Girl of the Group

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I’m Noah, a fem 23 year old guy from New York. I’m kinky, an on and off crossdresser, and I think I’m obsessed with men. I love how they look, their mannerisms, the aura the exude, and the feeling of total contentment I get from submitting to them.

A couple months ago, I met a handsome 26 year old dom guy on the internet. He was from Pakistan and I learned he was interested in being worshiped, which got my attention right away. We arranged a date at his place. During our first meeting, we roleplayed, with him as a Daddy figure. That day I devoured his cock, licked his beautiful full balls, and sat on his lap and made out with him. Since then we’ve been seeing each other every now and then. I’m absolutely loving being his cute little plaything and have found that the Daddy thing is something I’m very attracted to.

Last Wednesday, Daddy texted and said he had a surprise planned for me. He was being intentionally vague but I couldn’t take the suspense and kept asking him what was up. He eventually relented and responded back, telling me that he had a younger half-cousin (Abdul) and friend (Ali) who had both recently turned 18 and wanted to get together for the weekend. It was gonna be “just guys hanging out,” except I would be dolled up as the “girl of the group” for most of the time. I couldn’t believe what I was reading and despite being a little confused, I was also extremely turned on almost right away. We decided to meet up at his place later on Friday.

That day, I wore a pair of light blue dolphin shorts, a plain white t-shirt, and put on mascara, eyeliner, dark red lipstick, and some blush. I tried to be subtle with the makeup but really didn’t know what I was doing, so it all ended up looking much more “heavy.” I had no wig either, but my hair was already pretty long (almost shoulder length) and Daddy never seemed to mind anyway. I posed in the mirror again, turning around to check out my butt. I could see that the shorts hugged my figure tightly – God, I was so ready for this.

When I arrived in the evening, I made sure to park close so I wouldn’t have to walk out too far in girl mode. I’ve crossdressed for all sorts of guys over the years but I’m still not comfortable doing any of this in public. I walked briskly towards his house and opened the door, which Daddy always kept unlocked before our meetups. As I walked in, I saw Daddy and his guests chilling on the couch watching Eskort Kız TV. “Get on all fours,” Daddy said sternly without skipping a beat. I’m not even sure if the other guys had noticed me coming in when Daddy said that.

That was enough to get me in the mood and I smiled reflexively, almost giggling. I immediately got on my hands and knees and started slowly crawling towards them, making sure to sway my behind from side to side in an exaggerated way. So much for just hanging out!

I eventually made my way up to Daddy and finally got a better glimpse of the other guys. Both were young jock types and had on hoodies and gym shorts. Ali was muscular and had a manbun type hairstyle while Abdul was a little heavier, had his hair buzzed short, and was staring at me with eyes full of lust. Daddy was his usual self: fit, medium length black hair, a closely trimmed beard, and in a casual dress shirt with the first few buttons opened and sleeves rolled up – which always drives me crazy! I waited in front of them on my hands and knees, kind of awkwardly to be honest.

“Kiss my cock through my briefs,” Daddy finally commanded. I moved up to him on my knees and undid his belt, pulling his pants down. I started daintily licking and kissing Daddy’s bulge. He groaned loudly, which let me know I was doing well. I slobbered more aggressively all over the outline of his balls and cock, which I felt grow right against my face. I peaked to the sides and saw both boys staring at me intently. Wanting to put on a show for them, I stopped licking and looked up at Daddy with puppy dog eyes. “Daddy, can I please taste your cock? It’s been too long,” I whined softly, making the girliest little noises to ever come out of my mouth. Corny maybe, but it worked: Daddy smiled and nodded.

I quickly pulled down his underwear and started kissing his head, in order to let him know how thankful I was for all of this. I felt his warm cock twitch and throb with each peck; it was growing and honestly felt like it was radiating heat. After showering his tip with a million little kisses, I took him in my mouth completely. To my surprise, Daddy started playing with my hair as I sucked. He stroked softly, encouraging me. “Such a good girl,” he said.

Motivated even more, I sucked up and down on Daddy’s full six inches, bobbing like the eager cocksucker I was. Daddy moaned louder and continued talking like he usually does whenever I worship him. “Oh yeah… get it, baby… fuuuck… just like that,” he kept going on, and I loved every second of it.

After a couple minutes of this, I felt Daddy grab me by the back of my head, stopping me from sucking his cock. I looked up at him, pouted my lips in a puzzled expression, and whined again. “Mmm, Daddy?” He nodded towards Abdul. “He was the most excited for this so I want you to suck him now.”

I nodded obediently and scooted right over to him. Abdul was staring at me but it was obvious this was his first time and the eye contact was uncomfortable for both of us, so I got right to it. I pulled his shorts and boxers down and took his cock. Immediately I felt his cock spring to life in my mouth. It was about the same length as Daddy’s, but not as girthy. I swirled my tongue around his head and felt it flare and grow larger. “On your hands and knees while you do this… and make me proud,” Daddy ordered from where he was sitting, surprising me. I quickly obeyed, getting on all fours. I made sure to arch my back and pulled my shirt up a little for everyone to see, and resumed sucking.

Right as I got into this position, I felt Abdul’s hands guide me, helping me bob up and down. After a while, I felt his pace quicken. The guy was dying to finish and clearly wasn’t into the kind of games Daddy liked to play, and that was hot in its own way. It wasn’t long until he was fucking my mouth rhythmically, his balls (not as hairy as Daddy’s but still incredibly sexy) hitting against my chin. I closed my eyes and let him use my face while I was lost in the moment. I thought to myself, I’m a cockslut with my ass perked up for these guys, giving them exactly what they want.

I began gagging and had tears and drool dripping down my face like a madman, but the guys clearly loved it as evidenced by their cheering and praise. “Bro, you go hard,” Daddy chuckled to his friend. Ali on the other hand watched closely and just whispered “Fuck yeah.” It wasn’t long until I could see he was stroking his own cock while watching us. Suddenly I felt Abdul’s knees tense up and he shifted a bit, as if he was trying to get me to let go. “I’m going to cum,” he grunted almost timidly.

It was in this moment that I truly understood what was happening. Here I was, a seasoned slut in his mid-20s and someone who had graduated college, had his life together, and was generally regarded as a pretty successful and intelligent individual… on the ground on all fours in front of this 18 year old kid. I was getting my face fucked by this inexperienced guy fresh out of high school who had never even had a girl swallow his cum before. Just to please Daddy, I had become an obedient girl for this group of dudes – and it was one of the hottest experiences of my life.

Abdul gave me a light slap across the cheek and I snapped back to reality. I quickly nodded with my lips still wrapped around his cock and hummed in agreement, as if to let him know that it was all good. No way would I let go just when he was about to unload his precious juice inside my mouth.

He bucked wildly and I pushed down hard in response. I guess that was his cue to keep going, so he helped me deepthroat him by pressing down against the back of my head. Sure enough, after a couple deep thrusts, he began to release a stream of the good stuff. He rocked his pelvis forth every time he shot a bunch of his delicious hot cum, and I clung on, swallowing it all.

After Abdul was finished and I’d gotten every last creamy drop, I leaned back and looked at everyone with my big doe eyes. I batted my eyelids in the most innocent (yet slutty) way and stuck my tongue out, proudly showing everyone what a good job I’d done. Daddy grinned and called me a good girl again. I smiled back smugly and scooted back in front of Abdul. I greedily nursed on his cock for a minute or two longer until he finally pushed me away gently.

Glancing over to Ali on the far left side of the couch, I saw him looking down, smiling sheepishly as he tucked his cock back in. He’d cum just from stroking while watching us. “I’ll take a raincheck,” he said, snickering at the situation. I rolled my eyes playfully and we all had a laugh. Even though I was still horny as hell, I knew the guys had probably had enough for now and would want to continue sometime later.

Daddy asked if I had any guy clothes with me. Knowing how my previous longer sessions with Daddy usually went, I sure did and got into his bathroom with my bag to change and wash my face. I came out in another t-shirt and some sweatpants and sat on a rocking chair next to their couch. Abdul handed me a drink from their cooler. “It’s still on. Barcelona’s winning 3 to 0,” Daddy said. He was staring at the TV, watching the game as if nothing had happened, though I could see he was half suppressing a faint smile.

This is gonna be a fun weekend, I thought to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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