Gift For Brenda Ch. 1

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Chapter 1

Wow! That was the only word I could find to describe the last 24 hours. It had started simply enough on Friday night. Suzie, my wife of 25 years, had gone out to dinner with her friend Brenda. Brenda was recently separated and she and my wife had begun an almost regular “date” on Friday nights. Usually they went out to dinner and then for a few drinks afterwards. However, on this Friday night Suzie had mentioned that Brenda was feeling kind of depressed and they were just going to whip up something quick at Brenda’s house and then sit around having a few drinks and some girl talk.

Brenda was having somewhat of a hard time adjusting to her new single life. She had been married for almost twenty years but unknown to even her close friends, she and her husband hadn’t slept together for the last three years. Finally, fed up with the celibate life, Brenda had moved out of the house. Now that she had moved out she found her life no less celibate. She had only dated a couple of times and both of those guys had more problems than Brenda wanted to get involved with. So recently she had limited her nights out to dinner with some of her female friends such as my wife.

So this history was the backdrop to the bombshell that was dropped on me late Friday night. Around midnight I had finally gotten sleepy waiting for my wife to return and went to bed without her. Normally Suzie came home around 10:00 on these nights out, but as I mentioned Brenda was kind of upset tonight so I guessed she had stayed later than normal. Then around 12:30 my wife quietly crept into the bedroom, stripped of all of her clothes and snuggled up to me, naked and spooned me, in our bed. Turning my head slightly I gave Suzie a quick kiss and told her good night. “How was Brenda doing?” I asked somewhat sleepily.

“Not too good,” was Suzie’s concerned reply.

“What’s wrong,” I asked turning over to face Suzie.

“Well… you know one of the reasons she left Peter was because of his total lack of interest in sex. Now that she’s moved out she still hasn’t dated anyone that’s interested in her – sexually. “

“You’ve got to be kidding, as great as she looks? I can’t believe that she isn’t fighting off guys with a stick. Especially those guys that she dated. I mean really, she is one hot forty year old,” I replied, maybe a little too enthusiastically. Brenda was a petite brunette and although certainly not voluptuous was well proportioned for her frame. She had a wonderful personality and was a toucher. Quite often during conversation she would reach out and place her warm hand on my arm as she made a point. Those touches never failed in warming more than just the part of my anatomy that she touched. Secretly, I had always had a crush on Brenda. I have always kidded and joked around with Brenda – primarily to be rewarded with her hand being placed on my arm, shoulder, or on rare occasions, my leg.

My wife had even noticed this once and jokingly accused Brenda of trying to seduce me. When Brenda started apologizing Suzie had interrupted her and simply told her, ‘I don’t care where he gets his appetite, as long as he comes home to eat. ‘ This tacit approval on Suzie’s part seemed to result in Brenda increasing the frequency and intensity of those touches.

“She just feels very old and unattractive because of her marriage and recent dating experiences,” Suzie explained, breaking me from my day dreaming about Brenda’s body and warm touch.

“Well, I for one can’t see how she would have any trouble getting laid – and that’s probably just what she needs right now,” I joked as I gave Suzie a quick kiss on the lips.

“Yeah, and you’d probably be first in line to volunteer for the job, wouldn’t you?” Suzie joked as she gave me a short but lusty kiss.

“Do I get in trouble if I answer that question truthfully?” I asked, smiling in the darkened room. The combination of her naked body against mine, her hugs and kisses, and maybe even some of the talk about Brenda soon had my erection starting to poke out from my briefs.

“I think you just gave me your answer,” Suzie laughed as she reached down to touch my erection.

“Nope. That’s all for you, honey. Brenda is totally off limits. I mean with you as a wife how could I possibly ever want another woman?” I asked trying to dig out of the hole my rising dick was digging for me.

“No, truthfully, I want to hear your answer. Would you be first in line to fuck Brenda, if it weren’t for me?”

“Well… If you really want the truth… Yeah. If you and I weren’t married – very happily I might add – I might try and go after Brenda physically. As I said she is a hot, sexy woman. I think she’s just been without ‘good’ sex for so long that she doesn’t have any confidence in herself – sexually. And she probably gives off those vibes to the guys she’s been dating. “

Stifling a yawn Suzie snuggled up to me a little closer. “Maybe you’re right,” Suzie responded. “Do you mind if we wait until in the morning to get up close and personal kaynarca escort to this?” Suzie inquired, squeezing my now waning erection. I’m kind of tired after this long week and tonight over at Brenda’s?” Suzie asked.

“Sure, no problem,” I replied, trying to sound positive through my disappointment. Oh well, waking up in the morning to a nice slow fuck wouldn’t be the worst that could happen to an old married guy.

“Oh, by the way, I told Brenda you would go over tomorrow sometime and help her hang some curtains,” Suzie countered, changing the subject.

“Fine, but only if you ‘pay’ me first,” I joked reaching down to lightly squeeze the naked cheeks of her ass.

“Oh you’ll get paid alright,” Suzie smiled back as she gave me a light kiss on the lips. “Now, Good Night. “

Saturday mornings were usually our day to sleep late and lie around in bed snuggling. The snuggling more often that not turning into a nice, romantic coupling. On this day I slowly woke from my sleep and, reaching over for my wife, found the bed empty. Remembering Suzie’s promise from the night before I waited a few minutes assuming Suzie had simply gone to the bathroom. After she had not returned for several minutes I got up and went looking for her. Walking into the den I found Suzie wrapped in a blanket, sitting in a chair and vacantly starring out the window.

“Is something wrong,” I asked walking up to her and kissing her good morning. “How long have you been up?”

“I’ve been up since before the sun came up. No, nothing’s wrong really. I’ve just been sitting here thinking,’ Suzie replied turning toward me and taking my hands in hers. “Sit down here with me I want to talk to you about something,” Suzie responded making room for me in the big overstuffed chair.

Uh oh, I thought, this sounds like something serious.

“I’ve been thinking about something you said last night – about Brenda. When you said she probably didn’t have any confidence in herself sexually. “

“Okay, so who do want to set her up with that can build that confidence back up?” I asked.

“You,” was her one word reply.

Not really hearing her at first, I asked “Who?”

“You. I want you to have sex with Brenda,” Suzie countered.

“What???” I asked incredulously. “What are you talking about?” shock still registering on my face.

“Hear me out Bill,” Suzie continued quickly as she looked deep into my eyes. “You and I have a wonderful and secure marriage. Otherwise I could never consider something like this. But I’m really serious. I think you would be the perfect partner for Brenda. She told me that she hasn’t had sex in over three years. She’s afraid that she’s forgotten how… and I can’t think of anyone better than you to ‘teach’ her how to have sex again. I mean, after all, you taught me everything I know about sex,” Suzie smiled at me.

Several minutes lapsed as I just sat there, staring at Suzie. Several times I started to say something, but words just didn’t come to me. Suzie’s suggestion had left me totally speechless.

Suzie continued, “Look, I know you love me and I’m very secure in that. I’m not talking about you having an affair with Brenda. I’m just talking about the two of you getting together physically – just for sex. And as long as I know about it – and I’ll want all the details later – I think it’s a great idea. Brenda just doesn’t believe that she is sexually desirable and it’s been so long since she’s had sex I don’t think she’s ever going to initiated it with one of her dates. So… I think having sex with you might just be the nudge that she needs. “

“But… I… Uhh… ” Still fumbling with my words I didn’t know quite what to say in response.

Suzie continued, “I think that as long as all three of us are open and honest with one another this will work. “

“But what about Brenda? What does she have to say about this… this ‘Arrangement’?”

“I haven’t told her about it yet. Although I did joke with her about ‘loaning out my husband’ when she asked about getting your help hanging the curtains,” Suzie explained.

“So I’m just supposed to go over there, hang her curtains, fuck her and then come home to you and expect our marriage to be the same?” I asked, still taken aback by my wife’s suggestion.

“No. No. No. ” she interrupted. “Not like that. Well not exactly anyway. My idea was for you to go over there and spend the day… and night with Brenda. Not ‘fuck’ her but spend the rest of the weekend ‘making love’ to her,” Suzie explained.

“And you’re comfortable with that… you actually want me to have sex with your best friend?” I questioned, still not convinced this was a good idea.

“Yes, I do, and yes, I’m completely comfortable with it… believe it or not. I’ve spent the last several hours thinking about it… Arguing with myself… And I’m completely comfortable with the idea. ” Standing up Suzie took me in her arms, “I love you… And I love Brenda. The two of you are the two closest people orhanlı escort in my life. I love Brenda enough to share my husband with her… And I’m comfortable enough in your love for me to let it happen… Even encourage it,” she stated, sealing her statement with a warm loving kiss.

“So what am I supposed to do? Go over there today to hang her curtains and seduce her… without warning?” I asked.

“Nope. I’m going with you. We’ll both go over there. Spend some time with Brenda and then I’ll explain my idea… I’ll hang around long enough to see that things are going okay… Then I’ll slip out and come home. In order to give you and her plenty of time I’ll take the car and come back to pick you up tomorrow afternoon… So… what do you think?” Suzie asked, holding me in her arms and looking into my eyes.

Still almost speechless, I didn’t really know what to say. Was Suzie for real? She didn’t usually play games, but was she really trying to test me? Was I supposed to say ‘No’? I thought to my self.

“Before you answer me, I want you to understand that I really am serious… ” Reaching down she took my limp penis in her hand and gave it a firm squeeze. Then almost as if she was reading my thoughts she added, “I’m not playing a game with you… Not trying to test you… I’ve spent a long time thinking about this and I really want to do this for Brenda. The only question is” Are you willing to do this for me?”

Okay, now let me get this straight. Here is my wife asking me if I’ll fuck her gorgeous best friend. And do it for ‘her’??? I wanted to pinch myself to see if I was awake.

“There’s only one catch,” she added.

Okay here it comes… here’s the ‘rest of the story,’ I thought.

“I think this will only work if you tell me everything that went on between the two of you afterwards… Hold nothing back… Complete honesty and trust,” she finished, sealing her little speech with a warm tongue filled kiss. Just as my dick was starting to rise to attention she broke the kiss, pulled away from me. ” One other thing… Brenda is VERY sensitive right now… You’ve got to be very careful with her feelings… Don’t push her into anything… But slowly encourage her. I know that Brenda used to be very adventurous in sex… But Peter ruined that for her. For the last few years that her and Peter did still try and have sex it was always man on top and in her words ‘b-o-r-i-n-g!’ But it’s been so long for her you’ve got to take it slow… Build up gradually. I know you are a very loving and giving man when having sex… So turn on a little of that charm of yours for her. Now you go take a shower and get ready while I call Brenda and tell her we’re both coming over. I’ll tell her to take a shower and get dressed so she and I can go out shopping while you work on the curtains. Then once we get over there, we’ll all three sit down and talk. I’ll explain my plan… And then leave the two of you alone. “

Chapter 2

Walking to the bathroom in a daze, I took a shower, got dressed and then Suzie and I ate a quick breakfast. We exchanged very few words then or during our short drive over to Brenda’s house. As soon as we arrived Suzie took Brenda by the arm am they went into the bedroom alone. I sat down on the sofa and quietly stared at the blank and silenced TV screen. I don’t think I really woke up until I realized I heard Suzie say something. She and Brenda were standing arm in arm at the door to the hallway.

“So… What’s your answer?” Suzie was asking me.

“I… I don’t know… What was the question?” I asked looking at both girls as they burst out laughing. It was obvious that everyone was nervous because what ever it was that I had been asked soon took a back seat to all three of us laughing together wildly until tears were rolling down all of our cheeks – and I still didn’t know what we were laughing about.

Finally getting her breath back from the laughing episode Suzie explained, “Didn’t you hear my question? I have just finished telling Brenda all about our conversation this morning and I asked you if you were ready. ”

“Well… Uhh… To be serious I don’t know. ” Patting the seat beside of me I told them both, “Sit down for a minute and let’s talk about this a little while. “

“No,” Suzie replied rather emphatically. “We’ve all already talked about it. I love and trust both of you. Now,” she replied softly “It’s time for me to leave the two of you alone. ”

Hugging Brenda one last time Suzie held Brenda’s shoulders in her two hands, looked into her eyes and said, “Brenda, I love you very, very much, this is something I really want to do for you. “

Suzie then took Brenda by the hand as she slowly walked over to the sofa, pulled me up with both hands, put her arms around me and hugged me – lovingly. Pulling back from me I could see a small trace of tears in her eyes as she whispered, “Bill, I love you so much. ” Placing Brenda’s hands in mine she turned and walked quickly out of the house.

For tepeören escort several minutes Brenda and I just stood as if rooted to the floor. Total silence engulfed the entire house as we pensively looked at one another… Neither of us knowing what to say… Or do. Although only inches separated us… It seemed as though we were miles apart… And those miles were reassuring in some sense. Finally, breaking the silence, I hoarsely croaked, “Well this is a little uncomfortable, isn’t it?”

I could see the hurt look in Brenda’s face as she dropped my hands and started to leave the room. Rushing toward her I grabbed her and turned her toward me, our bodies just barely touching. “What I meant was that this was an awkward moment. Standing her with you… Like this… Having just been told by my wife that she wants the two of us to… To have sex… You don’t find this a little awkward?”

“No, you’re right. I guess ‘awkward’ is the best way to describe it,” Brenda replied. Letting her hands rest lightly on my waist Brenda looked up into my eyes. Standing this close to her I could smell the fragrance of her hair… The light scent of her perfume… Feel her soft hands on my waist… Sense her warm body against me… For several more seconds we stood there… Looking into each other’s eyes… Holding each other loosely in our arms.

Maybe this would be a good time to describe Brenda for you. In a single word – petite. Brenda is short, maybe 5’3″ or 5’4″ and probably weighs less than 110 soaking wet. Her legs are slim but well toned, her hips narrow; her stomach is flat but non-existent. Brenda’s breasts are small but probably best described as pert. Because her breasts are so small Brenda almost never wears a bra, but her tits sit up high and her nipples point directly outward… More than once Suzie has nudged me for staring at her eraser size nipples that were nudging out from the sheer, button up blouses she seems to always wear. In direct contrast to Suzie’s more voluptuous body I have always been intrigued by Brenda’s body… Even had some erotic fantasies thinking about what it might be like to have my head buried in her snatch with her legs wrapped tightly around my head.

Still looking deep into my eyes Brenda spoke softly, “Bill, I understand if you don’t want to… to have to go through with this. I know I’m not as attractive as Suzie… that I’m not as sexy as she is. “

Placing my finger over her lips I quieted her voice. “Listen, Brenda. Whoever has told you that you aren’t beautiful… That you aren’t sexy as hell… Well, they’re just plain stupid. I love my wife very much. I do think she is a beautiful and sexy woman. But her beauty and sex appeal don’t cancel out your own. Since the first day I met you I have always thought you were a very beautiful woman. You have the sexiest eyes I have ever seen… I tell Suzie that you have bedroom eyes… I could get lost in the dark depth of them. ” Reaching up I took a small handful of her luxuriant hair in my hand. “I love the way the light catches in your hair… it seems to shimmer. ” Then lowering my hand to her face I held her chin in my hand and point her face toward mine, “your little nose is so cute… I just love the way it sits proudly on your face… and your lips… ” leaning closer to her mouth I continued… “You have such kissable lips… they always seem to be so moist… just sitting there waiting for someone to kiss them,” I whispered.

Holding her face lightly in my hand I lean forward and bring my own lips down to where they almost touch hers before moving my face back to look into her eyes… seeking her permission before continuing. Unable to read her expression I slowly lower my lips to hers… softly letting my lips press against hers I pull gently on her lower lip before allowing my tongue to cautiously slip between them… coming into contact with her closed teeth I leave my tongue to roam freely between her lips and gum… once again tugging lightly on her bottom lip… silently asking for permission to enter her mouth. Almost as if I had flipped a switch I feel Brenda’s body relax into my arms… simultaneously her mouth opens, sucking my tongue inside… her left hand leaves my waist and grasps the back of my head… pulling my mouth tightly against hers… greedily, she sucks on my tongue.

It’s almost as if we were both starving, our mouths against one another… our tongues dueling with each other… tasting each other… exploring the depths of the other’s mouth. We continue kissing… devouring one another’s mouth. As the head from our kiss spreads through our bodies I feel mine starting to react… I feel the pulses of my penis trapped between our bodies as the first throbs of my erection begin. Putting my left arm behind Brenda’s back I lower my right hand to her hips and pull her hard against me… pressing my erection firmly against her stomach. Suddenly, worried about Brenda’s reaction to my boldness, I pull my body back slightly and start to break our kiss.

Sensing my movement Brenda pulls my face harder against hers… as she lowers her right hand to my hips to pull me tight against her… rubbing her body knowingly against my erection… a guttural moan rises from my throat, passes through my mouth into hers before echoing into a whimper in her own throat.

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