Ginger Ch. 02

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Big Dick

I open my emails as soon as I get out of bed, this is not out of the ordinary for me it is something I have done since I owned a P.C but the last 2weeks since I met you I have opened then much more excitedly hoping to find one from you…

I met you on a swinging site through an ad I placed, a 1st for me but I had felt daring. Never did I expect to find someone who would push me like you do someone who could help me live out my fantasies. Yes I found you and you became my Master my Sir, my Dominant.

So here I am scanning the mail, Amanda, Dawn, Rachel, ahh-ha here it is…Sir. I click to open the message and it takes me by surprise, no hello nothing, all it says is be prepared. I ponder over this message for a while then think maybe you got distracted and will send the rest later today.

I have my morning shower loving the way the soap feels on my body, enjoying the hot water cascading down my back. I admire the two bruises you left on my breasts after our last session. One on each they are small about the size of a 20 pence coin but they are there and I look upon them with fond memories. How your hand squeezed and pinched and roughly fondled my breasts.

I lather up, get the razor out and extend my leg. Bending over I shave both my legs then I shave my pussy and underarms. I know you like me clean shaven and I do too. I love it when I have shaved and I masturbate the skin smooth and soft to touch. I stop myself from playing in the shower I have to go to work and can’t afford to be late.

I grab a towel and dry myself off and put on my uniform. I don’t wear any knickers under it I am feeling very sexy and knickers just hinder my mood. I must remember to be careful at work today. All I need is to bend over to get a syringe from the bottom drawer and I’d give some old guy a coronary flashing my cunt and ass from beneath my uniform. I must remember to bend at the knees today instead of the waist.

My day goes pretty routinely, nothing truly exciting, a few dressing changes and home visits and my day is almost over my last patient of the day is Mr Jones, a new patient he rang me today saying he had moved to the area and wanted to check out the local doctors before he chose a practise to join. He had asked if he could pop in for a look about as being diabetic he would be visiting the nurse regularly, he wanted to ensure he like the nurse. This was not common, most patients just join a doctors but I saw no harm in it.

My phone buzzed and the receptionist announced Mr Jones had arrived I ask her to send him in. I was straightening out the examination table when he came in so my back was to him I politely apologised and asked him to take a seat explaining şişli travesti I wouldn’t be a moment.

I felt a hand clasp round my mouth, a hand grab my shoulder to spin me around. I wanted to scream but the hand over my mouth prevented anything other than a muffled squeak escaping. I had shut my eyes in panic and as I opened them I saw not a stranger but you, Sir, standing with a huge grin across your face. You lowered your hand from my mouth knowing now I wouldn’t scream; you put your finger to your lips making the shhhh symbol then raised the hem of my uniform.

Oh how glad I was that I hadn’t worn panties the look on your face as you saw my exposed cunt was one of shock, we hadn’t known each other long and I suppose you hadn’t expected the site you saw but there was defiantly an air of proudness to your smile too.

You spun me round and bent me over the examination table and spread my legs. You placed your cock at the entrance to my ass and I flinched. Now I understood this morning’s email, oh god I hadn’t lubed up my ass, I never thought this would happen, oh god this was gonna hurt and so is the punishment I will receive for not following your instructions.

You placed a hand on my shoulder noticing my flinching and ran a finger over the entrance to my ass, you slipped it inside me and tutted in my ear…you whispered “I know you got my message, so my little fuck toy didn’t follow instructions, Hmmm you will have to be punished for this tonight when I arrive”. Oh god you seemed so mad at me not having followed your orders (not that they had been clear), yet also unsurprised.

I felt your cock at the entrance to my ass again, you told me to be brave and you pushed your cock into my ass. Oh my God, I could feel every millimetre enter me, so big and hard; it felt like you were ripping my ass apart. Once your cock was fully inside me you allowed my ass time to become accustomed to its presence before you started to pump it in and out of my ass, fucking me like a dog hard and fast with no interest in my enjoyment just yours.

I sensed you were ready to cum and wasn’t wrong, all of a sudden you spewed your thick hot spunk deep into my bowels, filling my ass with it as u gently slapped my ass. You pulled you cock out my ass and caught the cum that escaped with your fingers. You turned me round and put them up to my mouth. Clean this up bitch was all you said. I opened my mouth and you fed me your cum, I could taste my ass too. You smiled and left turning before you walked through the door saying, see you at 8…be prepared.

I straightened out my uniform and tidied up the treatment room before heading home. bakırköy travesti My mind raced at thoughts of how you would punish me this evening, being new to submission I didn’t really know what to expect. I had read stories on BDSM on an internet site called .com but they were just stories…weren’t they?

My evening passed quickly I had tea and got ready for your arrival bathed and dressed and put on my make-up. I know you like lots of mascara and lipstick so ensured that I wore plenty, my lips shone and my eyes looked fantastic.

I sent you a message telling you I had had a hard day (you already knew that!) and that I was going to have a lie down. I told you I had left you a beer out and to just help yourself. Then headed off to the bedroom.

It didn’t take me long to fall asleep, I was having a fantastic dream I dreamt about the time you had forced me to pee for you, and how you made me drink my own urine. I was awoken by your presence on the bed I was still very sleepy and you had climbed on the bed and were in the process of ripping off my tights. I was a little scared you seemed to be possessed with desperation to get to my ass. You had not greeted me just entered and started to rip at my clothing.

I asked you what you were doing, begged you to stop told you I was scared. You put you’re your hand over my mouth “shut the fuck up…you have disobeyed me you must be punished” was you response. You had torn the ass out of my tights and exposed my ass to you and it was now you spoke again.

“For disobeying my orders this morning you will receive 50 spankings you will count out and thank me for every one! Be warned though, you loose count and I’ll be forced to start again.”

You 1st spank was reasonably soft and I counted, 1…thank you sir the 2nd and 3rd came a little harder making my ass feel warm I imagined the pinkness starting to form. 2….3…thank you sir. Your hand alternated from short sharp slaps to firmer slaps with a longer period in-between 28…32…thank you sir…thwack came the next, this one stung more than the others and I forgot myself…28 thank you sir

“Hmmm for someone who did well in school my little slut sure can’t count…since when did 28 follow 32? Lets start again shall we?”

This spanking went on for almost an hour in total, I had tears streaming down my face from both pain and pleasure I didn’t want you to see my face. My mascara would have no doubt run with my tears and I must look a right mess. My face having been pushed into the pillow during the spanking session my lipstick would also be smeared across my face. You rubbed my ass softly admiring istanbul travestileri your work, my ass glowed a fantastic shade of scarlet and you could make out your hand print from the last slap.

You told me what a good girl I was, how I took my spanking so well but my punishment was not yet over. You pushed something under my nose I couldn’t see it but it had a familiar smell. A smell I like, it took a while for me to register it was ginger. I tilted my head slightly and saw you had a piece of fresh ginger in your hand it looked like a finger of ginger you had peeled. It was flared at the base and I was a little unsure what it was for.

I felt you gently part my ass cheeks and push the tip of the ginger in my ass. Well if this is punishment then I didn’t get it I mean it was so small, I had your cock up there earlier how was this punishment I could hardly feel it.

You laughed a small cheeky laugh, “just wait my little whore…you will understand soon…” and then I started to understand, all of a sudden the heat from your spanking seemed so inferior as the juice leaked from the ginger and was absorbed by my ass. It started as a warm tingle and progressed to a deep burning sensation. I started to thrash on the bed and wriggle begging you to take it out…screaming please I am sorry I wasn’t prepared this morning, I’m sorry I won’t disappoint you again, please just take it out I’ll do anything…Sir …Sir…SIR PLEEEEEASE.

But you just held me tight and whispered softly in my ear…”it will ease soon my slut, it will ease soon…you know how to end this if you truly want it to stop all you have to say is one word”. Your voice was soft and comforting and I knew that the begging wouldn’t make you remove it; I knew only our safe word would make you stop. I didn’t want to use it I mean this was uncomfortable but I didn’t feel unsafe I knew you wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. I knew if you said it would ease soon then it would, so I lay still and tried to focus on the softness of your voice. It didn’t take long and the fire that burned so strong started to ebb away.

My body went limp and I think I passed out for a moment as when I opened my eyes I could feel you sponging my ass with a wash cloth, the water cool and soothing. You told me to roll onto my back and I did as you asked forgetting about the state of my make-up I just didn’t care I was so drained of energy. I looked up at you my eyes focusing on your face. As my eyes adjusted and you came into view I saw you smiling at me and everything felt ok, everything was forgotten once I saw your smile.

You picked up your camera and took a photo of me lying there used and exhausted looking rather pathetic. You kissed me softly and as I drifted into sleep I vaguely remember you telling me…what a good slut I had been…how proud you were of me for taking my punishment. I slept soundly that night knowing that I had pleased you because that’s why I gave myself to you that’s why I submit to you because I get my pleasure from knowing you are happy.

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