Going Home Ch. 04

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This is a short chapter, giving a little look back into the past, and more of a description of the guys. More to come soon!

Chapter four: Old times

That night I was laying in my bed, it was about 5 am and I knew I wasn’t going to sleep anytime soon. I kept imagining Luke’s face; it was haunting me even with my eyes open. He was so strong, his face artistic but harsh. He could be truly beautiful if he ever wiped the permanent frown from his brow. He had a square face, tan but not from the sun, the Indian in his blood fierce. He had full lips, that were a dark pink, his beautiful eyes were searing with intensity no matter when you looked at them.

He had a big nose, I thought with a smile, his face was beautifully carved all but his big nose. I thought it was sexy, made him not so perfect but close enough to be real. He wasn’t small in any department, he had wide shoulders like a quarterback, abs like paint rollers under his skin, thick thighs and everything in between was…..balanced with the rest of him.

He is so different from me, I thought, my eyes closing as I thought about that Halloween party. I wasn’t ridiculously small, but I had nothing on Luke. At 5’9 he literally towered over me at 6’6, even taller than Leslie. He probably weighed almost 300 pounds, while I weighed almost 205.

I had muscles, not big ones, but enough that most of the time I could hold my own. Luke had taught me to fight and to fight dirty when I had hit 17 and the first of many of Luke’s enemies had tried to come after me. I had blonde hair that was long enough to brush past my ears and get in my eyes, his was short, black and spiked most days. I had a light farmer’s tan, which was ghostly next to him, and when his big hand wrapped around my smaller one it felt more right than anything in my life ever had.

Leslie was a whole different story. Leslie was 6’4, lean but muscled, probably around 260 pounds. He had brown hair, which was shaved like a military buzz cut, deep brown eyes that could see a lie from a mile away, and his body was basically everything in between me and Luke.

He had the country boy tan, the medium sized everything, from hands to feet, and he was peacemaker always. What I felt for Leslie was something completely different than what I felt for Luke. Leslie was my best friend since 5th grade, my first lover in 9th, and the man that changed my life forever when he introduced me to Luke.

I closed my eyes as I remembered that night.

July 16th, 2002.

“Johnny! Johnny dude wake up your gonna miss Matt’s party!”

I groaned at the sound of Leslie’s voice, reaching up to throw my pillow in the general direction it was coming from. Peeking over my arm I saw it was 4 in the afternoon and laughed.

“Damn I’m a lazy ass.” I muttered and Leslie laughed, climbing into my bed and wrapping an arm around my waist.

“Tell me about it,” He said as I snuggled back against him.

I had just closed my eyes again when he shook me, “Not uh Johnny, it takes an hour to get to Fairngton, and the party starts at like 7, and you still need a shower you stink.”

I elbowed him in the ribs as I slowly got up, “You want me anyway.” I muttered, starting for the bathroom. He curiously kept quiet.

I took a long hot shower and slowly came back to the world of the living, smiling seductively at the face that appeared outside my glass shower.

“Leslie, there’s this spot in the middle of my back, I can’t quite reach. Wanna help a guy out?”

Leslie laughed before taking off his shirt so it didn’t get wet and reaching in the shower. He grabbed a washcloth and rubbed the center of my back slowly, sending chills down my spine.

“Mmmm, lower.” I whispered and Leslie knew exactly where this was headed as he pulled his hand back.

“We don’t have time Johnny, as much as it literally hurts me to say it.”

I rolled my eyes, “Fine, but you owe me.”

I wasn’t really upset, and he smiled good natured.

“Actually there is someone I want you to meet tonight Johnny. A friend of mine.”

I glared at him through the glass, “No. I’m not doing this blind date shit man. You have horrible taste.”

He shot me an indignant stare, “Hey I got you in my bed didn’t I?”

I turned the shower off, “I rest my case.”

Leslie laughed and smacked my ass with the towel before handing it to me. His eyes were literally alit with mischief.

“Don’t worry Johnny, I got a good feeling you’ll like him.”

That statement scared me more than any other fix up attempts he had tried in the past.

A few hours later, after we stopped and chowed down at Burger King, we were finally getting into downtown Fairngton, when Leslie took a sharp right, driving down a couple of blocks to a house I didn’t recognize. Well…if house is what you wanted to call it. My house times about 14 could fit into this place, it was so massive.

“What are we doing Leslie?” I asked as he got out of the car and opened the door for me. Belek travesti

“Well, it’s only right that your date should take you to the party right?”

He grinned and walked ahead of me to the great big glass thing that must have passed for a door. He knocked soundly as I approached it wearily. A man in black jeans and a muscle shirt, with tattoos covering both arms opened the door wide.

“Welcome back man, boss man is expecting you.” He had deep growly voice and I raised a brow at him as we passed him.

He winked and went back to watching the monitors, a knowing smirk on his face. What exactly he knew that I didn’t I wasn’t sure of but I was pretty confident I was going to find out.

Leslie walked me through the huge mansion, upstairs and past a few rooms until we reached a big dark wood door. It had nothing on the outside but apparently my so called best friend had been coming here a lot that I didn’t know of. Leslie grinned at me like a kid at Christmas and knocked on the door.

“Come on in Les.” A deep voice rolled out and I shivered, my eyes closing for a second. Oh man that guy should do phone sex, was my first thought.

Leslie opened the door like you would open the curtain to a magic act, all flourish and dramatic. I walked in, rolling my eyes at him and stopped short as I saw the hulking man that sat behind a huge black desk.

Luke Havers looked up from the papers on his desk, his eyes instantly finding mine. I knew my jaw was slightly dropped by the way he smiled. This man was gorgeous, not to mention absolutely huge. I glanced at Leslie and he smiled a smug smile at me. Luke came around the desk, who to me at the time was labeled sexy giant in my book and reached out a hand.

“Luke Havers, you must by Johnny.” God that voice. He had me biting my lip and staring into his eyes, completely dumbfounded.

Leslie cleared his throat…twice and I finally shook my head and took his hand, “Yea, nice to meet you Luke. I would say I’ve heard a lot about you….but I haven’t.”

I shot a glare at Leslie, one for not telling me anything about this guy or this place and two for not warning me that a total stud was going to be my date. Not to mention he had to be at least 20, probably 22.

Luke held my hand, slowly drawing me towards him and my eyes shot up to his as my hands moved up to flatten against his chest. He leaned in, nuzzling next to my ear.

“It’s nice to meet you to.”

I swear I could have melted into a puddle at his feet right about then.

I was mad at Leslie right? What was my name again? This man sizzled through every nerve I had.

Luke held my hand as we had walked out of his huge house, into his big black BMW, and all the way to the party. I kept expecting him to act different in public, be like the tough male he looked like, but boy was I wrong. I literally sat in his lap almost the entire time we were at Matt’s party, his arm wrapped securely around my waist and most of the time my eyes locked on his.

I couldn’t seem to shake him, and I never wanted him to stop looking at me the way he did that night. I was something to eat and he wanted to devour me like a starving man. It made me feel like I could walk on the clouds.

Present day

“Damn it!” I yelled, getting up and trying to shake the memories away.

Grabbing the bottle of Vodka I had brought with me, I sat down on my couch and took a long pull. I had to stop this, I had to.

Two hours, a bottle of vodka, and a newly bought case of Smirnoff later I called a taxi and went to Luke’s house. Daniel was still on guard duty and he raised a brow at me, but wisely said nothing.

I stumbled up the stairs and banged on Luke’s door, falling inside when no one answered. Luke was asleep still, the silk sheet pooled low around his naked hips. God he was so gorgeous, he could still take my breath away.

Luke’s eyes snapped open as I fell through his door and I glared at him. He took one look at me and sighed, running a big hand over his face and through his hair.

“Come on Johnny let’s get you something to eat.” He mumbled, moving to get out of bed.

“No!” I yelled, pointing a finger at him, “No you stay there…you….you stay there damn it.”

Luke rolled his eyes and settled back into the sheets, reaching over to his house phone and pressing a button. I knew what that did but my mind refused to tell me.

“You….you need to get out of….my head Luke. Out of it, like….leave!” I think that’s what I said, or at least what I meant to.

Luke looked at me with serious eyes, “I’m not sure how you want me to do that Johnny.”

Tears pricked at the back of my eyes and I rubbed my hand across them angrily.

“Can you…start by not being so…damn…beautiful all the time? Like really…all the time? Is that…um…uh, do you really have to be….like….all the time?”

He sat up again, not moving from the bed but sitting up. His usually spiked up hair was Kemer travesti laid back, giving him a very sexily disheveled look. At that moment Leslie walked in the door, wearing only a pair of boxers, his eyes unfocused from sleep.

“Oh great, come on bring in every other guy I think is hott to why don’t you, where’s Brad Pitt? In the closet?” I thought about that and laughed out loud, “Ha, get it…in the closet! Ha.”

I sat down heavily on the floor and Leslie glanced at Luke who was smiling, trying not to laugh at me.

“Don’t do it! Don’t you laugh at me Luke Havers or….or I’ll throw up on you!”

I pointed a shaky finger at Leslie, “Same for you…Mr. I sleep with no clothes on.”

I looked back and forth between the both of them, “I mean come on, do you go to sleep saying, huh…how um…how sexy can I be tomorrow, just in case….I…just in case Johnny comes in? I think you do…..yea that’s it.”

I closed my eyes and leaned back against Luke’s wooden dresser, the coolness of the polished wood soothing my flushed skin.

Leslie sat on the trunk at the foot of Luke’s bed as Luke himself carefully got out of bed and put on some semblance of clothing, or so I hoped.

“Do you know how horny I am? Like….do you even know? No…you don’t…because….because you fuck like bunnies I bet. Little bunnies…but not white….or with tails. Where did that saying come from? Have you ever seen a bunny fuck a lot….because….I haven’t.”

Luke came over and knelt in front of me, putting his smooth fingers under my chin and tilting my head towards him until I opened my eyes. He had put on a pair of silk pajama bottoms that brushed against my knees, soft like a whisper.

“Why you doing this to yourself Johnny? Because of last night?”

I wanted to move his hand but I didn’t, “No, because you’re in my head….and you won’t leave.”

Luke was excellent at getting me to talk when I was shitfaced, and man was I there.

“What exactly am I doing in your head Johnny?”

I smiled a little, “You remember when we met? I do…I had tried to seduce Leslie like…right before that, which I think I thought was funny later….maybe. You were so…..like HUGE and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you. I think….I think I looked in your eyes for like….an hour or um like 5 hours straight. That’s so silly. I was so silly.”

Luke smiled and Leslie coughed behind his hand so he didn’t laugh, “You’re not silly Johnny, I loved that you couldn’t take your eyes off of me, because I sure as hell couldn’t take my eyes off of you.”

I just nodded, getting to that point now where I didn’t really know what was going on in the slightest. Luke knew that, and he, true to character, took advantage.

“Johnny, earlier, when we got into that fight, you said you were with someone else, what was his name again?” Leslie moved forward, a frown on his face but Luke waved him back, shooting him a warning glare over his shoulder.

“I did? Are you sure? Because I don’t think I’d tell you Daniel’s name, you’d hurt him. Are you sure I did?”

Luke tensed but kept his calm face on, “Yea we were just talking, I just forgot because it’s so early and we had a long night. How’d you say you met that guy anyway?”

I knew he was lying…somewhere in that one part of my brain that I wasn’t really connected to at the moment, I knew.

“He lives in the apartment above mine. Nice guy, runs a lot. He had these little green booty shorts he ran in…it was hilarious.”

Luke nodded and then ran his hand down my face, to my neck, where his thumb moved in slow circles around my vein, my pulse coming to rapid life when he touched me.

“Why don’t you get some sleep Johnny okay? Sleep it off and come down to the compound in a few hours.”

That sounded like such a good idea when he said it.

“Okay Blue.” I whispered and his eyes flinched for a minute before he very carefully, so I didn’t get sick, lifted me off the floor and laid me down against the cool silk sheets that still carried his scent.

I smiled at Leslie, and held out my hand, my rational mind already asleep and instinct taking over. He frowned, looking at Luke first before slowly coming over to me. I grabbed his arm and pulled him down next to me, turning slowly on my side so that my back was against his chest. Leslie sighed and wrapped his arm around my waist. I smiled and closed my eyes, content for the moment.

“I missed you guys.” I whispered as sleep slowly came over me. The last thing I remember was Luke’s hand stroking my long hair.

“Don’t worry Johnny, were not going anywhere, and neither are you. You’ll never have to miss us again.”

I woke up to a pounding headache. Oh god I couldn’t believe how shitty my body felt. I groaned, cuddling against the body behind me. Leslie nuzzled his nose closer to my neck and drifted back to sleep. Leslie. Leslie? I turned my head and found him shirtless with only boxers on, his arm around me Travesti with a peaceful look on his face. In Luke’s bed. My eyes widened and I very carefully extracted myself from his big arm, replacing my warmth with the pillow I had been laying on. Man the shit I could get myself into.

There was something about this morning that I needed to remember, a little alarm going off in my head but it was fuzzy. I looked at the clock on Luke’s nightstand and it read 3:37 PM. Damn I always did sleep like the dead when I was drunk. I closed my eyes, trying to remember what had happened. It was all a fog, and I vaguely remembered something about Brad Pitt coming out of the closet? Maybe?

I shook my head and headed to the door to go down to the compound. Leslie rolled over as I opened the door.

“Johnny wait.” I sighed and waited as he got out of bed and pulled on one of Luke’s shirts.

He walked up to me and I expected him to say something or be all romantic when I didn’t want to be. I did not however expect him to shut the door and literally pull me away from it.

“What the hell Leslie?” I asked, shoving him away from me.

He didn’t try to come after me, just stood very calmly in front of the door, arms crossed.

“You know you talk a lot when your drunk right Johnny?”

I frowned, yea I knew that.

“Yea, so? It’s probably nothing you haven’t heard before.”

His eyes met mine and I could see something like sadness in them. He was regretting was he was about to say.

“You told Luke, Johnny. You told him who your ex is.”

Oh god. I remembered it vaguely now that I thought about it. I ran at the door, screaming at Leslie when he refused to move.

“He’ll kill him Les. Kill. Him. He doesn’t deserve that he’s a nice guy. Please, please let me help him.”

Leslie didn’t budge, “It was hours ago Johnny, you’d never make it in time. Luke’s gone, and more than likely so is your friend. Look I’m sorry I really am.”

At that moment Luke opened the door, making Leslie stumble a little and giving me the opening I needed. I pushed Leslie and ran at Luke, knocking him hard into the wall in the hallway.

“What did you do! What the fuck did you do to him you asshole!”

Luke recovered quickly and pushed me back, “Call him and find out.” He growled, before stalking past me into his room and slamming the door.

I frowned, but pulled out my phone anyway, quickly dialing Daniel’s number and praying he would answer.

“Hello?” I let out the breath I had been holding as his soft voice came over the line.

“Hey Daniel it’s Johnny. How ya doin?” I tried for casual, but inside I was freaking.

Had Luke hurt him? Threatened him? There were so many things that he could have done my mind was reeling.

“Hey man, I’m good how are you? I met your boss today, he came by to grab some of your stuff, sorry that your car got wrecked dude. He seemed pretty cool though, but I gave him your spare key in case you need it.”

All that did was confuse me more.

“Okay man thanks. I’ll talk to you later okay?”

“Alright, later John.”

I closed the phone slowly, dropping my arm to my side. He was fine. He had met Luke, infamous for his jealous anger, and he was fine. Hell he liked him. Daniel had no clue that he had just missed the equivalent of a speeding bullet to the head. Man I was so confused. I walked over to Luke’s door and knocked softly. Leslie opened it, patting my shoulder as he walked out, closing the door behind him after I was in. Luke was back in bed, on his stomach, his shirt on the floor and his arms wrapped around the pillow underneath him. He looked…..sad.

I approached the bed slowly, “You didn’t do anything.”

He didn’t look at me when he answered, “He’s a nice guy Johnny, I can see why you’d like him.”

I frowned, walking over to his side and kneeling down so we were eye to eye. He didn’t turn away and I suppose that was a plus.

“Yea, he is. That’s never stopped you before Luke. I am thankful don’t get me wrong but….what happened?”

His electric blue eyes looked right through me I swear, ” I just wanted to meet the kind of guy you really want, see what he was like. I got what I was looking for.”

It clicked then. Daniel was nothing like Luke, not at all. He was sweet and kind and caring and gentle where Luke was hard and rough planes, rugged, and ridiculously prideful. He could mean, and hurtful and do anything it takes to get what he wanted. Daniel was a runner, with a wiener dog. Luke was hurting because the only guy I had dated since him, the only other guy I had wanted….was his exact opposite.

“You’re wrong Luke,” I said softly and he frowned.

“Let’s just say, he’s the exact opposite of my type.”

Luke didn’t say anything, just stared at me, but I saw it, the tension leaving his body, his tight shoulders relaxing at the slight frown on his brow smoothing out. I stood without a word to leave and his hand reached out quick as a snake, wrapping around mine. My eyes swung to his as my fingers instinctively wrapped around his. Nothing happened, he just stared at me and I just looked back. Eventually he let me go, and I walked out of his room and down to the compound without another word.

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