Gloryhole in the Woods

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All the people in this story are over 18 and consenting adults.

I started talking to a dominant male on Fetlife at the beginning of the year. He was only about a 30 minute drive away so that was an acceptable distance to travel if needed. He told me he was looking for a cum slut and that he had a glory hole type arrangement set up in some woods near where he lived. I’d never done this before so was very nervous but excited.

We chatted for a few weeks and eventually I agreed to meet him one weekend.

The arrangement was he would only tell me of the location of the glory hole an hour before meeting him and I was to message him when I was leaving and when I arrived at the location.

He didn’t give me the details but sent pictures of the glory hole and pictures of the route to find it once I had parked in a nearby layby. The route from the main path was marked by a series of objects,coke cans for when to leave the path, then some posts to follow and finally some rope tied to trees

to follow once I got into the heavily wooded area.

We arranged a meet on Sunday afternoon but sadly I bottled out at the last moment as I was (and still am) trying to come to terms with my sexuality. The next meet was also cancelled şişli escort after I got covid.

We carried on chatting online an finally agreed on a new date. My mind was made up and this time I was going to go through with it.

I know that having never met him this was probably a stupid thing to do but we had been chatting for months and he seemed ok. I decided to take the risk (not recommended) and actually meet him.

This is the weird bit.

The arrangement was that I wouldn’t see him or even speak to him but I was to arrive at the glory hole in the woods in my chastity cage and I was to remove my trousers and present my cock through the hole and hand him the keys to

the lock I had secured to my cage and then he would close the lock and then I’d return in a weeks time to be unlocked (again probably not a good idea but I agreed).

Then I was told to drop to my knees and wait for his cock to appear through the hole for me to suck.

The day arrived and I messaged him when I was leaving home and then again when I parked in the layby. The route was exactly as he’d described with markers to follow deep into the woods away from the main paths. The final part of the route

was overgrown so clearly nobody would randomly walk past while I was in the act. I finally arrived outside the glory hole,it was like a camouflaged tent and I could clearly see the small waist high cut out that was the hole.

It was impossible to tell if anyone was inside as the tent sides were dark green.

Nervously I walked up and removed my trousers and pushed my hand though and passed him the key and then pushed my almost locked cock through the hole. I felt his hands on me as he inspected me and then I heard the click of the lock as it was

closed – locking me in.

Then I pulled it back out of the hole and got down on my knees ready for his cock to appear. I waited for about 10 seconds before his erect cock was pushed out through the hole. I didn’t waste any time and immediately put my mouth around it

and began sucking and licking it. This is exactly what I’d been thinking of doing for years and I was finally doing it.

After about 20 seconds I felt it twitch and then start to pump his cum into my mouth. I stopped sucking and let it pump away.

I felt about 10 strong pumps of cum hit the back of my mouth and then about 6 smaller ones until it stopped. I kept it in my mouth

for a while and then slowly began to move back with my tongue on the underside of his cock pressing and squeezing the last drop of his cum

into my mouth.

I pulled my mouth back and then after swirling his cum in my mouth a few times I swallowed the whole lot in one go. Feeling cum going down my throat for the very first time was amazing.It didn’t really taste of anything, it was warm and maybe a tiny bit salty.

Then, as instructed, I pulled my trousers back up and made my way back to my car.No words were spoken and I didn’t see what he looked like.

Driving home I could taste the cum in my mouth still and think I could for the next few days.

He messaged me later and said I’d done a good job and wanted to know when I would do it again.

I decided not to go back, not because I didn’t enjoy it, as I did – very much infact. I decided not to as the whole scenario is very weird and being in the woods far away from anyone with a guy I didn’t know and haven’t even seen is slightly dangerous. Also he said he only wants me to drink his cum and will never pleasure me in anyway so this seems a bit one sided to me.

I’m really pleased I did it though as I’ve been fantasizing about sucking a cock for years so glad I eventually did it and look forward to doing it again if I get the opportunity in slightly more normal conditions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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