Girls Watching Guys Ch. 02

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Part Two: Gary’s Show

Note: Before reading “Part Two: Gary’s Show” the reader is highly encouraged to read the first part of this series, “Girls Watching Guys – Part One: Stacey’s View”. This is a follow up to Part One, and will be best understood only after reading what goes on in Part One.

It was a slow summer’s day, with our parents not due home until after five. While I was watching TV my sister Stacey walked through the room. As she looked away from me, like all young men I took the opportunity to glance at her wonderful tits bouncing as she walked, and then got a good view of her crotch as well. As she walked out of the room and up the stairs my eyes were glued to her bouncy ass the entire way. Summer is a great time for all men, as the females amongst us walk around in very skimpy and revealing outfits. It doesn’t take much to set a young man’s hormones off, and this brief but rewarding view of Stacey’s womanly parts soon made me realize I was going to need to get myself off.

So upstairs I went, and decided to take a shower. The whole affair started out innocently enough, I meant to do what I always did, take a shower, relieve myself by stroking, and then go about my day. My masturbation fantasies were going to center around my scantily clad sister, her young pert tits, her wonderful ass wiggling as she walked away, and that wonderful mystery buried beneath her pants. What brother hasn’t done this one thousands of times? My sister for some reason decided to change all my plans this day, and in a rather dramatic way which I didn’t mind at all!

In no time I was undressed, took a pee in the toilet, and then hopped into the shower. I was just washing my hair, with my back to the shower head when I felt a bit of cold air on my shoulders. The only possible thing that could have caused that was that the bathroom door was open. I was absolutely sure that I locked it: I was planning on masturbating and certainly did not want the humiliation of getting caught. So if the door was open, someone else had obviously opened it. The cooler air from outside the bathroom kept coming in up over the shower door, hitting me on the shoulders and I reckoned that with both my parents still not due home for another few hours it could only mean that my sister Stacey had opened it. But why?

Glancing briefly over my shoulder, there was nobody else in the room, and looking at the mirror it was clear the door was not open all the way. After a few moments of pondering it I could only deduce that my sister was spying on me taking a shower! This is one of those things in life you just never know how you’ll react to until it actually happens. There may have been a split second of embarrassment as I realized my vulnerable position, but for whatever reason it was quickly replaced by a thrill of excitement, the thrill of the forbidden. The idea that she could see me completely naked was an instant turn on for me.

As I stood there with my back to her, finishing my hair, I knew she had to be peeking through the door staring at my naked butt. I kind of liked that fact, it was a bit embarrassing at first, but the longer I stood there exposed, the more I began to realize I kind of liked it. I could almost feel her eyes on me. When I was done with my shampoo I knew she would be wanting to see what I looked like from the front. The cool air still coming up over the shower partition confirmed that she was still peeking, and I turned to the right, facing the clear glass door so I knew she could get the best view of my genitals.

What a feeling of electricity went through me as I turned, knowing Stacey was peeking through the door, and most certainly staring at my privates. I guess it was ümraniye escort at this moment of my life that I realized I was an exhibitionist. Fully naked, I was enjoying the fact that she was watching my entire body. I was completely flaccid yet, but that didn’t matter, the fact that I was showing off my body in front of her was fantastic. I decided to give her a lot of time to look at my cock, so I pretended to be washing the upper part of my body for some time. I knew she had to be enjoying watching my balls and soft dick moving around as I washed.

Standing there naked in front of a girl, knowing she was hungrily viewing what I had down there, it’s not surprising that I began to feel something begin to stir down there. The continued cold air on my shoulders reinforced the idea that she was watching me, and that made me begin to grow a little bit more. The idea of masturbating in front of her was always a fantasy of mine, and being that I had come in the shower to masturbate anyway, I was excited that I might finally be able to do it in front of her. I think deep down every young man likes the fact of being seen masturbating.

But as strong as the urge was to grab my cock and start going at it, I really wanted to show off for her as much as possible too. I figured she’d probably like seeing my penis grow erect, so while I felt myself beginning to plump up, I made sure not to touch it. With a good looking girl who I had been eyeing minutes before now staring through the door at me, it wasn’t the least bit difficult to get a full erection for her gazing pleasure, without any physical contact at all. Soon it was twice its original size, then it was three times the size, nearly sticking straight out at her and I could imagine the look on her face as she watched it grow like this.

Finally with it sticking up in the air, I paused for a bit to let her enjoy this view which she had obviously come to see, and then for an added show began to sway my hips back and forth, letting my hard on bounce side to side. Considering how much I liked seeing her boobs wiggle when she moved, I could only imagine her eyes were firmly focused on my erection bouncing around like this.

Ever the showman, as much as my throbbing dick wanted to be stroked, I wanted to draw this out as long as possible. The next thing that popped into my head was a stroke of genius, if I do say so myself. I’m not sure how many people have a medical fetish, but I sure do. The feeling of being naked, and the feel of a doctor’s hands on my privates has always given me an erection. For some reason I decided to give myself a mock genital exam for her to watch. Feeling each one of my nuts just like the doctor would do, I then gave myself a hernia check.

A sound outside the door at once proved that giving myself a mock exam had been a great idea. I clearly heard a very guttural and pleasurable moan which I recognized as that of Stacey’s voice. Had I been in the act of stroking myself when I heard it I instantly would have come right there, that sound she made sounded so desperately erotic. I was in disbelief that I had just heard the sound of Stacey actually having an orgasm right outside the bathroom door. I can’t imagine she had meant to be that loud, she was after all peeking in on me and had absolutely no idea I knew she was out there. She must have moaned accidentally, and the fact that she was not only spying on me, but was outside masturbating was shocking and incredibly delightful.

Having a fetish for a genital exam myself, the fact that she had her orgasm while I was “checking out” my scrotum made her orgasm even more interesting. She had clearly enjoyed the fact of watching me give myself an pendik escort exam. Always the showman, I wasn’t going to disappoint, so I went back and gave myself another in depth exam of my testes and scrotum, and then once again a hernia exam.

I was at this point so turned on at the fact of being spied on, being seen with an erection, being watched examining myself, and hearing her playing with herself right outside the door, that my throbbing erection would be denied no longer. I finally grabbed it and found it so incredibly erotic to be masturbating while someone was watching me. It is the most private and forbidden thing a guy can do to himself, and here I was showing this secret off to her. After stroking it for a bit, it seemed like the cold air coming up over the shower door was increasing.

Risking a quick glance at the door (I did not want her to know I knew she was there, that might ruin the whole thing), I could see in the mirror that the bathroom door had now been opened up almost a foot. Before I had only felt the cold air coming in, but now visually seeing that she had opened the door to look at what I was doing, and for that matter even opened it wider was such an instant rush it almost caused me to pop right there. A big old pre orgasmic grunt came out of me which I knew she had to hear, and it was all I could do to keep myself from cumming, taking my hands away. I wanted this wonderful moment to last as long as possible.

With my hands over my head I gave her another opportunity to look over my erection. A very dirty idea now popped into my head, well perhaps even a little more dirty than standing in front of her masturbating. I slowly squeezed the entire length of my dick to push out all the precum, and with my finger slowly pulled it away so it was a long string. She was now watching me play with some of my fluid. Taking this dirty idea to an even higher level, I collected the entirety of my precum on my finger, and slowly put it to my mouth to taste it.

This newfound exhibitionist was in complete heaven. I really wanted to make this voyeur/exhibitionist thing last as long as possible, but I was so turned on it was everything I could do to keep from cumming too quickly. I tried to stroke it as slow as possible, but eventually it got to be a losing effort. Knowing there was a female just outside the door closely inspecting every thing I was doing to myself was just to much to hold back. Taking now to a two fisted action, stroking with all sincerity, as orgasm was approaching the image of her actually seeing the sperm shooting out of my dick in the next few moments was all it took to send me over the edge.

For full effect, whatever sound wanted to come out of my body at this point came out, several grunts, groans and moans, and I’m sure she enjoyed every bit of it! As my orgasm started, I made sure to point my dick upward so the sperm shot as high as possible, I wanted to give her one last grand finale. The idea of being seen masturbating for the first time, and especially ejaculating while someone watched only made my orgasm all the more intense. I shot my load all over the shower door as grunt after grunt came out of my mouth. This was clearly the most erotic and forbidden thing I had ever done in my life. Yes, she was the one technically spying on me, but I was the one intentionally masturbating expressly so she could see.

Even as my last shot of sperm shot upwards towards the glass, I bent my ear towards the door and was rewarded. Seeing me ejaculate like that against the glass had sent my horny sister over the edge one more time, and she made some very audible sounds. The idea that Stacy had an orgasm because she had just watched bostancı escort me have one was really wild. Spent from this incredible experience, I leaned back against the shower wall to rest, and looking at the glass, I realized my ejaculate was running down in long white streaks. Stacey was obviously getting to watch it do this, and the idea of her watching it was such a dirty thought.

I once again squeezed the rest of the sperm out of my dick, letting it hang down in a string for her to enjoy, and then put it onto my finger and pretended to taste it. Entirely disgusting stuff, but I was almost hoping she’d have another orgasm, but she didn’t. Seconds later I heard the door close, I guess she was so flustered at what she saw and what she was doing to herself that she had forgotten to be stealthy in closing the door. I finally got dressed and opened the bathroom door, and noticed that while she remembered to close it so as not to give herself away, she forgot to lock it. She didn’t make a very good spy, lets put it that way!

Not surprisingly, down the hall I noticed her own bedroom door was shut. As I slowly walked by, I heard her bed creak a bit and what sounded like her legs sliding across the sheets, followed by a very long and loud moan that slowly died off, descending in pitch as it did so: She had gone straight to her room and had another orgasm. Without the water to drown out her sounds this final time, I heard her orgasmic chorus in full, and was smitten with how incredible she sounded. A woman in her self made moment of pleasure is an absolute delight to hear!

By the time I reached my own room I was completely erect again. I sat in my room for a good time as I relived what just happened. From start to finish, I tried to replay every moment of this incredible episode in my head. From first realizing I was being spied on, to giving her a show, to the most unexpected part of me hearing her doing it on her bed. She had been spying on me, but couldn’t help herself when she came. The fact that seeing me masturbate gave her three orgasms to this day floors me. I still jerk off with the idea of her standing there looking at me do it, with her fingers furiously masturbating herself at the same time.

Sitting at dinner later that evening was indeed one of the most unique situations we ever had at the dinner table. She had a very embarrassed look on her face, as if she was trying her best to keep anyone from knowing her most dirty secret. She never made eye contact with me even once, she was so embarrassed to be sitting right across the table from me mere hours after watching me do all those intimate things to myself. I guess I was pretty silent about it myself. I kept saying to myself, “She doesn’t know I know, she doesn’t know I know.” That was maybe the best part of the whole thing. She actually believed I had no idea that she was spying on me, she had seen me masturbate and taste my own cum, and do all those naughty things. And she had no idea that the reason I did half those things, and the reason I came as hard as I did, was because I *knew* she was looking.

It wasn’t but a few days later that we had the house to ourselves again, and I’m sure both of us were eagerly waiting for the opportunity. When it came I instantly went upstairs to take another shower, and right on cue my sister once again opened the door, knowing I went up there for no other reason than to masturbate. I pretty much did the same things, including an in depth genital exam on myself. The only difference this time is that I didn’t hear her make any moans or groans.

I don’t know if she didn’t masturbate at all or didn’t have any orgasm, or if she was just able to suppress her moans a lot better this time. This mutually enjoyable show promised to open more opportunities in the future for both of us. She obviously wanted to see me jerk off, enough so to spy on me, and I loved to be watched so much that I let it happen and even set it up.

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