Grand Hotel

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The Grand Hotel in Mobile Alabama. I had been looking forward to this meeting for over a month. When I checked, I was told that the weather was in the high 70’s and the flowers were in bloom in this part of the South. I couldn’t wait to get there and spend a few days relaxing in the sun.

I had picked up a rental car at the airport and made a mad dash to the resort complex. The sun was beautiful and although I normally would have taken my time and enjoyed the drive, I was afraid that I would be late for my place on the program.. I had had several drinks on the plane and needed to urinate badly but I felt that I couldn’t stop.

When I got to the resort, I pulled up to the valet parking area. There were several young guys working. It must have been a pre-requisite that you need to be extremely well built and good looking for this job. I guess that makes for good public relations for the resort. No doubt, the tips were good at a resort like this and good income for these guys. I was envious since it hadn’t been that long since I was in college and had worked at supermarkets and movie theaters for the extra money that I needed

This good looking young guy came up and opened the door for me and couldn’t help but notice that I had quite şişli escort a bulge in my trousers from the driving and having to take a piss. I was blessed with a rather large penis and it was pushing at the seams. He offered to get my bags from the car and take them to the registration area but I told him that I was scheduled to speak at the meeting and was late already. He told me not to worry about check-in procedure, that he would take care of the registration and have my bags in my room for me. He directed me to the meeting area and I grabbed my briefcase and ran to the meeting. Fortunately, while the meeting assistant helped me with my audio-visual needs, I had time to make it to the restroom for relief.

My talk was well received and after the meeting was adjourned for the day, I was invited by my host to have dinner with several of his colleagues. I had several more drinks in this beautiful relaxing setting and by the time we left the restaurant, I was as relaxed as I had been in several months. Life was great.

After stopping at the front desk to sign my registration and give a credit card, I proceeded to my room. I walked around the suite and opened the door to the patio. It was beautiful. I slipped taksim escort out of my shoes, I took off my shirt and tie and decided to take a shower and just relax on the patio. I looked around for my bags but they weren’t in the room. I looked all around and it was obvious they had not been placed in the room as the young guy said he would. I just didn’t need to be worried about misplaced bags at this point. Needless to say, I was upset when I called the front desk. He told me that the bags were there and they would be delivered immediately.

The knock at the door came quickly and when I opened I was surprised to see the same young guy who had helped me earlier in the day. He apologized and said that he wanted to personally be responsible for getting my bags to the room since he had told me not to worry about them. Of course, I was surprised but how could I be upset with that explanation. He opened the bag, removed my clothes and hung them in the closet. I felt embarrassed that I was standing there in trousers only and this guy was giving me the royal treatment. He walked over to where I was standing and asked if there was ANYTHING else that he could do to make my stay pleasant at the resort. He stared at nişantaşı escort my crotch which was showing a bulge again. He grinned and said that I obviously needed some help with that. Before I could answer, he reached over and unzipped my trousers allowing my cock to be freed. He reached in and removed it gently as it sprang to attention. He was amazed at its size, muttering that he knew that it was a large one when he first laid eyes on me earlier in the day. He dropped to his knees and placed my cock in his mouth and I thought that I had died and was truly in paradise. I could not recall a blowjob that was better than this one. I came in gobs and he swallowed every drop, draining me. I was in a state of euphoria after this. He removed his shirt and followed me to the king-sized bed where we explored each other‘s bodies for several hours. While his cock was not as large as mine, it was beautiful and matched his body that was in immaculate condition. We ended up in the large Jacuzzi in the room where he told me that he had just graduated from Auburn University in electrical engineering. He had worked at this resort for 4-5 years and decided that he would work one final summer before hitting the pavement, looking for a real job. He also told me that he had finished his shift at 5 pm but had hung around with my bags in order to get another look at that bulge in my trousers.

Needless to say, I tipped him VERY well and he left my room about 3am. I tried to coax him into staying the weekend but he had committed to visit his parents in Atlanta.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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