Girl in the Window

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A semi-fantasy. I really did have a fling with the girl in this story. Some of the details have been changed.

The Girl in the Window

“I need two rolls of quarters and give me your panties,” I told her through the small hole in the window.

She smiled, her eyes twinkling. “Here’s your quarters,” she replied as she took the twenty dollar bill from my hand in the open slot. Her fingers softly grazed mine as she took the bill. “Why should I give you my panties?”

I gave her a long hard stare and softly replied, “Because you want to.” I turned and walked away, heading back to the check-out stands at the grocery store.

We worked at a grocery store in a little suburban community. Mindy worked in the courtesy booth, where customers could cash checks, buy stamps, or play the lottery. I was the night manager and the two of us were responsible for closing down the store each night.

We had been flirting back and forth for weeks, but I decided to see how much further this would go. She had a boyfriend and I was currently free, so I was trying out all of my options. I was 22 years old and working my summers off from college.

Mindy was 19 and attending the local community college. She had light blonde hair that fell to her shoulders in gentle ringlets. Her blue eyes sparkled whenever she smiled and she had a great body that filled out whatever she was wearing in all of the right places.

Tonight, Mindy was wearing a denim mini-skirt and a t-shirt. The whole outfit, however, was almost completely covered by the uniform smock that the girls all had to wear. My heart had thumped as equally hard as my cock did when I saw her clocking in for work earlier. She strolled into the store with her smock over her arm, knowing how well she looked. All of the bagboys lustfully watched her walk to the office, and some of the female cashiers did the same.

Soon, I was back at the window again. This time there was a line of customers next to the manager’s window so I had to play it cool. “I need some five’s please,” I said to her as I slid the money into the slot.

She finished with the customer at the window and then put my change together. “Here ya go,” she said with another smile, “and I’ll have the other part ready for you in a few minutes.”

I met her eyes. She just smiled back at me and went to help the next customer.

I was so turned on, but I wasn’t about to let her know it. I stayed away from the booth for about 15 minutes until another cashier needed change. This time I waited until the customers in line were serviced, and then I asked for some one dollar bills.

Mindy smiled, slid the packet of ones under the slot and then, she looked around and quickly reached under her smock and skirt. I watched breathlessly while she did that feminine hip shake and worked her panties down. She stepped out of them one foot at a time and picked them up. They were a simple pair of pink cotton panties. She balled them up and put them into my hand.

They were warm, and felt a little steamy. I quickly pushed them into escort bayan my pocket, smiled at her, and went back to work. I walked back to the cash registers with a swiftly hardening cock. I felt that it must be showing on my face as I walked. Of course, how could anyone know what I had just been given?

I delivered the change and stepped over into the manager’s station. I had to put on an apron quickly before someone noticed my stiff cock poking against my slacks.

“What’s with the apron?” the cashier asked. “Are you actually going to work?” she said teasingly.

“You’re funny,” I flirted back. “I guess you don’t want a break tonight?”

“Oh no sir,” she said with a smile. “I’ll be a good girl from now on.”

I gave her a quick smile as I tied the apron on loosely. “I never said you had to be a good girl.”

“Mmmmhmmm,” she giggled softly at me as I walked away.

It was fun to work with young people your own age. Most of the night employees were either recent high school graduates or college students like me. We had a lot of fun working late hours in the summer.

I left the manager station and told my assistant to watch the front for a minute. I headed over to the office behind the courtesy booth. Mindy had customers, but her eyes followed me as I walked to the rear of the booth.

I entered the office and then opened the door into the back of the courtesy booth. Mindy turned and looked over at me. I told her to just ignore me and pay attention to the customers. I walked behind her and sat down at the manager window, pretending to do some paperwork. From this window, I could still keep an eye on the store, but I could also carry on a conversation with Mindy.

When the customers in line were gone, she looked over at me. “Well, you have my panties, what more do you want?”

I kept looking out the window and back at the papers in my hand as I spoke softly, “I want you to take your skirt off. All I want you wearing is your shirt and your smock. When I come up to the window again, I want you to turn around and show me your sweet naked ass.”

I got up and quickly left before she could frame a reply.

The next time I came to the window to drop off a deposit of cash and checks, I gave her a questioning look. She glanced out the window, took the deposit, turned and bent over. The smock rose smoothly up, exposing her sweet white cheeks to me. She ran a hand up along her thigh and softly caressed a cheek before standing up and giving me a knowing look. She knew the effect it was having on me.

“Do you like what you’re making me do?” she asked.

I met her eyes and smiled back, “You’re only doing this because you want to.”

“Then let’s see if this makes you want to continue to persuade me to do things.” She lifted the front of the smock a little and put her hand down between her legs. When she pulled her hand back, she reached under the slot in the window and slid her index finger along mine. I could see the moisture she had smeared onto my finger.

I casually brought my hand tuzla genç escort up to my chin, allowing me to breathe in her scent. It was exhilarating and only increased the throbbing in my pants. As smoothly as I could manage, I ran my tongue along my finger, tasting her essence.

The glazed look in Mindy’s eyes was that of a woman full of desire.

Just as I was about to go back into the office and play some more, I got called away to the front of the store. Whenever I had the opportunity to look over at the courtesy booth, Mindy would run a finger along her lips.

Finally, the hours past by and Mindy was able to close the booth down for the night. I had another hour before I could close the store. Until the store closed, I had to go into the booth from time to time to allow the cashiers to turn in their money trays. Each time, as Mindy and I cleared the cashier trays, we would rub up against each other.

Once, when the cashier left the room, I pushed Mindy quickly up against the wall and pressed my body against hers. There was only time for rough, hurried kisses and I slid my hand to her outer thigh and up to her ass.

Finally, the store was closed. We finished with all of the cashiers and sent them home. Only the night stocking crew remained behind. I had walked the last employee out to their car and locked the doors and headed back to the booth. When I opened the office door and then went inside the booth, Mindy was at the store computer where she usually is to close down the business day. She was totally naked.

She turned toward me and for the first time I saw all of her glorious body. Perfect breasts topped by pink nipples fit perfectly into my hands. Her lips were wet and I sucked in the sweet taste of her mouth as our tongues met each other. My hands roamed all over the smooth softness of her silky skin.

“We have to close down the store,” I reminded her as my lips moved along her neck.

If we didn’t close for the business day on the computer, it would foul up the receipts for the next day.

“Okay,” she moaned softly pulling herself away from me. She turned and bent over the chair to close out the work on the computer. I looked down to see her sweet soft ass bent over and of course, I had an idea.

In seconds, my pants were down to my ankles. As Mindy typed on the computer, I maneuvered myself into position. When she felt my stiff cock probing at the back of her thighs, she arched her back a little and spread her legs wide. I took my cock in hand and moved it around her pussy, feeling the wet, steamy heat.

As I pushed the head of my cock against her pussy lips, she let out a soft moan. I pushed forward with my hips and in seconds I was buried deep inside of her hot, wet, and incredibly tight pussy. I grabbed her by the hips and started moving forward and back, setting up a steady thrusting. My cock slid easily in her moist pussy.

“I have to finish,” she moaned softly but urgently. I stopped thrusting and just buried my cock deep inside of her and held it there. She finished tuzla kendi evi olan escort tapping out the last bit of instructions and signed off for the night. As the printer began printing out the reports she bent all the way over onto the desk and said, “Fuck me.”

I really started going now, thrusting back and forth, thrilling at the ripple that would shoot through her ass as I pounded into her.

I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer, so I quickly pulled out and turned her around. I picked her up and sat her on the desk. Her right leg wrapped around my waist as I slid my cock back inside of her. I put her left foot into the chair so I could still reach down and finger her clit.

We smashed our lips against each other as I rapidly fingered her clit. I was still able to slowly thrust my cock a little as I thrummed my finger across her engorged button.

Awkwardly, I leaned my head down and was just able to take her left nipple into my mouth. “Ohhhhh, yeah!” she moaned. “Bite em!”

It wasn’t much longer that her hips really started to move against me. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop!” she grunted. “That’s it. I’m coming! I’m coming! Ummmm!” She slammed her body violently upward against me as her orgasm overtook her.

I held onto her tightly as she rode it out. Her hands went to my back and she grabbed my shirt so tightly I though she would rip right through it. Spasms rippled through her body as she moaned and held me tight.

Finally, she caught her breath and whispered urgently, “Did you come yet?” I told her no and she pulled away to bend back over the desk again.

“Fuck me as hard as you can. I want you to slam into me. Just don’t come inside of me, okay?” she whispered huskily.

I slipped back behind her again and slid my cock into her. It was a different feeling this time. She was still wet, but her juices were not as slick as before. I could feel her squeezing my cock with her inner muscles as I began building a rhythm. It wasn’t long before I felt that good feeling building.

“Yeah, yeah!” I said as I felt my orgasm approaching.

“Do it. Do it.” She moaned softly. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Do it!”

That was all it took. I quickly pulled out of her and slammed my cock against her butt cheeks and exploded onto her lower back. I really pushed her hard and she had to put her hands up to stop from hitting her head against the wall.

I shot spurt after spurt of hot cum onto her back.

Finally, my thrusting stopped and I stepped away from her. It was so sexy as she stood there, bent over the desk with my cum glistening on her back.

I stumbled over to get some tissue to wipe her back off. She stood slowly and came into my arms. I held her that way for a few minutes, allowing her to be the one to break free.

Eventually, we dressed and put the office back together. She had to remind me that I still had her panties in my pocket.

The stocking crew manager locked us out and I walked Mindy to her car.

“Hey,” I said awkwardly as she stepped into her car, “do you want to go out sometime?”

She smiled up at me and said, “You know I have a boyfriend, and I can’t just break up with him.”

Seeing the look on my face, she smiled again and said, “But I think work is going to be a lot more fun from now on.”

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