Glory Strokes

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Riding to the original glory hole on a free but threateningly clouded Thursday mid-afternoon, my desires and hopes created a wave of anticipation. Desires starting while massaging the feet of my bi friend, who had come by to enjoy fresh strawberry jam on fresh bread, Thai soup, finishing with strawberry shortcake. She did turn down the offered gin and tonics, which we had hoped to drink at the local nude lake, saying she was getting a cold or flu. Sex can transmit any number of diseases, even if the diseases tend to weaken desire, and neither of us had an interest in sharing her sickness.

After finishing the last bit of strawberry paradise, we moved to the couch, where we each untied one of her shoes, their thongs laces reaching above her ankles. Unlike the last time I had done this, a mental promise was made not to suck on her toes, especially not like last time, when her other leg was rubbing my jeans covered hard cock while my mouth enveloped each toe in turn, her quiet moans just adding to the pleasure.

This promise became difficult to manage as her toes were in easy reach of my tongue and lips, coupled with the realization that since sex wasn’t really part of the visit, my enjoying her feet wouldn’t matter anyways. However, the resolution of this situation appeared temptingly simple, with the realization that there was more than enough time to visit the local gloryhole after she left.

I began stroking her smooth legs, pushing each pants leg to her knees, while her schedule continued to slip, her thighs relaxing, opening enough to see the seam of her jeans, while her breasts rolled gently, her nipples somewhat erect, easily noticed as she wasn’t wearing a bra. And having seen her breasts in this situation numerous times over the year, no imagination was required to know what they looked like.

After a few minutes, she finally sat up, giving me the already scheduled time to bury myself in her hair, hands roaming through the soft strands, gliding along her warm and enticingly scented skin. When she started to move, my hands slid to her shoulders, tempting her into another 5 minutes of true back rubbing, with only a few motions along her breasts near the end. But by 2pm, she had left, meaning I was free to indulge in sex with a stranger, now much hornier than before her visit.

Following a few preparations, including several deep breathing intervals and putting the familiar brown bottle with its last, still potent, remnants of Rush in my motorcycle jacket, I started the bike.

Parking at the video / adult book store, I quickly slipped in, seeing that the connected gloryhole booths were empty. I set the slider on the other side back, and opened a small but noticeable bit on my side. This time, my horniness was overriding my normal sense of shyness, while courting another disappointing result if no one entered the other side. A result far too frequent in the preceding months.

I arranged things, then put some money in, flipping through the selections. After getting semi-hard watching one man suck, then rim, another, the other, still unknown porn choices beckoned. A beckoning leading to be rewarded with two naked women over a man stretched out face down on a largish rock on a shore, his bathing suit on. Both women had long thick black hair, and one was rimming Sefaköy Escort the other’s ass. The scene was hot, and my cock rose in pace with its rhythm, which lead to the man getting sucked as he rimmed one of the women. I love getting hard to good porn, and this scene was wildly arousing. I have loved adult bookstores for decades, before ever discovering the addictive thrills of a gloryhole, for offering such hot porn for very private enjoyment.

By now, stroking myself, it was easier to open the slider a bit more to make the invitation more obvious, deciding that with my cock this horny, there was no reason to be discrete, even if someone glanced to see the other side. Much the same way the video threesome on the shore were unconcerned about anything but hot sex, I already knew, having seen this several times myself when entering the video area, that my cock was displayed openly enough for anyone interested in looking. Watching porn like this is part of what makes a glory hole so good, at least at a sex shop, still connecting memories of the times psst when first masturbating to porn with a friend, occasionally cumming while staring at his sexy cock.

Hearing someone come in, my pulse raced, filled with a strangely determined hope that a stranger would enter the other side, someone sharing the same desires and needs.

The other door closed, and my hand started to pump my shaft, even as the first gasps started to match the touch of my hand against my flared cockhead. The porn was hot, which helped assuage any doubts about what could happen. As if any doubts about what I wanted could exist as my cock began to overwhelm me. But there is still a shred of denial in the dim light of a booth, also a part of the gloryhole attraction – it is all somehow deniable, even as you press your body against a wall, trying to go deeper into a man’s mouth to fill it with hot cum. Or make a stranger press himself against the wall, even as you take his hot cock into your mouth, wanting to drain his balls while his cock pumps unstoppably into your willing mouth.

After what somehow seemed too long, finally overcoming the distraction of my hand’s motion, I slid the flat metal panel a bit, to see his legs were already bare. This encouraged me, and in a couple of movements, including grasping my length to even better to show off my cock, opened the slider completely.

His cock was being stroked, and at first, seemed more on the small size. But his thighs and legs were bare, which meant he was definitely interested in enjoying the pleasures a gloryhole offers. Pleasures I was definitely interested in receiving and providing.

As he stroked, and especially after I unbuttoned the bottom of my shirt and pulled down my jeans to highlight my curly black bush and erect rod, his cock kept growing. This was incredibly arousing – much like decades ago, stroking myself while seeing another man’s cock grow, watching my friend get as horny as I, both from the porn and the fact that we were able to see the other’s reaction to it.

In the present, watching him get harder and longer, making my own shaft even hotter in turn, more determined to experience what was so clearly at hand. Just like the very first time a man had gotten me off at this gloryhole, his hand came through, touching Sefaköy Escort the inside of my thigh, then lightly moving as I stiffened in ecstatic anticipation, knowing that whatever he did, I would be enthralled. His fingers quickly found the base of my cock, having left a trail of pleasure through my pubic hair. My hand was still clenched just beneath my cockhead as his own hand moved up, then covered mine.

Quivering a bit, after a moment of gently motions over my cock head, I was able to reach through to find his cock, equally large and hard as mine as I looked through the gap to see his cock in my grasp. This was made easier by another change from the past – the hole between booths is much larger than in the past, making it easy for each person to put an arm through the booth to the other side.

As I touched his cock, he began to move his hand beneath mine, and then started sliding over my full length after I moved my hand out of the way, to give him freedom to do whatever he wanted, even as I tried to focus on his wonderfully sexy cock. This was paradise – unknown and unexperienced with a friend before college, but now, truly at hand, both of us sitting, legs wide, watching porn and mutually masturbating. Men having very uncomplicated sex, balls getting tighter as the pre-cum made the contact heavenly between us.

As he began to stroke me to the edge of cumming, I slid my right hand over his, controlling the sensations as I worked at turning him on so much he would not be able to make me cum quickly, deliciously prolonging our mutual pleasure. As I found his particular rhythm, his hand did grow distracted, and I reached for the Rush, even as my left hand remained completely unavailable. I put the cap between my teeth, and opened it – a somewhat tricky, but not unpracticed process.

As I breathed out again, he pressed my hand on his rigid shaft, his hand encompassing mine, and I felt his pumping motions against my palm and fingers. It was one of the most intensely sexual things I had ever experienced, his glorious cock at the peak of pure sexual bliss, my hand being a central part of what he was enjoying so completely.

As the feeling of intense sexual abandon and overwhelming cock centered physical sensation began to spread, I couldn’t get the bottle’s cap back on, a necessary step to avoid spilling, since I don’t trust myself to be concentrated on settling the bottle down perfectly. Recognizing this was also an opportunity to do another hit before trying to close the bottle again, I filled my lungs with the scent again, then quickly fastened the cap, followed by putting the bottle away. Rush is not perfect, even if it is very addictive.

Breathing out again, the feeling of orgasm was overwhelming me, most surprisingly the source being him, and not myself. My skills on his cock had led to this, an orgasm which was filling me with its own reflection, his burning perfect pleasure. His hand began to stroke, followed by moans, and his first cum could be felt against my hand as it rose from his balls to his cock tip, pumping streams that began to count my hand as I kept sliding my cum lubricated skin against his. I felt so perfectly slutty in having his hand on my hard cock as I felt him get off, an orgasm which had been unbelievably rewarding Escort Sefaköy in achieving, his cock and my hand now completely covered in his semen

His hand began to move along my cock, and I was just on the edge of cumming when I stopped him, thinking that now would be a good time having both hands clean. As I pulled my hand in, his left my cock, the slider was closed, and he promptly left. There are no obligations at a gloryhole after all, which is a major part of its simplicity. Finishing, I opened the other slider completely, and left my side a quarter open.

Sitting there, putting in a few more coins, it took just a minute before the door opened and closed. Again, the motions from the other side were obvious, so I opened the slider slowly till it could not move further, my breath changing from low gasps to excited panting as I now watched a second man get harder, another fantastically attractive cock growing in a stranger’s own pumping grasp as I watched.

By now, my sluttiness was easy to enjoy, so I stood up, one leg propped up on the bench, then opened the slider, my cock in plain view, my stroking again trying to provoke a response. One which came fairly quickly, as a finger appeared at the edge of the opening, while I could see how his own stroking quickened as he gestured.

I shifted on the bench, coming closer to the wall, while also reaching my right hand in, finding his cock pretty much at the same time he found mine. He was rougher than the other man, more demanding, even as I played with his cock. This suited my slutty mood perfectly, my cock moving closer to the opening, as my will disappeared under his encompassing touch. His hand was noticeably bigger and thicker than mine, and watching it move was mesmerizing while trying to match his force on his own cock. This cock, like the previous one, was about the same size as mine, having closely watched and felt each stranger’s own horny members in turn.

His hand was taking me to the edge, whether I was willing or not, which led to me reaching for the brown bottle again, barely grasping it as I pressed my body along the wall, my cock completely on his side, my hand still gratefully pumping him gorgeous rod. Even as my balls felt a familiar sensation, the thought ran through my mind of how good it was to be manhandled like this, with a powerful hand making my cum pump so hard and long as my cock orgasmed, helpless in the pleasure. I hadn’t even opened the ignored bottle before he made me cum in his forceful grip, pressing myself in gloryhole perfection against the wall, moaning, a truly satisfied gloryhole slut with one last goal – to get him off. I didn’t want him to leave before his cum spurted in his own orgasm.

Which seemed to occur almost as soon as I thought about it, my semi-erect cock still in his hand as I felt his own cum start to pump, gasps coming with each pulse. My right hand was now coated in a second stranger’s cum, both our cocks in the same state of glorious male pleasure, as the last drips of cum fell.

My hand spread his cum as I kept playing with his cock, sliding along its only slowly weakening length as his own hand left my now slightly sore but completely appreciative cock. As I turned to the paper towels to grab a few to clean my hand, I closed the slider.

The day had turned out to be close to perfection, just three men jerking each other off to glorious orgasms. At its best, a gloryhole is impossible to not return to once exposed to its seductive satisfaction, even during stretches where nothing especially delightful takes place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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