Graduation Party

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Female Ejaculation

All my life, I had been searching for that one. That one person who could be the perfect man for me. I have been through so many, yet none have impressed me as much as Patrick.

Patrick and I had just gotten out of school. We went to the same high school and never really noticed each other. We talked every now and then, and I couldn’t hope but notice his ripped abs and perfect chest. His face, with such defined features. He was about 6′ and played football. That body was a dreamer, and his package left plenty to the imagination.

Once we were out of high school, I thought I could have my chance with him. There was only one place I could do so, the Graduation Party. That year it was held at a cheerleader’s house, so there was plenty of room. I came dressed down pretty well. I had a hoodie over my tee and jeans that gripped my ass perfectly. Once I got in, I saw him right with his clique.

All night long, I could never reach him inconspicuously. He always hung out with others. I watched him from a corner. I was surprised he never caught me, since I couldn’t pull my gaze. His jeans held his ass snugly, and held a nice bulge as well. His shirt gripped his chest ever so lightly. Just enough to expose his nipples. His eyes were piercing and were so sexy to look into. I had to have him… but when?

I noticed him walk off and had to take my risk. bursa escort He strolled over to a bedroom. I was wondering what he was doing in there. I walked over quietly and listened through the door. Nothing. I had to take this chance and try, or nothing would ever happen.

So I opened the door.

There he was. His shirt was off and the button to his jeans undone. He had other clothes out, so he was changing.

“What the Hell? Get out!” he shouted.

I didn’t. I just stood there watching. He must have noticed the gleam in my eyes, looking him up and down. He walked over and just looked me in the eyes.

“Hey, didn’t you hear me? I said get out!” I know he didn’t mean to be so rude, but he was getting dressed and I was in there with him. I would have yelled too. But I didn’t budge. Instead I kissed him. It was so sudden, he just followed along, star struck. I let go.

“What was that?” he asked.

“Patrick,” I said, “I need you. I always wanted you. I want to blow you and I need you to fuck me. I need you in me. I always have.”

This time, he kissed me. We fell on the bed in the room in deep heat. His lips caressed mine and we shared each other’s lives. Our tongues messaged the other’s and our bodies collided. I took my shirt off. My chest wasn’t nearly as defined as his, and I was not as tall, a few inches shorter. bursa escort bayan But that didn’t matter. We were already in deep. We stopped kissing and I ran my hands down his chest, licking it soon afterward. I followed through to his abs, his soft six pack. I could not resist the boxers hanging from his unzipped jeans. I yanked down the pants and gently played with his treasure through the boxers.

“Come on now, you want to blow me or not?”

I did, I pulled off the veil and quickly grabbed the prize. It was gorgeous. 8″ long and very thick, too. Just how I imagined it. It was all hot and it beckoned me. I licked the shaft slowly. Patrick just groaned. I took in the head. He moaned and whined some more. I could not take in the whole thing, not me. I was too much of a beginner. I gently sucked what I could, and he liked every minute of it. I wanted him to cum in my throat, but I still needed more. I stopped, and got ready for the next part.

I took off my pants and I went on my hands and knees on the bed in front of him. He was all primed for this, lubed with my saliva. He took my ass and spread the cheeks apart. Gently, he pushed the head up my ass. I felt some pain, I mean it was 8″ and it was my first time. The slow movement of his hips eased it a little. Once it was in, and I didn’t feel much more pain, he gained momentum and thrusted a escort bursa little faster.

I heard of football players before. They tend to thrust themselves into you as hard as they can. They try to dominate you. Patrick did that. He hips rammed into me time and time again. His balls slapped on my ass. He moaned so loudly as he fucked me inside out. I moaned as well, because it felt so good. His hands grabbed at my waist and pulled me in, too. His thrusts and his pulls multiplied the experience, and it all was so captivating. I cummed right there, all over the bed and myself.

But it wasn’t over. Patrick was still ramming me. His ass pumping through his waist and the force he used nearly split me in two. It was amazing, the force he had. His face alone made me hard again. It was full of satisfaction and full of delight. I tightened my ass, and he moaned even louder. He threw out a few last rams and blew his load inside of me. I felt the hot sensation all over, and it made me cum again as he fell on top of me. We were both covered in my cum and there was Patrick’s cum pouring out my ass. He looked in my eyes and we felt a connection.

“That was a great way to end the year,” he began, “this was so much better than when I fucked the soccer team.”

With that, he got up, wiped himself down with his old clothes, and walked out of the room. I was left on the bed, covered in cum, and still leaking some out of my ass. Once I cleaned up and got together, I left the room and left for home. My graduation is comparable to some of the best of all time, and that is how I wanted it to be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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