Girl’s Night Pt. 10

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This story contains adult fetish themes between consenting adults that may be upsetting for some readers. There are also scenes with vulgar language that some may find offensive. Please proceed with caution.

~ thank you for your patience ~

The sleek black towncar maneuvered through the downtown streets, the darkly tinted windows giving no hint to the passengers inside. One was very happy for the privacy it afforded. Fisher clutched Sophie’s hand, nerves on edge, shallow breaths the order of the night due to the slimming waist cincher that bound him under his bodycon dress. Not that he could breathe normally if he wanted to, Sophie had seen to that. She had taken things to such an extreme today, granting him fantasy upon fantasy, forcing him with both will and words, smiling triumphantly as he succumbed to his every depraved desire. It had gotten to the point now that he did not know where his submissiveness ended and he began. His dress crept high on his thigh as he sat with his knees pressed painfully together, his ankles crossed demurely. They coasted to a stop and Sophie kissed him on the lips softly as the driver opened the door for them.

Fisher’s long blond wig fluttered in the breeze as he exited the town car outside Wonderland, the heavy beats of house music resonating out into the street, muffling the footfalls of his skyhigh heels as he stepped up to the sidewalk. His dress clung to him, accentuating every feminized curve from his F cup breasts to his shapely round ass, his hourglass figure fooling most, if not all the onlookers. He sighed as he felt her slip her hand into his and they slipped into the VIP ropes, she leading him to the hulking bouncers at the door.

Sophie gave the bouncers their names, squeezing Fisher’s hand when she called him Candi Glam, knowing it was not lost on him that a VIP reservation like this had to be made weeks in advance. He was too far under this spell of feminization now to question anything. He answered all her questions obediently and without fear as they were getting ready, explaining in great detail how it made him feel knowing the infinite possibilities that could transpire tonight. She brushed his hair out as he talked, confessing that he had always wanted to be treated like he had been today, blushing when she told him he was a natural sissy and that she would miss Candi tomorrow. He had volunteered then that Candi could come back and visit whenever she needed her to, but never without being asked. She loved this part of Fisher, loved that they could share this, loved how close she felt to him as she led him to their private VIP section at the edge of the dance floor, the five short steps up to the platform giving them a wide view of the entire club. They sat on the left side of twin L-shaped couches that framed doorway covered by an opaque curtain that glowed in slowly pulsating colors from where it parted slightly. Fisher tried to peer in but could only make out the outline of couches and little else.

“Cross your legs baby,” Sophie instructed after the waitress left with their drink order. “Let everyone get a good look at those long sexy legs of yours…”

“Sorry Mistress,” he apologized quickly, trying to ignore the pain that rose from his genitals as they were crushed between his thighs. His panties stretched tight across his ass, the tiny swatch of silky fabric threatening to expose his secret at any moment. He jumped when her hand fell on his bare thigh, every sensation magnified by the events of the day.

“Relax Candi,” Sophie said with a laugh, dragging her fingers up to the hem of his dress, pushing it even further up his thigh. “You’re going to be on display for more than just this dress before the night is done, and I love it that we’re already turning heads. Look.”

Fisher followed her gaze to the tables surrounding the dance floor and indeed several parties had at least one pair of eyes, if not more, staring right at them. He didn’t have to hear the conversations to know what they were thinking. It was then that Sophie turned his face back towards her and pressed her lips to his, parting his full pink lips with her tongue. He melted into her, her hand creeping between his thighs, urging him to let her take him. His mouth opened and she devoured him sweetly until he moaned into her mouth.

“Someone is a little turned on,” she said softly, smiling broadly at Fisher’s blushing face.

He nodded in agreement, lowering his gaze as the waitress returned although she betrayed nothing about how close they were sitting or the kiss that had transpired only seconds earlier. Taking the shot glass offered him, Fisher held it tightly in his nervous fingers, the clear liquid vibrating gently while he tried to steel his nerves. Sophie clinked his glass against hers and then he poured the smooth liquid down his throat, the warmth of the tequila filling him almost instantly. Sophie offered him a cosmopolitan to sip, no lemon chaser for his Patron, and pulled him back into the deep leather couch, surveying the Pendik Escort crowd as she spoke.

“Do you think they know what a dirty little slut you are, Candi?” she asked simply.

“Yes Mistress,” he answered softly, a stirring between his thighs making him shift nervously in his seat. “I can’t believe I’m here like this…”

“Better than you imagined?” Her eyes looked directly into his, waiting for his answer as his cheeks creased with a dreamy smile.

“Much better,” he admitted. “These past two days, I… I don’t know, it’s like I feel, special in a way.”

“You are special baby,” Sophie said, her familiar malicious grin flashing in the sparkling club lights. “But it isn’t enough to only LOOK the part you know?”

“Yes Mistress.” Fisher’s stomach tightened at reminder of what lay ahead of him, the partially clothed selfie of Chuck never far from his consciousness. Most of that was due to Sophie, telling him Chuck would like his dress, reminding him to call Chuck by his name or a pet name like he had done with the clerk at the shoe store, or asking him if he thought Chuck would like the way his new bra gave him immense cleavage. Of course he had agreed, answering every question in the affirmative, knowing she knew all his bimbo fantasies, and lying would only make things worse for him. However, one thing still made him nervous, and right on cue, Sophie reminded him of it yet again.

“You’ll only be TRULY complete when you’re holding Chuck’s massive cock in your sissy bimbo fingers, making him cum while I watch, and then swallow all of it for everybody to see.”

“Mistress… I’m nervous… what if…”

“What if, even that, isn’t enough?” Sophie offered, sliding closer to him.

“Yes,” he answered, head bowing, looking up at her through his heavily made up eyelashes.

“We both know it won’t be,” Sophie said, curling her finger under his chin and lifting his face. “Isn’t that why you’re wearing those adorable earrings? So you CAN get enough?”

Fisher nodded. With everything else going on he had completely forgotten about them. Large solid sterling silver, heart shaped hoop earrings hung from both ears, “Cum Slut” written in bold cursive letters adorned with pink crystals. Anybody with halfway decent eyesight could read it, as the earrings were nearly three inches wide. His face flushed as Sophie dragged her fingers underneath one, pulling it from beneath his long blond hair.

“It is amazing what you can find on the internet, don’t you think?” Sophie said with a giggle.

Fisher could only nod, a familiar face moving through the crowd catching his attention and filling him with dread.

Catherine came bounding up the short flight of stairs towards them seconds later, threw her arms around Sophie and hugged her playfully, nearly lifting Sophie off the couch as they greeted each other.

Fisher stared at Catherine, every curve exactly as he remembered. Now, seeing her, wrapped tightly in a sleek and sexy black mesh minidress that exposed more than it covered, he swallowed hard as his body shuddered and throbbed anew. His eyes dragged down her long legs to her sky high pumps, then back up, the mesh of the dress running from the hem at the middle of her thick thighs up her sides until it formed the long sleeves. She cleared her throat, glaring at him and Fisher murmured an apology, lowering his eyes immediately.

“Well,” Catherine said, “I gotta say Candi, you’re even hotter in person.”

“Thank you,” Fisher said, blushing slightly as Sophie grabbed his hand.

“Stand up and gimmie a turn, you sexy little bitch,” Catherine instructed. “I want to take you in.”

Fisher stood and pirouetted slowly, turning on the balls of his feet, his stiletto heels centimeters above the floor.

“You look quite different from the last time I saw you,” Catherine joked. “Its an improvement. But I bet you still have that naughty cock, don’t you fucker?”

“I’m sorry Miss.” Fisher slunk backward as Sophie’s laughter ripped through him.

“Show her Candi,” Sophie instructed, “show her the naughty little cock in your panties that you can’t control.”

Fisher swallowed hard and pulled the front of his dress up, rolling it into his manicured fists. He trembled slightly, his cock aching in its lace and satin prison.

“Fucking pathetic, you sissy bitch,” Catherine laughed and turned back to her old friend. “Ohhh, you’ve broken her good Soph, Eve, c’mere sweetie, meet my friend and her dirty whore…”

Fisher and Sophie followed Catherine’s gaze and their jaws dropped as a statuesque amazon made her way towards them. Standing over six and a half feet tall in her platform stilettos, her dark ebony skin contrasted sharply with the white, two piece party dress wrapped tightly to the parts of her curvy body that it framed perfectly. Her 38 FF breasts spilled from her bandeau top, tell-tale bumps of her large nipples protruding slightly and Sophie could make out the outline of barbells piercings. Kurtköy Escort She squeezed Fisher’s hand as Catherine made Eve spin, and the high waist ruched skirt that clung to her wide hips exposed every inch of her firm ass.

“You’re stunning,” Sophie said breathlessly. “Don’t you think so Candi?”

“Yes Mistress,” Fisher answered softly, “she’s… exquisite.”

“Well… thank you baby,” Eve said with a wink.

“I’m glad you think so Candi, because…” Catherine said, “she is my date for tonight and you two are going to have all sorts of fun together. Introduce yourself to her, cum slut.”

Fisher complied quickly, slipping from Sophie’s comforting hand to where the tall woman stood, glaring down at him with an air of confidence and disdain.

“Hello Eve,” Fisher said weakly, “I am sissy cocksucker Candi.”

“You call that an introduction, bitch?” Eve said, glowering at him. “Address me as ‘Goddess’ and tell me who owns you.”

“My Mistress owns me Goddess,” Fisher said as cowered before the group, “I am her sissy and her obedient cum slut.”

“And you love it,” Catherine said, caressing Eve’s ass, “otherwise you wouldn’t be wearing those earrings so proudly…”

“Yes Catherine,” Fisher agreed, “I love being Mistress’ sissy and her cum slut.”

“You will call me Dominatrix,” Catherine spat harshly at Fisher, “and you’ll find that I am no where near as forgiving as your Mistress, and far crueler than your Domme. Now tell me again, what do you love?”

“I love being Mistress’ sissy and her cum slut.”

“And I,” said Catherine, “love hearing you admit it like the pathetic bitch you are.”

“Which do you like more?” Eve interrupted, her head tilting slightly as a curious smile brightened her face.

Fisher was unprepared for that question, for him it was one in the same. He paused, looking to Sophie, searching her face for a clue of what to say. But he found nothing there, only a soft wink and the smile of a predator that is enjoying watching the suffering of it’s prey.

“I…I…don’t know Goddess…”

“We’ll be more than happy to help you find out,” Eve giggled. “But I’m placing my bet on cum slut, especially after what I saw of you last night.”

“Oh, yes,” Catherine responded, “the way you deepthroated that strap-on, you might just turn out to be a perfect little cocksucking slut Candi.”

“Thank you Dominatrix,” Fisher said, whimpering softly as his own cock throbbed at the insult.

“But, you do love being dressed up, wearing pretty little panties, high heels and make-up.” Catherine mused, “Sophie told me all the dirty little details of your shopping trip today… did you like tasting your cum every time you licked your lips?”

“Yes Dominatrix,” Fisher admitted, subconsciously flicking his tongue across his bright pink lips.

“Mmmmm,” Eve groaned, “cant wait to see what that tongue can really do. If you’re a good girl for us Candi, and you ask nicely, maybe I’ll let you taste me…”

“Would you like that sissy?” Sophie asked, “would you like to taste your Goddess?”

Fisher nodded and whimpered a soft “yes”, bringing sharp peals of laughter from all three of the women. The laughter cascaded over Fisher, his eyes again finding the floor, completely oblivious to the slight shift in the front of Eve’s skirt.

“That’s enough of that Candi…,” Catherine said, “keep that sissy head high, I want to see every pathetic look in those pretty blue eyes. Now, why don’t you and Eve acquainted on that pole over there and show us what you’re working with?”

“Yeah,” Sophie added, continuing the joke, “shake that ass!”

Fisher slipped passed Eve, wobbling slightly in his heels as he made his way to the pole next to the railing that separated the VIP area from the main dance floor. He quickly picked up the beat of the throbbing music that reverberated through the club, the ache in his groin unrelenting as Eve slipped her hands over his body putting on a show for Sophie and Catherine, and anybody else who might be watching. Up, down and around the pole they danced, pausing only briefly as two more figures slipped up the steps, Victoria and a girl who could be her twin, joining their group.

Sophie was seeing them too, and her jaw dropped. Her sexy young assistant had never looked hotter. Her long, lithe body was adorned strategically with leopard body stickers, her perky 32C breasts stretching a fishnet bandeau top to its limits. Neon yellow boy shorts clung to her athletic hips, and fence net stockings wrapped her long legs until they disappeared inside neon yellow leg warmers over her heels. Her friend was dressed similarly, also tall and blond but with slightly smaller curves. Sophie recognized her as her longtime friend Tracy. She rose to meet them, leaving Fisher twisting around the pole, and wrestling with his dress as it continued to ride high on his thighs as he moved.

“You look gorgeous hon,” she said, giving Victoria a firm hug. “Thanks for coming.”

“Oh,” Maltepe Escort Victoria said with a smile, “I wouldn’t miss this for anything. Shaping up to be the best night I’ve ever had at this club. You remember Tracy?”

“Of course,” Sophie said, “good to see you again.”

“You too,” Tracy said, “I can’t believe you actually pulled this off. Is that really Fisher on that pole?”

“Indeed it is,” Sophie said, turning to look at him. “But it’s Candi now. Go ahead and introduce yourself. She loves meeting new people.”

Victoria and Tracy giggled and made their way over, Sophie watching Fisher’s reaction closely. She smiled as he lowered his eyes, then laughed as Catherine admonished him and he looked directly at the striking young woman and her friend.

“You do look awfully cute on there,” Victoria said, “and oh my god, nice earrings… cum slut…”

“Thank you, Miss Victoria,” Fisher said softly, her dark eyes burning into him.

“We are going to have some fun with you tonight…,” Victoria purred. “…Give me a twirl and show me those hot fucking curves, slut.”

“Do you love your panties Candi?” Tracy asked, lifting Fisher’s dress as he was forced to put himself on display for the second time.

“Yes,” he answered softly, his aching cock making him groan. “I love my panties.”

“But she loves something hard in her ass more I guess,” Victoria said. “You certainly loved it last night, didn’t you bitch?”

“What happened last night?” Tracy asked, “tell us Candi…”

“Domme Jennifer fucked me hard in my sissy ass while I swallowed my Mistress’ strap-on.”

“And it was so fucking hot,” Victoria said, her fingers wandering over the contours of his tucked cock as it strained against his panties. “I came four times while I watched the videos from last night.”

Fisher couldn’t stop the smile that spread across his face.

“You like being a tease, don’t you Candi?,” Tracy asked, her fingers joining Victoria’s, “shaking that ass for everyone to see… making those big tits of yours bounce… knowing every guy that sees you wants to fuck you…”

“N…n… no Miss…” Fisher stammered, his hips twitching violently, his smile quickly fading.

“Naughty girl,” Tracy said, “Your pathetic little cock tells me different. I think we should tell your Mistress you’re getting hard teasing all the guys on the dance floor…”

“You know something,” Victoria said, “You’re right. I like the way you think.”

“And I think,” Eve said, “we should get this dirty tease out there, let her find out what horny guys like to do to dirty cock teases when they find out they’re really cocksucking cum sluts.”

“Won’t that be fun, you sissy bitch,” Victoria said, scowling, “You keep grinding that pole with your fun new friend while we discuss it…”

Fisher tugged the front of his dress back down and swept himself around the pole as the two scantily clad club girls took seats with Catherine and Sophie, talking about him just out of ear shot, their laughter and scandalous looks making him feel increasingly uneasy.

“Wonder how much she’ll love showing off when we makes her flaunt her earrings like an invitation and have her dance with a couple of guys,” Catherine said, watching Sophie’s eyes light up and smile spread across her face.

“And if she doesn’t make it convincing,” Sophie added, “I’ll make sure her videos get uploaded to RedTube, PornHub, YouPorn and any other website we can think of.”

“Oh, Eve’ll make sure it’s convincing,” Catherine chimed in, watching Fisher squirm, “in fact, I can’t wait for you to see just how convincing she plans on making their time together. She knows just how to entice these club boys…”

“Such a good little cocksucker,” Sophie mused, blowing Fisher a kiss.

“The fun just arrived!” came a shout from their left.

Sophie clasped her hands together gleefully, rising to meet Jenny. She was a bombshell in a strapless red bandage dress that framed her toned and curvy body to perfection. Sophie gave the stunning blonde a warm hug followed by a tender and lingering kiss on her dark red lips.

“You missed me,” Jenny purred, looking up at Sophie, her hands falling to the gentle curve of Sophie’s waist.

“Maybe,” Sophie said, looking over her shoulder at the two men behind her. “Welcome boys, Candi’s been waiting for you.”

“I bet she has,” Chuck said with a toothy grin, glancing over at Fisher and Eve twirling on the pole, “little bitch prolly can’t wait to get her hands on me. Ain’t that right sissy fuck?”

“Yes sir,” Fisher admitted woefully, cringing at the stirring in his panties.

Exclamations of disbelief and ridicule echoed along the couch, introductions were made, drinks were ordered, shots were downed, then attention turned back to Fisher as they set their plans into motion.

“C’mere baby!” Sophie called to Fisher. “Time to play!”

Eve slowly made her way over with Fisher, towing him behind her outstretched hand. He groaned softly as she twisted his wrist and arm behind him, and pulled him to her, her full lips pressing into his, her tongue probing his mouth until he reciprocated. He couldn’t help but moan on her tongue, any affection shown to him arousing him immediately.

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