another male classmate. If this isn’t your thing don’t read it. I appreciate your comments and votes. Thanks and hopefully you’ll enjoy the story.

Starting high school can be tough for anyone, however, it becomes increasingly more difficult when you are a horny bisexual. If its not bad enough trying not to stare at all the good looking girls, you also have to avoid getting caught checking out the guys you like in the locker room during P.E. There was one guy named Sean that was in two of my classes that I knew had to be gay. He actually went to my middle school but only during my 8th grade year.

Sean was a strange kid because he was trying to act like he was cool and interested in girls. Problem is he wasn’t fooling me in the least. Sean was really short and skinny. I think he stood maybe 5’4” and all of 110 lbs soaking wet. He had a real young looking face and brown hair that was combed forward then pushed up in the front. Honestly he could have passed for a 6th or 7th grader if he wanted to.

We went to what they called a traditional high school meaning we had a strict dress code we had to follow. We had to wear a polo shirt that was a solid color and slacks that were khaki, navy, or black. Well Sean had four different shirts he wore but only two pairs of pants. Both were zip off pants which was against the dress code but he never got in trouble for them. One was a darker khaki pair and the other was a pair of light khaki quiksilver zip-offs, which were my favorite but I have always had a weird turn on for khaki pants and shorts. Sean had an adorable little ass that was perfectly accented by the fact that he wore briefs because they helped his butt stick out even more in his pants by not letting the seam run between his cheeks allowing them to blend in with his pants.

Sean was always trying to hangout with they ”cool” jock like crowd but usually got left out. I didn’t really have a circle of friends that I tagged along with instead I just socialized with whoever. I decided that I would attempt to get to know Sean and become his friend. My first class I had with him was a class that rotated between health class and P.E. You would have one for a week then switch to the other for a week. I liked this because he sat right behind me in health giving me an opportunity to talk with him and then I could watch him change in P.E. the next week. One day in health class I keep feeling his right knee rub or bump against my ass since there was a gap between the seat and the back of the chair. I didn’t think much of it but when class finished a few minutes early, everyone went and hung out my the door. I noticed that Sean had a little boner in his pants that his undies caused to be force up and to his right. However this was not the first time I noticed him having this problem so I just assumed he was a late bloomer and was still going through the random şişli bayan escort uncontrollable erection stage. I couldn’t help but stare at it and just watch as it eventually softened up and became unnoticeable. The bell rang and I went about my day until my last class which was social studies. Sean sat right next to me in this class and I finally started to talk to him during this class. I continued to talk to him the rest of the week getting to become better pals.

The next week Sean started to change next to me in P.E. As a matter of fact we were almost late getting to class so we were the last to left changing in the locker room. Sean had just taken off his pants and had accidentally knocked his gym shorts on the ground. As he bent over to pick them up I couldn’t help but notice that he was wearing a white pair of scooby doo briefs with scooby on the ass. I couldn’t help but chuckle and Sean asked what I was laughing about. I told him that I like the scooby tighty whities and Sean just got really red in the face. He tried to tell me that they were his little brother’s which I couldn’t help but ask why he was wearing his little brother’s undies. I guess he didn’t think about how weird that was and finally admitted ownership of them. I told him that it was cool and that there was nothing wrong with scooby doo. Then I just blurted out ”What’s on the front”. I couldn’t believe that slipped out but to my surprise Sean just turned and lifted up his shirt revealing his crotch which had the little scooby doo dog tag logo on top of his little bulge which was framed by two teal pieces of fabric traveling between the waistband and rings around his legs. We continued to dress and headed out to join the class.

A couple classes later I had to piss and asked the teacher if I could use the bathroom. He said that was fine so I headed down the hall into the bathroom. I was standing in front of the urinal when Sean walked in. I said hey and we made small talk as he went in the stale next to me to take a crap. I was washing my hands when Sean said that he was really horny and needed to beat off. I laughed and told him that he might as well go ahead and do it since he was in a stale and had it out. He said that I was right and asked me if I would join him. I remembered that the doors to the bathroom had a latch on them so they could be locked when a female janitor was cleaning them because they had one claim she was assaulted about seven years ago. I told Sean to give me a second to lock the door and went over to latch the door.

When I turned to head back over to him Sean had already opened the stale door. There was only one stale and it was rather large because it was meant to be wheelchair friendly. When I stepped in I was greeted by Sean and his raging boner pointing straight up. I knew Sean was a short kid but his cock was only about three and a half inches long erected. Remember when I said he could have passed for a 6th or 7th grader; I wasn’t kidding. Plus he had just a small amount of hair growing around it. Sean said he was sorry there wasn’t more to look at. I şişli escort just said ”That’s ok it is as small as I fantasized about”. Then he and I both realized what I had just said. Sean asked what I meant by ”fantasized about”. I knew I was busted so I just said ”What you mean you never thick about other guys when you masturbate?!” Sean took a second and admitted that he did and even went as far to say that he often fantasized about getting it in his ass. By this point I already had my fully erected cock out and was stroking away while watching Sean do the same. I asked Sean if he really wanted to have someone shove their dick up his little ass and he said he really did. I told him that I would love to help him fulfill his desires one day if he wanted. Our conversation was brought to an abrupt end by the sound of someone trying to come into the bathroom door. I quickly stuffed myself back into my pants and whispered to Sean that I would see him in social studies.

As I got to the door I was trying to think of how to explain the locked door to whoever was waiting on the other side. To my relief there was no one there when I opened the door and walked out. I went to my next couple classes and finally got to social studies. Sean and I kept whispering back and forth about setting up another get together for tomorrow. We decided we would both ask to use the bathroom during second period and meet up in the bathroom that was right next to the auditorium since that would be the least used bathroom.

Well sure enough the next morning my algebra teacher let me go to the restroom and I made my way to our designated spot. I walked in and Sean was standing at the sink acting like he was washing his hands. I turned around and locked the door. Sean just turned to me and said that he thought he was gonna die if he had to wait another minute. I noticed there was a plastic chair over in the corner of the bathroom and asked Sean if he thought there was any need to lock ourselves in a stale since we had already locked the bathroom door. Sean said he didn’t see any reason to and that we might as well use the entire bathroom since no one would be interrupting us.

He told me that I could sit on the chair if I wanted to and then asked me if I had been saving up. I told him if he thought that I didn’t go home and finish what I had started with him yesterday that he was crazy. He said that he had and was hoping I would have too. I tried to assure him that I would be able to pump out plenty for him to see. Sean told me it might be hard for him to see it since he hoped I was gonna unload in his ass. I was shocked at how badly this guy wanted to experience having a dick up his ass. Then Sean reached into his cargo pocket and pulled a small pocket sized bottle of KY jelly. By this point I had already had my pants and boxers at my ankles and was sitting in the chair. Sean handed me the bottle of lube and I squeezed some out into my hand and started rubbing it all over my erect penis. While I was doing this Sean stripped down to just his underwear. He actually was wearing a pair of solid mecidiyeköy escort blue undies with white trim on them. I saw his cock straining against them wanting to bust out. Sean removed them and threw them on top of his shirt and pants. This was the first time that I got to see his beautiful round butt cheeks.

Sean then bent over in front of me and asked me to spread a little lube around his hole. I did as instructed and was actually surprised how clean it was. I asked Sean if he needed me to loosen him up with my finger first and he told me that he had a miniature wooden baseball bat at home that he uses to play with himself so he was pretty sure he was ready for the real thing. On that note I lowered him slowly toward me and right as I got myself lined up I lowered him down onto me. I was shocked how easy I was able to slide into his little ass. I loved the feeling of having my penis in his ass. Sean felt so warm and small I couldn’t help but start to trust some while holding his waist. Sean was letting out all sorts of moans. After a little I came back to reality and noticed that Sean was beating his little cock. I asked him if there was any way that he could wrap his undies around his cock and cum in them for me. Sean said sure and leaned forward to get them off the ground and it caused his ass to slide along my dick and I thought I was gonna lose it. Some how I held back and kept from ejaculating. Sean leaned back and continued beating off with the underwear in hand. After about two more minutes I guess he couldn’t take it anymore and I felt his butt cheeks tighten on my cock and he busted his load into the blue briefs that were wrapped around his dick. I saw a large dark blue wet spot form at the top of the undies and this made me lose it and start erupting in his ass. Sean let out one big muffled moan and he just squeezed his cock. After about fifteen seconds of pure bliss I went ahead and pulled out. When I did I saw my cum leaking out of Sean’s asshole. I reached over and got some toilet paper that was sitting on top of the air conditioning vent and preceded to clean myself up while Sean did the same. I asked Sean if I could keep his cum drenched underwear and he said sure. I stuck them in my cargo pocket and he headed back to class.

Sean and I made it a habit of meeting up in our usual spot at least three times a week. We would also exchange gifts like cum stained underwear and shorts. This went on until the end of the school year. I noticed that the last couple weeks of school that Sean was only wearing the dark khaki pair of pants and on the last day of school he meet me at my locker and handed me a Walmart bag and told me not to open it until I got home. As soon as I walked in the house I opened it and pulled out the white polo shirt that he wore that first time we had sex. It was covered in cum stains from at least a couple weeks of masturbation. Then I reached into the bag and pulled out those light khaki Quiksilver pants that I loved so much. They too were heavily soiled from cum. I loved using them to shot my load on all summer long. He and I kept in touch for a little while after his family moved out of town but eventually lost touch. I still remember those fun times and wish I could go back and relive them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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