Gloryhole Adventure

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A few months after my first bookstore adventure in my hometown, I moved to St. Louis to continue school. It was the early 80s and urban revitalization had yet to hit downtown. There were a couple of blocks of businesses and bars on Laclede’s Landing by the Arch and then a sort of no-mans-land between that and the Central West End – filled with dilapidated and abandoned buildings and businesses. But when one reached the West End at Kingshighway it all changed, like going from the dark side of the moon to the light.

I had been living there a few months about to go crazy I was so horny and there were NO prospects where I was in school. Even after my first adventures I still didn’t consider myself gay or even bi, and there were few ladies who caught my interest. Well, most of them were already attached. So, one afternoon it occurred to me, if my little hometown had adult bookstores, surely the big city would. I checked the yellow pages (no, I’m not kidding) and found several places. After checking some maps, I soon realized that they were all in that seedy section of town. On my first few visits I just bought some books and even a few 8mm movies, I didn’t feel quite ready to try anything else yet.

A few weeks later, more rejections and more angst about being away from home and all those normal college fears and my randy hormones were about to burst. I decided I would make a trip down to one of the bookstores and see if I could get a blowjob one Saturday morning. Now, I didn’t yet know all tricks of the trade or I would have realized that late Friday or Saturday night is the best time for getting such things at the gloryhole but it turned out that I got much more than I bargained for anyway!

I headed uptown for this one place that had a fairly extensive viewing area. I was so nervous that I’m sure I was blushing the whole way. I just knew that if anyone saw me that morning in sweats and a tee-shirt, they would know exactly where I was going and I was looking for. I silently wished I were invisible. If nothing else, I’m sure they could hear the pounding of my heart. I walked into the store and my fertile imagination had me convinced that everyone was looking at me and knew what I was doing there, only heightening my embarrassment. I made my way through the magazines and movies (mostly 8mm in those days with a few VERY expensive VHS and Beta videos). I found a booth in the viewing area but it didn’t have a glory hole. Actually, that was ok with me at that moment. I thought I might be able to wank off to a clip and then I wouldn’t need the personal attention I craved and feared. I dropped some quarters and pretty soon I was kind of getting into the film I was watching. I had my sweats pushed down and was stroking my cock when I heard the clerk come back in the booth area: “Alright gentlemen, either get those lights on or move along, thank you.”

(At this store, there was a light above the booth which lit while the movie machine was on – red, of course. It was a denial of sorts, if the light was on, someone was watching a movie and whatever else was going on, no one asked. If the light were out and the door closed, that was an admission that illicit activity was happening. Don’t ask me why it made such a difference to drop a couple of quarters?!)

Anyway, the clerk’s interruption and the nervousness I felt here were just too much. I was afraid I would get caught in this place or worse yet, that I would end up in some sort of wild orgy totally out of control. It was just too much for me, so I decided to leave. I was even less conspicuous going out that coming in as my cock was tenting the front of my sweats by that time.

Still, the hormone fever had me. Images kept swirling through my mind as I drove to another store. Images of the movies, blond bimbos being worked over by huge cocks, gay porn, sucking and fucking, memories of my other adventures being sucked and my ass began to twitch as I thought of that other forbidden pleasure – getting fucked. No, no. I wouldn’t do that, not here. I couldn’t. I might get a blowjob. Hell, I might even try to give one. But if I find that I really enjoy getting cock up the butt won’t that make me…. I couldn’t finish the sentence.

By the time I pulled up in front of this store front just off Olive, I was nearly panting with desire and fear. This little place looked quiet, no other businesses open near it so I wouldn’t be seen going out or in. Not too many cars here, so not too many people to know what I’m about to do. I finished a cigarette to steady myself and walked in. There wasn’t much in this place except the booths, so I got some quarters and walked to the back. There were mostly empty booths here and inside I let out a sigh of relief. I could jack off to the movie and not worry about what I Bayan Eskort was so afraid to try. I sat back and enjoyed a few minutes of the movie and then pulled my sweats down and started to stroke. I didn’t even notice the glory hole or anyone in the next booth until I heard him: “Put it through and I’ll suck.”

I wasn’t sure I had heard him the first time and I just grunted. Then he said it again: “Put it through and I’ll suck.”

I fought with myself. No, don’t do this, it will make you gay! (HA!!) Its dirty, its seedy, you like girls. Yea, but gawd, I need to have my cock sucked. I need to blow my load inside someone’s mouth not in a paper towel anymore. I need some physical attention. No. Yes. NO! YESSSSS!

I got up and moved to the hole and pushed my cock through. I moaned as he stroked me and then gasped when he enveloped my cock in his mouth. It was sooo hot and wet. I had waited for this for sooo long. MMmmmmmm I moaned as he worked my shaft in his mouth, his tongue scraping the underside of my cock making me shiver. I began to gently fuck my hips back and forth. His hand came through the hole to stroke my balls. I could feel myself boiling up when he began to try to reach further, for my asshole. My mind cleared for a sec and drew a clear boundary – if you get your cock sucked by a man through a gloryhole in an adult bookstore, that is not gay, but if you let him play with your ass it is gay. (What??!!) I pulled back: “Not here,” I whispered.

“How bout in my van, its parked outside,” he answered.

My mind started to get back into the discussion only to be firmly silenced by my cock: “Sure,” I said.

We left our respective movies running and made our way individually outside. (Like no one in the store knew what was going on, right?!) I stood by my car and smoked a cigarette while he went and got his van. It was one of those old panel jobs with no windows along the sides except that tiny round one high on the side at the back. He indicated that I should get in the back. I opened the door and got two surprises. One, the inside was covered in a rust-colored shag carpet with a low bench-bed on one side. And two, there was another man in the back puffing away on a bong. My mind started to scream, but my cock said: “shut up, I’m driving!” I got in and closed the door behind me.

My host up front tried to introduce us. I gave a fake name and I don’t remember what his was. He didn’t say anything to me. In fact, this second guy didn’t say a word during the entire adventure about to unfold. He just handed me the bong and gestured to a seat beside himself. I took a few hits and got into the Alan Parsons Project music that was playing and at some point realized we had stopped driving. Our host came back and joined in at the bong and soon all was warm and cozy and just a little hazy. Our host then mumbled something about me wanting more than a blowjob, which set the two of them giggling. Then he turned toward me and started to help me out of my clothes.

I offered no resistance and they pulled off my tee and shucked down my sweats. I was soon moaning as two sets of hands roamed my body. Then I was lost in a rush of lust as their mouths began to nibble: nape of my neck, ears, nipples, back, belly, thighs… I was groaning loudly and my cock was so hard it hurt. They laid me back on the bench-bed and took turns keeping me occupied while they each undressed. I reached for their cocks and stroked them. Our host had a smaller than average cock, but he was very hard. The other guy had a nice big cock, not too long, not too thick – beautiful.

They pushed me back again and our host whispered: “we are going to make all your fantasies come true!”

With that he pulled my arms up and before I could react, he put me in some sort of cuffs over my head. He saw the fear shoot through me and leaned down to whisper again: “Its ok, relax, you will really enjoy this.”

He then knelt over my head and began to feed his cock into my mouth. Moaning, I surrendered and let his cock slide inside. He moved his hips to push his cock in and out of my mouth. Desire overwhelmed me and I began to suck hungrily. I heard him moan, then he reached down and began to play with my nipples. I groaned again as he did this – oooh I love that! And he fucked himself into my mouth a little harder. I wondered what had become of his friend when I heard the guy in my mouth say: “Oooh yeah! I think he’ll like that.”

His hands left my nipples only to be replaced moments later with a sharp metallic pinch. It was a shocking pain and my mouth fell slack around his cock as I grunted. He pulled out and moved so that he could lift my head. “Nipple clamps,” he said,showing me the clips now attached to my nipples. The his friend reached up and picked up the chain connecting them and pulled it taut. My eyes rolled back in my head at the pleasure/pain and I moaned loudly.

“Told ya,” was all my host replied.

Then I noticed the other things in his friends hand. They looked like those hook-on luggage straps. He fed my legs into them to the knee, one at a time, then lifted each one toward the ceiling of the van. I finally noticed the two hooks up there and soon I was open and spread for their pleasure, my wrists cuffed above my head, my legs pulled up and back exposing my cock and very vulnerable ass, and wearing nipple clamps. My cock was harder than I have ever known it and begging for attention.

I felt the other’s hands on the backs of my thighs, feather-light strokes up and down. Then he began to make a pattern, down and in to my asscrack, up over my balls avoiding my cock and back to my upper thighs. It was driving me crazy. I lay my head back, closed my eyes and moaned, this was incredible. My host then tugged on the chain of the nipple clamps. My mouth flew open in a silent moan and he slipped his cock back in. I sucked hard and deep. I met his thrusts into my mouth. I almost exploded when I felt his friend’s mouth engulf my cock. His hands still lightly stroked my balls and my asscrack. I couldn’t hold back any longer. My body spasmed and flailed as I let go an enourmous load of cum into his mouth. I grunted and bellowed around my host’s dick in my mouth as he tugged not too gently on the nipple chain.

In spite of such an enourmous orgasm, I stayed hard in the other’s mouth and he kept sucking me. Our host detached the cuffs from the hook above my head and cradled my head on his lap while offering me more hits from the bong. Good lord, an incredible blowjob, more than I had ever hoped for and it wasn’t over yet. When I was swimming in a fog again. My host laid me back and pulled the cuffs back over my head to the hook. “If you enjoyed that, just wait,” he whispered and then moved away from me.

After sucking me hard again, Friend (as I now called him) began to lick and suck my balls and soon had me moaning and writhing again in my bonds. Host had moved out of sight for the moment, but when Friend began to lick lower towards my asshole, he reappeared and tugged lightly on the nipple chain causing me to pant. I lay there wide-eyed, slack-jawed, my body on fire. My nipples were the source of wonderful pleasure/pain. The clamps pinched the hard nubs and the occaisional tug was delicious torment. Friend had now worked his way to my ass and his tongue began a decadent dance around and then in my asshole. I was floating on the high from the grass, caught like a fly in a spider’s web and slowly devoured by raunchy sex. I surrendered to my base instincts. I ground my hips up into Friend’s mouth. His lips formed a seal around my hole and he sucked and licked and chewed on the spasming ring of muscle. I grunted and moaned and thrashed in my bonds. I pulled my knees back as best the straps would allow as he began to fuck my asshole with his tongue. My mouth hung open from the delicious pleasure and I drooled “oh fuck, oh fuck” over and over. I don’t know how long this went on, it seemed forever. I didn’t know I could experience that much pleasure without exploding. Then the mouth was gone, replaced by a long slick finger. I grunted deeply, “oh yeah….”

Host reached up above me and moved a curtain aside on the ceiling to reveal a mirror. I could now see what Friend was doing between my legs. I shivered and twitched as I watched his long finger slide in and out of my ass, preparing it for his cock. I moaned and sighed as a second finger joined the first. Gently, Friend stretched and opened my asshole, though after that hellacious rim job it had to be totally relaxed. I could also see that Host was busy between Friend’s legs, sucking him hard and then attaching something (I would later learn it was a cock-ring) then lubing up his cock for my ass.

I was totally into the rhythm of the finger-fucking I was getting when Host reappeared by my head. He whispered in my ear, “Watch him fuck your ass.”

I looked up as he said this and saw Friend pull his fingers out of my ass. I felt empty and open as I watch him stroke his cock and bring it to my needy asshole. I felt the hot slick head rubbing against my anus, I shivered and twitched. He placed the head against my hole and drew little circles until I relaxed again and started to thrust back to get him inside me. I watched his hips move forward and the head of his cock disappear and I felt him enter me. He slowly pushed inside me and I panted as I watched my asshole swallow his cock. I felt that beautiful cock sliding into me in one smooth stroke. Filling me, opening me, oh god taking my ass. Mmmmmmmm. Not so wide that it was uncomfortable, not so long that I couldn’t take it all. It was perfect. His cock fit my ass like a dream. My own cock was throbbing and spitting pre-cum. I could feel his cock, alive and throbbing deep in me as he ground his hips into mine, moving his cock deep inside my ass.

He pushed in as deeply as he could and held still for a moment. He reached for the nipple chain and the air was filled with our mingled moans as I writhed and fucked myself on his cock in my ass while he tugged and pulled on the chain. He began a slow in and out fuck of my ass. I watched his slick cock slice in and out between my cheeks and felt its hot, rigid presence deep inside me. Like the rimjob, I have no idea how long he fucked me like that. I only know it was extasy. I was still floating on that cloud of grass, my nipples burned in the clamps, my cock ached it was so hard and the center of my universe was his wonderful cock filling my asshole. He drilled me hard and fast, making me pant as I worked to keep my asshole open for his thrusts. He worked my asshole slowly with his cock, sliding it deep inside me, working it around, teasing my prostate so that I would leak pre-cum profusely, almost blowing another load. He skillfully played me like an instrument, his cock the bow and my asshole the strings. Friend built me up for a mighty crescendo. Host was back straddling my head and pushing his cock into my slack mouth as Friend took up a steady fuck rhythm in my ass. I sucked hungrily and hard on his cock and jumped in my bonds when I felt his mouth close over my own long-neglected cock.

This was some kind of dream come true. I lay bound in the back of a van, soaring sky high on grass. Nipples clamped, my ass being royally screwed by this beautiful cock, getting my own cock sucked and getting my face fucked all at once. I knew I couldn’t last long now and indeed I was the first to cum, spurting another copious load into Host’s mouth. I grunted, moaned, writhed on Friend’s cock up my ass. My body couldn’t handle all the pleasures and pains.

I tugged and pulled at my bonds, my legs swung wildly in the straps. I wanted to be both fully impaled on Friend’s cock and my cock fully buried in Host’s mouth. Finally, I just held my body still and let them complete their debauchery of me while managing to keep Host’s cock deep in my mouth, giving him one hell of a hummer. Delightfully, Friend kept thrusting hard into my spasming asshole as I came forcing out two or three extra spurts. I think my ass finally got to Friend as he roared loudly, his cock swelled up in my ass and then burst forth what seemed like a river of cum in my bowels. He drove his cock deep inside me so I could feel every inch throb and twitch as he emptied his load. All of this got to Host, who reached back between his legs to hold my face as he pumped his load into my mouth. I wasn’t sure I could take it in this position, but I managed not to gag as his smallish cock shot several spurts into my throat. I swallowed and sucked feverishly until he pulled his wilting cock from my mouth.

Friend was still hard in my ass, though clearly coming down. He made a few gentle strokes and then rubbed my perineum as he slowly withdrew his spent cock. I felt empty but sated as I lay there. Both of them helped take off the nipple clamps and then comforted me at the rush of pain. My poor abused nipples were almost purple. My asshole hurt soooo good from the treatment it had received. I felt like I had spent the day impaled on a fence post.

They helped me out of the bonds and rubbed me all over to relieve my aches and pains and stiffness. Host had some water which I greedily gulped. I sat in the back, my head cradled in Friend’s lap, stroking that beautiful cock that had so amazing ravished my ass all afternoon while Host drove us back to the bookstore to get my car.

They must have helped me into my clothes and then into my car, because the next thing I remember is waking up behind the wheel. I heard voices and looked up to see some people going into the bookstore. I’m not sure how long I had been out, it was getting dark. I remembered leaving the house that morning at about 9, it was now close to 6. As I drove home, I began to wonder if I had dreamt or hallucinated all of this. That was when I felt the cum oozing out of my ass and I knew it had been a fantasy come true. Although I was stiff and sore, I was still horny when I got home. I surrendered to my base instincts of loving something up my ass again that night as I gently fucked myself with a dildo until I shot one more feeble load before falling into a sexually exhausted slumber.

I never met up with Host or Friend again. All to soon, the AIDS epidemic was on us and that frightened all my bi-sexual tendencies out of me for a long while. Since then, I have made do with toys, movies, stories and my wonderful memories of the joys of taking a cock up my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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