Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Ch. 02

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Lisa covered my face with soft kisses to wake me up. When my eyes fluttered open she smiled then kissed me on the lips. I returned her kiss as I ran my hand over her breasts.

“Mmm,” she replied. “I hope you don’t mind that I went back down to the party and picked up a few toys while you were napping.”


Lisa picked up a brown bag and dumped a huge strap-on dildo and thin anal vibrator on the bed.

“Oh my!” I gasped. “Are you going to use those with me?”

“I’d like to,” she answered as she kissed me again. Her hands found my breasts and she massaged them, paying extra attention to the nipple. I moaned against her lips as she tugged on my nipples.

“Oh god you feel so amazing,” she whispered before kissing her way down my neck and across my chest to my breast. I whimpered as she sucked a nipple into her mouth and tugged on it with her teeth. I was soaking wet again and humping the air.

Lisa straddled my hips to hold them still then went back to playing with my breasts. She licked a nipple then blew cool air across it as she ground her pussy against mine. I thought I was going to explode. “I’m going to come,” I whimpered.

“Not Ankara escort yet,” she said with a devious smile.

“Please,” I begged.

“Help me put this on,” she said as she picked up the strap-on.

“I don’t think it will fit!” I protested.

“Oh, you’re wet enough to get a Mack truck in there,” Lisa laughed. “Now help me so I can fuck you silly.”

I blushed at her words but helped her fasten the strap around her waist then watched as she moved it around until it was comfortable against her pussy. She grinned as she looked at me.

“Suck it,” Lisa said as she pressed it against my lips. I licked my lips and she took advantage to push the tip into my mouth. She slowly moved just the tip back and forth in my mouth then shoved more in.

“Mmm … you look lovely with a big fat cock in your mouth,” Lisa commented. “If you want me to fuck you with it I need to see your lips pressed against the base.”

I swallowed hard and nodded as she pulled out so just the tip was inside my mouth. “Here it all comes,” she warned. Lisa moved her hips forward and slowly pushed every inch of the six inch dildo into my mouth then held it there for Ankara escort bayan several seconds as she caressed my face.

I gasped for breath when she pulled out. “Get on your hands and knees in the middle of the bed and face the mirror,” she instructed as she moved onto the bed. I did as I was told. I watched in the mirror as she knelt behind me and rubbed the tip of the cock in my juices. “You’re so very wet,” she said with a smile. “This will go in so nice and easy. But first, this.”

I moaned as she slid the thin anal vibrator into my pussy to coat it then gently slid it into my ass before turning it on. I whimpered as she pressed it deep inside my ass, holding it in place with one hand as she guided the dildo into my pussy with the other.

Lisa watched my face and the sway of my breasts in the mirror as she slowly fucked me with the dildo. “You look so lovely when you’re being fucked,” she commented as she moved her hips faster.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum,” I gasped as she turned up the vibrations and started fucking me faster.

“Cum for me,” she whispered as she held onto my hips, pistoning the dildo in and out of me. “I wanna feel you Escort Ankara cumming.”

I nodded my head as I closed my eyes. Lisa reached around me and started to rub my clit. That was all I needed. “Ohhhhhhhhh god Lisa! Yes! Oh yes … oh god!” I cried out as my body shook with the intensity of the orgasm.

Lisa slid the dildo out of me and tore the strap off her she slid under my body, letting her legs hang over the end of the bed. “Eat me,” she begged as she lifted her hips towards my mouth.

I eagerly licked and sucked on her clit. She grinded her pussy against my mouth as she pulled my hips down towards her mouth and she started licking my pussy. She could feel the vibrations from the vibrator that was still in my ass against her lips.

“Oh fuck Nan, oh yes … oh god yes!” she cried out as she bucked her hips wildly. I lapped up the juices and kept licking, ignoring her protests to stop. I pressed my pussy against her mouth harder to silence her.

My body started to shake as I came again and was rewarded with Lisa cumming a second time. She gently pulled the vibrator out of my ass and let it fall into the brown bag then pulled me close to her to snuggle against me.

“I need sleep,” she said with a yawn. “You’ve exhausted me.”

“Okay,” I replied with a smile. “Sleep well.”

Lisa kissed me softly then closed her eyes and was soon fast asleep. I wasn’t far behind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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