Going At It With Liz

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Big Dicks

Please be indulgent, this is my first story and do go and comment, I’d really appreciate.

Thank you.


For an 18 year old, I was considered pretty sexual. I was always thinking about it, people could talk about anything and I would still be thinking about sex. One very annoying thing about it was that I was still a virgin.

Don’t get me wrong here, it’s not like I hadn’t been asked before. Being pretty small (5’3″), blond, blue eyes with 34C and pretty muscular, it did got me a few invites. But I guess I wasn’t ready yet or something or I wasn’t feeling like going at it with whoever came to ask. Anyhow, I was still stuck here, without a boyfriend, a very severe case of horniness 24/7 and nothing to work it out since I didn’t had the guts to go ahead and buy a dildo or a vibrator.

So my sex experience was pretty much limited to porn videos, sex stories and whatever sex scenario I made up. Talking about sex scenarios, those were a real headache.

For a little while now, I’d been imagining going at it with my best friend. No, it’s not that I’m lesbian, but I wouldn’t mind at all going down with another girl. Whatever, the problem was still there. I mean, how can you still look at your best friend with a total innocent face at school when every night you think about fucking her? And it’s not like she’d been inviting me OR giving me invitation, which made me wondering about what I should do.

Once, I invited her for the night, we’d been drinking a little, mostly coolers and beer, but not enough to really be drunk, even though we sort of laughed a little too loud. Anyhow, we were sleeping at my place, and yes, at 18, I was still at my parent’s house. But they were sleeping upstairs while Liz and I were downstairs, in the basement, with the door carefully closed. It was probably something around 2am and we were still feeling like running a whole marathon with all the sweets we’d eaten and all the movies we’d watched.

We were both sleeping in something a little smaller than a double bed. No need to say that we had to be pretty cuddled up together to fit in there. It was a hot summer night so we were only wearing loose t-shirts and panties.

We’d rented our first adult movie that night, which turned out to be a really bad idea for me. Seeing a small blonde teen in a slutty school girl outfit getting fucked by her very handsome Daddy made me really horny AND each time Liz or I moved, our skin brushed, a leg, a breast, an arm. A few times during the movie, she’d looked at me, I could see the lust in them, smell the sweet cream from both our pussies and I almost thought I’d finally get my hands on her. You guys can guess that it didn’t totally worked out that way, quite the opposite actually. I ended up with my back turned on her, trying to finger my soaking wet pussy without waking her up.

That night, I swore I would get her one day, get a chance at sucking her perky tits and licking her cunt.


“Hey there, sugar! I bought you a new swimsuit!” I told her as she opened the door at her place. Ankara escort It was cute, not very big, but cozy, with a pool and her parents were gone for the following week, which means I’d be spending those 7 days there.

The sugar nickname was just a running gag with the both of us. Since we didn’t have any boyfriends, we called ourselves with cute names like that. As for the swimsuit, it was just once in a while, we’d buy each other kinky stuff just to kid around and this time, I’d bought her a micro bikini. We had planned to spend the most of our time outside by the pool and so, buying a bikini was just following the order.

She looked at me from head to toe, stopping at the edge of my really short shorts, my bra which you could see the lace through the thin fabric of the shirt. I’m a big fan of kinky lingerie and like all the times I got to her place, I’d “forgotten” to put my bathing suit before leaving.

Her gaze then dropped to the small package I had in my hands, making the way between it and my eyes several times, trying to see if there was a catch somewhere.

“Come on, let’s go put it on, it’s gorgeous, I can’t wait to see you wear it AND it’s so hot outside, I really need to get in that pool and fast.” We ran upstairs to her room, yes, we both changed there like we always did whether we were at my place or hers.

“Alli, could you come here for a sec? I can’t tie this damn thing on properly!”

“Sure thing” I walk to her, trying not to stare so hard at her sexy ass which is not even covered since the bottom piece of the suit is a thong or not to stare at her breasts in the mirror. I reach her back, tying everything together. She slowly drops her hands by her sides and once I’m done, slowly turns around.

“Gee, I would NEVER wear that if my mom was around, you know that right?” she runs her hand in her short auburn hair while she turns.

“Of course” I smile devilishly.

“And you did it on purpose” she states, accusingly. I can see through her pretty blue eyes that she’s smiling though. She knows I always buy her kinky stuff and she loves even more to walk in front of me, hips swaying, showing off that gorgeous ass of hers.

“As I always do” She turns towards me, now walking backwards towards the pool, making it impossible not to stare at her almost naked and small tits. We both put our towels on the chairs and I go plug my radio and iPod on the gallery.

Liz looks at me and we simultaneously run and jump in the pool and cool water, laughing as we both come out, breathing hard. We swim for a little while, just enjoying ourselves, the sun, the warmth and the other’s company.

She leans against the side of the pool and I snuck up on her, putting both my arms next to her, imprisoning her. Liz is at most an inch taller than me but I’m more muscular than her, my tits a little bigger and I can feel her breathing faster as I press my body closer, feeling her body heat through the water.

“You know, that swimsuit looks really great on you”

“Ha, ha, ha, yeah, thanks, but I’ll have to Ankara escort bayan hide from my parents”

“Then why don’t you save it for me? It’ll be our little dirty secret and your tits really look good in there” she blushed a little. I lean closer, my lips brushing her ear as I whisper in a husky voice.

“I would so love to suck on those tits, I’m sure you noticed it, how I always stare. I would love to find out what color are your nipples, how hard they can get under my hands and tongue, if you would moan or whimper as I play with them” her breath is hot and short on my neck. I know she’s thinking about how it would feel, how far she would be willing to let me go, since it’s pretty sure I wouldn’t mind going VERY far with her.

I retreat, but not far, just far enough to see her face, the lust in her eyes and I’m certain she can see the same in my own. I lean closer again, close to her mouth this time, sharing her breath, trying to see if we would both dare to do what we’d obviously been thinking about for a little while. In a tentative move, she brings her lips to mine, kissing me gently, not sure of what to do. I let her go slow for now, there would be plenty of time to speed things up but for now, she needed some time to adjust.

Her hands are going up my chest, to rest on my neck, pulling my head closer, heating things up. I move one hand of my own, down her shoulder and onto her tit, squeezing it gently. She backs up a little, trying to catch her breath. I shove my mouth on her, pressing my tongue between her lips, getting our kiss from a little peck to a full French kiss. She loves it, responds to my touch.

She reaches behind my neck and unties my bikini top, reaching for my breast.

“Oh no, you aren’t going there yet” I whisper against her mouth

“Oh yes I am, if we’re doing it, then I will return the favour” The tentative girl is gone and the sexual woman is coming out.

“Why don’t we just go out so we don’t risk drowning hun?”

“Yeah, let’s go”

We kiss as we make our way outside the pool, reaching for bikini knots and making our best to untie them, our hands roaming on the other’s body, the first pair of hands we’ve ever felt that was that hungry. We pull and make our embrace savage, seeing who will go on the ground first to start on the bottom. Everything about our relationship is like that, not like other girls, more savage, less pink and flowers, grace and beauty. Liz ends up on the bottom, with me sitting in her lap. I smirk. I’d already planned my every move, imagined it so many times. I lean forward, taking her mouth hard, my body brushing hers everywhere since both our bikinis were long gone somewhere on the lawn.

I sneak my head down, tweaking and playing with her nipples a little before heading south. I can see in her eyes, she’s not sure about it, somehow hesitating.

“Shhh, you know how badly I want that pussy. Now close your eyes and feel” when she complies, my hand resumes its journey towards Liz’s cunt. I stop at the top of her mound, still kissing her, letting her Escort Ankara adjust before really going there. I slip one finger down her slit, over her throbbing clit and down in her soaking folds.

“Gee Liz, why didn’t you told me you wanted this so badly?” I chuckle as I run my hand slowly up and down, getting it wet with her juices. While I play with her pussy, I start kissing her down her throat, her collarbone where she shivers, down to her breasts. I lick her nipples and then gently suck them in my mouth. I’m gratified by a very sexy moan, after a few licks, I decide to go even lower. I leave butterfly kisses down her stomach, dip in her belly button and go lower, to kiss her clit and suck it while I finger fuck her, slowly at first, then faster.

“Unh, unh, uuuuuunh” I just go on, with one of my hands on her pubic bone, holding her in place, while more and more of her pussy juice gets smeared onto my face. I look up to see her eyes closed, her head thrown back, back arched and her pretty little tits pointing up. God, I would always remember her like that; it was the sexiest sight I’d ever had. I take my fingers out of her cunt to lick her up and down, without even flicking at her clit. She groans her disapproval as she runs her hands in my hair, pressing me to her mound, pressing me to lick her faster, give some attention to her clit, which I do. It doesn’t take very long before I can feel her cunt muscles squeezing my fingers, her body shaking while her first climax hits her hard.

“Holy fuck, shit, feels good, feels so fuuuuuuuuucking good, I’m gonna come now, don’t stop” I lick her, even faster, just to keep her riding that wave a little longer, her juices now running down my chin, on my throat, between my tits.

I smile at her, seeing her expression of surprise and very satisfied.

“Damn Alli, your face IS really wet, come up here so I can clean you up” I obey and she kisses me hard, loving the taste of herself on my tongue. We flip, making me on the bottom and her on top, licking my chin and cleaning me, going all the way to my breasts when she sucks them like I did on her. I can feel my pussy dripping in expectation, this was so much better then I’d imagined. And that magic tongue was working wonders on my tits, I’d never thought they could be so sensitive, but damn, it felt good.

She looked at me, uneasy ” Alli… I sorta never did this before… I don’t really know…”

“Liz, I’m so horny right now, just feeling your fingers on my cunt will probably make me come” and with that, she went down at it, without preliminaries, but my pushing her tongue inside my very hot cunt.

“Oh god, fuck, yeah, come on, lick that dirty pussy Liz, I know you love it, come on” and already, I’m coming, licking her had made me so hot that just the feel of her tongue inside me had set me off, the climax hitting hard while I was breathing fast, not believing I’d actually done it, for the first time ever.

“Fuck that was… that was really good” I said, still catching my breath

“Yeah, but now let’s get cleaned up in the pool so we can be ready again for round two” she looks at me, grinning.

“Oh yeah, we are going to be spending one hell of a hot week” I chuckle, getting back in the pool and thinking of all the things we would do in a whole week.

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