Gotcha Ch. 06

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Adriana Chechik

Dawn was just breaking as Jen woke up for the umpteenth time; this time it was a gentle knocking at the door that disturbed her. A combination of jetlag and the discomfort of having her wrists cuffed behind her had led to a fretful night but, all things considered, she wasn’t feeling too bad. The chauffeur jumped out of bed, stark naked, went to answer the door and returned after a brief moment with a breakfast trolley. Jen’s mouth watered as the smell of freshly cooked bacon drifted down to her so she was disappointed when the chauffeur took off the lower shelf a plastic mat and two bowls which she placed next to Jen’s basket. One bowl contained something brown and mushy, porridge or muesli perhaps, whilst the other, God bless them, contained coffee. Carefully Jen manoeuvred out of the basket and set to. It wasn’t easy eating and drinking with her hands behind her back; she basically had to lap the food up but, bit by bit, she managed and at least it was wholesome and filling. The coffee too was just what she needed. Far more difficult was swallowing the gall caused by having to listen to the girlish giggles of the chauffeur as she sat in bed next to her Mistress; now Jen was beginning to understand the green eyed jealousy that Sally had suffered and it made her all the more determined to be all that Wendy could desire, if only she were able to demonstrate it.

Once breakfast was out of the way Wendy phoned for a maid to take away the dirty dishes. Having stacked the trolley, the maid, without saying a word, unclipped the chain from the bedpost and using it as a leash, tugged Jen to her feet. With Jen trailing behind the maid wheeled the breakfast trolley out of the suite and down the corridor. Jen wasn’t sure which was worse, walking through the hotel stark naked or having the sticky drying remains of the porridge all over her face and in her hair whilst she did so. However, they weren’t long in the corridor; they reached the service elevator and a short ride took them to the maid’s area. Here, in the basement of the hotel, one or two other maids were around but they were busy with their morning routines and completely ignored Jen. She was taken to an area rather like a sports hall changing room, her wrists were unbuckled and the shower was turned on. With a sense of relief Jen got in and relaxed. Her shoulders were stiff but the hot water soon loosened them and, whilst the facilities were basic, there was plenty of hair shampoo and body lotion. When she finally emerged she was given a towel and shown to an area where there was a stool, a mirror and a small table with a selection of make up. Next to this, on a hanger, were her clothes for the day. In dumb show the maid indicated that Jen had twenty minutes so she got a move on to ensure she was ready.

Jen was waiting in the lobby when Wendy came down. As she stood up to meet her Wendy looked her up and down carefully before giving a little nod and a smile and they went on out to the waiting car. Jen made to get in the front next to the chauffeur but Wendy stopped her and told her to get in the back.

On the way to their meeting Wendy went through the paperwork once more stressing again and again how important the meeting was, the size of the contracts involved, and how she didn’t want piglet blowing it. Jen was to stay in the background, to talk as little as possible and not to get involved. They arrived at their destination; the car swept up the driveway of an impressive office block and a liveried doorman opened the door and led them inside.

Wendy needn’t have worried. After a short meet-and-greet session they were taken to the boardroom and Wendy started her presentation. Here all Jen’s hard work paid off; she had all the relevant paperwork to hand and when one of the directors asked a question which Wendy couldn’t answer immediately Jen was right there with the relevant figures. The two women were like a well oiled machine and the longer it went on the more Wendy realised that she could rely on Jen for backup and was able to relax.

Over lunch one of the directors made a bee line for Jen and made a rather clumsy pass at her. Wendy was busy with the CEO so was unable to interfere but she was reassured as she heard Jen politely but firmly rebutting him. After lunch, whilst they relaxed over coffee, it was noticeable that Jen was attracting a certain amount of attention from some of the rest of the staff but she just smiled coyly in return, flirting enough to keep the interest without actually promising anything.

The afternoon session was pretty much more of the same except that Wendy allowed Jen to participate more. There were some particularly searching questions over some of the legal minutiae and Jen was able to field them deftly. By the end of the day, although no actual paperwork had been signed, it was obvious that they had made a very positive impression and a major deal was in the offing. At six fifteen they were back in the car and heading for the hotel. Once again Jen was allowed to ride in the back bursa otele gelen escort although this time, with no paperwork to go through, she had to kneel on the floor with her head resting in Wendy’s lap.

“What a clever little piglet you were today.” Wendy said as she stroked Jen’s hair. “I’m really pleased with you.”

“Thank you, Mistress.” Jen hesitated, she was loath to ruin the mood but if she couldn’t ask now then when could she? “Please, Mistress…”

“Yes, piglet.”

“Do I have to spend this evening chained in my basket? I’ll be a good piglet, really I will.” Jen hoped she had got the correct tone.

“Oh, piglet. Mistress Tanya has invited me to dinner tonight and she was insistent that I brought you as well. You’re to be a special guest.” Wendy laughed. “I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

“Special guest?” Jen queried.

“Now, now, no more questions, I don’t want to spoil the surprise.” And with that the conversation was over. For the rest of the journey Jen just knelt there, her head in Wendy’s lap, wondering what would be next.

When they returned to the hotel room Jen was ordered to strip and go to her basket. Although she was neither cuffed nor chained she knelt there silently with her hands clasped behind her back and her thighs apart. Partially this submissiveness was a conscious attempt to get Wendy’s approval and the little treats that went with it but the other part was something deeper. More and more it felt right to be kneeling before Wendy, her breasts pushed forward by the posture which, combined with her open thighs, served to offer up her body, open, available, her gift to her Mistress.

She watched as Wendy got ready to go out. Again there was a relaxed casualness about Wendy that was new to Jen and she got to see the grace and splendour of a beautiful woman at her toilet. Wendy was just finishing up when there was a knock at the door and, after an imperious ‘come’ from Wendy, the chauffeur entered carrying a package.

“Good heavens, is that the time?” Wendy exclaimed. “I’m not quite ready… Do you have the tail?”

“Yes, Mistress.” the chauffeur replied. “Would you like to fit it or should I?”

“Oh, do it for me, would you.”

The chauffeur put the package on the bed and ripped it open. Inside was a short, but quite fat, anal plug to which was attached a long furry tail such as you might associate with a fox or possibly an Alsatian dog. The chauffeur took a tube of lubricant from the bottom of the package and, applying a generous smear to the plug, came round and stood in front of Jen smiling sweetly. Jen glanced across at Wendy who, watching intently, gave a slight nod. Without further prompting Jen stood up, turned round and bent over the bed. Jen was getting used to having various plugs and dildos inserted anally but this one was as large as anything she had suffered since her time on the cross; even with the lubricant she was stretched to the limit and it was all she could do not to fight it. There was a sense of relief as the widest part cleared her sphincter and the plug settled in giving Jen that wonderful full feeling. The chauffeur wiped a couple of stray drops of lubricant off Jen’s cheeks and went off to wash her hands.

“Come here, piglet.” Wendy demanded. Jen went over and stood next to her.

“Very nice.” Wendy continued, stroking the tail. “But shouldn’t you be on all fours?”

“I’m sorry, Mistress…” Jen started as she dropped to the floor.

“Shh, little puppy.” Wendy cut across her. “No talking now. Clever little puppies are allowed one bark for yes and two barks for no. Are you a clever little puppy?”

Jen had spent plenty of time in the dog basket both back at home and here in the hotel and there were plenty of other canine aspects of the way she was treated but this was the first time she had been actively referred to as ‘puppy’ and that the no words rule had been enforced. She wondered what sort of evening she was in for as she barked her assent.

“That’s better. Now settle down whilst I finish off.” Wendy returned to her dressing table and carried on with her make up. Jen, wondering quite what was meant by ‘settle down’, knelt down on all fours hoping that would do. As she crouched there she couldn’t help but be aware of her new tail; it wasn’t just the full feeling that came from the plug filling and stretching her anus, there was the soft, silky feel of the furry tail gently tickling the backs of her thighs.

Once Wendy had finished she turned to the chauffeur and asked her to attach the leash to piglet. She then strode towards the door and the chauffeur followed viciously tugging on the leash so that Jen trailed behind. With a lurch of the stomach Jen realised what was coming. She was to be led out of the hotel and, presumably, they would go straight through the lobby as usual. Whilst the hotel was quiet and geared towards eccentric behaviour there was usually one or two guests relaxing in the lobby bar and escort bayan she would have to walk, no make that crawl, right past them. Another harsh tug on the leash reinforced the point that she had no option and, as fast as she could, she followed Wendy and the chauffeur into the lift. When the lift doors opened at the bottom her worst fears were confirmed. A group of people were standing at the bar chatting and, as soon as the lift door opened they looked up as if they were expecting a friend. Jen, her eyes glued to the floor, followed Wendy and the chauffeur out into the lobby.

If Jen had hoped that her trip through the lobby was going to be quick she was soon disappointed. As the chauffeur went to fetch the limo Wendy decided on a quick drink in the bar. She sat down in one of the armchairs and a waiter hurried over to serve her. Wendy ordered a gin and tonic for herself but when the waiter asked if she wanted anything for her ‘pet’ she demurred. The waiter hurried off and Wendy told Jen rather firmly to kneel up straight with her ‘forepaws’ on her knees and her ‘hind legs’ further apart.

Jen spent most of her time at home in various states of undress and it was apparent that this particular hotel did not really classify as a public space but Jen had never felt so exposed; not only was she naked in the hotel lobby but her whole stance was open, she wasn’t even allowed to bow her head in shame. One of the group at the bar had had one drink too many and was pointing at Jen and making obscene comments about her in a voice just loud enough to carry. Evidently the hotel catered to rich and eccentric customers of all tastes, not just those with slaves, and Jen’s condition was unusual enough to cause comment.

It wasn’t long before the chauffeur reappeared. She had fetched the limo that was now parked up outside the front door. Wendy finished her drink, stood up, and headed for the door. With echoes of ‘Wouldn’t you like to fuck the ass off that’ coming from the bar Jen scampered behind trying her best to keep up. As they got in the car Jen didn’t need to be told that, in her current canine role, she would not be allowed on the seats so she knelt on the floor with her head in Wendy’s lap. They set off, the limo sweeping along the highway, eating up the miles until it turned off and, after some twisting and turning, drew to a halt. The chauffeur leapt out to open the door.

“Ah, there you are.” Mistress Tanya, presumably alerted as to their arrival, was waiting for them at the front of the house. “Come on round, we’ll relax by the pool.”

Wendy, Mistress Tanya and Jen went round the side of the house to a paved area next to a swimming pool. Wendy and Mistress Tanya settled down on sun loungers and a maid appeared to take drink orders. However it wasn’t the maid who returned with them, it was the chauffeur, now naked apart from a white leather collar.

“So, is trixie looking after you?” Mistress Tanya asked.

“Oh, yes. She’s been very obliging.” Wendy replied.

“I should hope so. She knows exactly what would happen if she lets me down. Don’t you, trixie?”

“Yes, Mistress.” the chauffeur, evidently ‘trixie’, replied.

“And what about your little puppy? How’s her behaviour?” Mistress Tanya asked turning back to Wendy.

“She’s a very recent acquisition, I only started training a few weeks back, but she’s showing some promise. Today is her first time as a puppy. Thanks for the tail, by the way, it looks a treat on her.”

“You’re welcome. I see she’s pierced. Did she come like that or did you do it?” Mistress Tanya asked.

“I had it done.” Wendy replied. “There still very new so I haven’t been able to play with them properly. Her breasts will need another week or so to fully heal but her pussy should be nearly ready. Here, have a look.”

Wendy nudged Jen who went over to Mistress Tanya and knelt up, ready to be inspected. Mistress Tanya lifted her breasts, playing with her nipples until they stood out. Then she leant further over and felt for Jen’s vagina. Jen felt Mistress Tanya’s fingers probing, examining, playing with the rings, opening her up. Eventually she withdrew her hand and with a curt ‘lick’ held out her fingers for Jen to clean.

“She’s quite aroused. Looks like you’ve got a natural,” Mistress Tanya commented.

“Oh, yeah. She’s taking to it like a duck to water. She gets quite turned on by a little paddling, don’t you, puppy?”

Jen barked once for ‘yes’ because that was expected of her but inside she was more troubled. How she felt about her ‘slave’ status was far more complex than could be answered in a single bark. She hated it, she hated the constant put downs, the constant embarrassment, the lack of freedom, being Wendy’s pet. Of course she hated it, it was only natural, wasn’t it? But here she was, stark naked except for the tail lodged in her behind, on her knees, licking her juices off the hand of a virtual stranger, and somehow she was aroused. How could she not be mudanya escort when there was this constant air of sex around everything she did? The rings in her breasts and in her vaginal lips served to heighten her awareness, to reinforce the message and, truth be told, if Mistress Tanya were to want to feel her vagina again she would welcome it. And, if she did hate it as she knew she ought, why did it seem so natural, why was it that after a few short weeks what was once abhorrent had now become the norm? With every passing day it was easier to accept, even embrace, her role and position.

As for her feelings towards Wendy, that was another complication. Again she knew she ought to hate her cruel oppressor but if so, why did it hurt so much to see her with trixie? Whilst Mistress Tanya had been examining Jen Wendy had called trixie over and now she was sitting on Wendy’s lap. The little trollop had her legs wide open and was evidently enjoying it as Wendy played with her. Why this jealousy, why, when Wendy mistreated her so badly, did Jen want to be the one on her lap? Couldn’t Wendy see how obedient she had become, didn’t that obedience earn her some sort of reward?

As the sun set and the garden lights came on Wendy and Mistress Tanya chatted through the warm evening. It would seem that they were friends from way back and, although they weren’t close, they had many common interests both as successful businesswomen and as dominatrices. They discussed market trends and the best sort of paddle to use, exchange differentials and specialist suppliers of BDSM gear. All the while trixie, if not called upon to refill the drinks, was sitting on Wendy’s lap and Mistress Tanya was playing with Jen. trixie had been ordered to find a tennis ball and Mistress Tanya was alternately playing catch and fondling Jen’s hair.

Supper came and went. While trixie was noticeably not included Jen was, unsurprisingly, fed from bowls on the floor. It wasn’t the food bowl that was the problem, it was the water bowl. Again and again it was refilled and Mistress Tanya would urge Jen to drink. Whilst this wasn’t the most subtle of ploys it certainly had the desired effect and Jen was soon wondering how she could ask to be allowed to urinate using only the barks she was permitted. As the urgency increased she tried rubbing her face against Mistress Tanya’s legs and whining, hoping that the dog like sound would pass muster as a ‘bark’. Mistress Tanya spun it out for a while but finally took pity.

“Does little puppy need to go for walkies?” She teased. Jen barked her reply. “trixie, sweetie, take puppy out on the lawn, will you. Mind she doesn’t get her tail wet.”

trixie got up and, taking Jen by the collar, led her to the centre of the lawn. Someone, presumably Mistress Tanya, turned on some more lights so Jen was clearly visible and trixie manoeuvred her until she was facing Mistress Tanya and Wendy.

“Look up, little puppy.” Mistress Tanya called out.

Jen looked up and her eyes locked with Mistress Tanya who nodded slightly. It was bizarre having to urinate on all fours in the middle of the lawn, and having to ask permission to do so, but the spotlights and Mistress Tanya’s unwavering stare lifted it from the bizarre to the surreal. trixie was holding her tail out of the way but, as the urine gushed from her, there was inevitably an amount of splashing of her thighs and knees and increasingly she was kneeling in an ever growing puddle. Urinating in front of other people for their amusement caused mixed emotions. There were elements of embarrassment and shame but these were all mixed in with the puppy thing. However this was overwhelmed by the sense of relief at emptying her bladder, a sense of relief that had an almost sexual overtone. When she had finished trixie cleaned her off with a damp cloth and the cool material against her thighs and groin just added to the mix.

At ten o’clock Wendy, pleading the exhausting round of business meetings planned for the next day, got ready to leave. trixie left to get dressed and fetch the limo while Wendy and Mistress Tanya, with Jen trailing behind, strolled gently round the house to the front driveway. trixie arrived just in time to open the doors and Wendy got in but when Jen went to follow she was pulled back by a tug on the leash that Mistress Tanya still carried. Without word or explanation to Jen, Wendy said her goodbyes and was off.

Mistress Tanya led Jen into the house and through to her bedroom.

“You’re a good little puppy, aren’t you?” Mistress Tanya mused and Jen barked once in reply.

“Oh, I think you can come out of role now. Much as you look so pretty with your tail I think it’s time to lose it.” Mistress Tanya reached down and eased the tail from Jen’s anus. “Now come along, it’s bedtime and we both need a shower first.”

Mistress Tanya led Jen to an en-suite bathroom, a bathroom far better appointed than most. Jen was expecting to be required to serve Mistress Tanya but, in fact, it was the other way around. Mistress Tanya ran a shower and took Jen in with her. As Jen was washed she had to stand still and was forbidden to assist in any way. However, there was nothing subservient in the way Mistress Tanya was washing Jen, rather it was done in such a way that underlined Jen’s role as a possession.

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