Go-to Guy Ch. 05

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On the way out to the car there was something different about Josie, as though the shackles had been lifted once and for all. She held her hand over Marc’s crotch all the way down the street, like she was marching him along by his arm. The road was quiet and the light around them beginning to fade, but they were still clearly visible, and he took a deep breath as he glanced down at the sidewalk, up into the cool blue sky, anywhere but right around him. Was that a laugh he could hear across the street?

“It’s just a useful six inches, Marc,” Josie murmured. “Nothing to be embarrassed about.” As she spoke his cock lunged outwards into her fist, and she gave it a comforting little rub in response. Marc took a deep breath, walking with the steady gait of someone trying to pretend that all was normal.

“Seven,” he suddenly piped up out of nowhere. Josie swivelled slowly to look at him, staring at him with frosty eyes. “Well, on a good night.”

“And tonight’s a good night, is it?” He nodded mutely as her thumb circled the head of his penis. “Yeah, it feels like it. I think you’re gonna be a grower.” She turned and lead him the rest of the way to the car, walking half a step ahead of him so he was almost being dragged along by his dick. He breathed a sigh of relief as they got in. When they had both buckled up, Josie gave him a final reassuring pat on the crotch before they moved off.

They were both silent on the way back, trying to keep a lid on their excitement and their nerves. Josie focused on the road ahead, her gaze level but her hips shifting in her seat. Once they had pulled into Marc’s driveway, she nodded towards the front door and he got out instantly, reaching for his keys. As he walked up to the door and unlocked it he could hear her approaching behind him, her heels clicking on the path. The door swung open and Marc looked down his hallway, as he had done thousands of times before; a familiar view of a comfortable, safe Friday night, the kind he had gotten used to. Then he felt Josie’s arms grab his waist and propel him forwards into the hall, and adrenaline suddenly surged through his body.

She took him by the lapels and swung him round, pushing him against the wall. Her hands combed through his tousled hair as she kissed him hard, the heat and scent of her body washing over him. He was almost frozen to the spot in excitement, his hands wavering uncertainly over her hips. Soon she had his jacket on the floor and one hand inside his shirt, placed directly over his pounding heart. She let it rest there for a minute as she made love to him, soothing it back to normal. She felt his heart rate gradually slow and stroked his chest tenderly. “There you are,” she murmured, looking deep into his eyes. “Does that feel better now?”

Marc nodded, and she smiled, giving him an encouraging pat on the chin. “Come on then.” She took him by the wrist and led him confidently down the hall, like this was her house, not his. She entered the same living room where she had lain in her own sweat and watched him masturbate for her, not so long ago. Already he felt as exposed and vulnerable as he had on that sticky afternoon.

Josie stepped into the middle of the room and turned to face him, her dress draped seductively round her figure in the half-darkness. “Now Marc,” she ordered calmly, “bring me everything you’re going to need to please me tonight. Everything you don’t need can stay right out there in the hall with the rest of the luggage, ‘cos that’s all it is. It’s just stuff weighing you down.”

Marc was glad he was sufficiently attuned to Josie’s dirty mind by now that he didn’t need to ask what she meant. He quickly bent down and slipped off his shoes and socks, putting them neatly beside him. Soon his shirt, pants and underwear followed, all under her watchful eye. He placed his clothes next to his shoes on the threshold of the door, but she tutted her disapproval. “I said out in the hall, Marc. All I need in here is your flesh.”

Marc hurriedly moved his clothing out into the hallway, realising as he did so that the front door was still wide open. He gestured down the hall. “Um, the door…”

“Well it’s your house, isn’t it?” she reminded him, her arms folded impatiently. His heart pounding full tilt once again, he crept down to the door. The heat had faded away as the sun set, and the sudden draught of cold air did not help his current state much. His eyes scanned the street outside for a fraction of second before he shut the door, wondering if he had just made himself notorious in this neighbourhood.

Returning to the living room, he had barely made it inside before Josie suddenly loomed out of the darkness, grabbing him and pushing him to the floor. His stomach lurched as he was forced first to his knees, then down on his back. She took him by his wrists and pulled them back behind his head, exposing him to her completely, and before he could utter a word she was lying flat out on top of him. Her full weight pressed uncomfortably down on his body, smothering görükle escort him from head to toe.

“Now I’m going to be asking a lot of you tonight, Marc,” she whispered, her mascara-clad face inches from his. “Your mouth, your cock, and above all your mind. I know you’re strong enough to handle anything I can throw at you; and when it comes to pleasing his partner, a man should be held to high standards, don’t you agree?” Her brown eyes gazed deep into his, shining clearly through the make-up. Marc nodded silently, his naked body twitching and trembling. His cock rose inexorably into the fabric of her dress; she pushed her knee out through the slit and gave it a firm nudge to underline her point.

“I’m glad we understand each other. Now up you come.” She gave him a brief, tender kiss and then got to her feet, helping him up by his arms. Her mouth widened into a smile as she surveyed his naked body. “Go and fetch your belt.” Marc got up and shuffled out of the room, retrieving the belt from his pants. He could hear Josie moving something behind him; and when he came back in, the bare wooden chair that he had stuffed in a corner and forgotten about was standing right in the centre of the room, waiting for him.

Marc placed the belt in Josie’s outstretched hand and she studied it for a while, stroking the leather strap against her palm. “You know, some women,” she observed, catching his wary expression, “…some women might use this on you very differently to the way I’m going to use it. But I know what kind of pain it is that really gets you off. Sit down.”

Marc took a deep breath and walked over to the chair, feeling the cold of the wood run through his thighs as he sank onto it. With no prompting from Josie he spread his legs open, putting his erect cock clearly on display. He was about to place his arms behind the chair when Josie beat him to it, pinning them against the lattice frame. She had his wrists bound expertly in the belt in a matter of seconds. “It’s all a question of practice, Marc.”

She walked slowly round and inspected her captive, her eyes sweeping approvingly down his face, his neck and his glowing pink chest. “A little wider,” she purred, and his legs stretched further apart. “That’s more like it.” She stepped forward and wrapped her legs around his, straddling the chair as she sat down in his lap. “So, here we are again. Me where I am, and you… where you are.” She placed her arms behind his neck, fixing him with a teasing look. “You really can’t help ending up like this, can you?”

“No I can’t, Josie,” he admitted with a big grin, feeling an endorphin rush flow through him. His cock rose up into her stomach, and she responded by squeezing her thighs a little tighter round his body. She shuffled closer to him, close enough that he could see the sweat patches under her armpits and the light shimmering on her breasts. Her mouth opened as if to kiss him and his own responded in kind, waiting for an embrace that never came. Instead she planted a kiss square on his forehead, and giggled as he bucked against her in frustration.

“The one thing you have to learn, Marc,” she whispered, craning round the side of his neck, “is patience.” She kissed him just below his ear, then did the same on the other side. Her fingernails dug softly into his throat and trailed downwards, leaving faint red lines scored across his chest. Her mouth followed close behind, planting delicate kisses on his nipples. He felt a tickling sensation on his skin as her hair brushed against it, and it was every bit as enticing and frustrating as she was. She pushed her nose affectionately into his stomach. “Mm. You’re so solid.”

“That’s not a nice way of saying fat, is it?”

Josie looked at him ironically, her eyes glazed over. “Don’t start going modest on me Marc. It’s kinda late for that.” She poked a finger into his stomach. “As far as I can see, you’re in great shape. And you’re gonna prove it to me. Aren’t you?” He nodded, and she kissed him once again on the forehead. He shifted awkwardly on the chair, feeling his cock leap upwards. Josie glanced down at his lap and her eyebrows rose in admiration. “Speaking of great shapes…”

Lifting up the front of her dress, she draped it over his shaft and grabbed it through the fabric. A damp patch formed beneath her fingers as she flexed them on the head, watching him keenly. Her mouth opened wide and she glanced downwards, as though she was thinking of devouring his dick; then she suddenly let go of it and it sprang back, bulging upwards through her dress. She stood up and let the garment slide gently off it. The tip of it glowed and twitched in the open air, and she giggled. “God, it is so easy to play a tune on this.”

She eyed Marc up for a moment before she bent down and looked him right in the face. “I’m not really dressed for sucking cock either, am I?” Smiling wickedly, she slipped the straps of her dress down, then reached behind her and started to undo the zip. Instantly Marc’s cock rose once again, görükle escort bayan and she paused and swivelled round to give him a better view. The curve of her back was exquisite as she slowly unveiled it, her pale flesh shining with sweat. She glanced over her shoulder and laughed as she watched the progress of his crotch. “Look, look, it’s moving! Hands free!” Marc shared her grin as he watched the tip of his cock throb frantically, every vein standing on end.

Josie pulled her dress down to her ankles and kicked it away with the impatience of someone who didn’t want clothes getting in her way for a long time. She turned to face Marc in her lacy black underwear, hands poised at her sides. “I guess you were right all along, Marc.” Kneeling between his legs, she took his cock in both hands. “I am a magician.” She opened her mouth and extended her tongue, watching his whole body tense in anticipation. He saw the sly look on her face and shook his head, knowing already what her next move would be; sure enough, she planted a tiny little kiss on the ridge under his penis.

She caught his despairing look. “If you’re sure you want to know how a woman gives proper head…”

“Please, Josie.”

“That’s all I wanted to hear.” She took a deep breath and inhaled the scent of his penis, her eyes screwed shut. Under Marc’s rapt gaze she reached up and slid her left hand beneath his balls, cupping them gently. Her mouth closed in again on his cock, lingering right over the purple head. She gathered a pool of saliva on the tip of her tongue and dripped it slowly down over the shaft; then she sucked it up, slurping the head into her mouth and smothering it with a wet, sloppy kiss. The gentle suction of her mouth was so exquisite that Marc sighed in contentment, his toes twitching against her knees. As she swivelled his shaft up into her mouth with her right hand, her left stayed teasingly underneath his scrotum, one index finger caressing his sac. It was as though she were trying to beckon the cum out of him.

The feeling of a mouth on his cock after all this time was such a new sensation to Marc that it felt strange at first, as though he were detached from it. But soon the very sight of Josie down there, let alone her masterful technique, was making him fight to hang onto his orgasm. He tried to distract himself, to think of anything other than the beautiful girl in front of him, but she was making that as hard as possible. With each dive onto his cock she coated it with more spit, until it was a sticky mess quivering in her mouth. She gave a muffled groan of appreciation, her nostrils flared wide, and Marc could see that for all her control, she was indulging herself too. She was being a greedy pig, and loving it.

Squaring up closer to him, Josie unhooked the front of her bra and wrapped her breasts around his dick. Soon they were gleaming with her spit as she pumped them up and down his shaft. She guzzled down messily on the head, drowning him in so much stimulation that Marc could hardly bear it. He looked at Josie, wondering if she knew how near he was; her eyes were still closed, and he gave a desperate moan to try and warn her. But she pulled away from the head of his cock with enough poise and precision to suggest she had known all along. She stared up at him, her eyes sparkling and a thick trail of saliva hanging from her lips. His dick trembled back and forth for a few seconds, and she gave it a playful little punch with her fist.

“C’mon honey, bear up! I’ve only just started.”

“Oh, God…” Marc took a deep breath, watching his cock lunge into the open air, searching for that final touch to make it erupt. Josie watched it too, a fascinated spectator. The moment it had subsided, she grabbed it and inspected it curiously. Her fingers swirled round the tip and gathered up a huge dollop of his precum.

“Mm. You’re getting wetter than me!” She held up two sticky fingers. “Do you want to know what your dick tastes like?” Marc nodded. “Well come and get it, then.” He craned his head forward as far as he could and licked her fingers clean. She pushed them deep into his mouth, exploring his whole tongue. “Good boy. Is your dick going to be as messy as this when I finish you?” The words came out of her in a silky whisper as she gazed into his eyes.

“It’s going to be a lot messier,” Marc admitted, his cheeks flushing red.

“Really?” she said in mock surprise. “Guess I’d better be careful, then.” Without any further ado she dived down to his balls and smothered them with her mouth, kissing and licking them as fast as she could. She proceeded rapidly up his shaft, and very soon her lips were sealed round the head again. She spent another few minutes sucking and slurping at his dick, teasing him with the possibility of an orgasm and then backing off again. She balanced both hands on his hips, squeezing his flesh tight and then stroking it tenderly; from the way she fidgeted on the floor, it looked as though she badly wanted to let one hand loose bursa escort on herself.

When she was ready she took him as far down her throat as she could, her nose within touching distance of his belly. She looked up at Marc with wide eyes, feeling his shaft pulse and ripple as she held it calmly in her mouth. It was such an arousing sight that he felt his balls beginning to pulsate with excitement again, even though by now the pleasure was so constant that it hurt. His chest heaved and his body almost lifted forwards off the chair, straining against his bonds. Josie twisted her head to one side and gave him an appealing little look, her mouth still stuffed with cock; then she withdrew with a huge gasp of satisfaction. Her ruby-red lipstick had smeared a little and she had a childish grin of delight on her face.

“Rest up, Marc,” she beamed, slapping his dick with one hand, then the other. “I’ll put something else round it soon.” He slumped back on the chair with a groan of disbelief, beads of sweat sticking out on his forehead. His whole body was on fire, flinching every time she touched it. He watched her rise slowly to her feet, looking her prisoner over from head to toe. She nudged Marc’s legs and he parted them a little further, leaving a wide open space at the front of the chair. She knelt up on the gap, her legs sticking out behind her.

“Now then,” she murmured, taking Marc by the throat. “Do you feel like you’ve learnt something tonight?”

“Yes, Josie,” he gasped. He focused on her eyes and allowed himself a cheeky little smile. “I know I’m a very lucky boy.”

“Yes you are. But you’re a patient one too. If a few more before you had been as patient, they’d have found out that I know what I’m doing down there.” She took hold of his cock. “I hope you’ve learnt that this belongs to the woman in your life, always. And when she owns your dick, she also owns your pleasure, isn’t that right?”

“Yes it is Josie.”

“Good. So the next time I put your dick in my mouth, don’t be surprised if you’re in for the long haul, OK?” With a smile she drew his chin to her face and kissed him passionately. The taste of his precum filled his mouth again, and he shuddered in anticipation of how she was going to torment him next. His penis was held between her legs, pressing insistently up into her panties; he could almost feel her slit through the damp fabric. That, he was sure, would be his next pleasurable ordeal.

When Josie addressed him again, it was with a finger pointing firmly in his face. “Now in a moment I’m going to untie you, and then I’m going out to get something. I want you to stay right where you are, hands behind your back, until I say otherwise. Do you understand?” Marc nodded. Josie stood up, walked slowly behind him and unfastened his knots without any fuss. She massaged some feeling back into his sore wrists; then, as Marc felt the tension inside him lift slightly, she bent down and whispered in his ear. “Remember.”

She strode confidently out of the room, the sound of her heels ringing in his ears. Once he was alone Marc gave a long sigh, his head slumping down on his chest. He glanced around him at the room, his room, where nothing but the normal routines of daily life had gone on for years. Josie’s dress lay against the sofa where she had flung it casually down. It was a visible reminder of how she had imposed herself on him in so short a space of time. He thought of all the things she was going to do to him, and he for her, over this weekend alone, let alone in the future; and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to think of it as his room, his space, for much longer. This belonged to her too now.

He heard the front door open and close and Josie’s footsteps moving down the path outside. His cock leapt as he thought of her running an errand in her underwear, her breasts hanging out for all the world to see. But unlike earlier, when she had made him shut the door in his birthday suit, it was dark enough to give her some privacy. She took something out of the car and returned. When she re-entered the room, she walked in a wide semi-circle around Marc’s chair, unveiling something carefully from her fists. “Do you recognise these?”

Slowly, she pulled out a pair of lace stockings; the same pair that Marc had helped her into a few weeks ago in her apartment. “Wait a minute… you were keeping those in your car?” he said in bemusement.

“Yeah, for an emergency. Like the flashlight and the first aid box, y’know?” She grinned, sidling closer to him. “Actually, I was figuring on wearing them tonight, but they were too damn hot to put on under that dress. So I thought I’d save them for the right moment… and this seems like the right moment to me.” She removed her bra and tossed it back to join her dress. Her nipples swelling, she stood between Marc’s legs, making sure he was in the same captive stance she had left him in. His eyes drank her body in unashamedly.

“Enjoy the view while you’ve got the time, Marc,” she cautioned him. She took her stockings in one hand and draped them over his neck. Then her hands dropped down to the waistband of her panties, unhooking them ever so slightly. With a quick glance at Marc’s rising dick, she turned slowly around and bent over. “Help me off with these. And be polite about it.”

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