Girls at the Pen Factory

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Author’s note: This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached, as long as no charge is made for it and it isn’t changed in any way. If it is archived, it is done so on the basis that the author will have unrestricted access to the archive.

This story is a work of fiction. None of the characters or events herein is based on real people, either living or dead. It was produced for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upsets you, do not read any further. By reading further you certify that you have accessed/requested access to this material willfully, and that you are an adult 21 years of age or older. You also certify that you are NOT a city, county, state, or federal law enforcement officer, official of the United States Postal Service, acting in the capacity of a representative of a telecommunications firm, and that this material does not offend the standards in your area, nor is it in violation of any of local, state, or federal law of the United States or of the country you belong to, and in which, you are a citizen. (The two paragraphs above are unnecessary. All of the legalities are outlines by Literotica and this is just an interruption before getting to the story.)

My sincere thanks to Literotica volunteer editor “MissZ” for all the excellent suggestions and editing.

Synopsis: This is a story of wild sex at the workplace. The story revolves around two young girls, Ayeesha 19, and Prema 18, from different cultural backgrounds, a college student, and the boss. The factory is run by a young bachelor Arvind, who carefully screens and hires only the more daring, promiscuous girls and thereby is able to have sex with a select few.


Hi friends, I am Mohan and I grew up in a small town just north of Cannanore in Kerala. I welcome comments to help improve future stories.

While I studied for my engineering degree, I stayed with our family friends, Vijay and Monica, who were newly married and had a jewelry business. During my spare time, I helped Vijay at his store and Monica at home. Vijay paid me occasionally whenever he had a good sale and Monica rewarded me in a different manner. I enjoyed Monica’s rewards better.

To the left of Vijay and Monica’s home, there was a small pen factory named Ajanta Pens. This factory had between 11 and 14 girls who worked and assembled different kinds of ballpoint pens. The girls were quite young; some were married, and they all lived in nearby towns. They were of different social, cultural and economic backgrounds. They worked in the factory to augment their family income and socialize with other girls. They took great pride in their work and knew Vijay, Monica and I rather well.

The factory was on the ground floor of a large old house, in several separate rooms, and each room accommodated two or three girls, based on the size of the room. They were all engaged in various pen-assembly operations. The upstairs area had five rooms, two bathrooms, and was used mainly as an office area, for files storage, storage of inventory, parts, finished goods, etc.

A bachelor in his late twenties, Arvind, was in charge of the factory. Arvind knew that I was an engineering student, and would occasionally come over and request my help in fixing or adjusting some of the factory machines. On the occasions I was fixing these machines, the girls used to look at each other, whisper something, and giggle, or sometimes cough conspicuously. I enjoyed the attention they gave me and smiled back at them. The girls usually wore skirts down to their knees and thin summer blouses they tucked under their skirts.

They referred to me and Arvind as ‘Sir’ whenever they spoke in English, or as ‘Saareh’ whenever they spoke in their native Malayalam, and always giggled when they spoke to either of us. Sometimes, when they talked amongst themselves, I overheard them referring to Arvind by the letters ‘V. K’ which I assumed to be his initials. I had also heard rumors that Arvind took liberties with some of the girls, fondled their boobs, put his hands up their skirts, massaged their pussies and even had sex with a select few. I wondered how much of it was true, but I thought little of it. (You can’t wonder and then think nothing of it. It’s contradictory.)

One Saturday morning, when they were working overtime, Arvind came over and urgently requested my help on an assembly fixture. I went over to the factory and examined the faulty fixture. I realized that it was out of adjustment and was producing defective product. There were three girls in this room and Ayeesha was the operator of the defective fixture. When I started my repair and adjustments, Ayeesha stood beside the fixture and watched eagerly, attempting to learn about the adjustments.

She was a good, conscientious operator; at nineteen years old, she was single and a very good-looking young woman. Ayeesha was beautiful, fair-skinned, tuzla eve gelen escort slim, 5’3″ tall, and had long black hair that almost reached her firm and proportioned butt. She had a nice set of what appeared to be 34B boobs. She wore a black shirt that came down to her knees and a thin light blue blouse modestly buttoned all the way to the top. Her light perfume was very sensual and I felt my manhood stir. Her proximity, her sensuous body, her good looks and her perfume aroused me.

I was attracted to Ayeesha, and after I finished adjusting her fixture, I pulled a work stool, sat next to her, and watched the assembly operation for a while. I lingered by her side a little longer than necessary, on the pretext of watching the fixture. The other two girls giggled and noticed my prolonged presence. So did Arvind.

Pretty soon Arvind motioned me over to the adjoining corridor, smiled, and said, “You like Ayeesha? Take her upstairs to the office and stockroom area, and… and… ehhh… you know………”

I was sort of a reserved guy and he did not know how I would react to his proposition; so he stopped short of telling me explicitly to take her upstairs and fuck her.

My face lit up and I nodded to Arvind. He knew that I understood him very well, and went back to Ayeesha and asked her, “How is it working now?”

She smiled and replied, “Great, sir! The parts are coming out fine now.”

My cock was getting harder in anticipation, and I told her, “Ayeesha, if you want to understand this fixture completely, I will show you the drawings of this assembly fixture. They are kept in the office upstairs. Please come with me, Ayeesha.”

The other two girls did not know what to make of all this. After all, I was a reserved, well-respected, handsome, young engineering student. They did not think that I would take advantage of them as Arvind sometimes did. I walked upstairs, and Ayeesha took her handbag and timidly followed me. She too had heard stories from her co-workers about the girls that Arvind took upstairs ‘to work on filing papers’.

We reached the office, I closed the door, sat behind the desk, and Ayeesha stood in front of me fidgeting nervously. I told her, “Ayeesha, you are a good operator, and I like your work. How long have you been employed here?”

She smiled and said, “Thank you, sir. This is my fourth month here.”

“Would you like to have some coffee, Ayeesha?”

“No thanks, sir, I just had a cup of tea and I don’t drink coffee.”

We chatted for a couple of minutes and she was getting a little more relaxed. I could not take my eyes off her and admired and gazed at her beauty. She caught me staring and blushed. I got a little bolder, reached for her waist, and gently but firmly drew her towards me. She was a little scared and nervous, but did not resist.

I gently placed her on my lap, played with her hair and said, “Ayeesha, you look so beautiful” and caressed her boobs with my other hand.

She was startled, “Oh, sir! Someone might come.”

I reassured her by saying, “Don’t worry, Ayeesha. No one will come; I locked the door.”

As I finished saying this, I reached over and kissed her on her full, pomegranate-red lips. She responded by French kissing me. She told me later that she learned this from the neighbor boy who used to come over whenever she was alone. Encouraged, I unbuttoned and removed Ayeesha’s blouse and then unhooked her bra. Wow! Her breasts were very firm and felt great to the touch. Her nipples were light brown, already erect, and situated in the midst of light brown areolas.

With Ayeesha still on my lap, I squeezed and massaged her breasts and tweaked her hard nipples with my fingers.

She moaned, “Ooooooohhhhhhhhh, sir! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…!”

Ayeesha’s firm, medium sized boobs and her hard erect nipples felt great, and she kept moaning. I kissed her again and slid my hand under her skirt. My hand went under her skirt and felt her firm and smooth thighs. They were naturally smooth and she did not need to shave them. The light peach fuzz on her thighs was faintly visible. I inserted my fingers inside her panties and found her temple of Venus!

It was warm, and her hairless pussy was smooth to my touch. In accordance with her community customs, she was clean-shaven and her labia and mound felt smooth. This was the first time that I caressed a smooth-shaven pussy, and got highly aroused. She then opened her legs slightly, to give me better access to her pussy. Her pussy lips were warm, plump and very wet. I separated them with my finger and stroked them a bit and then inserted my middle finger into her vagina. She was startled and jumped a bit, but enjoyed the sensation. I undid my zipper, pulled my cock out, and placed it in her hand.

She gripped it, squeezed it and said, “Oh sir! Oh my God…! It’s so big!”

I then asked Ayeesha, “You like the size?”

She replied, “It’s much bigger than my uncle’s.”

“Uncle’s cock?”

“No, no, no; it’s OK. I inadvertently tuzla otele gelen escort said that.”

“Come on, Ayeesha, tell me. Tell me pleaseeeezzz. It will get me more excited.”

Then she told me that her uncle used to come over occasionally while she was alone, and force himself upon her. She was afraid of creating a scene and would give in to his unwelcome advances. He had a small cock, would fuck her for about four minutes, and just as she was getting really excited, he would pull his cock out and cum on her tummy. She was still hot and to satisfy herself, she would go to the bathroom and masturbate using her fingers. Because of this, she had never experienced a real good orgasm.

Ayeesha was being quite aroused by my kissing and fondling and I showed her how to pull the foreskin down, expose my glans, and stroke my cock, as I fingered her cunt. She had seen and felt her uncle’s cock in her pussy, but this was the first time she held a man’s cock in her hands. She smiled, occasionally looked down at my cock, and giggled as she stroked my cock.

I continued fingering her and gently but firmly massaged her G-Spot. She closed her eyes and moaned. A few minutes later, Ayeesha tightened her legs and with her fingers, squeezed my cock hard. Her pussy muscles contracted and spasmmed.

She cried, “Aaaaaahhhhhh…! Uuuuuiiiiiii… Mmmmmaaaaaahhhh…! Uuuuuiiiiiii… Mmmmmaaaaaahhhh…! (Oh Mama)” and I felt her pussy muscles tighten. She held me tighter and moved her butt in rhythm with my fingers and I felt the wetness of her sticky, creamy cum on my fingers.

At the same time, my body stiffened, and my cock got enlarged and harder. I was ready.

I cried, “Oh Ayeesha! Faster! Faster darling! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…!” and my cum started spurting all over her hands, the floor, and her handkerchief that she had so thoughtfully placed on my throbbing cock.

Ayeesha laughed and exclaimed, “Oh my God! What a lot of cum!”

This was the first time that she saw such a lot of cum spurt out of a big cock.

All her shyness was gone, and now I wanted to lick her pussy and then fuck her. Within minutes, my cock was erect again. I picked her up, laid her on the large office desk, and lifted her legs. I pulled off her black skirt and admired her light blue satin panties which had a pink floral design on them. She looked divine! I was determined to give Ayeesha (and myself) a real treat. I leaned over, moved her panties a little aside and kissed her mound and labia. She jumped up and her eyes widened.

“Oh my God! Sir, what are you doing? What are you doing? Please don’t, sir.”

I told her, “Just relax, Ayeesha, and enjoy.” I opened her wet inner lips with my fingers, and gave it a few licks with full upward strokes.

She screamed, “Oooooooowwwwwww…! Sir! This is so good!”

I licked Ayeesha with long strokes from the mouth of her vagina all the way to her clitoris, just stopping short of her clit. Her moans turned to screams and she started bucking. Now it was time to lick her clit. She had heard of pussy licking, but this was the first time in her life that she was having her pussy licked. I continued to lick her entire pussy and proceeded to her clit, which was engorged with blood, fully exposed, reddish, and swollen. Then, I increased the length of my strokes and included her clit.

She cried, “This is so wonderful! Don’t stop! Oh my God! Uuuuuummmmmm…!”

It was time to give Ayeesha (and me) a real treat. I moved her clit hood upwards, and took the entire exposed, blood engorged reddish tip between my lips and sucked it in and out like sucking a tiny little penis.

While sucking on her clit, I inserted my middle finger inside her wet vagina, found her G-Spot and gently stroked it. Ayeesha went absolutely wild and bucked furiously.

She screamed, “Aaaaayyyyyyoooohhhhh…! Uuuuuiiiiiii… Mmmmmaaaaaahhhh…! Aaaaayyyyyyoooohhhhh…!” and she squeezed her pussy muscles and I felt her hot cum squirt out of her pussy onto my tongue and into my mouth.

This earth-shattering orgasm was her first real orgasm, and was much better than the mild orgasms that she experienced while masturbating. I sucked her entire pussy hard and swallowed every drop of her delicious cum. She found my pussy licking and swallowing her cum, very fascinating and very satisfying.

We rested for a couple of minutes, kissed, then I felt Ayeesha’s hand on my cock, and she started to stroke it. I removed her blue satin panties, took off my pants and underwear, and lay on top of her. After spending some time kissing her lips, I moved down to her breasts and erect hard nipples, and sucked them for a while. I nibbled her earlobes and kissed and licked her slender neck. Next, I ran my tongue over her tummy and then went over to her glorious thighs and licked her thighs. This tickled her a little and she squirmed and giggled. I then moved up alongside her, kissed her again, squeezed her petite boobs, massaged her erect nipples using two fingers and my stiff tuzla sınırsız escort cock was positioned at the entrance of her temple of love.

Suddenly, she said, “No, no, Mohan, sir. Please. Your thing is too big! It won’t go in.”

She again told me that her uncle’s cock was small and thin and mine was much bigger and thicker. Her uncle had fucked her many times, but my cock looked too big to her, and that is why she was afraid to fuck me.

I told her, “Ayeesha, I’ll just put a little of the head in, and if it hurts, I will stop.”

She hesitated, looked at me and realized that she could trust me, and then agreed. My cock head was right at the entrance to her vagina. I pushed a little and could feel the head penetrate Ayeesha a little bit. Her wetness along with her creamy cum from her orgasm helped the penetration. Her pussy felt tight and I pushed firmly and got the head inside her.

She cried, “Oh! Oh! Aaaaaahhhhhh…!” I pushed some more and got about two inches inside her. Well, the hard part was over; my mushroom head was in her warm, velvety smooth, tight cunt! I pushed further and finally I got all six inches inside her. Her eyes widened and she looked at me.

“Oh my God! That really feels good! How much is inside?”

“All of it, baby. You got six inches inside you now. Better than your uncle’s?”

“Yes, yes, this feels great. I wondered how your big cock would go in!”

I started to gently move my cock in and out of her and felt her upward thrusts. She was beginning to enjoy this new feeling of a cock that completely filled her pussy.

She moaned and cried out, “Yessss! Yessss! Oh, yes sir! Fuck me, but please don’t cum inside. Cum on my tummy and boobs, sir.”

She was no longer shy. Ayeesha was fucking me with good deep thrusts, and wrapped her firm smooth thighs around my back.

Ayeesha’s pussy was tight! I kept thrusting deep full strokes to let her really feel my big cock. The moaning got louder.

“My God! Sir, this is lovely! You should have taken me and fucked me long ago” she said, “Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! This is great! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

I was pleasantly surprised and could not believe what I heard! I increased my speed and fucked her with long, deep, hard strokes. She responded very well. Wow! Village girls from Kerala, are great! I was surprised when I felt her squeeze her legs a little bit to get greater friction.

I took my cue and fucked her faster and faster, all the time giving her long deep strokes. I felt her stiffen, her body jerk, and her pussy muscles tighten around my cock.

She cried, “Oh my God! Fuck me! Don’t stop! Harder! Fuck mmmmmeeeeeeeeeee…! Oh my God! Aaaaayyyyyyoooohhhhh…! Uuuuuiiiiiii… Mmmmmaaaaaahhhh…!” and I felt Ayeesha’s hot gush of her pussy juices on my cock.

I increased my speed to a feverish pitch; kept fucking harder and faster and felt my tension mount. When I was on the verge, I pulled out; Ayeesha grabbed my cock, and continued stroking my cock over her mound.

I cried out, “Oh Ayeesha…! Ayeesha…! Ayeesssshhhhaaaaaaaaaahhhhh…!” and shot my semen in several strong spurts. One spray landing on her boobs, one glob on her neck, several drops on her tummy, and the rest on her smooth shaven mound.

“Oh my goodness!’ Ayeesha exclaimed, “This is like a bath! Do you always cum like this?” She laughed uncontrollably.

I reached for her handkerchief in her handbag, first wiped her and then my cock, smiled and kissed her. She wanted to wash up. I said, “Later” and kissed her again.

It didn’t take long for my cock to be erect again. This time, I placed Ayeesha on her back at the edge of the desk and raised her legs. I bent over her a little and she instinctively grabbed my cock and placed it at the entrance of her vagina. I pushed as she guided my cock, and it was in! She bent forwards and looked at it going in.

She gasped, “My God! Your cock feels so good! I would never have believed that this huge snake would go inside!”

I took her sexy legs and placed them on my shoulders and firmly held her thighs and moved my cock in and out of her pussy.

Ayeesha moaned, “Go slow sir. I want it for a long time.”

I slowed my pace. Ayeesha liked this position because she had control of her legs and could bring her legs together whenever she wanted to increase the friction of my cock going in and out of her pussy.

She cried, “Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! Oh God! Aaaaaahhhhhh…!” and I could tell that Ayeesha was enjoying this position and the size of my cock.

We must have fucked for about twelve minutes in this position, when I started to feel that we were both ready for our orgasms. I was right!

Ayeesha screamed, “Fuck me harder! Aaaaayyyyyyoooohhhhh…! Uuuuuiiiiiii… Mmmmmaaaaaahhhh…!! Aaaaayyyyyyoooohhhhh…! Oooooooowwwwwww……!” and tightened her pussy muscles around my cock.

I felt my body jerk, my cock enlarge and stiffen, and screamed, “Your cunt feels great my darling. Milk my cock, my golden girl. Thrust baby. Oh Ayeesha! Oh Ayeesha…! Ayeesssshhhhaaaaaaaaaahhhhh…! (Endah ponnu moaleh! Thatthu Ayeesha! Nindeh ponnu pooru nallah rasaam undeh eddhiiiiii…! Endah kunna paalu karakku eddhi!)” and I quickly pulled out. Ayeesha grabbed my cock, and jerked me faster and faster, until I spurted all my cum on her tummy and breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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